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Marked thus * are Day Schools.
Board Schools : —
Abbot Bt— Adam Beveridgc, master ; Jane
Whyte, mistress; Margaret Thomson,
infants' mistress
Arbirlot (Braeside)— William Wilson, mas-
ter ; Betsy Maoltav, mistress
Arbroath High School, Hill terrace— Rector,
John Ross, H.A. ; English, Henry Cors-
torpbine ; Writing, Robert Cnchton ;
Mathematics, Robert Mudie; Classics d-
Modern Languages, John Ross, m.a.
Auchmithie— Thomas Paterson, master
Colliston— Richard S. Armit, master
East Abbey— James Kinnear, master
Gravesend (Park House)— James Campbell,
mastery Elizabeth Kyd, mistress
Green's Mill Hall Time School, Cross Mill
wynd — Mary Anderson, teacher
Hill rd— John Mackintosh, master ; Eliz.
A. Stewart, mistress
Keptie st— David Frew, b.a. master ; A.
Milne, mistress
Lady loan (East)— Alex. Kydd, master ;
W'illiam R. Fraser, assistant master
Ogilvie place (Inverbrothock) — Alexander
M. Davidson, master ; John Hunter,
assistant master ; Ann Webster, mstrss
St. Vigeans— William Crockart, master
Industrial School (Dale Cottage), Brechin
rd— John Aitken, master ; Emily Aitken,
Parochial School, Auchmithie — Thomas
H. Patterson, master
Soman Catholic School, Dishlandtown st
— E. M'Mahon, mistress
Stephen Jane (boarding), 2 Hill st
(See also Surveyors.)
Aitkenhead William, Brothock bank, and at
Mason James, 10% Hill st
Munro James, Brothock bridge
Sim John, 198 High st. & at Montrose
Alder Thomas, 26 Commerce st
Anckora William John, Brothock bank
Geddcs William H. & Son, 14 Applegate
Milne James, 28 Hamilton green
Benny William N. 52 High st
Taylor David, 18 Gowan st
Briggs William, East Links, Arbroath, & at
Dundee, Ladj bank & Kirkcaldy
Miller Edward, 12 Brechiu rd
Moucur David, 10 Helen st
(See also Fire, cCx. Office Agents.)
Anderson Jas. (sewing macliine),157 Hi^h st
Archer Elizabeth A. (to SteveDSon Brothers,
dvors, Dundee), 50 Keptie st
Christie Elizabeth (to J. Pullar* Sons.dyers,
Perth), 222 High st
Dodds & Bathio (live stock and commission),
86 High st. & at Dundee
Horald John (emigration), 70 High st
Johnstone James (for Letham Grange and
Fearn Estates), 17 Dallmusie pi
Leslie Edward James (foi| Liberator Building
Society), 1 Hill .-t
M'Pberson John (for brass goods), 23 Deck-
field st
Mihi George (to Stubbs' Trade Protection
Society and to the Guarantee Society), 15
Hillst „ ,
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton (colliery), Rail-
way station & Snore
Paterson James S. (commission), 1 Shore
Watson Edwin A.( for Thomas Mnir, Son and
Patton, ooal nierchants),Railway station &
Shore „ .,
Wordie & Co. (to the Caledonian Railway
Co.), 16 Millgate— James Morgan, agent
Dodds & Bathie, S6 High st. &, at Dundee
Douglas David, Mill Head House
Fettes William S. 3 Bridge st
Herald John, 70 High st
Robertson George, 1 Hill st
Thomson & Sod, 43 Market gate
Burrell Edith M. 19 Millgate
Disbart John, S3 Keptie st
Hood Robert, llti High st
Jamieson Mary & Jessie, 141 High st
Robertson Mary Ann, 282 High st
Anderson John & Son, 206 High st
Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society,
Limited, 6 Guthrie port ; branches, 39
Commerce st. & 78 Helen st — Jas. Seaton.
Bowden James D. 2,1 Panraure st
Brown David, 102 & 104 High st
Cobb Anthony, 1 Millgate loan
Ducat William, 2 Hamilton green
High Street Co-operative Society, Limited,
57 & 252 High st. & 61 St. Mary st
Macdonald Mitchell, Orchard st
M'Uardy John, 335 High st
Petria Alexander & Son, 122 High st
Riddle John, 236 High st
Salmond George, 19 Allan st
Scott Richard, 41 Barn green
Shepherd John, 45 St. Mary st
Steel John, Spink st
Sultie Alexander, 30 West Grimsby
Westport Association, Limited, 2 &. 4 Keptie
st. Lochlaud st. & East Abbey bt
Westwater Henry, 1-18 High t>t
Clydesdale Bane, Limited (Branch), 63
High &t ; head office, Glasgow — draws upon
.London and Westminster Bank, and
Clydesdale Bank, London — Chapel and
Alexander, agents ; William Cant,
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 119 High st; head office, Edin-
burgh — draws upon London office, 123
Bishopsgatest.Withiu,and on London and
Westminster Bank i& Coutts & Co. London
— William Rollo, agent; Jas. 1>. Webster,
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 71
High st ; head office, Edinburgh — draws
upon Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch),
the Bank of England, and on Coutts and
Co. London — Alexander Hufcton, agent ;
George Reid, accountant
Arbroath Savings Bank (held at the Com-
mercial Bank, High St.), open on Monday
mornings, from 9 to 10, on Thursday morn-
ings at 10, and on Friday evenings from 7
to 8— William Rollo, treasurer
Cook David, 219 High st
Keith James, High Street Iron and Brass
Foundry, & Edinburgh & Loudon
Rayue David, 16 Allan st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 78 High st
head office, Edinburgh— draws upon Bank
of Scotland, Couits & Co. & Smith, Payne
& Smiths, Loudon — James Muir and H. C.
Kinlock, joint iigents
British Linen Company Bank (Branch),
Brothock bridge ; head office, Edinburgh —
draws upon Loudon office, 41 Lombard st ;
Smith, Payne and SmitUs, and Bank of
England, London — James A. Dickson,
agent; J. M. M'Eain, sub-agent; Morton
C. Videon, teller
Burrell Edith M. 19 Millgate
Hood Robert, 18 Westport
Jamieson Mitry & Jessie Ann, 141 High st
Whitton Jane, 159 High st
Anderson R. & Son, 261 High st
Crabb William, Auchmithie
Edwards John, Seaton
Espliu David, Colliston
Greig Robert, Grange of Conon, St. Vigeans
Kanion Jobn, Auchmithie
Hauton William, St. Vigeans
Herron Peter. Barber's croft
Herron William, South Grimsby
Kydd Alexander, Ladybridge st
Kydd William, West Grimsby
M'Farlane Alexander, Collision Mill
Martin John, Arbirlot
Nicoll William, Woodville
Ogilvy William, 7 West Mill wynd
Peter Alex. Letham Grange, St. Vigeans
PeU'ie James, Gravesend
Sievewright Tboimis, 18 Lord burn
Suttie John, Allan st
Webster Alexander, Lindsay st
Corsar David & Sons, Waulk Mill, St. Vigeans
Dowall Charles & Co. Kelly Bleachlielil,
Fraser Douglas & Sons, Wellgate Works
Patterson Robert, The Greens
Webster Win. & Co. Ward Mill Blcachfield
Watson John & Alexander, 30 Lady loan
Se$ 'J'urimrtj,

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