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Elder Andrew, Church st. Sinclairtown
Elder John, Birrell st. Pathhead
Forrest James, Abbotshall Cottage
Law Allan, West Fergus pi
Reid Peter, 183 Rosslyn st
Steedman John, 281 Links st
Thomson James, Bennochy ter
"Wright Andrew, Bennochy gardens
Dall John, 95 High st
Frame Robert P. 7 Links st
Graham Mrs. J. 54 High st
Greig Thomas, 2 Redburn wynd
Hamilton Alexander, 223 Links st
Keddie George, 30 Rosslyn st
M'Lauchlan Robert, 42 Rosslyn st
Methven David & Sons, Kirkcaldy Pottery
Nicholson Archibald, 197 Rosslyn at. Galla-
Oliphant Ann, 90 Nether st. Pathhead
Phillips John C. 188 High st
Shane! John, 23 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Simpson Poter, 97 Back st. Pathhead
Stark Mary, 28 (.Hebe park
Young Andrew, 248 Links st
Grant Alexander, 289 High st
Haxton John & Co. 106 High st
Dickson Robert, 8 High st
Fernie George, 6 Redburn wynd
Gilruth James, 9 Betheifield place
Henderson Isabella G. 89 High st
Hutchison Henry, 118 High et
Kay Alexander J. Back st. Pathhead
Kay William, 433 High st
Proctor George, 129 High st
Steedman John, 281 Links et
Marked thus * are Grocers only.
Adamson Peter, 10 Cross st. Gallatown
Anderson Christina, 8 Bridge st
* Anderson James, 19 Links st
♦Angles Hannah, 15 Nicol st
♦Angles Henry (wholesale), 26 & 28 High st
Archibald David, 383 High st
Bain David, 174 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Bartholomew Alexander, Auchtertool
♦Beaton Peter & Co. 17 Mitchell st
Beatson David, 199 & 244 High st
Beveridge Joseph (family grocer &
wine & spirit merchant), 125 Bach
st. Pathhead
Blyth Janet, 28 Mid st. Pathhead
Brown Andrew, 108 Mid st. Pathhead
Brown James, 333 High st
Burt Thomas, 71 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Clark Richard, Auchtertool
Crichton James, 6 Links st
Crombio George, 217 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Dand John, 275 Links st
Davie John, 483 High st
Davie Robert, 102 Links st
Dewar Catherine, 22 Mid st. Pathhead
Dick George, 85 Links st
Dingwall John, 76 Nether st. Pathhead
Dingwall Robert, 10 St. Clair st
Dry burgh William, 31 Links st
Edinburgh & Dublin Tea Co. (tea dealers),
284 High st [town
♦Forrester & Grant, 217 St. Clair st. Sinclair-
Gnliatown Co-operative Society, Limited,
lill Rosslyn st
Garnock William & Son, 204, 206 &
203 Sfc. Clair st. & 22 Overton rd
Gerrard James Duncan, 19S Links st
Gibb Peter, 58 Rosslyn st
Gillespie Andrew, 18 Bridge st
Goodall Robert, 63 Dunnikier rd
Courlay James, 21 Mid st. Pathhead
*Hardio Thomas (& wholesale), 117 Highst
"â– Henderson John, 23 Links st
Herd William, 81 Bridge st
Herriot R. and J. (and wholesale),
100 & 150 High st
* Honey man Thomas, 339 High st
H unter Alexander, 255 Liuta st
Jiick Janet, 58 Nether st. Pathhead
*Kinnear David, 51 Nicol st
* Kirkcaldy District Eguitablo Co-operative
Society, 12 High st. 113 Links st. & 126
Mid st. Pathhead— J. Davidson, sec
Lamont Jane, 17 Nicol st
Latto Thomas, 42 Dunnikier rd
Lessels John, 221 Links st
Lindsay John C. (& spirit merchant),
85 Back st, Pathhead
London & Newcastle Tea Co. (tea dealers),
237 High st
M'Connochie Robert H. (wholesale
grocer & wine & spirit merchant),
279 High st
Mackie Robert, 146 St. Clair st
* Malcolm Robert, 42 St. Clair st
Matthewson James, 467 High st
Michie David (grocer, wine mer-
chant, & Italian warehouseman),
76 High st
Muckersio Margaret, 138 Links st
Muir Alexander, 202 High st. & at Alloa
Nicholson Andrew, 145 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Philp James, 200 Links st
Ramsay John C. 80 Mid st. Pathhead, & 2 & 4
Loughborough rd
Reekie Ebenezer, 51 Rosslyn st. Sinclairtown
Robb James, 68 Glebe park
^Robertson William, 100 Alexandra st
Roy Peter, 15 Alexandra st
Russell John, 137 Links st
Salmond Robert (& wholesale), 102 High st
*Sauuders & Hunter, 13 Milton rd. & Bethel-
field pi
*Sannders William, 142 High st
Scott George, 291 Links st
*Scott James & Son, 103 High st
*Shaw John, 24 Bridge st
Simpson John, Auchtertool
-Singer B. & Co. 66 St. Clair st
♦Skinner Catherine, 395 High st
Smith Alexander, S3 Mid st. Pathhead
Smith James (family grocer and
spirit merchant), 72 & 74 Back
st. Pathhead
Spittal Thomas, 250 Links st
*Taylor David, 47 Links st
Turner John, 169 High st
Tod Robert, 55 High st
Todd Peter, Dnnnikier rd
Turner John, 169 High st
*Tweeddale Robert, 2 Nicol st
Venters John & Son, 1 Nairn st. Pathhead
Venters William, 4 Glebe park
Walls John (family grocer and
wine merchant), 216 High st
Weir William, 15 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
*WelIcoat Joseph, ln8 High st
Wemyss James, 40 High st
Whyte Peter, 112 & 114 Mid st. Pathhead
Wilkie Thomas & Co. 15S High st
*Wishart John, 47 Bridge st
Young Robert, 39 Dunnikier rd
Yule William (wholesale & retail
grocer & spirit merchant,), 413 &
415 High st
Arneil John, 52 Mid st. Pathhead
Carmichael Henry, 58 High st
Currio David, 80a High st
Douglas Robert, 177 High st
Kirk George, Mid st. Pathhead
Laing John, 30 Links st
Lyon Charles H. 338 High st
Rennie Dewar, 70a Mid st. Pathhead
Scott James, 469 High st
Aitken John, 198 High st
Imrie Janet, 72 High st
Latham Hugh 212 High st
Scott John C. 310 High st
(See also Spirit Dealers & Public Houses.)
