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COAL MERCHANTS— continued.
M'Fedris David, 44 Kussell st
M'Ninch Wm. 101 George at. Wallacetown
Robertson William, 4 Harbour st
Smith George, 5 Main at. Newton
Smith John, Darlington rd
Steele Thomaa, 55 South quay
Turner William, 69 Newmarket st
Wilson John, 98 Sandgate at
Marked thus t are alao Restaurant Keepers.
Basso Dominico, 32 Kyle st
tCampbell John, S & 260 High st
Corbett James, 9 River st. Wallacetown
Cowan Jane, 82 Sandgate st
Crosbio Janet, 8 High st
Davidson M. & A. 57 Newmarket st
Dyer William M. 53 High st
IGoudie John, 11 High st
Gibson James, 25 Main st. Newton
Greig William, 12 Kyle st
Grierson Jano, 46 Kyle st
Hunter Mary, 264 High st
Lyon Ann, 157 High at
Lyon Ann & Janet, 66 High st
Rl'Nee Agnes, 49 Sandgate at
Meng Fleury (& French & English
pastry cook), 68 Newmarket st
Milroy James, 131 High st
Hlorton William, 18 Gordon pi. Wallacetown
Paul Harriet, 4.5 Carrick st
Ramage George, 34 Kyle st
Richmond J. (manufacturing), Allison st
Rusk John, 18 Alloway st
Scott Joseph, 19 Old Bridee st
Sloane Janet (& wholesale), 119 High st
Stewart James, 20 North Harbour st
vallance James, Prestwick
Vernassie Peter, 35 Main st. Newton
Wallace Christina, 20 Newmarket st
Spain— John Dobbie, Mill st
Sweden and Norway— H. R. Sandberg, 34
North Harbour st
Osborne J.
; W. Hawkhill
Paterson Thomas, Silver Cloud Cottage.
New rd
Brown Thomas, 145 High st
M'Creariie James, 96 High st
Mair William & Son, 258 High st
Dobbie R. & Co. Mill st
Paterson Andrew & Son, Ayr Tan Works,
Mill st
Paterson James, 4 Kirk port
Frew John. 7 Cathcart st
Stirling John, 23 Wellington sq
(See also Temperance Hotels.)
Anderson Margaret. 198 High st
Ayr Coffee House, High st-Joseph P. Bow-
den, manager
Burns' Cottage and Refreshments Rooms
Alloway Mitchell, manager
Campboll John, 3 & 260 High st
Clark James, 100 High st
Dunlop Margaret, Refreshment Rooms,
Railway station
Gibb Robert, 117 South quay
Goudie John. 11 High st
lI'Dougall William, 17 Old Bridge st
Meng Fleury, 68 Newmarket st
Nisbet Margaret, 8 & 10 Sandgate st
Ritchie Isabella, 9 Kyle 8t
Wright Daniel, 101 High st
{See also Agricultural Implement Makers, and
also Ironfounders.)
Taylor John & Andrew, Townhead Works,
Smith's rd
Young J. & T. Vulcan Foundry, Ayr
Cathcart G. & E. (of "Carrick
Blend " Old Scotch Whiskey), 25
Newmarket st
Armstrong James, Thornhill & Friarland
Baird William, Mount Ferguson
Barclay James, Bolston
Bell George, Roodland
Brackonridge James, Clochrauhill
Campbell Andrew, Fenwickland
Clark David, Lochfergus
Crawford Mary, Holmston
Davidson William, Gateside
Dick John, Doonholm
Dykes William, Bollsbank
Findlay Matthew, Abbotshill
Gardner James, Bank
Hannah John, Broomberry
Hart Georire, Slaphouse
Hunter Bethia, North Park, Old Maybole rd
Jack Thomas, Annfield
Kay J. & W. Nunsland
Kennedy James, Sessionfield
Kennedy John, South Corton
M'Coim Andrew, Whitehall
M'ConDell Adam, Pleasantfield
M'Creath Robert, Forehill
M'Crone Annie, Laigh Corton
M'Kerrow David, Macnairston
M'Master James, Laigh Gltmgall
M'MaBter James & Andrew, Blackhill
M'Ronald John, Breston
Mair William, High Glengall
Milligan David, Cunning Park Farm
Murdoch Henry, High Corton
Paton Robert, Trees
Roxburgh William, Burnton
Scoular Robert & Sons, Alloway crofta
Sloan William, Barrhill
Smith Agnes, Seafield
Smitl) Alexander, Whiteford Hill
Somerville William (and sheep dealer),
Raemoir, Maybole rd
Speir John, Masonhill
Taylor William, Peggvshill
Walker William, Cnckbill & Mosshill
Wallace Hugh, Crofthead
Watson Thomas, Mount Oliphant
White James & David, Carcluie
Wvllie John, Kincaidston
Anderson William, West KirkhiU
Bone Thomas, East Sanquhar
Caldwell James, Brocklehill
Clarke William & Son, Shawhill
Cunningham Elizabeth, Shields
Gibson Alexander, Barwheys
Kilgour John, Noltmyro
Lamont John, Mainholm
Lamont R. & J. Kirklandholmo
Latta Robert, Whitletts
Ligertwood Alexander, Mount Hamilton
Manson David, High Thorneyflatt
Manson David & George, Fulshawood
Miller James, Shaw
Ormsby John, Brick row
Reid James A. Mid Sanquhar
Reid William, Clune
Smith Charles, John & William, Mossblown
Templeton William, Sandyford
Wallace Robert, Braehoad
Wright James, South Sanquhar
Young George, Sandyford
Young John, Wheatpark
Andrew Thomas, Muirhouse
Boyd David, senr. Prestwick
Craig James, Monkton hill
Craig Robert, Aitken brae
Crawford Hugh, Newlands
Elliott Agues, Monkton Mill
Guthrie James, Monkton
Henry William, Prestwick
Howat Jasper, Outer Bogside
Howie Thomas, Orangefield Mains
Kerr William, Prestwick
M'Cluro William, Prestwick
M'Ewen John, Prestwick
Manson David, Prestwick
Manson John, Prestwick
Manson Robert, Prestwick
Meikle Andrew, Prestwick
Mitchell Robert, Prestwick
Nixon William, Prestwick
Sellers Matthew, Whitesido
Sellers Robert, Townhead
Sloan Andrew, Brockett
Sloan AVilliam, Brierysido
Smith James, Prestwick
Smith John, Newdykes
Stevenson Elizabeth, Home Farm, Ladykirk
Stevenson Peter, Bogside
Tannock & Young, Hobsland
Yrung Robert & Andrew, Mains Adamton
Accidhnt— Robert Murray Kay, Clj desdale
Bank, High st
Alliance— James Young, 48 Newmarket st.
