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Izatt John, 134 Bank st. Alexandria
M'Donald Chester, 15 Napierston terrace,
M'Leod Archibald. 143 Main st. Alexandria
M'Quattie Isabella, 202 Bank st. Alexandria
Matheson John, 4 Station st. Renton
"Williamson James, 144 Bank st. Alexandria
Marked thns * are also Spirit Dealers.
(See also Shopkeepers.)
Bain Robert, 207 Main st. Renton
Black Donald, 195 Main st. Renton
Bryce Alexander, 171 Main st. Bjnbill
"â– Buchanan Peter, 41 Main st. Bonhill
Cameron Robert, 40 Main st. Ronton
â– "Campbell William, 148 Main st. Alexandria
& JameBtown
Clark John, 139 Main st. Renton
Co-operative Society Limited (Vale of Leven),
Bank st. Alexandria — Branches : Bonhill,
Jamestown & Renton — Alexander Boyd,
Ferguson John, Balloon
Ferguson Robert & John, 1 Levenbauk ter.
Jamestown, & at Balloch
*Finlayson Peter, 97 Main st. Bonhill
Galbraith John, 144 Bridge st. Alexandria
Gallacher Patrick, 233 Main st. Renton
Gatfieid Frederick, 99 Main st. Alexandria, &
192 Main st. Renton
Glass William, 53 & 55 Main st. Alexandria
Glen James, Mitchell st. Alexandria
*Glen Thomas, 253 Main st. Bonhill
Gorham James, 24 & 26 Mitchell st. Alex-
Grant & Syme 85 Main st. Alexandria
Grant Donald, 96 Main st. Renton
*Izatt Gordon, 138 Bank street,
Junior Margaret 112 Main st. Bonhill
Kinloch James, 56 Back st. Renton
Legget David R. Mitchell st. Alexandria
*Lennox John W. 160 Bank st. Alexandria
M'Arthur Margaret, 114 Back st. Renton
M'Bean John, 116 Main st. Alexandria
M'Donald John, 167 Main st. Renton
M'Farlane Alexander M. 207 Main street,
M'Farlane Margaret, Kilmaronock
M'Gown John, Jamestown
Mackay & Co. Rowantree bank, Main street,
Mackay David, Linuibrane ter. Alexandria
M'Kay David, North Main st. Bonhill
M'Kean Robert, 121 Bridge st. Alexandria
Mackinlay Hugh, 115 Main st. Alexandria
M'Kinlay Robert, Kilmaronock
M'Leish John, Jamestown
*M'Lintock John, 86 Main st. Alexandria
M'Wliirter Anthony, 19 Thimble st. Renton
Matheson John, 140 Main st. Renton
^Matheson John & Donald, Levenbank ter.
Matheson Robert, 1 Lennox st. Ronton
Mollison William, 101 Main st. Renton
Mumo William, 1 Main st. Renton
Murphy John S. 126 Bridge st. Alexandria
Neilson Agnes, 86 Susannah st. Alexandria
Short David, 81 Main st. Bnnhill
Syme John, 5 Main st. Bonhill
Walker John, 74 Main st. Alexandria
Ward John, 138 Main st. Renton
Weir Peter, Lower Bank st. Alexandria
Wilkie John, 181 Main st. Alexandria
Barr John, 55 Main st. Bonhill
Leckie Thomas, 110 Bank st. Alexandria
Logan James, 76 Alexander st. Alexandria
M'Donald Thomas, 51 Main st. Ronton
Robb John, 138 Bridge st. Alexandria
Albert Hotel (situated within a
mile of Loch Lomond, and two
minutes' walk from railway sta-
tion; trains at frequent intervals;
every accommodation for tourists
and visitors, also good billiard
table), Main st. Alexandria— M. S.
