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{See also Joiners.)
Baillie Alexander, Westgate, Faruell
Baxter James, Park road
Crabb James, Southesk st
Crockett Alexander, Montrose st
Black "William & Sons, 20 Clerk st
Bruce Walter, jun, (upholsterer). Bank st
Christie & Cameron (complete suites
for dining-room, drawing-room,
hall, and bedroom, in various
woods & modern styles ; curtains
and carpets; pianofortes for sale
or hire), 12 Clerk st
Davidson William, St. Andrew st
Watt William 6c Son, 5 Union st
Duxes James {& millwright), Damacrerd
Reid Joseph, 83 Market st
Reid & Barrie, 56 & 58 High st
Reid J. & C. 17 High st
Fcrrier Walter M. 4 St. David st
Hodgeton David, 8 High st
Mackie George, 51 High st
Barrie William, 7 Bridge st
Ferrier JameSj 93 River st
Hutcheon David, Bridge st
Laurie Elizabeth, 98 High st
Low David, 27 River st
Meldrum James, 59 High st
Sharpies Joseph, 28 Bridge* st
Whitlaw David, 28 St. David st
M'Gregor John, Panmure st
Simpson Andrew, 16 Clerk stj
Brechin Equitable Co-operative Society, Rail-
way station — Frederick M'Leod, manager
Brechin United Co-operative Association,
Railway station — John Morrison, secretary
Croll & Will, Railway station
Davidson Joseph, Railway station
Hood John, Railway station
Rait A. E. & Co. Railway station
Stewart Charles, Railway station
Taylor Robert, Railway station
Adamson Isabella, 40 St. David st
Angus William, 54 High st
Belford John, 34 Market st
Belford Alexander, 28 High st
Campbell David (& pastry cook), 24 St. David st
Cardiui Alexander, Damacre rd
Christie Alexander, 45 High st
Hadden Mary, 2 Montrose st
Jolly Margaret, 74 High st
Matthew George, 31 High st
Milne Thomas, 78 Hi%'h st
Peterkin Margaret, 9 High st
Eraser & Menniuir ( & potato), City road
Milne George, Swan st. & at 3 Caledonia st.
Mustard James, 4 Swan at. & at George st.
Montro.se, & Railway station, Forfar
Bower David, 33 Market st
Grant John S. Southesk st
Glencadam Distillery Company,
Giencadam, Brechin
Guthrie, Martin & Company (pure
malt whisky for home use or
otherwise— Established A.T>. 1320),
Brechin Distillery
i Linen, t£c. Drapers.
Britcher James R. 20 Market st
Campbell P. & P. (Perth)— Margaret Young, 29
High st. & Peter M. Bissot, 35 St. David st.
Pnllar J. & Sons (Perth), 70 Market st— David
Lawson, agent
Stevenson Brothers (Dundee), 21 High st— J. &
W. Ford, agents
Black & Johnston (for the Allan,
the Anchor, 8z the In man lines—
to all parts), 49 High st
Burns David, 8 Latch rd
t ".
(See also Agents.)
Carnegie Alexander (to the Right Hon. the
Earl of Southesk), Forebank House, Faruell
Shiell John, S.S.C. (to the Right Hon. the
Earl of Dalhousie), 14 St. David st
Watt William & Son (house), 5 Union st
Will James (to Miss Helen Carnegy Arbuthuott,
of Balnamoon), 16 Panmure st
Aberdein Francis, Keithock
Adamson John, Careston
Addison William, Caldcoats
Alexander Hugh, Arratsmill Farm
Allardice James, Wards of Keithock
Arbuthnott Helen Carnegy, Balnamoon
Baxter John, Burghill, & Little Pitforthie
Beattie John & Robert, Powsoddie of Aldbar
Bell Alexander, Broomfield
Bowick William, Hillhead of Burghill
Brechin Police Commissioners, Sewage Farm
Brimer Alexander, Mavis Bank
Bruce John, Wards of Keithock
Calder John, Stoneybriggs
Carnegie James, Arrat
Chalmers Patrick, Aldbar
Cowan Robert V. Balbirnie Mill
Cox Thomas H. Maulesden
Cushney Margaret, Drunmiond Park
Dalhousie Right Hon. the Earl of, Brechin
Davidson George, Bluirside of Aldbar
Davidson William, Brechin
Doig Andrew, Middle Drums
Douglas Mrs. Ann, St. Ami's
Duncan William, West Pittendreich
Dundas Stewart, Montboy
Edwards David & John, Little Brechin
Fairweather David, Langhaugh
Forbes John, Westwood of Keithock
Guthrie John, ai.D. East Kintrockat
Henderson James, Kincraig
Hood Thomas, Findowrie
Hood Thomas, Williemiils Bum
Hume David, Barrel well
Kinuear James, Mountboy
Lyall Elizabeth (executors of), Arrat
Martin Andrew, West Mams of Keithock
Millar Robert & Sons, Arrat's Mill
Milne David, Druniachie
