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Anderson David, Householder, 3 South Tay st
DavidS. grocer & spirit dealer, 71 Princes st
Elizabeth, householder, 8 Dalhousie ter
Francis, slater, 4 Elizabeth st
, Gardner & Hepburn, solicitors & notaries, 10 Meadowside
George, Esq. J.p. agent to the North of Scotland Bank, Limited
(Biauch), y4 High st; res. Gardeuhurst, Douglas ter
George, clerk, 19 Airlie pi
George, billiard saloon, 3 New Inn entry
George, grocer & spirit dealer, 89 Ccttoii rd
â–  Isabel, dressmaker, 24 Court St. Clepington
â–  J. & H. milliners, 172 Hilltown [st
J. Farmer, yarn agent, 2 Baltic buildings ; res. 11 South George
â–  James, registrar of births, deaths & marriagos for the second
district of Dundee, 11 Ward rd; ros. 8 Gowrie pi
James, draper, luli Ann st
â–  James, builder, 2 Viewforth st
â–  â–  James, tinsmith & plumber, 49 Forebank rd. & GO Ann st
James, chemist, &c. 27 Hilltown, & Arcado buildings, King st
James, manager, lb Dalltield ter
J«rnes, accountant, 9a Ward rd ; res. 1 Windsor st
James A. shipping agent, 6 St. Andrew st â–  [tie
â–  Jas. H. wine merchant, 28 Union st. & IS High st ; res. Carnous-
James S. baker, 137 Hilltown
Jane, music teacher, 3'South Tay st
Jane, sinalhvare dealer, 64 Ann st
John, auctioneer &, valuator, 14 Now Inn entry
John, newsagent, 7 Albert st ; res. 59 Crescent la
John, builder, tVc. 24 Willisou st
Margaret, shopkeeper, Mylnetield
Mary, butcher, 42 Princes st
â–  Peter, baker, 32 North Lindsay st ; r^s. Newport
Peter, ironmonger, 58 Ann st
Kobert, manufacturer (Andcrsnu & Glass), 7 Clarendon ter
liobert, grocer & spirit dealer, 25.') Luchee rd
Kobert F. civil engineer, 84 Cuuiuiercial si ; res. 2 Park ter
William, farmer, Kirktou of Litf
â–  William, builder, Esplanade ; res. Newport
William, draper, 34 Dudnope st
William, market gardener, Liff
â–  William, market gardener, G6 Pole Park rd
William, manager, 11 Maryrield ter. Maryheld
Andrew Robert, farmer, Magdalens, Kirkton
Andrews Eupbemia, householder, 65 Commercial st
Joseph, manufacturer (Marshall, Andrews & Brush), Hawthorn
Cottage, North Clepington rd
Angus Alexander, tailors' cutler, 9 Bonnybank rd
â–  George, bank accountant, 5 Albert sq
Helen, temperance hotel, 7 South Union st
William, butcher, 73 Overgate
Anton George, spirit dealer, 4 & 6 Ferry rd
James, cooper, 18 Green market ; res. West Ferrv
James, spirit dealer, 131 Perth rd
Appleby Mary, shopkeeper, 84 Hilltown
Archer Alexander, bootmaker, 30 Pole Park rd
William, examining officer, Downlield
â–  William B. shipmaster, 1 Strawberry bank
Archibald David, coal dealer, 27 North Ellen st
William M. manager (Stubbs' Mercantile Offices), 9 Airlie ter
Argentine Republic Consulate, 00 St. Andrew st— Thomas Murdoch,
Argylc Hall,l Overgate
Arkisou William, painter, &e. 24 Isles la
Arklie Ebenezer, grocer, 32 Victoria st
Armitstead George, Esq. m.p. merchant (George Armitstead & Co.),
Kiulocb, Laggau, Kingussie, & Reform Club, Pall Mall, & 4
Cleveland sq. London
â–  George & Co. merchants, 4 Panmure st [crescent
Armstrong William, spirit dealer, 5 New Inn entry ; res. 1 Blackness
Arnot David, merchant (Robertson & Aruot), Lilybank Villa, Car-
Arrol William, contractor (William Arrol & Co.), 24 Strawberry bank
William & Co. contractors for the Tay Bridge, 49 Magdalen
green & Glasgow
Arthur & Co. Limited, warehousemen, 10 Bank st— Robert L
Greig & William H. Wotherspoon, agents
Arthur David & Son, manufacturers of coal bags, grain, &c.
