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Lockhart George Douglas, flax, &c. spinner (N. & N. Lockhart),
Milton Villii [Nicol st
James, flax, &c. spinner (N. & N. Lockhart), The Elms, 63
John, Esq. J. p. manufacturer (N. Lockhart & Sons), 22 Liuks st
Mrs. Lavinia, St. Margaret's House, East Fergus pi
. . n. & N. flax, hernp & tow spinners, Bennochy Works
. N. & Sons, linen manufacturers, 16 Liuks st
Mr. Robert, 151 Liuks st
. William, cooper, 12 Milton rd ; res. 7 Glasswork st [manager
London & Kirkcaldv Shipping Co. 473 High st— Jno. Harctts,
& Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.— Alexander Campbell, 226
Hiirh st. agent
& Newcastle Tea Co. tea dealers, 237 High st
Clothing Co. tailors & clothiers, 56 Liuks st
Lornie Andrew, painter, 38 Links st
David, sour, flax & tow merchant, Back st. Pathhead
John & Sons, linen manufacturers, 18 Oveiton rd. Siuclair-
town; res. Morton Villa
Louttit James, draper, 25 Bridge st
Love George, rope manufacturer (Jno. Love & Son), 4 Bennochy ter
John, "rope manufacturer (J. Love & Son), Loughborough rd
John & Son, rope & fishing line manufacturers, Denburn Hope
Works ; warehouse at Cardiff— See advertisement
Low Alexander, blacksmith, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Geo. P. joiner, &c. (W. Pringle & Co J, 4 Dawson st. Pathhead
John, clerk, 14 Nether st. Pathhead
Lumsden Michael, smallware dealer, 11 Nicol st
Lynd Margaret, shopkeeper, 326 Links st
Lyon Charles H. hairdresser & tobacconist, 338 High st
M'CARTHY William, confectioner, 175 High st
M'Catbie Rev. Goorge, Albert id [Victoria rd
M'Counochio Robert H. grocer & spirit dealer, 279 High st ; res.
M'Conochie Archibald, plumber, 29 High st
M'Cormick William, schoolmaster, Aitkeu st. Sinclairtown
M'Cowan James, watchmaker, 66 High st; res. 23 Miltou rd
M'Culloch Robert, blacksmith & bellhanger, 44 Market st
M'Donald — farmer, Craighton
Eliza, toy dealer, 159 High st
Macdonald Johu, dyer, 11 Nicol st; res. 65 Nicol st
M'Dougall Alexander, manager, Beunochy Cottago, Abbotshall rd
John, tailor, 12 Thistle st
M'Dowall Mrs. Jessie, 4 James grove
M'Ewan John, egg merchant, Bell wynd
M'Giverin John, bootmaker, 345 High st
M'Govern Owen, bootmaker, 13 Links st
M'Gregor Margaret, confectioner, 25 Links st
M'Hardy Rev. George, m.a. 11 Albert rd
M'Hattie John, dyer, Liuks st
M'Intosh Alexander H. cabinet maker and upholsterer, billiard
table maker, and carpet warehouseman, Victoria Gabinot &
Chair Works
Isabella, shopkeeper, 244 Links st
John, blacksmith, 24 Oswald's wynd
Macintvre Mrs. Jane, 122 High st
M'Kay Annie, tobacconist, Back st. Pathhead
James, builder, Sands rd ; res. 125 Links st
M'Kendrick James D. dentist, 121 High st
M'Kenzie Kenneth, maltster & contractor, Rosslyn st. Gallatown;
res. Seaforth Cottage
