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KETTLE is a parish and village, about eight miles in length and
three miles in breadth, and embracing 7,612 acres, the latter
17 miles s. from Dundee, four from Falkland, and about one mile
from Ladybank, its post town, standing about a quarter of a mile off
the main road from Edinburgh to Cupar, nearly six miles from the
latter town. The Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee branch of the
North British Railway parses through the village, at which there is
a station. The name of Kettle is of very obscure etymology; it was
anciently called Catul, or Eutul, and in common phraseology it is
invariably entitled "the Kettle." At one period the parish was
denominated King's Kettle, from being the property of the Crown.
This district forms a largo portion of that rich and beautiful
territory on the north side of the Howe of Fife; it is exceedingly
fertile throughout, with a slight exception. The river Eden bounds
the parish on nearly the whole- of the northern side. The manufac-
ture of linen is the principal trade carried on here. The church,
which is a handsome building with a square tower, was orected in
1832. Besides the Established church, there is an United Presby-
terian church. A large public school was erected in 1866, at a cost
of about £3,000, calculated to supply all the educational wants of
the parish. King's Kettle railway station is in the village. In this
parish, about half a mile from the village, is the hamlet of Balhal-
colm, where there is a Free church. In 1881 the population of
Kettle parish was. 2,054, and that of the village, 598.
Cults is a parish two miles and a half in length and one and a
half in breadth, and embraces 2,924 acres, situated about three
miles from Ladybank, its post town, two miles from Kettle, and
five miles from Cupar. The parish is chiefly iu the Howe of Fife, on
the south banks of the river Eden, having Ceres on the east, Kettle
on the west, Monimail on the north, and Scoonie and Kennoway on
the south. It abounds in coal, lime and freestone, and is generally
well cultivated and enclosed. The principal ornaments of this
district are the mansion house and beautifully disposed pleasure
grounds and plantations of Crawford Priory, which is on the north
side of the road to Cupar. Wilkie, the celebrated painter, was a
POST OFFICE, Kettle, William Brown, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Ladybank) at 9 a.m. and 6 45 p.m., and are
despatched thereto at 6 30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Ladybank, James Crombie, Post Master.— Letters from Dundee, Perth and the North arrive at 7 20 a.
from Edinburgh and the South at 89 and 11 30 a.m. and 6 13 p.m. ; and are despatched to Dundee, Perth and the North at
and to Edinburgh and the South at 7 15 a.m. and 2 and 5 15 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Collessie, Margaret Stewart, Post Mis tress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Ladybank) at 10
despatched thereto at 2 35 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Ladybank.
Post Office, Pitlessie, Thomas Robertson, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (from Ladybank) at 10 a.m
are despatched thereto at 5 45 a.m. and 3U0 p.m. The nearest Money Order and Telegraph Office is at Ladybank.
*** Letters for Kettle, Collessie, Cults, Pitlessie, and Balmalcolm should be addressed " near Ladybank.
native of the parish, his father having been minister of Cults. The
ancient name of the parish was Guilkes, which signifies a nook, or
corner, it being disjointed from the large strath which runs from
east to west along the banltB of the Eden. Population in 1881, 704.
Pitlessie is a small village in the pariBh of Cults, two miles
from Kettle, situated on the road between Kirkcaldy and Cupar,
four miles from the latter town, and about two miles from Lady-
bank, its post town. The occupation of the inhabitants is of the
same nature as that of thoso of Kettle. There is a public school
here which serves for the whole of the parish. The railway stations
of Kettle, Ladybank, and Collessie are each about two miles distant.
Population in 1881, 356.
Collessie, a Gaelic word signifying bottom of a glen, is a parish
lying to the north of that of Kettle, four miles therefrom, and three
miles from Ladybank, its post town. It is eight miles in length by
five in breadth, and is bounded on the north by Abdie, on the south
by Kettle, on the west by Auchtermuchty, and on the east by
Monimail, consisting chiefly of fine enclosed lands, and some fine
plantations rising from the'Eden to the hills on the north. The
village, of no importance in the way of business, is situated three
miles from Auchtermuchty and six from Cupar, near to two roads
which cross each other, the one leading from Newbnrgh to Kirk-
caldy, the other from Cupar to Kinross. The railway before-
mentioned passes through it. The parish church is a neat building,
surmounted by a spire. There is also a public school here. Acreage,
8,699. The railway statious are Collessie and Ladybank, on the
Perth branch of the North British Railway. Population in 1881. 1,989.
Ladybank is a village in the above parish, and is of great impor-
tance, being a junction station of the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee
section of the North British Railway, also the post-town for this
part of the county. The chief business is linen manufacturing.
Malting is carried on here to a great extent. A new Free church,
with spire, was erected here in 1876, and an established church has
also been built. There is also a public school.
m. and 5 15 p.m.
8a.m. and6p.m.
