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Stnbbs' Trade Protection Society, 15 Hill st— George Miln, sec
Sturrock George, tailor & clothier, 167 High st ; res. 6 Alexandra pi
— • John, farmer, St. Vigeans
. Mrs. Mary, 120 High at
Subscription Heading Room, 64 High st— William Alexander, seo
Sutherland Andrew, sail cloth manufacturer (Andrew Sutherland it
Co.), Kinloch ter [Works
Andrew & Co. wbite canvas & sail cloth manufacturers, Millgate
James T. grocer & spirit dealer, 274 High st [shade
John, sail cloth manufacturer (Andrew Sutherland & Co.), Loch-
Margaret, bookseller & newsagent, 219% High st
William, joiner, Arrott st
Suttie Alexander, baker, 88 West Grimsby
Mrs. Elizabeth, Union Villa, Millgate loan
John, ironmonger & blacksmith, 4 & 10 Allan st
Swan James,farmer, St. Vigeans [vice-consul
Sweden and Norway Vice-Consulate, 9 Shore — David M'Kenzie,
Swirles Alexander, leather merchant (Alexander Swirles & Son), 1
East Abbey st [East Abbey Rt
Alexander, jun. leather merchant (Alexander Swirles & Son), 9
— — Alexander & Son, tanners, curriers, and leather merchants, 10
Ponderlaw st
TARBAT William, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Loohlands st
Tarry Mill Co. twine spinners, Tarry Mill, St. Vigeans — John
Muckart, managing partner
Taylor Andrew, superintendent, United Kingdom Assurance Cor-
poration, Sidney Bt
Ann, Plough and Arrow Inn, 8 Fisher acre
— David, confectioner, 209 High st
David, photographer, 18 Gowan st
Isabella & Margaret, milliners tfc dressmakers, 8 Hume st
, James, tailor, 86 Rossie st
Jane, tobacconist, 91 High st
— — John, hatter, 24 Commerce st
Robert, coal merchant, Shore, Sc at Dundee
Tennant Charles & Co, manure merchants, Shore
Teviotdale David, tailor, 10 Bridge st
Thompson & Nicol, butchers, 78 High st
â–  â–  George, picture frame maker & glazier, 39 Guthrie port
Thomson Alexander M. collector of police rates, 21 Hill pi; res.
Abbey Lodge
Mr. Andrew, Seaton rd
David, tnilor, 100 High st
G. R. & Son, auctioneers, 43 Market gato
Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 52 Cairnie st
Isabella, dining rooms, 258 High st [KepLio st
James, grain & manure merchant, 19 Lady loan; res. 26
Rev. James, The Manse, 18 West Abbey st
Miss Jane, 28 Victoria st
Miss Jessie, 43 Cairnie st [Gowan st
John, ironmonger & seedsman, 90 High st ; res. Hermitage,
â–  John, tailor & clothier. 61 Ladybridge st
John, chief officer, 3 Hill st
Malcolm C. sail cloth manufacturer, Ward Mill, & at Glasgow
William W. watchmaker, 41 Guthrie port [Keptie st
Thornton George, linen, &c. draper, 112 High st; res. 80 West
Tosh David, glass, china & hardware dealer, 67 Guthrie port
â–  William, boot & shoe maker, 43 Ladybridge st. & 18 Green st
Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall— William K. Macdonald, town clerk
House, High st — James Bnlraer, keeper
Town's Weighing Machine, East Grimsby
Trades' Hall, Commerce st
Traill Miss Agnes, 9 Hay's Well rd
â–  John, Esq. j.p. surgeon, View field House
Turnbull James, traveller, Nolt Loan rd
Tyrio James F. tinsmith & gasfitter, 31 West port
UPSTELL Alfred, coast guard officer, 14 West Mary st
Urquhart Thomas, tailor & clothier, 212 High st
VALENTINE Aloxander. shopkeeper, 7 Shore
Vernon Rev. Edward T., F. C. Mause, Arbirlot
WALKER James C. flax spinner (John Walker & Co.), Lochshadc
â–  Jessie, shopkeeper, 23 High st
John, ironmonger, 24 Millgate [Hill pi
â–  â–  John, booUstsllor, stationer & music seller, 27 Market pi ; res. 4
John & Co. flax spinners & manufacturers, Stanley Works
John C. flax spinner (John Walker & Co.), Hawthorn bank
