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Aberdein Francis, Esq. of Koithock
Adaruson John, Esq. j.p. (of Careston), Cares-
ton Castle
Adamson William Shaw, Esq. j.p. younger (of
Careston), Marcus House
Aird Rev. Hugh, Maryfield, Park rd
Anderson Mr. Charles, 5 Castle st
Anderson Mr. John, m.d. 95 High st
Anderson Mr. William, 2 Airlie st
Arbuthnott Miss Helen Carnegy, of Balnamoon
Baillie Miss Elizabeth, Panmure st
BallantyneMiss — , 15 Panmure st
Bell George, Esq. of Balconnel
Black Mrs. Jessie, 1 Panmure st
Black Mr. John, Clydesdale Bank
Blackball Mrs. Helen, 51 Southesk st
Burns the Misses Catherine & Christina Eliza-
beth, Rose Bank Cottage, Latch rd
Buyers Mr. James, Rowan Bank, Park rd
Cameron Rev. Thomas A. Manse, Farnell
Cargill David, Esq. of Springfield . [nell
Carnegie Alexander, Esq. Forebank House, Far-
Carnegie William, Esq. j.p. (of Dunlappie),
Stracathro »
Cbalmers Mr. J. W. East Mills
Chalmers Patrick, Esq. j.p. of Aldbar [Den
Chaplin George Robertson, Esq. j.p. Hurling
Chaplin Captain T. R. Hurling Den
Christie Mr. James, Northfield, Trinity rd
Cox Thomas H. Esq. of Maulesden
Crabb Rev. James, m.a. Parsonage, 41 Church st
Craig Mr. James, "View Mount [Castle
Dalhousie the Right Hon. the Earl of, Brechin
Don Mr. James, St. James's pi
Douglas Mrs. Ann , St. Ann's
Duke Mr. David, Summer Bank
Duke Miss Isabella, Esk Park House
Duke Mr. Robert, Beare Hill, Castle st
Duncan William, Esq. j.p. Maybank House,
Panmure st [park
Durie the Misses Isabella & Jessie, St. James's
Edwards Miss Jane, 55 Southesk st
Ewen Mrs. Catherine, 1 St. Ninian's sq
Fairweather Mr. Alexander, 22 Pearse st
Fairweather Miss Margaret, 22 Pearse st
Fenwick Mr. George F. 61 Southesk st [st
Forguson Mr. Wm. Anerley House, Southesk
Fettis Mr. William, Rose Mount Villa, Latch rd
Fraser Rev. John, Park rd
Gardner Rev. Alexander, bla. 43 Church st
Gordon Mr. James L. Bridge End House
Graham Mrs. — , Laurel Cottago, Latch rd
Gray Rev. William, m.a. 2 St. Andrew's pi
Guthrie Hisses Clementina & Eliza, Towerhead
Guthrie James, Esq. j.r. Swan st
Guthrie John. Es'j. M.n., j.p. 4 St. Andrew's pi
Guthrie Mrs. Margaret, 6 St. Andrew's pi
Hendry Mrs. Agnes G. 20 St. Mary st
Henclry Misses Jane, Margaret Ann & Isabella,
42 St. David sfc
Hodgeton Mr.. David, St. James's park
Jarron Miss Margaret, 7 Panmure st [rd
Johnston Mr. William, Rosemount Villa, Latch
Lamb Miss --, The Latch, Latch rd
Lamb James H. Esq. View Bank. Park rd
Lamb John, Esq. j.p. of Glencadam
Lawrence Mr. Alexander, m.d. Bcare Ilill Villa,
Castle st [rd
Lawrence Mr. William, Tuniberley Villa, Latch
Lorimer Mr. A. C. Chanonvy House
Low Miss Mary, 8 Pearse st
Mackay Rev. James, The Manse [Castle st
Mackio Mr. John, m.d. Westwood House,
Hackie Mr. John, sen. m.d. Strath View, Trin-
ity road [st
Man Mr. James, Dalhousie Cottage, Dalhousie
Mather Mrs. Anu, 43 Union st
Mather Mrs. Margaret, 18 St. Mary st
Meldrum Mr. Robert, Guynebrae
Michie Mr. John, Dalhousie st
Milne Mr. George (of Mooran Bank), Pearse st
Mitchell Rev. Alexander, Clerk st