20 a.m., and are
and 8 p.m., and
Angus Mr. Robert, Kettle
Arnott James M. Esq. of Chapel, Kettle
Arthur Mr. Thomas, Arthur's Seat
Bell Mr. James M. m.d. Sylvan Cottage
Bevoridge Mrs. Barbara,' Rumdewan House
Beveridge Mr. David, Artliurfield, Kettle
Beveridge Mr. George, Artburfield, Kettle
Beveridge Mr. James P. Arthurfield, Kettle
Beveridge Mr. Robert M. Summerfield
House, Kettle
Black Rev. John A. Ladvbank
Cartwright Thomas B, L. M. Esq. Melville
House, Ladybank
Craig Rev. Win. L. The Manse, Balmalcolm
Crichton Mr. James, Kettle
CrichtonMr. John, WalmerHouse,Ladybank
Crichton Mr. Thos. Roselee House,Ladybank
Forbes Rev. James, Pitlessie
Fiew Mr. Robert, Eden Villa, Ladybank
Gordon Rev. .Eneas G. Kettle
Gray Mr. George, Smithneld, Ladybank
Henderson Mrs. Andrew, Kettle Bridge
Henderson Mr. William B. Pitlessie House
Hill Mr. Jame3, Belle Vue Villa, Ladybank
Johnston George, Esq. Lathtisk, Ladybank
Kerr Rev. Robert H. Ladybank [bank
Kiunear Jno. B. Esq. Kinloch House, Lady-
Kinncar Mr. John K. Caldwells, Collessie
Lawson A'exander, Esq. Annfield House
Martin Mr. James, Priestfield, Pitlessie
Nairn Michael Barker, Esq. Rankeilour,
Lady bunk
Nicholson Rev. James Brown, Kettle
Nisbet Mr. Thomas M. Forthar
Rae Mr. Henry, Lochiehead, Ladybank
Ramsay Mr. Joseph, Balmalcolm Cottage
Sands Mr. James, Balmalcolm
Smith Rev. Andrew W. Pitlessie
Smith Mr. John H. Kettle Farm
Stewart Mrs.—, Kettlo
Stowart Rev. Peter Carmichael, Ladybank
Storrar Mr. Richard, Rossie, Collessie
Tnllis Mrs. Margaret, Haughfield, Kettle
Wallace Thomas, Esq. Weddersbie, Collessie
Wallace William. Esq. Newton, of Collessie
Watson James, Esq. Ramornie, Ladybank
Williamson Rev. Kohert, d.d. Collessie
Young Miss—, Summerfieid
Board Schools : —
Collessie— Robert Somers, master
Kettle— James M. Calder, master
Ladybank— Thomas H. Ross, master;
Isabella M. Robertson, mistress
Pitlessie - James Melville, master ; Margt.
Catto, mistress
Houeyman Alexander (for P. & P. Campbell,
dyers, Perth), Ladvbank
Watt & Gray (for Stubbs & Co. & Scottish
Trade Protection Society), Ladybank
Co-operative Baking Society, Kettle— John
Buck, manaser
Gibb David, Ladybank
Neilson John, Pitlessie
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch)
Ladybank — draws on own office, London,
Bank of England. Coutts & Co. & Glyu &
Co. London— J. Oliphant Watt & George
Gray, joint agints
Bain Herriot, Bowhill, Pitlessie
Bogie George, Kettle
Doig J. & Co. (& agricultural implement
makers), Pitlessie
Drysdale James, Trafalgar, Collessie
Briggs William, Chemical & Asphalte Works,
Ladybank ; head office, Arbroath
Martin James, Rameldry
Anderson John, Ladybank
Gardiner Lundie, Kettlo
Paton Richard, Kettle Bridge
Stevenson John, Ladybank
Berwick T. A M. Kettle Bridge
Nairn David, Ladybank
Williamson T. & G. Ladybuuk
Alexander David, Hilton hill
Arnott James M. Chapel
Balfour John, Clatto
Ballinghall John, Rameldry
Bell James M. Downfield
Berwick Robert, Devon
Berwick William, Clatto Barns
Crichton Thomas, Riggs
Cuthbert John, Fieuchie Mill
Dingwall William, Ramornie
Gold Mrs.—, Hole Kettle
Hoy David, Davencommon
Hoy Mrs. John, South Cardslcnolls
Hoy J ohn, Fronthill.Heatherinch & MiUdeaus
Johnston George, Lathrisk
Lawson Alexander, Burnturk
Leslie Charles, Rameldry Mill
Lindsay Robert, Dams
Mackie James, Cardsknolls
Marr Mrs.—, Bowden
Melville Thomas [& cattle dealer), Kettle
Morgan John, Nochuarry
Nesbitt Thomas M. Forthar
Pringle James, Annlield Farm
Rattray John, Ramornie
Rattray William, Middlefield
Robinson John, Front hill
Smith John H. King's Kettle
Speedie Alexander, Loanfoot & Beattiescraig
Spence George, Balmalcolm Cottage
Storrar Alexander, Lathrisk
Todd James, Airdits
Wilkie Miss Margaret, Nottingham
IN THE pabish of collessie.
Burton George, Shields
Cartwright Thomas B. L. M. Melville
Duucau John, Cornhill
Durie Henry, Lizzie Wells
Fra'ser Thomas, Hull hill

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