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Baxter Hugh, clerk, 4 Magdalen Yard rd
J. & W. fleshers, 143 Hilltown
. James A. clerk, 131 Blackscrott
Jane, householder, 3 King's rd
Jessie, newsagent, 19 Princes st
Park, Arbroath rd— Andrew Pattisou, keeper [Arbroath rd
Richard L. merchant, 81 Murravgate ; res. Eden Lodge,
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 144 Hilltown; res. 1 Rustic pi
â–  Robert, merchant (Robert Baxter & Co.), Invertay Cottage,
Brought/ Ferry
Robert & Co. merchants, manufacturers &rope & twine makers,
64 & 66 Bell st
Thomas D. merchant, 246 Perth rd
Thomas H. grocer & spirit dealer, 100 Blacknoss rd
W. & A. solicitors & notaries, 81 Murraygate
Walter, solicitor (W. & A. Baxter), Thornliebank Cottage, 16
Janefield pi. Mary field
Bayne Jane E. matron, Royal Lumitio Asvhim, "West green
Beat William, newsagent, 3 Springhill pi. Ferry rd
Beath & Keay, engineers, millwrights, ironfounders,
and manufacturers of improved non-conducting
composition for covering boilers & pipes, Albion
Foundry, Hill st
Benth David, currier, 23 High st
â–  James, currier lie leather merchant, 12 R -seat; res. 32 Dudhopost
John, engineer (Beath &Keay), 1 South George st
Beats Alexander A Son, slaters, 52 North Lindsay st
Beatson Isabella, grocer, 20 Alexander st
Beattie Charles, confectioner, 9 Overgate, & 44 Scouringhurn
James, commission mei chant, 3 Exchange st ; res. Newport
Peter, confectioner, 71 Overgate
Robert P. insurance superintendent, 79 Commercial st
William, brush maker, 52 Barrack st ; res. 2 Park tor
Beatts AgDcs, householder, 49 St. Andrew st
â–  David B. warehouseman, 32 South Tay st
John M. auctioneer & valuator, 49 St. Andrew st [agent
Beaver Line Steamship Co. 79 Commercial st — Edwin W. Thompson,
Begbie John, assistant inspector of poor, 17 North Wellington st
William, compositor, 51 Meadowside
William F. grocer & spirit dealer, 2 & 4 Green market
Begg Arthur, clothier (A. Begg & Son), East Somerville pi
Arthur & Son, tailors & clothiers, 106 Commercial st
David G. clothier (A. Begg & Son), Louise ter. B rough ty Ferry
Francis A. manager, 20 Dallfield ter
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 109 Perth rd
Begley John, bro'er, 22 H James st. Maxwelltown
Beharrie Alexander, tobacconist, 41 Dock st
â–  Margaret, householder, 4 Gowrie pi
Behrens S. L. &Co. merchants, 63 Cowgate, & Glasgow & Manchester
Belford James, manager, 2 Dalhousie ter
John, stationer, 110 Murraygate
Belgium Vice-Consulate, 37 Albert sq— R. J. Niven, vice-consul
Bell Alexander, tea merchani,41 Cowgate
Alexander H. merchant, 12 Panmure st ; res. Tay cliff, Harecraig
& Simo, timber merchants and importers; saw, planiug and
moulding mills, Dundee Saw Mills, Marine parade
David, carrier, Longforgan
• - David, joiner & undertaker, 51 Ann st
George, clork, 31 Wellgate
Georgo, pawnbroker, 78 Cowgate ; res. 63 Gellatly st
George, farmer, Mains of Fintry [Watson st
Hay, newsiigent, 26 Dtinrionald st ; and hardware dealer, 26
James, timber merchant (Bell & Sinie), Gowan Bank, Lochee rd
James, grocer & provision dealer, 82 Lochee I'd [wynd
James & Sons, wholesale grocers & provision merchants, Horse
James F. wholesale grocer (James Bell & Sons), Newingtou ter.