Dunnikier Arms (family & commercial),
Magnus Herd, Mitchell st
George (family, commercial & posting),
David Nimmo, 162 High st
Harbour Head Hotel, Pier head— Duncan
Milne Jane (temperance), 2 Tolbooth st
National (commercial), David Reekie, 189
High st
Victoria, A. Wilkie & Co. 297 High st
(See also Brass Fov/nders, Boiler Makers,
Engineers, & likewise Machine Makers.)
Brown Thomas B. Tiel Engine Works — See
Brown James & Co. (and steam
engine manufacturers), Park
Bryce John, Dunnikier rd
Dale J. & T. Townsend Foundry,
& 195 Upper Thames st. London
Donglas & Grant, Dunnikier Foundry
Melville William M. Sinclairtown
Mitchell W. L. & Co. Abbotshall
Barnet & Morton, 134 & 1S6 High st
Beveridge &. Robertson, Nether st
Harloy John, 18 Mitchell st
Ireland William L. 115 High st
Russell G. & Co. 232 High st
Straehan William, 15 Tolbooth st
Thomson Brothers. 238 High st
Williamson Alexander (& machine-
ry), 94 High st
Wilson D. £c J. 13 High st
Barnet & Morton, 184 & 186 High st
M'Culloch Robert, 44 Market st
Thomson Brothers, 238 High st
Wilson D. St J. 13 High st
Barnet & Morton (iron merchants,
oil merchants, smiths, tinsmiths,
nail makers, gasfitters, bellhang-
ers, erectors of gates, railings &
fences; iron work to architects'
plans), 181 & 186 High st
Beveridge & Robertson, Nether st
Davidson James, 208 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Dougall George, 77 Back st. Pathhead
Grubb James, 367 High st
Ireland William L. 115 High st
Kilgour Janet, 96 Mid st. Pathhead
Paxton Thomas, 194 High st
Kussell G. & Co. (furnishing &
general ironmongers, oil mer-
chants, & agents for Milner's
safes), 232 High st
Thomson Brothers (wholesale iron-
mongers, oil, iron, steel, blasting
powder & dynamite merchants,
<fec, blacksmiths & range manu-
facturers, floor cloth & linoleum
factors, agents for " English "
smithy coal, "Bell's" patent pro-
peller washing & wringing ma-
chines, & "Whyte's" beams &
scales), 238 High St. & 42 Back St.
Williamson David, 134 Links st
Williamson John, 75 Hieh st
Wilson D. & J. 13 High st
(See also Builders £• Masons, & also Cabinet
Anderson James, Back st. Pathhead
Anderson William, Invertiel rd
Carmichael Henry, 42 Nether st. Pathhead
Carron George, Invertiel
Christie David, Kilrie
Clephane David, Nicol st
Condio George, 23 High st
Curnming John, Coal wynd
Gourlay James, 92 Mid st. Pathhead
Greig Henry, 36 St. Clair st
Duncan Robert, Loughborough rd
Grieve Peter (& cabinet maker,
undertaker & builder), 7 Charlotte
St — See advertisement
Hamilton John, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Henderson Andrew, 148 Links st
Hunter Thomas, Liuktown Saw Mills
Jenkins Robert, 142 St. Clair st
Little William & Son (manufac-
turers by machinery of solid
parquet flooring, and doors, win-
dows, mouldings, Sea.), Kirkcaldy
Steam Joinery Works, 12, 14, 16 &
18 Cowan st — See advertisement
Pringlo Wrn. & Co. Overton Road Saw Mills
Bough John (& auctioneer), 9 & 11
Nicol st
Simpson George, Coal wynd
Smart John, School wynd, & 9 Glasswork st
Smith John, Mitchell Bt
Thomson John, 129 Links st
Wishart David (cabinet & packing
case maker), Nairn st. Pathhead
Wishart John, 14 Milton rd
Wishart IViatthew, 82 Alexandra
Wright James, 88 Townsend pi
Barns James, Linktown
Fyfe Robert, School wynd
Ingram Robert, Tolbooth st
Little William & Son, 12, 14, 16 & 18 Cowan
st— See advertisement

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