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Herriot Robert, grocer (R. & J. Herriot),Woodbine Cottago.Weniyss-
Bislop Francis, bank accountant, 316 High st
James W. inspector of works, 107 Victoria rd
Hitchin John, painter, Ac. 103 Back st. Pathhead
Hitt Peter A. saddler & harness maker, 136 High st
Hodge John, fancy repository, 49 Links st
Hogarth James, corn merchant & miller, West Mills
â–  Mr. John, Fairview
Hogg Andrew, agent to Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch). 152 High st
John S. accountant to the British Linen Company Bank
(Branch), High si
- Margaret, shopkeeper, Maria st
Honeyman Archibald Pearson, solicitor A notarj, 242a High st ; res. Kirkcaldy Art Club, 176 High st— Alex. Willia
Kilpatriek Archibald, auctioneer, 49 Market st
Kinglassio Linen Co. Limd. linen manufacturers, Back st. Pathhead
Kininmonth C. & E. Berlin wool &Xancy repository, 151 High st '
David, baker A confectioner, 143 High st
Kinlay James, painter, Ac. Nether st. Pathhead
Kinnaird James, baker, 3 Links st
Kinnear David, grocer, 51 Nicol st
Kintroa John, bank accountant, 144 High Bt
Kirk Alexander, butcher, 63 Rosslyn st
Andrew, plumber, 93 Back St. Pathhead
Brothers, earthenware manufacturers, Sinclairtown Pottery
George, hairdresser. Mid st. Pathhead
Margaret, milliner, Ac. 81 Mid st. Pathhead [borough rd
Robert, earthenware manufacturer (Kirk Brothers), Lough-
Old Bank Houso
â–  David S. bleacher, Ac. (Smart & Honeyman), Victoria rd
Thomas, grocer, 339 High st
Hood James, watchmaker, 119 High st
â–  Robert, straw hat maker, 256 Links st
â–  Robt. H. wine, Ac. merchant (A. Currie A Son), 39Towusend pi
Horn Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 Townsend pi [pleasant
Howie Robert, boiler maker, White Bank Boiler Works ; res. Mount
Howieson Mr. James, 22 Townsend pi
Hume David, spirit dealer, 27 St. Clair st
Hunter Alexander, grocer, Ac. 255 Links st
John, valuator, 3 Charlotte St. A Wester Balbeggie
John S. cork manufacturer, 318 High st
• Joseph, grocer (Saunders & Hunter.), 2 James grove
Thomas, architect A builder, Linktown Saw Mills; res. 33
Milton rd
Husband Helen L. shopkeeper. 292 High st
Hutchison Alex, corn merchant (R. Hutchison & Co.), Braehead
Christina Jane, school teacher, 27 Milton rd [High st
Henry, plumber & gasfitter, G Bell wynd, A shopkeeper, 118
â–  â–  Henry William, corn merchant (R. Hutchison & Co.), Ingleside
Robert, chimney sweeper, 1 Cowan st
Robert & Co. corn merchants, millers, maltsters, seed and
manure merchants, East Bridge Mills, & 172 High st
Thomas, draper (W. Gibb A CoJ, Rose st
IMPERIAL (fire) Insurance Co.— James Lawson, 191 High st. and
Henry M. Lornie, 18 Overton rd. Sinclairtown, agents
Imrio Janet, hatter, 72 Hich st
Robert, shopkeeper, 75 Nether st. Pathhead
Ingles Janet, shopkeeper, 363 High st
â–  â–  David L. teacher of music, 51 High st
George, tinsmith, Ac. Back st. Pathhead
Ingram Robert, lath render, Tolbooth st
Inland Revenue Office, 489 High st
Innes Andrew, solicitor A notary, 200 High st ; res. 113 High st
Inspector oi Weights and Measures Office, Town Hail— James
Stuart, inspector
Insurance Company of Scotland — Andrew Hogg, 152 High st. agent
Ireland &; Wishart, linen manufacturers, St. Clair
Power Loom Works, Sinclairtown, & Strathearn