Brounhty Ferry
James H. consul for Peru, 2 India buildings
James Harriott, merchant (Thomas Bell and Sons), Belmont
House, Perth rd
James M. merchant, 2 India buildings
- - Jane P. greengrocer, 153 Perth rd [Perth rd
John William, merchant (Thomas Bell & Sous), Belmont House,
Mary, confectioner, 149 Perth rd [Brown, agent
, Rannie & Co. wine merchants (Lpith), 44 Reform st — David
Robert, joiner (W. Sime & Co.), 247 Blackness rd
Robert, shopkeeper, 24 Duudonald st. Clepington
Susan, milliner, 42 Blackness rd
Thomas, Esq. j.p. merchant (Thomas Bell and Sons), Belmont
House, Perth rd [West Ferry
Thomas, jun. merchant (Thomas Bell and Sons), Hazelwood,
Bell Thomas & Sons, floorcloth canvas manufacturers
& merchants, Belmont Works, Hawkhill; London
house, 37 Milk st. Cheapside, E C.
Bell William, waste merchant, 18 Baltic st
. William, inland revenue officer, 3 Arbroath rd
William, tailor & clothier, 10 High st
William F. farmer, Barns of Claverhouse [West Newport
William F. wholesale grocer (James Bell & Sous), Woodman-,
Bcllwood J. & Co. printers, 4J£ High st
Bonnett David, joiner, 20 East Henderson's wynd
Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 123 Overgate
Benny Agnes, baby linen dealer, 55 Hilltown
Bcnvie William H. calemlerer & sack maker, 50 Cowgate & 21 King
st; res. Daisy Bank, Maryfield
Berry James, prdouce maker, 18 Shore ter ; res. 25 Springfield
•^—Thomas, yarn and lineu merchant and manufacturer of jute
goods, S3 Cowgate ; res. West Ferry
Bertie William, schoolmaster, 11 Springfield
Belt Thomas & Co. flax merchants, 21 Albert sq
Betts Helen, shopkeeper, 51 Hilltown
Beveridge George, sanitary inspector, 13 Blackness st
James, foreman, Magdalen pi. Clepington rd
Bewick Peter, traveller, 31) Thomson st
Bibhy John, Sons & Co. Limited, copper smelters (Liverpool), 33
Dock st— W. Buchan Ritchie, agent
Biuny James, clerk, 8 Park ter
Bird Thomas, pianoforte tuner, 11 Stirling st
Birnie Alexander, photographic apparatus maker, 118 Perth road ;
res. 8 Magdelen Yard rd
Eleanor, apartments, 43 Union st
Birrell Andrew, boot & shoe maker, 113 Overgate
Andrew, farmer, Whitelaston.Liff
John, school, Euclid Crescent; res. 1 West Bell st
Birrell John F. ship broker and oil merchant, 1 Com-
mercial St; res. 5 Victoria pi. West Ferry
Birrell John W. insurance broker, 23 Panmure st; res. 43 Peddie Bt
â–  Peter G. manager, 49 Gellatly st
Bisset & Co. tailors, 157 Victoria rd
Christopher J. architect & civil engineer, 123 Victoria rd
David, goods agent to the Great Northern and North-Eastern
Railways, 33 Cowgate; res. Broughty Ferry
George S. merchant, 8 Panmure st; res. Newport
James, baker, 310 Perth rd [bert st
James, sheriff officer for Fife and Forfar, 51 High st ; res. 10 Al-
â–  John, clerk, 22 Airlie pi
â–  William, saddler, 57 Reform st; res. East Somerville pi
Bissett Gray, solicitor and notary, 12 Bank st; res. Gowan Bank,
Broughty Ferry
Black Mrs. — , teacher of English, 34 Seagate
Alexander D. flax inspector. 3 Dallfield ter
& Co. merchants, 2 India buildiugs
David L. painter & papcrhanger, 9 Shore ter
â–  George, merchant (Black &. Co.), 10 Forfar rd
George, bank accountant, St. Mary's tor. Downfield
Isabella, spirit dealer, 137 Blackscroft
James, bootmaker, 51 Nethergate
James M. householder, 1 West Bell st
John O. baker, 12 Hawkhill
Margaret, dressmaker, Ryehill Cottage, Lochee rd
Mary, baker, 5 N^rth Lindsay st
Mary, spirit dealer, 6 Gellatly st; res. 74 Commercial st
Robert VV\ traveller, 32 Seagate
William, furniture broker, 157 Hilltown
â–  William, ironmonger, &c. 94 Murraygate; res. 74 Seagate
William, bleacher, Harestano Bleach Works, Mains
William M. manufacturer^ of faucy hemp school aud market
bags, tan satchels, &c. Dundee Bag Faciory, Ann st; res.
