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SHOPKEEPERS, &c— continued.
Melville William, 187 Main st, Renton
Miller Agnes, Kilmaronock
Miller William, 45 Bank st. Alexandria
Murdoch Isabella, 33 Main st. Renton
Pollock Thomas, 8 Lennox st. Renton
Pringle Mary, Jamestown
Ralston Peter, Jamestown
Reocb Ann, 3 Bridge st. Alexandria
Sharp George, 64 Main st. Alexandria
Shaw Samuel, Main st. Renton
Smith Elizabeth, Jamestown
Tait Margaret, 108 Bridge st. Alexandria
Trainer Jane, 243 Main st. Bonhill
Vance Ann, 1 & 2 BaDara pi. Bridge st
Walker Robert, Mill of Haldan
White Mary, 125 Main st. Renton
Whitelaw Margaret, 33 Leven Bank ter.
Wilson Joseph, 72 Bank st. Alexandria
Barlaa William (builder .5c quarry owner),
Bridge st. Alexandria
Carrie James (& builder), Kilmaronock
Kennedy Matthew, Station st. Renton
Kinloch Thomas & Co. (& builders), Bank st.
Paton J. A. & Co. (builders & monumental
masons). Bank st. Alexandria
Brown J. F. Cullen, Alexandria
Cullen John F. m.d. Alexandria
Johnston George, Bank st. Alexandria, & 7
Napierston ter. Jamestown
M'Lelland Alexander, Ardenlea, Alexandria,
& 21 Main st. Bonhill
Mitchell Dougall, Renton
Barr William & Son, 82 & 84 Bank st. Alex-
Cameron James, 197 Main st. Renton
Campbell John, 6 Station st. Renton
Ferguson Thomson A. 50 Bank st. Alexandria
Glen George. 210 Main st. Bonhill
Grierson Andrew J. 96 Main st. Alexandria
Kennedy Thomas, 110 Main st. Alexandria
Lowrie Robert, S3 Bridge st. Alexandria
M'Arthur Bros. 305 Main st. Alexandria
M'Gregor James, 186 Bank st. Alexandria
M'Kenzie Peter, 108 Main st. Bonhill [town
M'Laren Alexander, S Levenbank ter. James-
Maxwell D. & Son, 150 & 152 Bridge
street, Alexandria
Millar James B. 27 Main st. Bonhill
Milne George, 136 Bridge st. Alexandria
Murray Hugh & Co. 92 Main st. Renton
Nicholson Matthew, 219 Bank st. Alexandria
Shand John (& agent for J. Pullar & Sons,
dyers, Perth), 190 Main st. Renton
Smith J. & R. 101 Main st. Alexandria
Thomson Robert. 122 Bank st. Alexandria
Urie Robert, 80 Main st. Alexandria
Walker & Son, 162 Main st. Renton
"Bell Mary, 120 Bank st. Alexandria
Ferguson John, 309 Main st. Alexandria
M'Dougall Colin, 81 Main st. Renton
Neil Samuel. 118 Main st. Bonhill
Robb John, 138 Bridge st. Alexandria
Thomson Maggie, 91 Main st. Alexandria
Vance Ann, 1 & 2 Bonara pi. Bridge st. Alex-
Brown Janet, 95 Main st. Renton
Buchanan James, 187 Main st. Alexandria
Davidson Elizabeth, Mitchell st. Alexandria
Gilchrist Charles R. & Sons, 90 Main st. Alex-
Hayes Charles, 199 Main st. Alexandria
Holmes Joseph, 311 Main st. Alexaudria
Jardine Archibald, 89 Main st. Bonhill
Jardine Robert, 84 Main st. Alexandria
Kennedy Jane, 70 Main st, Renton
Menzies William, 3 Main st. Bonhi 1
Stevenson William, 98 Main st. Alexandria
Walker William, 65 Bank st. Alexandria
Wallace John, 162 Main st. Alexandria
Sinclair Alexander, 69 Main st. Alexandria
Stevenson William, 98 Main st. Alexandria
(See also Grocers.)