Power Loom Factory, Abernefchy
Ireland William, L. ironmonger, 115 High st
Irvine Andrew, baker, 385 High st
Duncan, tailor, 76 Links st
John, Bpiritdealer, 157 Links st
. John A Sons, tailors A clothiers, 205 High st
JACK Janet, grocer, Ac. 58 Nether st. Pathhead
Jackson Thomas, solicitor, 247 High st ; res. 9 Townsend pi
William, inspector of poor for Abbotshall, 182 Links st
Jamicson Misses Ann A Agnes, 9 East Fergus pi
â–  Mr. James, 7 East Fergus pi
. John A Co. tailors S< clothiers, 229 High st
Japp John, shopkeeper, 84 Alexandra st
Jeffrey John & Co. linen manufacturers, Balsusney Works
Jenkins Robert, joiner, 142 St. Clair st
Johnson Very Rev. Norman, b.a. Parsonage, Albert rd
Johnston Mr. David, Green Mount, St. Clair st
John, burgh surveyor A superintendent of waterworks, Town
Hall ; res. 18 Rose st
â–  John, shopkeeper, 463 High st
Thomas, dairyman, 12 Glasswork st
Thomas, solicitor (Harrow A Johnston), and Liberal registra-
tion agent, 1U4 High st; res. 6 James grove
William, boot A shoemaker, 3 High st
Justice of Peace Court, Town Hall, High at— Alex. Beveridge, clerk
KAY Alexander J. fruiterer A fishmonger, Back st. Pathhead
George, tailor A clothier, 409 High st
Mr. John, 1 East Fergus pi [Sinclairtown
Thomas, linen manufacturer (T. A J. Kay;, 1! Dysart rd.
Thomas A John, linen manufacturers, 143 Back st. Pathhead
William, fruiterer A fishmonger, 433 High st
Kean James, tobacco pipe maker, 223 St. Clair st
Keddie Miss Eupbemie, Ravens Heuch, Loughborough rd
George, earthenware dealer, 28 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Kellock Andrew, blacksmith, Auchtertool r r( j
John, secretary to the Kirkcaldy Linoleum Co. Loughborough
Kelly Peter, egg merchant, 156 Links st
Kennedy Charles, watchmaker, 285a High st
W.J. surgeon, South Fergus pi
Key Alexander, engineer, 42 Dunnikier rd [Hi"h st
â–  Alexander W. A Co. tobacco, snuff and cigar merchants" 121
George B chemist A druggist, 1 Links st; res. 16 High st '
Mrs. Sarah, Whitebank House
Kidd George, draper, 48 Glebe park [town
â–  John A Alexander, confectioners, 161 A 167 Rosslyn st. Galla-
Kilgour George, farmer, Newtown, Auchtertool
Henry, corn merchant, 106 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
• Janet, ironmonger, 96 Mid st. Pathhead
John, baker, 161 Links st
John, cashier, Loughborough rd
Robert A Co. multstors, Dunuikior Malt Works
William, shopkeeper, 6 High st
mson, secretary
gh st — Lawrence S. Little, secretnry and
Art Union, 17" Hig
Bowling Club, 11 East Fergus pi— W. S. Ramsav, secretary
Building A Heritable Security Co. 236 High "st— Alexander
Thomson, manager
■ Eurgh School Board, 220 High st— Alexander Beveridge, clerk
Calendering Co. calonderers, Pathhead
Coffee Room Association (news A billiard room), 3 Oswald's
wynd— John M. Melville, secretary
Combination Poor House, Abden
Conservative Association, 242a High st— Archibald Pearson
Honeyman, secretary A treasurer
District Equitable Co-operative Society, grocers, Ac. 12 High
at ; Branches, 113 Links st. A 126 Mid st. Pathhead— James
Davidson, secretary [secretary
Fine Art Association, 176 High st— David Storrar, honorary
Gas Light Co. 60 High st ; works, Links— William R. Spears,
secretary ; Adam Macpherson, manager
, Leith A Glasgow Steam Packet Co. High st— Thomas
Saunders, manager
