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CUMNOCK (or Old Cumnock) is a considerable market and post
town, in the parish of its name, GO miles svw. of Edinburgh, 10e,
ol Ayr, ami the same distance s.s e. of Kilmarnock, situated on a line
of road between Dumfries on the south-east -and Glasgow on tli«
north, 11 miles fioni the former town and BS from tho latter. It
participates in the advantages of railway communication with all
parts, the Glasgow and South-Western line having a station half a
mile east, and the Ayr and Douglas line has a station a quarter of a
mile south of the town. The principal part of the town occupies
the site of what was formerly the churchyard ; the present ceme-
tery was at one period tho place of execution, and contains the
remains of tbrco persons who were shot on the spot, in 1685, by a
party of Highlanders, for their adherence to the covenanted work of
reformation ; and the corpse of Peden, a martyr of the covenanting
body, who died in the parish of Sorn.was exhumed by a party of
dragoons, after being interred six weeks in the neighbouring church-
yard of Auchiuleck, and ignomiuiously buried at the gallows foot.
The town, which is of an irregular triangular form, consists of a
square and several streets, in which arc a number of respectable
establishments in the various branches of the retail trade. It is
situated in a deep sheltered hollow, at the confluence of the
Glaisnock and Lugar waters ; it was celebrated for the manufacture
of those beautiful wooden snuff boxes — a species of trade which
originated hero above sixty years since, and, with some
few exceptions, as Laurencekirk, Catrino and Mauchline,
was confined to Cumnock. This branch is now extinct here.
The manufacturing of various kinds of woollen fabrics, wool
spinning and dyeing have been introduced, and promise an im-
portant addition to the trade and industry of the place. Two
engineering firms are actively engaged in tho manufacture of
agricultural implements — Messrs. George M'Cartncy & Co. having
gained a degree of celebrity iu the latter branch. Three banks are
in operation, viz., a branch of the Clydesdale Bank, Limited, ono of
the Bank of Scotland, and one of the Royal Bank of Scotland; there
is also a public library — the latter established iu 1792, by a company
of shareholders. The places of worship aro a church of tho
Establishment, a Free church, one of tho United Presbyterians,
a chapel for Independents, and a Roman Catholic chapel, tho cost of
which was defrayed by the Marquis of Bute. In 1885 was opened a
bandsomeTownilull, erected in the Grecian style of architecture, From
plans prepared by Mr.lt. S.Ingram, of Kilmarnock, at a cost of nearly
j£o,uuO, towards which the Marquis of Bute contributed .5500 and a
free site. Two years ago.at an expense of over £2,000,tho Marchioness
of Bute built an hospital here; it is fnruishedwith the best appliances,
and a staff of nurses, the whole cost of which was borne by her ladyship,
and into this excellent institution the injured and the distressed of
every religious creed arc admitted with equal readiness. The sum
of £20 annually, left for free education by the late Charles Duncan,
merchant, of London, a native of this parish, has now, by the Coin-
missioners of Endowments, been mostly applied to higher educa-
tion iu the public school— a handsome and commodious building of
recent erection, and costing nearly £6,000. 'Che castle of Tcrronzean,
now in ruins, is in tho neighbourhood ; it gives the title of baron to
the family of Dumfries. About two miles east from Cumnock is
the village of Lug-ar ; hero are situated the works of the Eglintou
Iron Co., who have built for their workmen and their families
numerous comfortable and noat cottages, forming a considerable
village; there is also a Co-operativo Society, established for tho
purpose of supplying all neccosaries to those who are employed by
the Company; there are also one or two other respectablo shops and
a corn mill. The market at Cumnock is held on Thursday, and the
fairs on the fourth Thursday after Candlemas, the Thursday after
the 6th of March, the Wednesday after the 6th of June, the 13th of
July, and the 27th of October. The parish of Old Cummock com-
prises 14,110 acres; population in 1871, 4,041, and in 18S1, 4,861, of
which number tho town contained 3,345.
Auchinleck, signifying a field or rock, is a parish, eighteen miles
in length by only about two in breadth, comprising '24,129 acres,
watered on its northern extremity by the Ayr, and the Lugar on tho
south. Coal and limestone are produced here, but tho soil is for the
most part rather unproductive. The village, a respectable little
place, is situated somewhat above a mile from Old Cummock, aud
about three from Sura and Catrine. Close to tho village is a station
| on the Glasgow aud South-Western line of railway. There is an
establishment here for the manufacture of snuff boxes. The places
of worship am an Established church undone belonging to a con-
gregation of Original Seecders, and a chapel for Roinau Catholics.
At Birnie Knowc, about two miles from the village, the ruins of
Auchinleck Castle stand in an angle formed by tho Dipplcburn and
Lugar; aud in the neighbourhood is the l'lace of Auchinleck, a
handsome mansion, erected in the last century, by Lord Auchiu-
leck, senator of tho college of justic, and father of the ominent aud
amiable James Boswcll, Esq., the friend and biographer of Johnson ;
the house is stiH the property of the Boswell family. A well attended
fair, for the sale of lambs, is held annually on the last Tuesday in
August. Population of the parish in 1S71, 6,174, and in 1881,0,681,
of which number 1,528 belonged to the village.
Lugar, before mentioned, is situated in tho above parish, as is
also CitONBEKRY and Darnconner, both populous mining villages,
the former about ono mile north-east, and tho latter about two miles
uortli-west of Lugar. There are stations at the two former places
on the Ayr, Mauchline and Muirkirk section of railway. Population
in 1831 : Lugar, 1,353 ; Cronberry, 790 ; Darnconner, 550.