Kenneth, tailor & clothier, 266 St. Clair st
, William, manufacturing chemist, &c. Invertiel Chemical
Works, and at Leith
William, watchmaker, 491 High st
Mackie Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 146 St. Clair st
Robert, tailor, 5 Lome st. Sinclairtown
M'Kinzie Christina, spirt dealer, 7 Mid st. Pathhoad [Rosslyn st
M'Laren David, linen manufacturer (Thomas M'Laren & Son), 2
Thomas, linen manufacturer (Thomas M'Laren & Son), 2
Rosslvn st [Rosslyn st
Thomas "& Son, linen manufacturers, Parkhead Factory,
M'Lauchlan Robert, china dealer, 42 Rosslyn st. Sinclairtown
M'Mill.in Rev. Anthony, m.a. 61 Nicol st
M'Nab Alexander, shopkeeper, S6 Mid Bt. Pathhead
M'Naughton Donald, commission & insurance agent, Harbour head ;
res. 6 East Fergus place
Macpherson Adam, gas manager, 60 High st ; res. 12 Jamos grove
Charles, draper, 3 Nicol st ; res. 26 Milton rd
Magistrates' Court, Town Hall— William Roy Spears, clerk
Main & Co. drapers & milliners, 268 to 280 High st
David, draper (Main & Co.), Anchor Villa, Loughborough rd
John, linen manufacture/, Denfield Power Loom Factory
William, linen manufacturer (John Main), Seaforth, Lough-
borough road
Malcolm Alexander, shipowner, 46 Townsend place
Robert, grocer, 42 St. Clair st
Manchester Insurance Co. (fire)— John Curror, Victoria rd. agent
Marshall D. & J. bootmaker, 299 High st
Martin & Meldrum, tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 200 High st
. â–  David C. bookseller, &e. 51 Mid St. Pathhead
John, shopkeeper, 24 Charlotte st [st
William, tobacco manufacturer (Martin & Meldrum), 230 High
Marwick Rev. Isaac E. M. 11 West Fergus pi
MaBon James J. commission agent, Maryfield Villa, Victoria ri
Matbewson James, grocer, &c. 467 High st
Maule Jane, confectioner, 437 High st [House
Maxton Charles, linen manufacturer (J. Jeffrey & Co.), Balsusney
May R. & M. milliners & dressmakers, 187 High st
Meikle & Sutherland, drapers & clothiers, 207, 209 & 211 High st
Meldrum David, baker, 47 Hill st
- — Mrs. Helen, 35 Hill st [end place
• John H. tobacco manufacturer (Martin & Meldrum), 40 Towns-
Melville & Nicolson, coach builders, Hill st
& Son, tailors, 10 Mid st. Pathhead
Andrew, manager, 119 Back st. Pathhead
Brothers, warehousemen, 18.Back st. Pathhead
Henry B. glass merchant, &c. (John Haxton & Co.), 104 High at
John Mitchell, clerk, 41,Townsend pi
Melville Oliver, superintendent of cemetery, Cemetery House
William M. engineer & ironiouuder, Sinclairtown Foundry;
res. Smeaton rd
MenziesT. & G. builders & contractors, 52 Glebe park
Mctlivcn David Sc Sons, earthenware, brick, tile, fire
bricks, sewerage pipes, terra cotta, &c.
manufacturers, Kirkcaldy Pottery
Methven James, earthenware manufacturer (D. Methven & Sons),
Newtown House [3 Russell pi
Michie David, grocer A wine & spirit merchant, 76 High st; res.