Linoleum Co. Limited, linoleum manufacturers,
Works, Sinclairtown— John Kellock, secretary
Naturalists' Society, 7 Tolbooth st— William D. Sang, c.E;
hon. secretary
Parish (landward) School Board, 170 High st— William Roy
Spears, clerk A treasurer [treasurer
Property Investment Society, 17 Rose st— Arthur Turnbull,
Provident A Investment Building Society, 242a High st—
Alexander Pearson Honevman, secretary A law agent
Kirkcaldy Times (Wednesday), Kirkcaldy— Strachan
& Livingston, proprietors
Kyles Janet A Elizabeth, bakers, 87 Mid st. Pathhead
LAING David, draper, 147 High st
David D. draper, 81 High st ; res. 10 Nicol st
John, hairdresser, 30 Liuks st
Thomas, cork cutter, 266a High st
Lament Jane, grocer, 17 Nicol st
Lancashire A Yorkshire Accident Insurance Co.— David J. Wilson,
226 High st. agent
■ Insurance Co.— Alexander Coutts, 46 Back St. Pathhead, and
Thomas Scott, Tolbooth st. agents
Landale James, engineer, Den rd ; res. Townsend pi
Latham Hugh, hatter, 212 High st
Latto Thomas, grocer, Ac. 42 Dunnikier rd
Laverick George L. iron forger (J. Laverick A Co.), Loughborough rd
John, iron forger (J. Laverick A Co.), Loughborough rd
John A Co. iron forgers, Fife Forge
Law Allan, gardener, West Fergus pi
Thomas, confectioner, 49 Nether st. Pathhead
Lawson Agnes, shopkeeper, 252 Links st
â–  Andrew A Co. lime burners, Chapel Lime Works [191 High st
James, pro accountant to National Bank of Scotland, Limited,
John, cement A whiting merchant, Oswald's wynd; res. 31
Townsend pi
John, tailor, 2 Pottery rd. Gallatown
Walter, butcher, 19 Mitchell st
Leadbetter David, spirit dealer, 183 High st
Lees Arthur, wurking jeweller, 32 St. Clair st
Leishman William T. brewer A maltster, West Bridge Brewery ;
res. 295 Links st
Leitch James, boot A shoe maker, 99 Back st. Pathhead
John, butcher, 293 High st
Lennie William, boot & skoe manufacturer and
leather merchant, 33G High st ; res. East Albert rd
Leslie John, tailor, 179 Links st
William, tailor, 107 Links st
Lessels John, grocer & spirit dealer, 221 Links st
Lewis Margaret (heirs of the late), farmer, Boglilley [agent
Liberal Registration Association, 104 High st— Thomas Johnston,
Life Association of Scotland— Alexander Beveridge, 220 High st ;
James Lawson, 191 High st; and John Harley, 18 Mitchell
St. agents
Lile Constantine, shopkeeper, 9 Thistle st
- — ■ Thomas, brush maker, 7 Charlotte st [Tolbooth st
Lindsay Henry, timber merchant, George Burn Saw Mills; res.
John C. grocer, Ac. 85 Back st. Pathhead
William, linen manufacturer, Ac. 89 Links st
William A Peter, toy dealers, 87 Links st
Links Bread Society, bakers, Ac. 104 Links st
New Bread Society, bakers, 11 Milton rd
Lister Charles, draper, 80 Nether st. Pathhead
James, tailor, 14 St. Clair st
Little Lawrence S. civil engineer, 1 Mitchell st
Robert, joiner & builder ( W. Little A Son), Woodbank, Albert rd
William, architect A builder (W. Little A Son), 14 Cowan st
William A Son, builders A timber merchants, Kirkcaldy Steam
Joinery Works, 12, 14, 16 A 18 Cowan st— Sec advert
Liverpool A London A Globe Insurance Co.— Donald M'Naughton,
Harbour head, agent [Pathhead
Livingston William G. journalist (Strachon A Livingston), Back st.
Liviugstono James K. traveller, 3 Rosebery ter

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