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Logan Francis (Wallace Tavern), 194 High st
M'Call Charles W. 11 Kirk port
M'Connell Thos. (Whin Tavern), 179 High st
M'Crorie George, 131 George st. Wallacetown
M'Fall Moses (Campbell Arms), Monkton
M'Quaker John, 29 Green st. Newton
Manson George, Whitletts
Martin Jessie (Eagle), 48 High st
Martin John, 6 Old Bridge st
Miller John, New Prostwick
Miller Walter, 18S High st
Montgomerie Robt. (Masons' Arms Tavern),
12 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Morton Adam, 79 George st. Wallacetown
Muir Thomas, 101 High st
Mnrdoch Charles (Masons' Arms), ISO High st
Murray Robt.(Thistle Tavern),29 South quay
Neill Bridget (Burns' Tavern;, 7 River st.
Nisbet Margaret, 8 Sandgate st
Raesidc Allan, 32 Green Street la. Newton
Raeside John (Red Lion), Prestwick
Reid James, Prestwick
Rowan Michael, 218 High st
Scott John (Tani-o'-Shanter),24GHigh st
Sloan John, 85 High st [quay
Smillie Archibald, 5 Harbour st. & 27 South
Smith James (Kilmarnock Tavern), 20 Main
st. Newton
Smith John, 40 High st
Smith William (Union Tavern),3Boat vennel
Smith William, 7 New Bridge st
Steen Thomas, 25 New Bridge st. & Kyle st
Stevenson Mary (Anchor), 90 Main st. New-
Tait Mary (Wheat Sheaf), Monktou
Thorn John (Wheat Sheaf), 9 John street,
Wallacetown [Newton
Thomson Alexander (Railway), 17 New road,
Turner Andrew M. 3 & 104 Main st. Newton
Walker James (Sun Inn), 245 High st
Wallace Thomas, 213 High st
Wilson William, 6 Main st. Newton
Hutchison Agnes, 115 High-at
Orr Jane L. 16 Mill st
Alexander William & Sons (builders), Wal-
lacetown Saw Mills, Ayr
Andrew James, Prestwick
Arthur Robert, Viewfield, Hawkbill
Baird James, 7 Dalblair rd
Ferguson W. & G. (builders), 2 River terrace,
Hunter Andrew, Dalblair rd
Jackson William, Cross st. Wallacetown
M'Lachlan Andrew '& Son (& pavement mer-
chants), 46 Dalblair rd
Meikle J. & D. (builders), Newton Steam
Joinery Works
Milligan David & John (& builders),37 Kyle st
Murray William, Cyprus Cottage, Carrick rd
Paton James & Sons (builders), Ayr Saw
Mills, North quay
Stevenson Robert, 40 Viewfield rd. Newton
Wyllie Andrew, Green st. Newton
Jardine James, 52 Newmarket st
-Mercer John (and town surveyor and burgh
and water engineer), Town chambers,
High st
Murdoch John, 62 Snndgate st
Stevenson Allan (road), 42 Newmarket st
Marked thus * are also Clothiers.
Alexander John, 2 New Bridge st
Connell David, 23 Alloway st [lacctown
*Coupertkwaite Robert G. 1 Georgo st. Wal-
*Cowan A. & Son, 67 Newmarket st
*Cowan John, 17 New Bridge st
Cowan Robert C. L. 44 High st [High st
*Currie, Rao & Co. Ailsa buildings, lis &120
^Farquhar John & Sou, 47 Newmarket st
Hart Robert, 14 Newmarket st
^Houston & Co. 144 High st
^Jamieson John & Co. 11 New Bridge £t
*Johnston & Finlayson,4G High st
Jones William, 44 High st. & 24 Kyle st
Love John, Winton buildings. High st
"M'Cubbin &, Sons, 40 Newmarket et [(own '
*Murehie Archibald, 28 George st. Wallace-'
*Murray & Aitken, 64 Newmarket st
Murray John W. Prestwick
*Ogg William, 46 Sandgatu st
â– i)i v Alexander, 5) High st
♦Robertson & Co. 47 High st
*Kobertson James, 4 ETigh st
*Robertson Robert, 51 Newmarket st
* Shearer John, 23 Newmarket st
Smith George, 187 High st
Smith John, 254 High st
Wallace Hugh, 131 High st
Dobbie R. & Co. Mill st
Paterson Andrew & Son, Ayr Tan Works,
Mill st
Cathcart G. & E. 25 Newmarket st. and at
Fullarton Alex. & Co. 15 Harbour st
Fullarton Thomas T. & Co. South quay
Highet John, Prestwick
Kennedy Peter, 14 New Bridge st
Wallace Robert, Town buildings, 7 High st
Winchester William, 28 Sandgate st
Ayr Coffee House, High st— Joseph P. Bow-
den, manager
Cowan's Commercial Temperance
Hotel (opposite the Wallace
Tower), High st
Grant Donald, 8 New Bridge st
Highet John, Prestwick
M'Loan Alexander, 5 Killoch pi
Miller Walter, 3 Kvle st
Parker Mary, ISO High st
Ramsay John, Milrig pi
Ritchie Isabella, 9 Kyle st
Russell William T. 135 High st
(See also Saw Mill Proprietors.)
