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(Sec also Builders <£• Masons.)
Fnaser Alexander & Son, Nairn st. Pfithheaa"
Little William & Son, 12, 14, 10 & IS Cowr.n
st— See advertisement
M'Kenzie Konnoth, Rosslyn St. Gallatown
ITKenzio William (& asphalter), lnvertiel
Chemical Works
Milne James & Son, James giove
Ross David, 52 Townsend pi
Smith George (& quarry owner), 4
St. Mary's terrace
Lockhart William, 12 Milton rd
Tod Peter, 84 Back st. Pathhead
Hunter John S. 318 High st
Laing Thomaa, 266a High st
Hogarth John, West Mills
Hutchison Robert & Co. East Bridge Mills,
& 172 High st [clairtown
Kilgour Henry, 106 & 108 St. Clair st. Sin-
Ramsay George, 83 Back st. Pathhead
Sim John, 28 Links st
Dodds Thomas, SO High st
M'Kendrick James D. 121 High st
Gibb James, 163 High st
M'Cathie William, 175 High st
Morrison William, 146 High st
Bartholomew Walter, Auchtertool Distillery
Campbell P. & P. (Perth)— John Davidson &
Son. Ill High st. agents [High st
Halley George & Co. 12 Burleigh st. & 25
Heggio Frederick (of linen & cotton yarns),
Linktown [Works
Heggie R. J. & A. Links and Denburn Dye
Macdonald John, 65 Nicol st
M'Hattie John, 123 Links st
Macnao A. & J. (Edinburgh)— James Ander-
son, 44 St. Clair Bt. agent
Pullar J. & Sons (Perth)— George Kidd, 48
Glebe park : Helen Morton, 33 Nether st.
Pathhead ; Eliza M'Donald, 159 High st ; &
J. Hay, 49 High st. agents
Stevenson Brothers (Dundee), 419 High st —
John Todd, agent
Wemyss Robert & Co. (indigo), Abbotshall
Heron Robert & Son, Fife Pottery, Sinclair-
Kirk Brothers, Sinclairtown Pottery
Methven David & Sons, Kirkcaldy
Morrison & Crawford, Rosslyn Pottery
Kelly Peter, 132 Links st
M'Ewan John, 188 Links st
(See also Boiler Makers, also Machine Makers,
and likewise Iron and Brass Founders.)
Brown James & Co. (& printing
machine makers), Park Foundry
Brown Thomas B. Tiel Engine
Works — Sec advertisement
Bryce John, Dunnikier rd
Dale J. & T. Townsend Foundry,
& 195 Upper Thames st. London
Douglas & Grant, Dunnikier Foundry
Landalc James, Den rd
Melville William M. (& maker of
portable hoisting engines), Sin-
clairtown Foundry
Mitchell W. L. & Son (steam engines
& general machinery), Abbotshall
Moyes James (millwright), Balweario Mill
Steelo John (millwright), Auchtertool
38— A-R
Aitken Mrs. -~, Easter Tough
Balfour Robert, Mutton Hull
Drown Henry, Hayficld
Carstairs David, Sauchenbush
Carstairs James L. Balwearie
Davidson Robert, jun. Wester Bogie
Dnrie Alexander, Torbain
Elder Robert, Bogie parks
Forsyth Moses, Bankhead
Lewis Margaret (heirs of the late), Boglilley
Mood John (trustees of the lat°), Home
Farm, Chapel
Ross David, Bogie mains
Beveridcc W. & G. Kirkton
Brown Thomas, Lockhead
Kilgour George, Newtown
Macdonald — , Craigton
Reekie Andrew, Walton
Scott Peter, Auchtertool
Watt James, Clentrie
Wilson Robert, Auchtertool
Balfour Robert, Mutton Hall
Brown Henry, Hayfield
Chalmers Andrew, Temple Hall
Harley Edward, Smeaton
Oswald James T. Dunnikier Home Farm
Richmond David, Spithcad
Accident— Henry M. Barnet, 184 and 1S6
High st. & Donald M'Naughton, Harbour
Alliance— Andrew Hogg, 152 High st
Atlas— Michael Nicol, 5 Kirk wynd
Boiler Insurance & Steam Power Co.
Limited (Manchester)— Andrew Hogg, ;152
High st
Caledonian— Thomas Dow & Son, 120 High
st; William Roy Spears, 170 High st ;
Harrow & Johnston, 104 High st ; John
Mitchell Melville, 41 Townsend pi; James
Hamilton, 13 Wernvssfield; John Low, 14
Nether st ; Peter Mitchell, 17 Overton rd ;
John Skinner, Rosslyn st ; & Thomas
Swan, 34 High st [st
City of London— John Harley, 18 Mitchell
Commercial Union— R. & J, Herriot, 100 &
150 High st; Thomas Jackson, 247 High
st; & J. E. Murray, 135 High st
County (fire)— Henry M. Barnet, 184 and 186
High st [st
Edinburgh (life)— Francis Hislop, 135 High
Edinburgh Heritable Security—
Beveridge & Aitken, 220 High st
Employers' Liability — Thomas Dow and
Son, 120 High st ; John Harley, IS Mitchell
st; & George S. Bryson, National Bank,
English and Scottish Law (life)— David
Storrar, 228 High st. & P. J. Galloway,
High st [248 High st
Equitable (fire)— George James Beveridge,
Fire Insurance Association, Limited— M.