hags, waterproof & horse covers, packsheets, &c), 44 St. An-
drew St — See advertisement
Arthur James, superintendent of cleansing department, Allan st
John, manufacturer (D. Arthar & Son), 258 Blackness rd
William E. manager, 21 Albert st
Arthurson Alexander, coach proprietor, 29 Kincardine st
Atlas Insurance Office— Corrie, Maokie & Co. 1 Royal Exchange
pi. & George Cuniming. 1 Royal Exchange pi. agents
Ansten Miss Jane, optician (Johu Austen), Johnswood ter. West
Park rd
John, optician, 15 Nethergate
BAILEY Edward, fruiterer, IS High Bt; res. 10 Garland pi
Baillie Robert, clerk, 3 Park ter
Bain & Co. coal dealers, Idvies st. Clepington
& Ramsay, joiners, 20 Watt st. Hawkhill
Ann, confectioner, 139 Ann st
Christina, householder, 10 Garland pi
David B. m.d. surgeon, 43 South Tay st
Bain David D. merchant & commission agent, & agent for
Henry Head & Co. (London), shipping agents, & for the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Co. (London), 62 Commercial st; res. 10 Gar-
land pi
Bain Henry, farmer, St. Marj's, Mains
Henry, jun. farmer, Mains of Camperdown
John, grocer, 12 Dudhope Crescent rd ; res. 6 Garland nl
William, clerk, 7 Viewforth st
William, joiner (Bain & Ramsay), 804 Perth rd
Baird Catherine B. householder, 46 Magdalen Yard rd
Christina, draper, 1 New Inn entry
Christina, draper, 16 Rose st. Aacrurn rd
Baird J. & G. nettle beer manufacturers, 30 Horsewater wynd
James, shopkeeper, 8 Watson st
Peter, draper, 44 High st ; res. 43 High st
E.iimer Thomus, grocer & spirit dealer, St. Mary's ter. Downfield
Baker John, m.b. medical assistant, Royal Lunatic Asylum, West
Kaufman, picture framer, G Daniel st [Ferry
Bald John, linen draper (M'Gregor & Bald), Cairney Mount, West
Baldovan Asylum— See Public Buildings
Orphanage— See Public Buildings [res. IS Thomson st
Balfour David, grocer & spirit dealer,125 Hawkhill & 233>i Hilltown ;
David, shopkeeper, 30 Arbroath rd
James M. bootmaker, 92 Murraygate ; res. 94 Commercial st
John, joiner, 252 Hawkhill
Robert H. merchant, 5 Bain sq; res. Broughty Ferry
William W. spirit dealer, 15 Seouringburn
Balgay Park,Balgay hill— James Porter, superintendent
Ballantine Isabella, spirit dealer, 84 Dens rd
Ballingall & Son, brewers, maltsters, ale exporters & hop merchants,
Pleasance Brewery, Lothee rd
— — David, spirit dealer, 55 Dock st. & 8 Hop sL
- — Hugh, brewer (Ballingall &, Son), Ardarroch, S Douglas ter
William B. spirit dealer, 57 Westport ; res. 1 St. Mary's ter
Baud David, clerk, Balgay ter
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 34 Reform st— Fulton Spiers, agent;
Alexander F. Steele, assistant agent; William Freeland,
accountant ; Branch, 1 Victoria st— Robert Walker, agent
Banks Alexander, manager, 178 Perth rd
Alexander M. ship broker, 30 Dock st ; res. 8 Albany tor
John, sack manufacturer, 50 Rosebauk st ; res. 4 Garland pi
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 Constitution rd ; res. 3
Blackness ter
William, sut-editor of Dundee Advertiser, 3 Dalhousie ter
William E. commission agent, 10 Shore ter
liannerman David, town chamberlain, Town House, High st ; res.