Mitchell Alexander F. Gowau Park House
Mitchell Charles, West Kintrockat
Mitchell Joseph, Stannochy
Mustard Robert L. Leuchland
Mustard William, Windy edge
Paton Francis B. Cairnbank
Paxton Alexander, Broom knowo
Peter Henry, Tillygloom
Uobertson David S. Ouukston
Sanderson Peter, Trinity Park
Scott David G. C. Maison Dieu
Scott James, East Pittendreich
Seutt William, Mains of Pitforthie
Scott William, Lhnetield
Sharp David, East Drums
Sheriffs David, Uuthank
Silver David, Littlehaugh Muir
Smith James, Findowrie ,
Smith William, West Drums
Stevenson Andrew, George & John, Cookston
Valentine James, Dalgetty
Winton James D. Mains of Ardovie
Barrie James, West Carcarry
Beattie James, Strathella
Black David, Little Fithie
Crowle David, East Carcarry
Hautou David, Greenlaw
Hanton James, Weatheston
Lamb David, Fithie
Luke John, New Forebank
Moir James, Powmill
Norrie Robert, Egypt
HLiaple John (reps, of), Haughs of Kinuaird
Seniple Thomas, Farnell Mains
Alliance— Blyth Waterson, Swan st
Border Counties (fire)— William Johnston,
40 High st
C ated on I an— William Anderson, 10 St. Mary
st. & James Guthrie, Royal Bank,Jj-Uvan st
Colonial— David Prain, 13 Churen^b'[Bank st
Crown (life)— Thos. Picken, Publie School,
Edinburgh Plate Glass— Grogor Ciunming,
14 St. David Bt
English & Scottish Law (life)— James Will,
16 Parmiure st
Equitable (fire)— W. M. Vallentine, 5 Clerk st
Great Britain (life)— James Jack, 19 South-
esk st
Insurance Company of Scotland— W. M.
Vallentine, 5 Clerk st. & James D. Winton, 6
H igh st
Lancashire —William Fettis, 31 St. David st.
& Gregor Cumming, 14 St. David st
Life Association of Scotland— William
Johnston, 40 High st. & Gregor Cumming, 14
St. David st [Swanst
London and Lancashire — James- Guthrie,
London and Staffordshire (fire)— David
Grant, Montrose st. & William Watt &
Son, 5 Union st
North British and Mercantile— James
Craig, Swan st. & John Black, 2 Market st
Northern — David Guthrie & Sons, Swan st ;
William Duncan, High st; and William
Whitson, 46 St. David st
Norwich and London (accident)— William
Watt & Son, 5 Union st
Ph<f.nix— C. & W.Anderson, 10 St. Mary st
Queen (fire)— James Will) 16 Panmure st
Railway Passengers' (accident) — Robert
Elliot, Railway station 0^
Reliance (life)— William Watt & Son, 5 Union
Royal— James Guthrie, Royal Bank, Swan st
Scottish (accident)— William M. Vallentine,
5 Clerk st
Scottish Amicable Heritable Investment
Co.— John Shiell, S.S.C. 14 St. David st
Scottish Employers' Liability & Accident
—William Whitson, 46 St. David st
Scottish Equitable (life)— Shiell & Don, 14
St. David st—See advertisement
Scottish Metropolitan (fire)— Hew Morrison,
Andover hill
Scottish Provident— James Guthrie, Royal
Bank, Swan st [mure st
Scottish Provincial— James Will, 16 Pan-
Scottish Temperance— James D. Winton, 6
High st
Scottish Union & National— Shiell & Don,
14 St. David st. & Gordon & Craig, Market st
Scottish Widows' Fund— Charles & William
Anderson, St. Mary st
South British— W. W. Watt, 6 Union st
Standard— W. M. Vallentine, 5 Clerk st
Sun (lire)— John Don, 14 St. David st
Sun (life)— David Prain, 13 Church st
United Kingdom— Jas. Jack, 19 Southesk st
Yorkshire — William. Whitson, 46 St. David st
Clift Alexander, 5 High st
Murray David, jun. 42 St. David st
Corral James, 97 High st
Donaldson Charles, 4 Union st
Watson Isabella, 2 Bridge st
East Mill Company, Limited, East Mill— J. W.
Chalmers, manager
Bruce James & Son, 15 High st
Christie James, 33 Montrose st
Davidson John, 53 Montrose st
Davidson William, 42 High st
Hebenton David, 111 High st
Munro John, 61 High st
Eeid & Barrie, 56 & 58 High st
Reid J. &C. 17 High st
Shearer James, la Union st
Strachan Charles, 16 High st
Adamson Isabella, 40 St. Daviu st
Anderson Charles, 33 Montrose st
Watson Isabella, 2 Bridge st
Whitton David L. Castle st
Cooper Jonathan, 79 High st
Corral Jaines, 97 High st
Findlay John (attention to all
1 orders), 10 Market st

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