Mitchell Very Rev. Alex. F. d.d. of Gowan Park
Mitchell Mr. Charles, Kintrockat
Mitchell Miss Isabella, Trinity village
Molison the Misses Elizabeth and Mary Jane,
Beare Hill Cottage, Castle st [mure st
Mollison the Misses Isabella & Margaret, 5 Pan-
Murray Mr. A. R. Maclean, 6 The Latch, Latch
Ogilvy Miss Frances C. 22 High st
Ogilvy Mrs. Margaret, 22 High st
Orr Rev. Robert W. Park rd
Oswald Miss Helen, Oswald House, Park rd
Paisley Rev. Robert, Park rd
Paton Francis B. Esq. of Cairnbank
Peter Mr. Alexander, 95 Montrose st
Prain Mr. David, 17 Church st
Rickard the Misses Isabella, Clementina and
Catherine, Hawthorn Cottage, Castle st
Ritchie Rev. Thomas L. 2 Pearse st
Robertson Hr. Andrew, Southesk st
Robertson David Souter, Esq. Hurling Den
Rose Rev. Donaldson, m.a. St. James's park
Scott David, Esq. j.p. of Newiugton
Bcott George A. Esq. Park Housej Park rd
41 £— A-R
Scott Miss Jane, 1 Summerbank lane
Scott Mr. John M. Ncwington
ShieUMr. John, S.S.C. The Latch, Latch rd
Shiress the Misses Alison & Amelia, 49 High st
Sievewright Mrs. Jane, 92 Market st
Smart Mr. George, 3 Castle st
Smart Mr. James, 25 Church st
Smith Miss Cecilia, Pearse Mount, Pearse st
Souter Mr. David, Trinity Villa [Castle
Southesk the Right Hon. the Earl of, Kinnaird
Stewart Mrs. Margaret G. Park rd [Castle st
Strachan Mrs. Jessie, St. Katherine's Cottage,
Summerville Archibald F. Esq. Rosehill
Thompson Miss Jane, 14 Pearse st
Thomson Mr. John W. m.d. 37 Church st
Vallentine Mr. William M. 3 Clerk st
Wallace Mr. George, 16 Pearse st
Webster Miss Ann, Latch rd
Webster Hrs. Jane B. 6 Castle st [st
Whitson Mr. William, Spring Garden, 1 Pearse
Will Mr. James, 14 Panmure st
Will John Shiress, Esq. q.c. Ardovie House
Will Miss Mary, 13 Panmure st
Winton Mr. James D.*Mains of Ardovie
Wyllie Hrs. Elizabeth, 18 Pearse st
Wyllie Hiss Elizabeth, St. James's park
Young Hr. James, West Bank
Board Schools : —
Bank street — Thomas Picken, master ;
William Lyall, assistant master ; Margaret
Carnegie, mistress
Auldbar— Alexander C. Robertson, master
Damacre road — Robert M'Lellan, master ;
Samuel Cruickshank, assistant master ;
Helen Smart, mistress
Farnell — William Lothian, master ; Agnes
Millar, mistress
High School, St. Andrew's pi— A. R. Haclcan
Hurray, head master ; James Hacartney,
James Lowson, & Georgina T. Hon,
assistants ; Andrew Robertson, classical
master ; Jane & Jessie Houston, modern
languages & music teachers
Little Brechin — Robert Cameron, master
Tenements' Schools, Andover hill — Hew
Horrison, master ; James D. Ross, John
H. Watt, Christina Grimm & Hary Ander
son, assistants
Union street (infants')— Jessio Alexander
mistress ; Jane Bruce, assistant
Rickard Isabella, Clementina & Catherine
(ladies'), Post Office buildings, St. David st
Belford Alexander, 28 High st
Belford John, 34 Harket st
Brechin Equitable Co-operative Society,
Limited, St. David st. 17 River st. 25 Mont-
rose st. & 71 High st— Frederick M'Leod,
manager ; John Sandeman, secretary
Brechin United Co-operative Association,
Limited, Witch Den rd. 26 River st. High st.