Johnston, proprietress
Balloch Hotel, foot of Loch Lomond
(patronised by the Empress of the
French. The above first-class
hotel is beautifully situated at
the foot of the Queen of Scottish
Lakes, and at an easy distance
from the railway station; good
billiard table; posting in all its
branches ; boats for the lake),
Mrs. J. M'Dougall, proprietress
Colquhoun and Sharp, Lennox Foundry,
Drysdale Hay F. 100 Main st. Bonhill
Lamond Peter, John st. Alexandria
M* Bride- James, 54 Main st. Renton
M'Caskel John, 111 Main st. Bonhill
M'Dougall Colin, 81 Main st. Renton
M'Intyre John & Co. 1 and 2 Fountain place,
Taig Thomas, 47 Bank st. Alexandria
Wallace John, 162 Main st. Alexandria
Bryson James, Campbell st. Bonhill
Buchanan James R. 55 Alexander street,
Buchanan Robert, Kilmaronock
Gillies John, Albert st. Alexandria
Graham & M'Laren, 55 Bank st. Alexandria
Kennedy James, King st. Renton
Kennedy Rankin, Main st. Renton
M' Allan Gabriel, Redbouse
M'Farlane Duncan, Lower Bank street,
M'Farlane Duncan, Mill of Haldan
Murray Alexander (& undertaker), Station
st. Renton
Nairn John, Balloch
Robb William, Kilmaronock
Shearer James, 118 Bridge st. Alexandria
Sinclair Daniel & Son, Jamestown
ROOMS, &c.
Chukch Library, Jamestown
Dalmonach Works Reading Rooms, Bonhill
Ewing Gilmour Institute, Alexandria-
James Burns, librarian
Mechanics' Institute Alexandria — Alex.
Mitchell, librarian
Renton — James M'Auslane, librarian
Ban- William & Son (& silk mercers), 82 & 84
Bank st. Alexandria
Brownlie Marion (and ngent for J. Pullar &
Sons, dyers, Perth), Jamestown
Clement James, 15H Main st. Alexandria
Co operative Stores (Vale of Leven), Alex-
andria—Alexander Boyd, secretary
Coulter William, 60 Bank st. Alexandria
Cunningham Marjory, 77 Main st. Bonhill
Ferguson Alexander, 109 Main st. Renton
Graham James, 84 Main st. Renton
Hannah John, 197 Main st. Bonhill
Kennedy ThomaB, 110 Main st. Alexandria
M'Alpine Jessie, Balloch
M'Ghee James, 18 Main st. Bonhill
M'Gregor M. & J. 91 Main st. Bonhill
M'Kim Robert, 1S6 Main st. Renton
M'Lardy Janet, 159 Main st. Alexandria
M'Nee Mary, 198 Main st. Renton
M'Quattie Duncan, 47 Main st. Bonhill
Maxwell D. & Son (& milliners, &c.),
150 & 152 Bridge st. Alexandria
Millar J. & Son, S3 Main st. Bonhill
Murray Hugh & Co. 92 Main st. Renton
Newlands Janet, 204 Main st. Bonhill
Nicholson Matthew, 219 Bank st. Alexandria
Rennie Helen, 151 Main st. Bonhill
Smith John, 139 & 141 Main st. Alexandria
Thomson E. & M. 11 Napierston ter. James-
Urie Robert, 80 Main st. Alexandria
Walker & Son, 162 Main st. Renton
Brownlie Marion, Jamestown
Cathay Agnes, 43 Main st. Bonhill
Clement James, 158 Main st. Alexandria
Cross Thomas, 57 Main st. Bonhill
Graham James, 84 Main st. Renton
Jardine Mary, Main st. Alexandria
M'Farlane Annie, 212 Main st. Renton
M'Gregor M. & J. 91 Main st. Bonhill
M'Kim Robert, 186 Main st. Renton
M'Kirdy E. & H. 172 Main st. Alexandria
M'Neilage Margaret, 88 Main st. Alexandria
Malcolm Agnes. 108 Main st. Renton
Maxwell B. & Son (and drapers and
silk mercers), 150 & 152 Bridge st.
