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Adam David, West Clyde sfc. & 19 Colquhoun st
' Bain John, 185 East Clyde st
Bishop William, 58 Sinclair st
Buchanan George, sen. 80 East Clyde st
Dow John (& undertaker), 26 Colquhoun sq
Ferguson James, 20 John st
Gordon William, Cove
Grant J. & R. 8 Campbell st
Hamilton Robert & William, Garelochhead
Henderson Alexander, 84 East King st
Jack William, 66 East Princes st. & 44 East
King st
Kater John, 27 William st
Kerr Hugh, East King st
M'Coll Duncan (& builder), 15 James st. & S3
West Princes st
JM'Farlane James, Kilcreggan
M'Kellar John, Kilcreggan
M'Laren John, 12 Lomond st [Clynder
M'Lean John (& saw mill owner), Roseneath &
M'Neilage Archibald, Kilcreggan
M'Vean George W. Row
Murray Mrs. — , 12 West King st
Neilson Mrs. — , Row [sq
Reid James, 69 East Princes st. & 11 Colquhoun
Service James, 69 East Princes st
Shaw John, Cove
Shearer John, Shandon
Shields William, 68 & 39 West Princes st
Stewart Adam, Kilcreggan [King st
Taylor William, 169 East Clyde st. & 118 East
Helensburgh British Workman Public House
Library, 13 East Princes sfc— George Mae-
lachlan, sec ; Richard Kidston, treasurer
Macneur & Bryden (& reading club), 56 East
Princes st
Public Reading Room & Library, Cove
Public Reading Room, Row
Public Reading Room, Roseneath
Austine Margaret, 64 West Clyde st
Earle Jennie, 39 Sinclair st
Gordon Catherine, Cove
I Harvey Robert, Cove
Hodge John, 3 AVeat Clyde st
Jardine Annie C. 57 East Clyde sfc
Kerr Andrew, Kilcreggan
Little Richard, 65 East Clyde sfc
M'Callum & Son s (also silk mercers,
milliners, &c.), 5 and 7 East Clyde
M'Namara Mary, Garelochhead
Muir Robert, 58 & 60 East Princes st
Ninian Thomas, 84 East Princes st
Orr James, Kilcreggan
Stevenson John, 11 Sinclair st
Thomson R. & J. 51 West Clyde st
Turner Robert, Clynder
Watt Robert, 1 West Clyde st
Brough James, Garelochhead
Buchanan John, Garelochhead
Hepburn John, Garelochhead
Jack John, 24 Lomond st
Knox Alexander, Row
Lamont Archibald, Hatton Burn, Clynder
M'Geachan Hugh, Row
M'Pherson Malcolm, Cove [Princes st
Miller Alexander, 14 George st. & 146 East
Spy James, Row
(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants.)
Breingan Alexander (lime), 12 West Clyde st
Campbell Finlay, 24 West Clyde st [Princes st
Chapman Gavin & Co. (provision), 28 West
Cuthill William (potato), 21 Colquhoun sq
Gardner A Lindsay (grain & potato), 49 East
Clyde st
Lennox & Chapman, 8 West Clyde st
M'Farlane Robert S. & Son (grain, hay, straw
& seed), 2 East Clyde st [Princes st
M'Menemy Peter (grain & potato), 34 East
Mitchell A. R. & Co. 66 & 68 East Princes st
Mitchell John, 2 Sinclair st
Orme William i butter, cneese and
ham), 6 & 3 Sinclair st
Bailey Agues, Shandon
3&rown Charlotte, 97 East Clyde st
Bryce Jessie, 23 John st
Campbell Annie, 88 East Princes st [Clyde st
Campbell Rachael, Methveu Villa, 48 East
Dickson Annie & Catherine, 95 East Clyde st
Dunbar Jessie, Cove
Earle Jennie, 39 Sinclair st
Forsyth Ann, 20 West Princes st
Gibbon Agnes, 24 West Princes st
Goodwin Jane & Maggie, 72 East Princes st
Hamilton J. & M. Garelochhead
Hart Catherine, 171 East Clyde st
Hodge John, 63 West Clyde st
Irvine Rachael, 4 West Princes st
Keith Miss — , Kilcreggan
Jardine Annie C. 57 East Clyde st
Little Richard, 65 East Clyde st
