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Clark John, 11 Weaver St. Newton
Orr Robert, 36 North quay
Turner John, Gowanlee, Hawkbill
Ferguson James M. 49 Newmarket at
Fergusson Alexander, IS High st
Gemmell Thomas M. & Son, Ayr Advertiser
Office, 108 High st
Henry Hugh, 35 & 37 Newmarket st
Irvinfi_S. & Sons, 93 High st
M'Call James, 38 Sandgate st
Morgan Arthur, Town Hall bldgs. 5 High st
Robertson &'M'Bain, 63 Newmarket Bt
Stephen "William, 37 Sandgate st
Wright Thomas, 75 High st
Marked thus * are Teachers of Music.
*Bulkeley Maria, 26 Dalblair rd
-Cairns Jane, 12 Cathcart st
*Carlisle Rachel, 15 Charlotte st
*Dalziel Jane, Elmbank Cottage, Carrick rd
*Deiser Otto {& languages), 1 Stanley place,
Dalblair rd
Howatson James (dancing), 9 Academy st
M'Geachie James (languages), 1 Sandgate st
*Nimmo Hamilton. 3 Ailsa pi
*Syni Margaret, 1 Bruce crescent
See Inns and Hotels, and also Spirit Dealers
and Vintners.
Currie William Campbell, 80 Sandgate st
Gribbin Helen, 49 Alloway st
Lambie Elizabeth, 4 New Bridge st
M'Connell John. 241 High st
Murdoch Jane, 25 New rd. Newton
Lawson Jane, 123 High st
M'Eechnie Daniel (& waterproof cover manu-
facturer), Tarn's brig, Newton, & 224 High
Rusk John, 18 Alloway st
Auld Robert, Whitletts
Bone William & Co, 254 High st
Campbell John, 21 Sandgate st
Speirs John, 235 High st
Watson Robert, 1S1 High st
M'Bryde & Gunn, 2 Green st. Newton
M'Kechnie Daniel, Tarn's brig, Newton Head
Wilson & Goodwin, 42 North Harbour st
Flint William & Son, 7 Harbour st
Fullarton Alexander & Co. {& tar merchants),
Harbour st
Fullarton Thomas T. & Co. (and tar mer-
chants), South quay
Alexander William & Sons,Wallacetown Saw
Gardner John, Newton Saw Mills
M'Crorie John & Son, Newton Head
Saw Mills
Meikle J. and D. Newton Steam Joinery
Milligan David & John, Kyle'st
Paton James & Sons, Ayr Saw Mills
North quay, & at Kilmarnock
Boyd Joseph, Dalmellington rd
Douglas James, Town Head
M'Quarter Allan, Kyle st
Dykes John & Son, Harbour st
Imrie Thomas & Sons (and nurserymen), 137
High st
Inglis John J. & Sous. Alloway st
Ogilvie William, 109 High st
Wyllie Daniel & Co. 219 High st
(See also Messcnger-at-Arms.)
Cowan Huâ„¢h, 44 High st
Crawford David, 62 Newmarket st
Ramsay John, Milrig pi
Smith James, 53 Newmarket st
Smith William, 53 Newmarket st
Logan John, Dock buildings, North quay, &
at Troon & Ardrossan
Sandberg H. R. 34 North Harbour st
Smith John G. North quay, Newton
Steele Thomas, 55 South quay
M'Knight, M'Credie & Co. South quay
M'Bryde & Sunn, 2 Green st. Newton
Semple John, 73 High st
Wilson & Goodwin, 42 North Harbour st
Ayr Steam Shipping Co. Dock buildings
Bell James, 1 Montgomerie ter
Cook Thomas, 87 Hic-h st
Dewar Robert, 108 High st
Goudie John, 11 High st
Goudie Robert, 14 Alloway pi
Graham John, 48 Kvle st
Highet Wilham, 1 Citadel pi. Fort
Hill Peter B. 65 High st
Hunter David, Sea Tower, Racecourse rd
Kennedy Peter, 14 New Bridge st
Lyon John, North quay
M'Callum Robert, 7 Park circus
M'Ewan Hugh, 7 Barns ter
M'Gregor Adam, 16 Sandgate st [town
M'Uwrath John, Content House, Wallace-
Mitchell John, 52 Allison st. Wallacetown
Oman Charles, Pomona House, Fort
Paton James & Sons, North quay
Semple John. 73 High st
Smith John G. North quay
Smith William, 2 Boat vennel
Steele Thomas, 55 South quay
Sutherland Isaac, Sandgate st
Anderson George, 84 Cross st. Wallacetown
Auld William, 53 Sandgate st
Drinnan & Murphy, 84 George st. Wallace-
Dunbar James, 197 High st
Highet W. & Son, Fort st
Irvine Archibald, 214 High st
Irvine James, 16 Kyle st
Irvine John, 35 Fullarton st
Lamb James, 7 Garden st. Wallacetown
Lyon Alexander, 45 Sandgate st
M'Hwrath, Cowan & Co. (& slate merchants),
112 & 114 High st
M'Kelvie Robert, 15 Cross st. Wallacetown
Meikle John, 17 & 19 River st. Wallacetown
Morrison .lames, 23 Carrick st
Murchie John, 19 George st. Wallacetown
See Blacksmiths.
Marked thus * are also Notaries.