Alexander William & Sons, Wallace-
town Saw Mills, Ayr
Gairdner John, Newton Saw Mills, Newton
M'Crorie John & Son, Newton Head
Saw Mills
Paton James <& Sons, Ayr Saw
Mills, North quay, and at Kilmar-
Campbell John, Prestwick
Chambers Robert & Son (& coppersmiths &
braziers), 8, 10, & 12 Old Bridge st. & Ayr
Tin-plate & Japan Works, Wallace st.
Chambers William, 240 High st. & IS Old
Bridge st. Wallaeetown
Dempster John, 250 High st
Haddock Wm. J. York Street lane, Newton
Howat William, 116 High st
Tait Andrew & Sons, 9 Hope st
Abernethia Jeanie, 12 New Bridge st
Buchanan John, 259 High st
Ferguson James & Son (& manufacturers), 26
New Bridge st
Hendrio William, 1 Kyle st
Malcolm Robert, 215 High st
Mills James, 125 High st
O'Brien Mary, SI High st
Smith George, 5 Main st. Newton
Smith James, 2 Sandgate st
Somers David, 8 Alloway st
Stevenson James, 6 High st
Arbuckle George, 92 Sandgate st
Chambers William D. IS Old Bridge st
Christie David, 212 High st
Dyer William M. 53 High st
Gibson James, 25 Maiu st. Newton
Jack Thomas (& basket), 5 Newmarket et
Kelvindale Catherine, Kyle st
Lambie Elizabeth, 4 New Bridge st
Mair William & Son, 258 High st
See Cabinet Makers d- Upholsterers.
Dickie James, 10 Newmarket st
M'Call James L. 15 Alloway st
Alexander Rachel, 43 Russell st. Wallacetown
Allan Thomas, 102 Maiu st. Newtun
Andrew William S. Monkton
Baird George, 40 George st. Wallacetown
Boyle James. 51 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Brown Quintin C. 24 Green st. Newton
Cameron Kenneth, 10 Church st.Wallacetown
Cowan William, 78 Russell st. Newton
Dick John, 37 Alloway Bt
Dickson Elizabeth {& spirit dealer), 127
Main st. Newton
Dickson Robert, Whitletts
Duncan Janet, 75 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Dunlop James, 132 Cross st. Wallacetown
Dunlop John, Prestwick
Fisher James, Monkton
Hall Charles, Taylor st. Newton
Hall Letitia, 270 High st
Higgins John, S8 Garden st.Wallacetown
Hodge John, Prostwick
Hopkins James, Monkton
Hutchison Alexander, Prestwick
Hyslop Helen, 95 George st. Wallacetown
M'Chesney Jane, 27 Wellington st. Newton
M'ClelJand Wm. 65 George st. Wallacetown
M'Crorie Charles, Prestwick
M'Dougall Thomas, 8 Kyle et
M'Kay Daniel, 77 Cross st. Wallacetown
M'Leod George, 9 New rd. Newton
Millar John, 48 Wallaco st. Wallacetown
Moffat John, 34 Allison st. Newton
Montgomerie Hugh, 6 George st.Wallacetown
Morren Esther, Prestwick
O'Hara Ann, 95 Wallaco st.Wallacetown
Richmond George, 24 Wellington st. Newton
Ross Helen, 81 Cross st. Wallacetown
Smith Elizabeth, 85 Cross st. Wallacetown
Shannon Ann, 09 Elba st. Wallacetown
Steele Andrew, 1 Wagon rd. Newton
Taylor William, 19 New rd. Newton
Todd Janet, 93 Main st. Newton
See Spirit Dealers <£• Vinters.
Allan Wallace, 6 Newmarket Bt
Blair John, 39 Newmarket st â– 
Ingram William & Son, 116 High st
Lyall John (jeweller), 107 High st
Mark Matthew, 15 Newmarket st
Marshall & Hislop, 65 High st
Smith James, 2 Sandgate st
Robertson William, 28 Main st, Newton
Stewart John, 153 High Bt
Stewart, Robert, 38 High st
Templeton John, 129 High st
Bell, Rannie & Co. (LeJth), 5 Fort st — Harry
Hart, agent [lacetown
Buchanan Archibald & Sons, River ter. Wal-
Cathcart G. & E. 25 Newmarket sfc. and at
Fullarton Alexander & Co. 15 Harbour st
Fullarton Thomas T. & Co. South quay
Littlejohn Brothers, 3 Sandgate st
Wallace Robert, Town bldgs. 7 High st
Whigham David Dundas & Co. 8 Academy
. st. &129 George st. Edinburgh
Winchester William, 28 Sandgate st
See Manufacturers — Various.
Templeton James & Son.Wool Works,Kylest
See Carpenters, & also Cartivrigh's.
Sec Solicitors.
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their ministers.
Established Churches:—
Kirk port — Rev. Thomas Dykes, d.d., and
Rev. John Sinclair, b.d.
Fort street— Rev. Thomas Dykes, d.d.,
first charge; Rev. John Sinclair, b.d.,
second ehargo
Carrick rd— (building)
Prestwick rd— Rev. Robert Hondersou
St. Quivox — Rev. James Wilson
Main st. Newton— Rev. William Rennie
Monkton — Rev. John Patrick
Alloway— Rev. Samuel Marcus Dili
John st. WailaceUtwu {quoad sacra)— Rev.
George J. C. Scolt

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