James, spirit dealer, 326 High st
â–  Robert, baker, 104 Mid st. Pathhead
Millar Bros, timber merchants & saw millers, Kirkcaldy Saw Mills
David, registrar & inspector of poor, Aucluertool
Miller Rev. Audrew, Auchtertool
John, toy dealer, 35 Links st
William R. bookkeeper, 60 Dunnikicr rd
Millie Margaret, shopkeeper, 24 Rose st
Milliken Robert, photographer, S2 High st
Mills James, dairyman, Burleigh st
Milno Miss Ann C. Carlyle rd
James & Son, builders & contractors, James grovo
Jane A. temperance hotel, 4 Tolbooth st
John, keeper of public buildings, 125 High st
Rev. William, Invertiel F. C. Manse
Mitchell Charles, floor cloth manufacturer (Shepherd &Beveridge),
Floor Cloth Works, Kirkcaldy
David, draper (J. & D. Mitchell), Argyle square, Gallatown
David, inspector of poor and collector of rates for the parish
of Dysart, & clerk & treasurer to Dysart Burgh School
Board, 20 Loughborough rd
J. & D. drapers, 72 & 74 Mid st. Pathhead
John, slater, Sands rd
John, draper (J. & D. Mitchell), Braehead Cottage, Pathhead
John, calenderor, 72 Back st. Pathhead
Mitchell W. L. & Son, engineers, millwrights, machine
makers, & ironfounders, Abbotshall Foundry
Mitchell William L. engineer, &c. (W. L. Mitchell & Son), Liuks
Wm. L. jun. engineer, &c. (W. L. Mitchell & Son), Links st
Mood John (trustees of the late), farmer, Home Farm, Chapel
Moodie John, draper, 257 High st
John W. draper, 218 & 222 High st
More Alice, shopkeeper, 208 High st
David & Sou, drapers, 48 Rosslyn st. Sinclairtown
Robert, waste, &c. merchant, Rosslyn St. Gallatown
Morrison & Crawford, earthenware manufacturers, Rosslyn Pottery,
William, confectioner & refreshment rooms, 146 High st
Morton Helen, shopkeeper, and agent for Pullar and Sons, dyers
(Perth), 83 Nether st. Pathhead
Moyes Alexander, traveller, William st Pottery rd
James, machine maker & blacksmith, &c. Balweario Mill
Muckerzio John, jun. builder, 44 High st
Margaret, grocer, 138 Links st
Muir Alexander, grocer & spirit merchant, 262 High st
Andrew, spirit dealer, 399 High st
James, confectioner, &c. 241 High st [Bank
Johu, inspector of poor for Kirkcaldy, 93 High st; res. Fern
William, slater & slate merchant, 17 Rose st
Munro Robert, draper & clothier, 337 High st
Murray J. E. agent to Union Bank of Scotland, Limited,lS5 High st
John, architect & surveyor, 209 High st
Mntter, Howey & Co. carrying agents, Railway station
NAIRN Mrs. Catherine, St. Mary's Priory
John, floor cloth manufacturer (M. Nairn & Co.), Fergus Leigh,
West Fergus place
Michael & Co. floor cloth and linoleum manufacturers, Scottish
Floor Cloth Works, Kirkcaldy; & 181 Aldersgate st.Londou,
E.C. ; Canal st. Miusbull st. Manchester; 113 Centre st.
Glasgow; 57 Boulevard Ornano and 159 Rue Saint Honore,
Michael B. Esq. J. p. (of Rankeilour), floor cloth manufacturer
(M. Nairn & Co.), St. Mary's [Priory
Robt. floor cloth manufacturer (M. Nairn & Co.), St. Mary's
National Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 191 High st— James
Lawson, pro accountant
Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 120 Mid st. Pathhead—
James Whyte & George S. Bryson, agents
Provident Insurance Co. (life)— John Curror, Victoria rd. agent
Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co.— David Reekie, 189 High
st. agent
Security Savings Bank, 248 High st— William Williamson,
actuary ; William Gibb, treasurer ; Alexander Campbell,
Telephone Company, Limited(Kirkcaldy District), 242a High st
— A. P.Honeyman, agent
Neilson A. bootmaker, 17 Mitchell pi
James, bicycle manufacturer, Hendry's wynd
Ness Thomas & Co. booksellers, &c. 251 High st
Nicholson Audrew, grocer, &c. 145 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Archibald, glass & china dealer, 195 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Nicol Alexander, butcher, 139 & 141 High st
Michael, solicitor & notary, 5 Kirk wynd ; res. High st
William, cab proprietor, 25 Thistle st
Nimmo David, George Hotel, 162 High st
North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. — Robert Hutchison, East
Bridge Mills; Alexander Thomson, 236 High st; and David
J. Wilson, 226 Highst. agents
British (The) Floor Cloth Co. Limited, floor cloth manufac-
turers, Kirkcaldy; London warehouse, 88 Milton St. Fere
St. E.C.
Northern Insurance'Co.— James Lawson, 191 High St. agent
Norwich & London Accident Insurance Co.— Henry M. Barnet, 184 &
186 High st. agent
OCEAN, Railway, & General Accident Co. Ltd.— Ninian L. Herriot,
160 & 150 High st. & Andrew Inues, 200 High st. agents

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