Bisland Walter, 160 Main st. Renton
Campbell Peter, 161 Main st. Renton
Cunningham John, Jamestown
Ferguson John (wine & spirit merchant), 309
Main st. Alexandria
Findlay John, 102 Main st. Alexandria
Forrest William, 105 Main st. Renton
Gillies Duncan, 13 Bank at. Alexandria
Gordon Duncan W.114 Bridge st.Alexandria
Hendrie Robert, 147 Main Bt. Bonhill
Hughes Edward, 203 Main st. Alexandria
Jamieson James, 31 Susannah st. Alexandria
Kinloch George, 3 Bank st. Alexandria
Kinloch James, 45 & 47 Main st. Alexandria
Knox William, 37 Alexander st. Alexandria
Lees Alexander, 79 Alexander st. Alexandria
M'Callum George, 50 Random st.Alexandria
M'Ewan Andrew, 15 Main st. Bonhill
M'Farlane Christina, 52 Bridge st. Alexandria
M'Farlane Margaret, Kilmaronock
M'Gruther William (& wine mer-
chant), Jamestown
M'lnnes Duncan, 9 & 11 main st.
M'Intyre Jan&, 63 Main st. Bonhill
M'Intyre Peter, 119 Main st. Renton
M'Lintock John (wine merchant), 86 Main st
M'Millan Janet, Random st. Alexandria
Murdoch Louisa, Main si. Renton
Murray William, 85 Main st. Renton
Rennio John, 140 Bank st. Alexandria
Sharp George, 41 & 43 Bank st. Alex-
Suter Jessie, 162 Bridge st. Alexandria
Watson William, 75 Main st. Bonhill
Weir Agnes, 201 Main st. Renton
Buchanan Thomas, 174 Bank st. Alexandria
Ewing William, North Main sfc. Bonhill
Hudson Robert. 6 Main st. Renton
Kennedy John, 114 Main st. Alexandria
Paterson Peter M. 121 Main st. Alexandria
Tatlow Walter, 111 Main st. Alexandria
Aitchison Margaret, Berlin wool & fancy re-
pository, 109 Main st. Alexandria
Bain David, boat hirer, Balloch
Baird Thomas, dairyman, King st. Renton
Barton Janet, Belin wool & fancy repository,
75 & 77 Main st. Alexandria
Baxter Roderick, commercial traveller, 276
Main st.Alexandria
Bilsland Archibald, grain merchant, Leven-
bank House, Jamestown
Boyd Andrew, furniture dealer, 124 Bank st.
Brown Robert, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages, for Bonhill, Alexandria and
Bryce James & William, coopers, 169 Main
st. Bonhill
Campbell Archibald, mineral water manu-
facturer, Middleton st. Alexandria
Craig Wm. dairyman, 58 Bank st. Alexandria
Currie James, dogger & clog block manu-
facturer, 146 Bank st. Alexandria
Gilchrist Charles & Sons, printers, &c. 90
Main st. Alexandria
Graham & M'Laren, funeral undertakers, 56
Bank st. Alexaudria
Holmes Joseph, tea merchant, 311 Main st.
Izatt Gordon, pianoforte dealer and
American organ importer, 320
Main st. Alexandria
Lang William, steward of Loch Lomond
steamers, Middleton st. Alexandria
Lindsay A. H. inspector of poor, clerk and
sanitary inspector to Bonhill Local
Authority, and clerk and treasurer of
Alexandria New Cemetery, Bridge st.
M'Dougall Mrs. J. boat hirer, Balloch Hotel
M'Farlane Duncan, funeral undertaker,Lower
Bank st. Alexandria
M'Gregor Adam Sc Co. drysalters &
extract manufacturers, Arthurs-
ton Dyewood Mills, Jamestown
Macgregor David, toll collector, Bonhill and
Balloch bridges
M'Gregor George O. veterinary surgeon,Main
st. Alexandria
M'Gregor Walter, plumber & tinsmith, John
st. Alexandria
Mackay A. R. W. contractor & quarry owner,
Millburn Quarries, Renton
M'Kay &, M'Donald, pawnbrokers, Random !
st. Alexandria, & Main st. Renton
M'Kiulay Hugh, grain merchant, 115 Main st. ;
Alexandria [Kilmaronock I
Bl'Kinlay Robert,inspector of poor & collector,
M'Lean Thomas, estate factor and manager
of Loch Lomond Steam Boat Co. 221 Bank
st. Alexandria
M'Lennan John, boat hirer, Balloch
Mather William, fishmonger & game dealer,
118 Bank st. Alexandria
Sharp George, coach & cab pro-
prietor, 41 & 43 Bank st. Alex-
Shaw Duncan, registrar of births, deaths and
marriages for Renton district, Murray pi.