Dalhousie Lodge, Carnoustie — See advertisement
Blackadiler Robert, architect and civil engineer, 41 Reform st ;
res. 7 Duntrune ter. Broughty Ferry [agent
Blackie and Son (Glasgow), publishers, 37 Union st— John Brown
Matthew, auctioneer, <&c. 123 Murraygate; res. Tay port
Blacklaws John, cabinet maker aud upholsterer, 31 West port and
Small's wynd; res. 15 Step row
Blair & Sous, booksellers, &.c. 28 Castle st
Ann, newsagent, 215 Overgate
â–  David, house proprietor, 14 Dallfield ter
David, coal dealer, Crescent la. Victoria rd
Blair John, spirit dealer, The Royal Bar, 48 Scouring-
hurn; res. 4 Hunter st
Blair Will am & Co. newsagents, 40 Wellgate [Madeira st
William B. merchant, 63 Cowgate; res. Clematis iCottage,
Blairgowrie Spinning Co. Limited, flax spinners. 37 Albert square ;
works, Blairgowrie — James W.Brown, secretary
Blakeney Thos. S. draper (Moon, Langlnnds & Co.), 10 Dudhope pi
Blanoy Joseph, spirit dealer, 182 Hilltown
Blyth Alexander P. watchmaker, 91 Princes st
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Hospital wynd
William, picture framer, 99 Princes st
Board of Trade Office, Custom House buildiugs — James Rao, sur-
veyor & examiner of engineers; Robert Mercer, clerk
Boase Miss — , householder, 10 Airlie tor
Alfred, bleacher (Boase & Co.), Claverhouse, Mains
& Co. bleachers, yarn millers and calendereis, Claverhouse
Bleachfield, Mains
Charles, miller, Claverhouse, Mains
George W. joint agent Royal Bank of Scotland, 22 Castle st ;
res. 10 Windsor st
Henry, manufacturer (Henry Boase & Co.), 3 Clarendon ter
Henry & Co. jute spinners and manufacturers of hessians, tar-
paulin gs, grain hags, &o. Wellfield Works, Kemback st
Henry S. manufacturer (Henry Boase & Co.), 28 Springfield
William L. manufacturer (W. L. Boase & Co.), 1 Airlie pi
Boase William L. & Co. flax, hemp, and jute spinners,
merchants and manufacturers of dressing canvas,
hemp sackings, sheetings, yarns, twines, &c. and
waterproof co ver makers, 60 &62 St. Andrew st. and
Jamaica Works, Maxwelltown, & Rockwell Works, Coidside — See
Boath David, sanitary officer, Downfield
Bogue Janet, spirit dealer, 28 Scouringhurn
John, waste merchant, 29 Watson's la ; res. 19 Airlie pi
Boiler Insurance & Steam Power Co. Limited — A. B. Lyall, 1 Royal'
Exchange pi. ageut
Boland Joseph Alexander, pawnbroker, 72 Hawkhill
M. & Co. clothiers, 22 Hawlibill
Margaret, clothier (M. Boland & Co.), 7 Park pi
Bouar Helen, confectioner, 109 Hilltown
Bond Albert, spirit dealer, 41 Victoria rd
Thomas A. spirit dealer, 189 & 141 Victoria rd ; res. 44 King's rd
Booth Allan L. clerk, 4 Park ter
David, blacksmith, Henderson's West wynd [rd
Boswell David, brassfounder (M'Naughton & Boswell), 23 Arbroath
Bowes John, printer (Bellwood & Co.). 88 Seafield rd [pi
John Y. bootand shoe maker, 2 6 Westport; res. 40 St. Mary's
Bowman David, grocer, 1 Court st. Clepington
Ebeneaer, paiuter & paperhanger, 1S9 Princes st; res. 98 Al-
bert st
Jane, householder, 172 Perth rd [Ferry
Boyack Alexander, merchant (Boyack, Barclay and Co.), Broughty
, Barclay & Co. .merchants aud manufacturers of he^sians, tar-
paulings.Ac. Wallace court, 114 Murraygate
James, farmer, Pitemnton
i James, waste merchant, 72 Constable st
l John, grocer Si spirit dealer, 121 Perth id

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