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IS a parish of 48,090 acres, in the Kyle district. It was disjoined
from Cumnock, and formed into a separate parish, about the year
1G52. The village is 43 miles s. of Glasgow, 21 s.s.e. of Kilmarnock,
the same distance w. by s. of Ayr, 10 n. by e. of Dalmellington, 12 w.
by N*. of Sanquhar, 24 n.w. of Ttnrnhill, and 5 s.E. of Cumnock. The
Glasgow aDd South- Western line of railway runs through the
village, at which there is a station. The parish, which lies on the
eastern boundary of that of Cumnock (or Old Cumnock), is in
general hilly, and affords excellent pasture for sheep ; but there are
many spots of rich arable land. The river Nith takes its rise in the
south-west end of the parish, and runs through the centre of the
whole; and there are several small lakes, the sources of the Afton.
POST OFFICE, New Cumnock, Mary Kerr, Post Mistress.— Letters arrive from all parts at 6.30 a.m. and at 6.5 p.m., and are de
patched at 6.5 a.m. and at 5.40 p.m. (S° Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Various mines of coal aro worked in this neighbourhood, the
property of William Hyslop, Esq., Lady Cathcart, &c. ; and lime-
stone abounds in different parts of the district. There are two
banks, branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of
Scotland. The church was erected in 1833 ; it is a neat and well-
adapted building, sufficiently capacious for a congregation of a
thousand persons ; there are likewise three Free churches, a Roman
Catholic chapel, and a public school. A subscription library wag
established in 1828; it contains upwards of 1,200 volumes. The
parish of New Cumnock contained, in 1871, a population of 3,434
persons, and in 1881, 3,7S1.
Anderson Rev. George, Free Church Manse
Armstrong Rev. James, New Cumnock
Arthur John F. Esq. J.P. Lochside
Arthur Mr. William, Auchingee cottages
Brown Robert, jun. Esq. New Cumnock
Craig Robert, Esq. Craig Villa
Haddow William, Esq. Riggfoot
Herbertson Richard G. Esq. New Cumnock
Hunter Mrs. Heleu, New Cumnock
Hunter John, Esq. New Cumnock
Hutchison Rev. Matthew, Free Church Manse
Hyslop Mrs. Agnes H. Auchingee cottages
Hyslop William, Esq. Bank
M'Kenzie Mr. Kenneth, New Cumnock
Menteith Lady Jane S. Mansfield House
Murray Rev. Robert E. Manse
Paterson John, Esq. j.p. New Cumnock
Sloan R. Stirling, Esq. h.d. New Cumnock
Tennant Alexander, Esq. j.p. New Cumuock
Board Schools :—
Bank Glen— William Telfcr, master;
Jeanie Crum, mistress
Dalleagles -John M'Crae, master ; G.
Bryson, mistress
New Cumnock — John Nairn, master;
Andrew Stirling, second maste Jeanie
Stewart, assistant mistress
Roman Catholic School— Miss M'Luskey,
Hunter Brothers, New Cumnock
Walker Robert, New Cumnock
Watson Gilbert, New Cumnock
Wilson John, Now Cumnock
Bank of Scotland (Branch) — draws on the
head office and branches, on the Bank of
England, and on Smith, Payne & Smiths,
London — Alex. Tennant, agent; Donald
Fraser, accountant
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch) — draws
on the head office and branches, on the
Bank of England, and on Coutts & Co.
London — John Paterson, agent; James C.