Andrew James, 21 Newmarket st
Andrew Thomas, 9 Sandgate st
Beveridge Robert Morris, 5 Cathcart st
Dougall David (and secretary to the Kyle
Union Poor House Board), 62 Newmarket st
Dunlop David, 1 Cromwell pi
Duulop William Hamilton (Shaw & Dunlop —
deputy clerk of the peace for the county),
County buildings
Fergussou;David (R. & D. Fergusson), 25 New-
market st
Fergusson R. & D. 25 Newmarket st
*Fergusson Robert (R. and D. Fergusson—
writer, & secretary & treasurer to the Ayr
& Newton Consumers' Gas Co. & clerk to
the Incorporations of Weavers, Hammer-
men & Fleshers), 25 Newmarket st
^Goudie Robert (& commissary clerk of Ayr-
shire & hon. sheriff-substitute), County
*Kilpatrick William (and treasurer and sec-
retary to the Ayr Corn Exchange Co., to
the Ayrshire Farmers' Club, and to the
Ayr Analytical Association), 33 Newmarket
*Lockhart John (sheriff clerk depute, & sec-
retary & treasurer to Ayr Faculty of Solici-
tors, secretary to Widows' Fund Society of
the Faculty, & auditor of the Sheriff Court
of Ayr), County buildings
^London Alexander (Murdoch and Loudon),
County buildings
M'Callum R. & R. Town buildings, Highst
*M'Callum Robert ( R. & R. M'Callum— writer
& town chamberlain, and treasurer to the
School Board, and to the Ayr Hospital and
Dispensary, treasurer to the Merchants'
Company, to the Ayr Guildry, and to the
Police Commissioners), Town buildings,
High st
M'Callum Robert, jun. (R. and R. M'Callum),
Town buildings, High st
*M'Clyrnont John W. 52 Newmarket st
*M'Cririck Alexander (writer), 9 Sandgate st
M'Cubbin Alexander,2 Garden park, Millar rd
M'Cubbin William Fergus (& solicitor & town
clerk to the burgh of Newton-on-Ayr,
treasurer & secretary to Ayr Academy, &
auditor to the Ayr Harbour Trust, & to the
Corporation of Ayr}, 39 Sandgate st
Machutchon James W. 52 Sandgate st
M'Murtrie James (& solicitor & clerk for
assessed taxes, secretary & treasurer to
Ayrshire Agricultural Association, treas-
urer to Ayr District Road Trust, clerk to
the Commissioners of Property & Income
Tax, secretary & treasurer to Ayrshire
Cattle Herd Book Society, and to the
Scottish Dairy Association),70 Newmarket
+ Macrorie William (& clerk to the Lieuten-
ancy of Ayrshire, & agent to the Com-
mercial Bank, and agent for the Liberal
Association of South Ayrshire), 34 Sand-
gate st
* Murdoch & Loudon, County buildings
MurdochRobert Douglas (Murdoch &Loudon
— procurator fiscal for the county, & for
Ayr district Justice of Peace Court), County
Pollock John (W. W. & J. Pollock— town
clerk, clerk to Police Commissioners,
Cemetery Board, Ayr Guildry, & to the Ayr
Harbour Trustees), County buildings
*Pollock W. W. & J. 24 Sandgate st
Pollock William (W. W. & J. Pollock— secre-
tary & treasurer to the Ayr Gas Co. & clerk
to the Ayr Merchants' Co. and to the Road
Trustees for the County, & joint agent to
Bank of Scotland), 24 Sandgate st
Rowan Carruth B. (and procurator fiscal for
the borough of Ayr, & clerk to Squaremen
Incorporation), 8 Cathcart st
*Shaw & Dunlop, County buildings
♦Shaw Charles George ;Shaw and Dunlop—
clerk to the Commissioners of Supply, to
the County Police Committee, to Ayrshire
district Lunacy Board, to Ayr district Road
Trustees, & of the Peace for the County of
Ayr), County buildings
Struthers Alexander W. 24 Sandgate st
Watt John M. 19 Hope st
*Young Thomas, 62 Newmarket st
(See also Wine & Spirit Merchants, also under
the head Grocers, and likewise under Victual
Adam Thomas, 93 South quay
Aitken Thomas (At hole Arms), 61 Alloway st
Brown Jane (Ayrshire and Galloway Inn), 1
Killoch pi
Carson Robert (Craigie Inn), 117 George st.
Christie James (Plough Tavern), 257 High st
Collie George (Crown Tavern), Monkton
Cummiug James (Burns' Tavern), 20 New
Bridge st
Cuthbert Thomas, 91 Main st. Newton
Duncan Elizabeth, 161 High st
Findlay William F. (Cattle Market Inn), 65
Allowav st
Forgie Hugh, 77 & 79 South quay
Forgie Margaret (Kyle Tavern), 29 and 31
Kyle st
Fraser Thomas (Cross Key?), 77 & 79 High st
Gibson Jane, 33 Elba st. Wallacetown
Girvan James, 109 South quay
Gold William, 232 High st
Graham John (Railway Tavern), 48 Kyle st
Hannah Janet, 13 New Bridge st
Hunter James, 70 Main st. Newt mi
Ingram William (Crown Inn), 115 High st
limes George (Old Ship),38 North Harbour st
Irvine James S. 4S North Harbour st
Johnston J. (Anchor Tavern), Harbour st
Kay David, Whitletts
Kerr Thomas T. 13 Newmarket st
Kirkland David (Victoria), 2G Hope st
Lawson Adam (Golf ), Prestwick
Lochhead Alexander (Black Bull), 19 River
st. Wallacetown

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