Meiklejohn Maggie, Kilmaronock
Morton J. & C. 186 Main st. Alexandria
Murray Christina, 71 Main st. Renton
Murray Hugh & Co. 92 Main st. Renton
Newlands C. & J. 72 Main st. Alexandria
Newlands Margaret, 198 Bank st. Alexandria
Nicholson Matthew, 219 Bank st. Alexandria
Paton L. & M. 95 Main st. Alexandria
Rodger Jessie, 315 Main st. Alexandria
Semple Margaret, Mitchell st. Alexandria
Shaw Agnes, Main st. Alexandria
Short Margaret, 87 Main st. Bonhill
Smith John, 137 Main st. Alexandria
Strathearn E. & C. 144 Main st. Alexandria
Thomson E. & M. 11 Napierston ter. James-
Thorburn E. & H. (& agents for J. Pullar and
Sons, dyers, Perth), 2 Bank st. Alexandria
Auld Thomas, 69 Main st. Bonhill
Bain Robert, 207 Main st. Renton
Brown Janet, 95 Main st. Renton
Buchanan James, 187 Blain st. Alexandria
Davidson Elizabeth, Mitchell'st. Alexandria
Gilchrist Charles R. & Sons, 90 Main street,
. Alexandria
Hayes Charles, 199 Main st. Alexandria
Jardine Robert, 84 Main st. Alexandria
Kennedy Jane, 70 Main st. Renton
Macnair John B. 23 Main st. Bonhill
Walker William, 65 Bank st. Alexandria
Whitelaw Margaret, 33 Levenbank terrace,
Hudson John, 190 Main st. Alexandria
Menzies William (& sign writer), 3 Main st.
Russell Joseph, 78 Bank st. Alexandria
Williamson Robert C. John st. Alexandria
Colquhoun William, Main st. Alexandria
Gilchrist William, Middleton st. Alexandria
Gordon Duncan W. 114 Bridge st. Alexandria
Bunch James, Overton st. Alexandria
Burns James, 189 Main st. Renton
Gray Thomas, Campbell st. Bonhill
Jack & Hamell, Albert st. Alexandria
M'Kenzie James, Random st. Alexandria
Thomson Duncan, 44 Main st. Alexandria
Waddell Claud, John st. Alexandria
Bryson James, Campbell st. Bonhill
Nairn John, Balloch
Sinclair Daniel & Son, Jamestown
Archibald Charles, 153 Main st. Alexandria
Baird Mary, Mitchell st. Alexandria
Bisland James, 156 Main st. Renton
Brown John, 201 Main st. Alexandria
Bunting Christina, 153 Main st. Bonhill
Cameron Ann, 98 Bridge st. Alexandria
Campbell Ann, Jamestown
Campbell Duncan, Mitchell st. Alexandria
Campbell Martha, 90 Alexander st. Alexandria
Carson Margaret, 199 Main st. Renton
Conway James, Fulton pi. Main st. Renton
Craig William, 127 Main st. Bonhill
Drummond Mary, Albert st. Alexandria
Ewing Peter (dairy), 112 Main st. Renton
Fairlie Jobn, 78 Main st. Alexandria
Guilder Margaret, 222 Main st. Bonhill
Hannah Henry (& dairy), 134 Main si,. Renton
Harrison Margaret 123 Main st. Renton
Hatton Robert M. 129 Back st. Renton
Ingles James (& hardware dealer), 59 Main st.
Kemp Peter, Burn st. Bonhill
Leunie Walter, 1 Crescent, Alexandria
Logan Margaret (dairy), 44 Bridge st; Alex-
M'Ausbmd James Roy, 159 Main st. Bonhill
M'Caskel John (dairy), 111 Main st. Bonhill
M'Culloch David, 182 Main st. Alexandria
M'Farlane Margaret, Random st. Alexandria
M'Ghee James (dairy), 49 Main st. Renton
M'Gown Agnes, 143 Main st. Ronton
M'Gown Elizabeth, 45 Alexander st. Alex-
M'Gregor Helen, Mitchell st. Alexandria
M'Intyre John, 116 Main st. Renton
M'Intyre Peter, 28 Alexander st. Alexandria
M'Kay Margaret, 5 Main st. Renton
Mackie John, Gilmour Bt. Alexandria
M'Lauchlan George, North Main st. Bonhill
M'Leod Archibald, 143 Main st. Alexandria
M'Millan Lachlan, 161 Main st. Alexandria
M'Nee Mary, 193 Main st. Renton
M'Neil Neil, Kilmaronock
Matheson Agnes, 157 Main st. Renton

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