Crerar, accountant
Boyle Robert, Benston
M'Millan David, Connell bridge
Turnbull William, New Cumnock
Cowan William, New Cumnock
Crawford Robert (manufacturer, Mayhole),
New Cumuock — William Campbell,
Currie John, New Cumnock
Gibson Thomas, New Cumnock
Gibson William, New Cumnock
Maybole Boot & Shoe Co. New Cumnock —
"William Logan, manager
Gray J. & R. Pathhead Colliery
Lanemark Coal Company, Limited— Robert
Brown, managing partner
The New Bank Coal Company,New Cumuock
Arthur Alexander, Benston
Baird John, High Garcleugh
Brown Archibald, Westland
Brown Archibald, Meikle Waistland
Brown John, Penclove
Bruges Edward C. Dalgig
Caldwell George, South Bog it Rottenyard
Campbell Ivie, Craigman
Craig Hugh, House of Water
Craig Robert, Blackwood & Low Dalhanua
Donaldson Jane, Auchincross
15 — A-R
Douglas John, Dalbanna
Dunlop Margaret, High Polquhirter
Galbraith John, Castlemains
Goudie Thomas, Old Mill
Haddow William, Riggfoot
Hamilton Thomas & Hugh, Polshill
Hastings David, North Bog
Hastings John, Meikle Creoch
Hazel Alexander, of Blackcraig
Houston John, Glen & Low Garcleuch
Howat Messrs. West & South Polquhirter
Howat James, Ashmark
Howat William, Burnfoot
Kerr Jane, High Park
Kerr William, Marshallmark
Kirk Hugh, Burnton
Kirk James, Dalleagles
Kirk James, Straid
Latta Robert Wm. & John, Craigshield
Laurie James & John, Knockburnie
Lennox Janet & John, Auchingee
Lennox John, Dalrichet
Lennox William, Whitehill
M'Cartney Messrs. Polquheys
M'Cartnoy Andrew, Gatehead
M'Kenzie William, Mausfield Hall
M'Kerrow Hugh, Muirfoot & Waterside
M'Michael Hugh, Low Waistland
Meikle Hugh, Rigghead
Miller John & Thomas, Waterhead
Mitchell John,Lochingarroch &Lochbrowan
Murdoch John, Low Riggend
Nairn Cuthbert, Fardeu
Osborne William, Knoekshnmoch
Paterson Gavin, Coal Creoch
Paterson William, Littlemark
Paterson William, Laight
Patrick Margaret Black, Laglaff
Proudfoot Elizabeth, Lanemark
Sharp James, Lawhead & Sunnyside
Sloan George, Brockioch
Sloan Peter, Roughside
Sloan William, Corsancon
Smith John, Beoch
Somerville John, Cairnhill
Somerville Robert, Mains
Steel James, Greenburn
Steel Robert (trustees of), Merkland
Steel William, Fardenreoch
Stephenson James, Cairns Nether
Vallance Hugh, Calton
Weir David, Braehead
Weir James, East Lochhill
Welsh George, Hall of Auchincross
Wilson Rebecca, Old Mill
Young John, Lowes
Royal— John Paterson, Royal Bank
Scottish Provident (life)— John Paterson,
Reyal Bank
Scottish Union & National — Alexander
Tennant, Bank of Scotland
Love James, New Cnmnock
M'Farlane James, Now Cumnoek
Smith Robert. Pathhead
Black H. New Cumnock
Blair Robert, New Cumnock
Capstick Edward, New Cumnock
Crawford Alexander. New Cumnock
Henderson James, Lanemark Store,
New Cumnock
Hunter Brothers, New Cumnock
Muir Hugh, New Cumnock
Ross Hugh, Craig Bank, New Cumnock
Smith Jane, New Cumnock
Thomas Robert, New Cumnock
M'Kuight J. (Cross Keys), New Cumnock
Ross Hush (Craif- Bank), New Cumnock
Ross John (Afton Hotel — family,
commercial, and posting house),
New Cumnock
Young James (Castle Inn), New Cumnock
Aird William, New Cumnoek
Beattie Andrew (& builder), New Cumuock
Gilmour John, New Cumnock
Heron William, New Cumnock
Mathieson David, New Cumnock
Tweedio James, New Cumnock
Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
*Adam James, New Cumnock
*Downle William, New Cumnock
Hastings Matthew H. {& milliner &
dressmaker), New Cumnock
Kirkland Thomas, New Cumnock
M'Clellan Matthew, New Cumnock
'M'Donald James, New Cumnock
*M'Michael John, New Cumnock
Park John, New Cumnock
Stevenson John, New Cumnock
Watret David, New Cumnock
Wilson James, New Cumnock
Herbertson Richard G. New Cnmnock
Sloan R. Stirling, m.d. New Cumnock
Downie William, New Cumnock
Hastings Matthew H. New Cum-
Kirkland Thomas, New Cumnock
M'Donald James, New Cumnock
M'Michael John, New Cumnock
Templeton William, New Camnoek
Dexter John (Crown Hotel), New Cumnock
M'Lean James (Masonic Arms), New Cum-
Maider J, New Cumnock
Boyd George, painter, New Cumnock
Gibb John, cooper, New Cumnock
Gouldie Thomas, miller, New Cumnock
Johnson William, saddler, New Cumnock
Kerr Mary, bookseller & stationer, New Cum-
Kirkland Hugh, newsagent, New Cumnock
M'Kechnie John, ironmonger, New Cumnock
Young Janet, confectioner, New Cumnock
> ■ ■' - — ■ ■■ ■ ■■»
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
Established Church — Rev. Robt. Murray
Free Church— Rev. George Anderson
Free j Church— Rev. Matthew Hutchison
Free Church, Bank — Rev. Jas. Armstrong
Roman Catholic Chapel — Rev. Daniel
Collins, priest
Bowling Green, New Cumnock— avid
Russell, secretary
Gas Light Company, New Cumnock— Adam
Hunter, manager
Medical Hall, New Cumnook
Parochial Board, New Cumnock— Alexander
Moodie, registrar, inspector of poor, rate
collector and clerk to the School Board,
heritors' clerk, and clerk to the local
Police Station— John M'Keath, constable in
Public Library, New Cumnock— Andrew
Stirling, librarian
Station, New Cumnock — William Inylia,
station master

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