& 9 St. David st — John Horrison, secretary
Campbell David, 24 St. David st
Christie Alexander, 45 High st
Gibb William, jun. 12 Hontrose st
Kerr George, 47 Hontrose st
M'Hardy James, 11 St. Hary st
Matthew George, 31 High st
Milne Thomas, 78 High st
Ritchie James, 26 Montrose st
Ritchie William, 65 Montrose st
Smith David, 112 High st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 16 Panmure st;
head office, Edinburgh— draws on Bank oi
England, Smith Payne & Smiths, Coutts &
Co. and own branch, London— James Will,
agent ; Peter Butter, accountant
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), 6 Clerk st;
head office, Edinburgh— draws on own branch,
London — Wm. M. Vallentine, agent; Thomas
Gardner, accountant •
Cheque Bank, Limited, 40 High st— Black &
Johnston, agents
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), 22
Swan st ; head office, Glasgow— draws on
own branch, London— John Black, agent;
John M'Geachin, accountant
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 14 St. David st ; head office, Edin-
burgh—draws on London office— John Shiell
& James Don, agents; Gregor Cimiming,
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), Swan st ;
head office, Edinburgh— draws on Coutts &
Co, Bank of England & own branch, London
—David Guthrie & Sons, agents; William
Baluaves, accountant
Union Bank o? Scotland, Limited,
(Branch), Swen st ; head office, Glasgow-
draws on own branch, London— Gordon &
Lamb, agents; Robert Pitblado, accountant
National Savings Bank, 13 Church st ; open
on Tuesdays 11 to 1 & 6 30 to 8 30, Fridays
6 30 to 8 30— David Prain, actuary ; William
Anderson, secretary
(See also Factors.)
Blaclc & Johnston (newspaper* and
advertising ; also emigration
agents, and agents for the Cheque
Bank, limited), 40 High st
Burns David (for ordnance survey publications
& Cuuard line of steamers), S Lituh rd
Clark Alexander (to the Scottish Legal Burial
and Loan Society). Union st
Clift Alexander (for Singer's sewing machines),
5 High st
Croll & Will (carting agents to North British
Railway Company), Railway station
Ford J. & W. (to Stevenson Brothers, dyers,
Dundee), 24 High st
Hodgeton David (to W. & A. Gilbey, wine and
spirit merchants, London I, S High st
Hood John (carting agent to Caledonian Rail-
way Company), 153 Southi-sk st
Jack James (to the Great Britain & United
Kingdom Industrial Friendly Society), 19
5 mbhssk st
Lawson David (to J. Pullar & Sons, dj-ers,
Perth), 70 Market st [Swan st
Milne George (to Blaydon Manure Company),
Shiell John, S S.C. (to the Land, Loan, and
Enfranchisement Company), 14 St. David st
Watt William & Son (house), 5
Union st
Whitson William (to Land Securities Company
6 Dundee Proper y & Investment Society),
46 St. David st
Gillam Joseph, Parkrd
Ross Donald, St. Ninian's sq.
Anderson George, 42 City rd
Bell Alexander, Broonifield
Bean David (corn caster), 13 Market st. and
Maison Dieu lane
Brechin Auction Company, Limited, 4 St,
James's pi — William M. Vallentine, secre-
tary; Alexander Bell & George Anderson,
Bisset & Douglas, 50 City rd
Boyle John, Fithie, Farnell
Oowie Robert, Little Keithock
Davidson Alexander, River st
Kidd John, Aldbar
Murray Alexander, Ardovie
Oswald John & Son, Damacre rd
East Mill Co. Limited (& flax spinners), South-
esk Bleachfleld — J. W. Chalmers, manager,
East Mill
Inch Bleaching Co. Inch, Brechin
Alexander W. & D. 41 High st
Alexander Wm. (& bookbinder), 25 St. David st
Black & Johnston â– & music sellers
and general newspaper and adver-
tising agents, and dealers in
musical instruments for sale or
hirc>, 40 High st
Mackie David B. 50 Montrose st
Waterson Blyth (& music seller), Swan st
Brechin Equitable Co-operative Society,
Limited, 5 & 7 St. David st — Frederick
M'Leod, manager; John Sandeman, secretary
Brechin Mary Anu (dealer), 5 Church st
Brechin United Co-operative Association,
Limited, High st — John Morrison, secretary
Clark John, S\) High st
Collie John, 36 Market st
Duncan James, 25 Market st
Edwards David, Airlie st
Fenton David, Trinity village
Ferguson Thomas, 6 Swan st
Gall George, 12 High st
Glass James, 36 High st
Gray John, Newton Mill
Harris George, 81 Montrflse st
Keir David, 8 Caldwell's buildings, Montrose st
Kidd Ramsay, 75 High st
Millar Alexander, 11 Bridge 6t
Mitchell William, 29 St. David st
Robertson John, 102 High st
Silver William, Trinity village

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