Back st. Renton
Shearer Jas. funeral undertaker, 118 Bridge
st. Alexandria [st. Alexandria
Taig Thomas, plumber & tinsmith, 47 Bank
Turnbull & Co. manufacturing chemists,
Millburn, Renton ; Glasgow office, 37 West
George st
Walker Malcolm, veterinary surgeon, Veirpl.
Middleton st ; shoeing forge, Mitchell St.
Wilson Archibald, road surveyor, Bonhill
Young George, saddler, 25 Main st. Bonhill
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their ministers.
Established Churches:—
Bonhill— Rev. William Simpson
Alexandria— Rev. William Kidd
Jamestown — Rev. Daniel J. Miller
Kilmaronock— Rev. William Boyd
Renton — Rev. David Wilson
Free Churches :—
Bonhill— Rev. Thomas Collins
Alexandria — Rev. William Sutherland
Renton — Rev. Walter Dempster
Renton (Gaelic) — Rev. Alexander Miller
Renton (Levenside)— Rev. Archibald Bell
United Presbyterian Chdrches : —
Alexandria — Rev. James Allison
Bonhill— Rev. William Smith
Kilmaronock — Rev. Jas. Dunlop
Renton (Mission)— Rev. David Sutherland
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Albert st.
Alexandria — Vacant
Roman Catholic Chapel, North st. Alex-
andria—Rev. Thomas Kerr
Evangelistic Hall, Bridge st. Alexandria
Alexandria New Cemetery— A. H. Lindsay,
clerk & treasurer ; A. S. Reid, keeper
Bonhill Local Authority, office, 122 Bridge
st. Alexandria — A. H. Lindsay, clerk and
sanitary inspector; Alexander M'Lelland,
sanitary medical officer
Dumbartonshire Agricultural Society, Alex-
andria — Thomas M'Lean, secretary and
Dumbartonshire Rifle Association, Alex-
andria—Colonel Henry Currie, president;
Robert Orr, treasurer
Bowling Green, Main st. Renton — John
Beattie, keeper
Bowling Green, Main st. Alexandria— Robert
Calcher, keeper
Ewing Gilmour Institute, Alexandria — James
M'Murray, sec; James Burns, manager
Leven Gas Light Co. office, North st. Alex-
andria—Samuel Black, manager
Parochial Board, offices, 122 Bridge st. Alex-
andria — Patrick B. Smollett, chairman ;
J. F. Cullen Brown & Alexander M'Lelland,
medical officers; A. H.Lindsay, inspector
Police Station, John st. Alexandria — William
Gray, inspector
Public Hall, Alexandria— Thomas M'Lean,
secretary ; John M'Crae, hall keeper
Public Hall, Braehead, Bonhill
Public Hall, Renton— Daniel Clarke, sec ;
Joseph Cunningham, hall keeper
Public Hall & Recreation Rooms, Jamestown
— Archibald Aitken, hall keeper
Renton Gas Light Co. Back st. Renton — John
M'Leod, treasurer & secretary; William
Purvis, manager
Vale of Leven Mechanics' Institution, Alex-
andria — Walter Downie, secretary
Vale of Leven Young Men's Christian Asso-
ciation, Susannah st. Alexandria
Water Works, Balloch — J. W. Murray,
Station, Alexandria — Wm. Gibson, station
muster [master
Station, Balloch — John Barclay, station
Statio7i, Jamestown — Alexander Walker,
station master
Station, Renton — Archibald E. Walker,
station master
Murray Alexander, furniture warehouse, 76 T ° and koni DUMBARTON, John Jamieson,
Main st. Renton daily
Nelson Alexander, captain of Loch Lomond ;
steamers, Myrtle House, Alexandria
Orr Robert, writer & notary, Bank st. Alex-
Paul Agnes, Berlin wool & fancy repository,
97 Main st. Renton [andria
Roso David, fishmonger, 4 Bank st. Alex-
To ARDLUI. the Loch Lomond Steamers ply
upon the Loch from Balloch, calling at
Balraaha, Luss, Rowardennan, Tarbet and
Inversaid four times a day in summer,
and three times weekly in winter

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