M'Allister Cecilia, Kilcreggan
M'Callum & Sons (and drapers),
5 and 7 East Clyde st
M'Farlane Maria, 44 West Clyde st
M'lntyre & Thomson, 51 Sinclair st
M'Namara Mary, Garelochhead
Montgomery Jessie, Clynder
Neilson Catheiine, Row
Ninian Thomas, 84 East Princes st
Pafcon Agnes, 16 East Clyde st
Porter Agnes R. 26 West Clyde st
Ramsay Margaret, 9 West Montrose st
Ross Catberine, S8 East Princes st
Service H. & M. 8 John st
Stewart Agnes, 6 East Princes st
Spy Caroline, Row
Taylor Jane & Mary, 45 West Clyde st
Taylor Jessie & Maria, 26 William st
Thomson R. & J. 51 West Clyde st
Yuille Isabella, Kilcreggan
Cameron Janet, Cove
Cooper John S. 52 East Princes st
Kerr Andrew, Kilcreggan
Lamont James, 18 East Princes st
M'Kim Jessie, 47 West Clyde st
Macneur & Bryden, 54 & 56 East Princes st
M'Pherson Malcolm, 19 East Princes st
Pettigrew James A. Garelochhead
Petit Alfred, 13 East Clyde st
Turner Robert, Clynder
Helensburgh & Gabeloch Totes (Wednes-
day), Macneur & Bryden, publishers, 54 & 56
East Princes st
Helensbuegh News (Thursday), R. G, Blair,
Greenock, publisher
Angus George & Co. 13 Colquhoun st
Angus George & Son, Kilcreggan
Arroll Bros. 2G West Princes st
Disland Alexander, 13 James st
M'CuUoch J. W. & Son, 33 East Princes st
M'Donald Robert, 16 Sinclair st
M'Pherson & Carson, 19 Colquhoun sq
Mainds William Reid, 41 East Clyde st
Sillars Brothers, 35 Sinclair st
Sutherland Joseph, Cove
Gibbons Patrick, 24 West Princes st
North British Dry Plate Co. Limited, 42 East
Clyde st ; Glasgow office, 180 Sauohiehall st
Stewart William, 46 East Clyde st
Stuart John, 22 Charlotte st
(See also TinsmitJts.)
Cameron Alexander, Kilcreggan
Crawford Thomas, 20 Sinclair st
Forrester William, 10 Maitland st
Grant James, 18 West Princes st
Gray James, Kilcreggan & Cove
Horn John, 27 East Princes st
Eylo William, 47 Sinclair sfc
M'Kinlay William & Son, 53 East Clyde st
Reid William & Alexander, 81 East Princes st
Shedden Robert, Row
Williamson William, 41 Wost Clyde st
Arroll Walter, 35 & 36 West Clyde st
Harrigan Patrick, 6 Colquhoun st
Mather & Brown, 24 East Princes st
Lamont James, 18 East Princes st
â– Macneur & Brvden, 74 & 56 East Princes st
Marked thus * are Teachers of Music.
*Armit Agnes, 16 Campbell st
*Ashtou John, 83 Sinclair st
Batbruni William, 13 Sinclair st
Bookless Isabella, 16 East Argyle st
Brown Marrion, 99 West Princes st
Buchanan Catherine, 22 William st
Fishor Robert M. (drawing), 5 Campbell st
Haise J. H. f.s.s.a. (phonography), Montrose
Villa, 33 Colquhoun st
*Healy Edward W. 89 Sinclair st
♦Ingleton Elizabeth, 20 West King st
Mainds William R. (drawing), 5 George st
Phillips James (drawing), 2 Upper Sutherland
*Wotherspoon Jane, Pomona, 5 Granville st
' Zaverfcal V. H. 5 East Princes st
Anderson John, Garelochhead
Bell Jane, 30 Sinclair st
Craig James, 22 Sinclair st
Dickie Robert W. 7 & 9 Sinclair st
Helensburgh British Workman Public House
Co. Limited, 13 East Princes st— George
M'Lachlan, secretary
M'Adam Archibald, 23 West Clydo st. and 84
West Princes st [doran pier
M'Christie Alexander, 1 East Clyde st. & Craigen
M'Donald David R. 62 East Princes st
Paterson Jane, 87 East Clyde st
Ruthven John, 12 Maitland st
Sharp John, 12 East Princes efc
Stewart James, 60 & 62 East Clyde st
(See also Grocers.)