Margaret, grocer, &c. 37 Lady loan
Wallace Alexander, china, rope, rag, metal & waste paper merchant,
12 & 14 Panmure st. & 10% Millgate laue [Grimsby
& Brown, timber merchants, Arbroath Saw Mills, North
David, insurance agent, 37 Guthrie port
Margaret, shopkeeper, Millgate loan
Mary, householder, 23 How.ird st
â–  Robert, tailor, Arbirlot
Wanuan George W. surgeon, 51 Market gate
William A. m.d. surgeon, 51 Market gate
Watson Alexander, St. Thomas's Tavern, Hamilton green
Alexander, tobacconist, 142 High st
David, hairdresser, 44 Guthrie poit
â–  â–  David, plane maker, 5 Allan st
Edwin A. agent for Thomas Muir, Son & Patton, coal mer-
chants, 78 Rossie st
â–  James, Ship Inn, 19 Market gate
Jessie, shopkeeper, 2 Gravesend
John, clothes broker, 47 Applegate
John & Alexander, boat builders, 30 Lady loan
Watt Annie, coufectioner, 36 Commerce st
â–  William S. painter & paperhauger, 15 West port
Webster Alexander, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the
burgh of Arbroath, Public Hall ; res. 6 Albert st
Alex, engineer & ironfounder, Lindsay st ; res. 15 Maule st
Alexander, jun. engineer, 43 Cairnie st
â–  A Littiejobu, solicitors, 83 Commerce st
Mrs. Clementina, 3 Alexandra pi
Francis, flax spinner (Francis Webster & Snns),Denley
Francis & Sous, flax spinners & manufacturers, Alma Works,
James, solicitor (Webster & Littlejohn), 85 Hill st
James B. bank accountaut, Springbank, Hill End rd
William, shipmaster, 21 Victoria st
William, bleacher (William Webster & Co.), Belle Vuo House
William & Co. bleachers, Ward Mill
William H. confectioner, 44 Green st
— William W. flax spinner (Francis Webster & Sons), Donley
Weighing Machine, East Grimsby
Weights & Measures Office, Gravesend— William Dove, inspector
Weir James, flax merchant, Guild Hall, High st
James, shipwright & mast maker, Shuro
John, farmer. St. Vigeans
Welsh Mr. James M. Ann Bank
Westpoit Association, Limited, grocers, drapers, bakers & boot-
inaltors, 2 & 4 Keptie st. Lochlauds st. & East Abbey st — ■
David Craik, mauager
Westwater Henry, confectioner, 148 High st
Whitton George, hardware dealer, 170 High st
Jane. Berlin wool & fancy repository, 154 High st
Whyte Barbara, confectioner, 17 James st [The Willows
James, timber merchant & saw mill owner, 28 Millgate; res.
Susan, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Keptie st
William, Alma Inn, 85 Panmure st
Wightou David, farmer, St. Vigeans
Wilkie D. S. hairdresser, 200 High st
Ewiin, greengrocer, 21 Applegate
Margery, fancy goods dealer, 2ii4 High st
Williamson Hannah, shopkeeper, 6 Howard st
Willis Miss Elspoth,25 Commerce st
Willoeks James, watchmaker, &c. 105 High st; res. 51 High st
Wilson it Cunningham, sail cloth manufacturers, Densrd. & at Syd-
ney, New South Wales
Mr. Charles, 9 Victoria st
Gordon, tailor, 8L Keptie st
James, tailor, 5 West Grimsby
John, manufacturer (Wilson & Cunningham), Rotomohana
Mr. Thomas, West Keptie Bt
William, schoolmaster, Braesido school, Arbirlot
Winton James M. pawnbroker, 13 & ISLorduum
Mrs. Jane, 15 Victoria st
Wordie & Co. caning agents to the Caledonian Railway Co. 16 Mill-
gate & Station yard — James Morgan, agent
Wright Agnes, shopkeeper, 4 High st
Wyhic David, manager, 13 Guthrie port
Johu, chimney sweeper, 19 West Grimsby
YOUNG George, farmer, Arbirlot [Anderson, sec
Men's Christian Association, Public Hall, 66 High st — David
Yule & Sandimau, yarn merchants, Garden st
David, waste merchant, Garden st ; res. 11 Bank st
George, householder, 20 Victoria st

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