W. Walker, 200 High st. & Robert D. An-
derson, 257a High st
Gresham (life)— M. W. Walker, 200 High st
Guarantee Association of Scotland —
Roger Black, Kirk wynd
Guardian Plate Glass— Michael Nicol, 5
Kirk wynd
Hand-in-Hand— J.E. Murray, 135 High st
Imperial (fire) — James Lawson, 191 High st.
& Henry M. Lornie, 18 Overton rd. Sin-
Insurance Company of Scotland— Androw
Hogg, 152 High st
Lancashire— Alexander Coutts, 46 Back st.
Pathhead, & Thomas Scott, Tolbooth st
Lancashire and Yorkshire Accident —
David J. Wilson, 226 High st
Life Association of Scotland— Alexander
Beveridge, 220 High st; James Lawson,
191 High st ; & John Harley, 18 Mitchell st
Liverpool and London and Globe— Donald
M'Naughton, Harbour head
London & Lancashire (fire) — Alexander
Campbell, 226 High st
Manchester ( fire)— John Curror, Victoria rd
National Provident (life)— John Curror,
Victoria rd
National Provincial Plate Glass— David
Reekie, 189 High st
North British & Mercantile — Robert
Hutchison, East Bridge Mills; Alexander
Thomson. 236 High st ; & David J. Wilson,
226 High st
Northern — James Lawson, 191 High st
Norwich & London Accident— Henry M.
Barnet, 184 & 186 High st
Ocean, Railway & General Accident —
Ninian L. Herriot, 100 & ISO High at. and
Andrew Innes,2U0 High st
Phodnix (fire)— Francis Hislop, 135 High st
Provident (life)— Henry M. Barnet, 184 and
180 High st
Queen— Roger Black, 52 Hill st. & Henry M.
Barnet, 184 & 186 High st
Royal— William Williamson, f 20 Rose Bt. and
D. & D. Pearson, 8 Tolbooth st
Scottish Accident— Thomas Dow & Son,
120 High st; Andrew Hogg, 152 High st;
A. P. Honeyman, 242a High st; & William
Strachan, 15 Tolbooth st
Scottish Amicable (life)— Donald M'Naugh-
ton, Harbour head, & J. E. Murray, 135
High st
Scottish Equitable (life)— Thomas Dow &
Son, 120 High st. & John Low, Nether st—
See advertisement
Scottish Life Assurance Co. Limited
(accident department)— M. W. Walker, 200
High st
Scottish Plate Glass— Robert Little, 12,
14, 16 & 18 Cowan st. & William Chapman,
97 Mid st. Pathhead
Scottish Provident (life)— Andrew Hogg,
152 High st
Scottish Provincial (fire)— A. P. Honey-
mau, 242a High st; Andrew Innes, 200 High
st ; & Arthur Turnbull, 17 Rose st
Scottish Temperance— George S. Bryson,
National Bank, Pathhead
Scottish Union & National — William
Strachan, 16 Tolbooth st
Scottish Widows' Fund— James Hamilton,
Wemyssfield, & A. P. Honeyman, 242a
High st
Standard (life)— George S. Bryson, National
Bank, Pathhead
Sun (fire)— George S. Bryson, National Bank,
Pathhead, & Beveridge & Aitken, 220
High st
Town & County Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Limited— Arthur Turnbull, 17 Rose st
Union— James Lawson, 191 High st
United Kingdom Temperance & General
— Alexander A. Hay, 74 High st
Arnott John, 20 High st
Burt John, 235 High st
Gilruth James, 9 Bethelfleld place
Kay Alexander J. Back st. Pathhead
Kay William, 433 High st
Beveridge G. & W. 248 High st. and
Haugn Mill, Windigates
Hendry J. <& W. VVestbridge Spinning Mills
Lockhart N. & N. [& hemp & tow), Bennochy
Lornie David, sen. Back st. Pathhead
Pathhead Spinning Co. Limited, Back st.
Swan Brothers (& tow), 9S High st. & Coal
Wynd & Park Mills ; & at Kinghorn
Sec Butchers.
Barry John, Ostlere & Co. Limited, Forth
Works ; London warehouse, 5 Paternoster
square, E.C.
Hendry, Whyte and Strachan,
National works; London ware-
house, 12 Oat lane. Noble st. E.C.
Nairn Michael & Co. {& linoleum), Scottish
Floor Cloth Worka.Kirkcaldy ; & 131 Alders-
gate st. London, E.G.; Canal st. Miushull
st. Manchester; 113 Ceutre st. Glasgow;
& 57 Boulevard Ornano & 159 Rue St.
Honore, Paris
North (The) British Floor Cloth Co.
Limited, Pathhead ; London ware-
house, S3 Milton st. Fore st. E.C.
Shepherd & Beveridge, Kirkcaldy
Floor Cloth works ; London ware-
house, 151 Queen Victoria st. E.C.
Tait, Cairn3 & Co. Limited, Cale-
donia Floor Cloth Works, Kirk-
caldy; London warehouse, 11 Far-
ringdon rd. E.C— E. Clunn, agent
Laverick John & Co. (makers of
malleable iron & steel forgingsi,
Fife Forge, Kirkcaldy

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