Bell Jane, 80 Sinclair st
Bochan Catherine, 88 East King st
Bowman James, 85 East Clyde st
Campbell Mary, 41 Grant st
Fisher Christina J. 63 West Princes st
Gibson William, 54 East Clyde st
Howarth Charles, 11 Colquhoun st
M'Latchie Mary, 70 East Clyde st
M'Leod John P. 18 Colquhoun st
O'Neil Joseph, 90 East King st
Paton Agnes, 52 West Princes st
Robertson Margaret, 10 John st
Stewart Adam, Kilcreggan
Armit Allan, 16 Campbell st.&23 William st
Brownlie John, 48 East Princes st
Cumming John, 59 East King st. & 58 Sinclair st
Dempster Donald, 9 Glenan gardens, West
Argyle st. & Colquhoun sq [Princes st
Ferguson J. & J. 18 Charlotte st. and 110 East
Gartshore James & Son, 20 George st. and 112
East Princes st
Henderson James, Kilcreggan
Lindsay John, Garelochhead
M'Pherson Daniel, 157 East Clyde st. and 116
East Princes sfc
Thom William, 10 Campbell st [Princes st
Thomson William, 128 East King st. & West
Todd James, 15 William st. & 78 West Princes st
Whyte John, 113 East Clyde st
Bain James (shoeing), 85 &87 Sinclair st
Brabender John, Roseneath
Donald Archibald, 5 Maitland st
Gilmour Alexander, Garelochhead
M'Dougall John, Row
M'Dougall Lacblan, Cove
M'Lean John, Hatton Burn, Clynder
M'Martin Finlay, Cove
M'Murrich Daniel, 125 East Clyde st
Murio James, Row
Sellars George, Kilcreggan
Alexander Lewis D. Summerlea, Kilcreggan
Carnachan Gordon, Laurel Bank, Clynder
Finlay James, m.d. Millbrae, 60 Sinclair st
Livingston Robt. m.d. Janefield, Kilcreggan
M'Ewan James,- m.b,,o.m. Braeside House, 105
Sinclair st
Mackie William, 22 Charlotte st
Messer Fordyce, m.d. 9 William st [66 John st
Noad George William, m.d. Springfield Houbc,
Reid & Sewell, 90 West Clyde st
Murray Thomas (burgh), 97 Sinclair st. and
Municipal buildings. East Princes st
Taylor Robert, 24 William st
Brash John & Son, 2 West Clyde sfc
Brash Lewis, 17 James st
Crawford John, 83 West Clyde sfc
Davidson Jobn, 21 Colquhoun st
Goudie Thomas, 56 West Clyde st
Little Richard, 65 East Clyde st
M'Leod Donald, 87 East Clyde st
Pettigrew James A. Garelochhead
Rue David, 82 East Princes st
Stalker Archibald, Garelochhead
Stirling William, 14 Maitlaud sfc
Thomson R. & J. 51 West Clyde st
M'Gregor Alexander, Clynder
M'Lcnnan Catherine, 64 East Princes st
Yuillo Margaret, Kilcreggan
(See also Plumbers, dtc.)
Allan T. & U. 9 & 11 East Clyde st
Crawford Thomas, 20 Sinclair st
ForreBter William, 10 Maitland st
Horn John, 27 East Princes st
Kyle William, 47 Sinclair st
M'Geacliin Hew, 25 East Princes st
M'Kinlay William & Son, 53 East Clyde st
Reid William & Alexander, 31 East Princes st
Williamson William, 41 West Clydo st

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