ARRIVALS.— From England, Ireland, Foreign, Edinburgh, and Glasgow at 7-30 a.m. ; from Ayr, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and North of
Ireland at 4-5 p.m. ; from Ayr,, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Local at 6-30 p.m. ; and from England aud Foreign at 7 p.m. On Sunday letters
are delivered at otticc, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
DESPATCHES.— To Ayr, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Kilmarnock at G a.m. ; to Lugar and Ochiltree at 7-80 a.m. ; to Ayr, Edinburgh
Glasgow, and Kilmarnock at 1.10 p.m. ; to South of Scotland, England, Ireland, and Foreign at 5-12 p.m. ; to Ayr, Glasgow, Kilmarnock
and North of Scotland at 5-55 p.m. ; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland, and Foreign at 9-15 p.m. On Sunday to Ayr, Mauchline
and Kilmarnock at 6 a.m., and to Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland, and Foreign at 9-35 p.m.
Money Order & Telegraph Office d> Savings Bank.
POST OFFICE, Auchinleck, David Criehton, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 6-45 a.m. and at 1 and G p.m., and are
despatched at 6 a.m. and 5-30 p.m. fc^s" Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Lugar, William Murdoch. Post, Master.— Letters arrive from all parts (from Cumnock) at 9-30 a.m. and 7-30 p.m., and
are despatched at 12 noon and 7-35 p.m. fi.S" Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Angus Mr. Robert, Lugar
Baird Mr. John, Baird's pi
Begg Mr. George, Ayr rd
Bell Mr, Robert, Holmside
Boswell Patrick CD. Esq. J. p. of Garrallan
Jirakenridge Archibald, Esq. Glaisnock st
Brown Rev. Benjamin, Avenue Cottage,
Auchinleck [House
But&the Most Noble the Marquis of, Dumfries
Campbell Captain R. M. j.p. Glaisnock
Collins Rev. Daniel, Glaisnock st
Criehton H. Hamilton, Esq. j.p. Hillside
Criehton Hew, Esq. j.p. Hillside
Criehton James A. Esq. Hillside
Crystal Rev. James, d.d- Auchinleck Manse
Cuninghame William A. Esq. j.p. of Logan
Dalgliosh William, Esq. j.p. Barrhill rd
Galbraith Mr. Samuel, Holmside
Grange Mr. James, Lugar st
Gray Mr. James, Lugar st
Hood Mr. Archibald, Square
King Mr. James, Mill Dank House
King Mr. William, Ayr rd
Law Mrs. Jane G. Glaisnock st [Hous>>
Lawrence James, Esq. j.p., ir.D. Stepends
M 'Donald Rov. Alexander, United Presby-
terian Manse
M'Knight Miss Catherine, Glaisnock st
M'LclIau Hugh B. Esq. Cumnock
M'LetcJiie Mr. William, Glaisnock st
M* Master Mrs. Sarah, Beech Bank, Ayr rd
Matheson Rev, William, Independent Mause,
Lugar st
Milne Rev. Walker, Lugar
Morrison Mr. James, New Bridge st
Mounsey Mr. — , Auchinleck pi. Auchinleck
Murphy Rev. Patrick, Birnie Kuowe, Auchin-
Ogilvie Mr. William S. Square
Rawstorne Rev. Robert A. Dalblair, Lugar
Robertson Rev. John Spence, Tho Manse
Samson George T. Esq. j.p.Broomhill House
Smith James, Esq. Craigstoue Cottage,
Spence Rev. James, Auchinleck
Thomson Mr. John, Auchinleck
Warrick Rev. John, m.a. Free Church Manse,
Ayr road [leek
Young Mr. James. Serend Cottage, Aucbin-
Auchinleck School (girls')— Agues S.
M'Kenzie, mistress
Board Schools:—
Auchinleck — John Henderson, master ;
Mary Dickie, mistress
Cumnock — Robert Brown, f/e.i.s. head
master; John Livingstone, m.a. & Hugh
B. "Wilson, assistants; Ellison Wellwood,
Jane R. Gibb, Christina Nisbet & Jane M.
Hillbouse, assistant mistresses; Isabella
Johnston, infants' mistress
Garallan— John B. Wilson, master; Miss
Killin, mistress
CnoNBimnY (Iron Works) School— James
Hyslop, master
Darnconner (Iron Worksl School— Willinm
TwcediG, master; Miss Richards, mistress
Lugar. (Iron Works) School — Wm. Hume
master; Mary Johnson, mistress
Baird Agnes (for A. & J. MacNab, dyers,
Edinburgh), Glaisnock st [st
Ballantiiie James P. (emigration), Glasinoek
Begg George (emigration), Royal Bank of
Boyd William (for Little's patent
sheep dipping composition), Ayr
rd. Cumnock
Drummond Adam (for William Walker,
Ballochmyle Colliery), Glaisnock st
Drummond William B. (sewing machines),
Galbraith Samuel (for W. & A. Gilhey's wines
& spirits\ Tower st
Hunter Bros, (sheep dipping composition),
King Willam J. (fire & life insurance), Ayr rd
M'Culloch Hugh (for Singer's sewing
machines), Townhead st
Paterson James & Son (for W. aud J. Bowie,
dyers, Glasgow), Glaisnock st
Sloildart George (for tho Anchor lino of
steamers), Ay rd
Todd Adam B. (general commission), Breezy-
bill Cottage, Glaisnock st
Wilson Adam & Sons (for Lawc's
cnemical manures), Auchinleck, &
at Dailly

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