Terrace House, Carnoustie
Baplio Miss J. S. manageress, Dundee Steam Laundry Co. Tait's la
Barclay John, umbrella maker, 3S Hawkhill
Barclay Margaret, umbrella maker, 12 Barrack st
Barclay William, merchant (Boyack, Barclay & Co.), Broughty Ferry
William, artist, 14 Barrack st [Loeheerd
Barland James, master of Deaf & Dumb Institution, Dudhope Bank,
Barnes James, newsagent, 270 Hilltown
Barnet James, refreshment room keeper, 72 Strathmartine rd
James W. solicitor (Thomas Thornton, Son & Co.), 3 Woodville
pi. Maryfield
Barnett James, broker, 5 Sessions st
John, master mariner, 24 Ferry rd
William, newsagent, dec, 102 Ann st
Barnie John, plumber & tinsmith, King William dock
Barrack Park, Barrack rd— Thomas Brown, keeper
Barracks, Dudhope — Sergeant-Major Ponton, barrack sergeant
barrie Alexander, houso factor, 13 Overgate ; res. Broughty Ferry
Barbara, grocer & spirit dealer, 12b' Strathmartine st
Charles, shipbroker, 41 Albert sq; res. ti Westneld pi
David, carting contractor, 10 Shore ter ; res. 39 Hilltown
G, & P. aerated water manufacturers, 34 Bell st; workf , Albert st
George, joiner, Ladyficld, Longforgan
John, farmer, Mains of Baldovan
John, grocer, 123 Perth rd
Barrie Joseph J. merchant & commission agent, &
manager of the Craigie Yard Warehouse Co. 10
Panmure st ; res. The Vine, Magdalen green
Barrie Robert S. mercantile stationer, printer & pub-
lisher, 16 Panmure st; res. 31 Wellgate
Barron George, aerated water maker, 73 Hilltown
James, hosier, &c 88 Nethergate ; res. Newport, Fife
James, draper, 24^ Ann st
Mary J. governess, Baldovan Asylum
Barrowman John, manager, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, Trades lane ; res. Broughty Ferry
Barry Arthur, householder, 24 Garland pi
James, baker, 70 King st
Bartholomew & Marshall, ironfounders, Star Foundry, Bell st
â–  John M. ironfouuder (Bartholomew & Marshall). S2 Dudhope
Crescent road
Bartleman John, cashier, 69a Constitution rd
Batchelor Catherine, farmer, West Craigie
David, plumber & tinsmith, Victoria dock
Francis, farmer, Craigie
George, plumber & gasfitter, 85 Hawkhill
Bates James, commission agent, 25 Dock st ; res. 17 Airlie pi
Baths, West Protection wall— Walter M'Gregor, superintendent
Battes Euphemia, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Union pi. Lochee rd
Baxter Allan, solicitor (W. &A. Baxter), Eden Lodge, Arbroath rd
â–  & Co. merchants & commission agents, 1 Baltic buildings
Brothers & Co. merchants, flax spinners, and power loom linen
and sail cloth manufacturers, 7 King st. and Dens Works,
Princes st
Catherine M. householder, 165 Victoria rd
Charles R. wine & spirit broker, & importer of foreign & colo-
nial produce, Horse wynd ; res. 2 Magdalen pi
D. W. & Co. manufacturers of jute goods, &c. Temple Hills,
North Tay st. & Anutield Works, Hawkhill
David, saddler, 5 Castle st ; res. Newport
David S. bootmaker, 218 Hawkhill [Annfield rd
â–  David W. manufacturer (D. W. Baxter & Co.),Water!oo Cottage,
Edward A. Esq. j.p. merchant (W. E, Baxter & CoAInvereighty,
by Forfar
Elizabeth, householder, 3 King st
George, hairdresser, 218 Hawkhill
George, pawnbroker, 126 Victoria rd
George W. manufacturer (Baxter Bros.), 4 Grosvenor ter
Helen, fruiterer, 28 Hilltown [Newport
â–  Henry, commission agent (Henry Barter & Forbes), Alma ter.
Henry & Forbes, commission agents & produce brokeiB, 8
Shore ter
Horatio T. solicitor, 87 Commercial st; res. Magdalen pi

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