& William C. Currie, 8(i Sandgate st
Caledonian— Thomas Gemmell, National
Bank of Scotland, New Bridge st ; David
Dunlop, 1 Cromwell place ; David Dougall,
62 Newmarket st ; William Burns, 142
High st ; Robert Ramsay, 43 Newmarket
st ; & Thomas Manson, Newmarket st
Caledonian Plate Glass— Jas. M'Murtrie,
70 Newmarket st ; & Jarne8 B. G oldie,
City of Glasgow (life)— Robert A. Miller,
Bank of Scotland, 24 Sandgate St. & John
Lockhart, County buildings
City op London (fire)— John Paterson,
Commercial Union— James Andrew, 21
Newmarket st
Codnty (fire)— James M'Murtrie, 70 New-
market st
English & Scottish Law (life)— Thomas
Young, 62 Newmarket st. & John M. Watt,
19 Hope st
Equitable Fire & Accident— John M.
Watt, 19 Hope st
Firb Insurance Association of Scotland
— W. & J. Smith, 53 Newmarket st
General— Robert M'Oallum, Town build-
ings, High st
General (fire)— James M'Murtrie, 70 New-
market st
Gresham Life Assurance Society-
William M'Culloch, district agent,
16 Fullarton st
Guardian— John M. Watt, 19 Hope st
Hand-in-Hand (life & fire)— Wm. M'Culloch,
16 Fullarton st
Imperial— George Buchanan, 14 Cathcart st
Insurance Company of Scotland (fire)—
Robert Murray Kay.Clydesdale Bank, & E.
G. Paton, 34 Sandgate
Lancashire— Robert Murray Kay, Clydes-
dale Bank; T. & D. Crawford, 62 New-
market st ; J. & W. Smith, 49 Newmarket
st; Robert M'Callum, Town buildings,
High st; & John Murdoch, 62 Sandgato st
Life Association of Scotland— R. & D.
Fergusson, 25 Newmarket st. & Robert
M'Callum, Town buildings, High st
Liverpool & London & Globe — R. & D.
Fergusson, 25 Newmarket St. & Carruth B.
Rowan, 8 Cathcart st
London & Lancashire— J. & W. Smith, 53
Newmarket st ; William M'Culloch, 1G
Fullarton st; & Robert Dewar, 108 High st
London Assurance— James Jardine, 52
Newmarket st
London Guarantee & Accident— James
M'Murtrie, 70 Newmarket st. & William
M'Culloch, 16 Fullarton st
Motual— David Dunlop, 1 Cromwell place
National— Alex. B. Gemmell, 108 High st
National Insurance Co. of Ireland (firo
& life)— William M'Culloch, 16 Fullarton st
National Provident Institution— John
W. M'Clymont, 52 Newmarket st
National Provincial Plate Glass— Robt.
M'Callum, Town buildings, High st
North British & Mercantile — David D.
Whigham, 8 Academy st; Thos. Gemmell,
National Bank, 34 New Bridge at ; Hugh
Cowan, Eoyat Bank of Scotland, 33 Sand-
gate st ; John Lockhart, County buildings ;
Robert Millar, Alloway Cottage, Alloway ;
& Alexander Loudon, County buildings
Northern (fire)— W. W. & J. Pollock, 24
Sandgate st
Norwich Union — Robert D.Murdoch, County
Phcenix (fire)— William Kilpatrick, 33 New-
market st. & David Dunlop, 1 Cromwell pi,
Plate Glass— T. & D. Crawford, 62 New-
market st
Provident (life)— James M'Mutrie, 70 New-
market st
Prudential— William Angus, 5 Craiglem-
ter. Carrick rd. district superintendent
Eoch (life)— Robert M'Callum, Town bldgs.
High st
Royal— William F. M'Cubbin, 39 Sandgato
st ; E. G. Paton, 34 Sandgate st ; & Thomas
Andrew, 9 Sandgate st
Scottish Accident — Thomaa Gemmell,
National Bank, 84 New Bridge st
Scottish Amicable (life)— Wm. Kilpatrick,
S3 Newmarket St. & wivid Dougall, o2 New-
market st
Scottish Equitable (life)— Robert Murray
Kay, Clydesdale Bank
Scottish Imperial— David Caldwell, Kyle at
Scottish Provident Institution (life) —
William F. M'Cubbin, 39 Sandgate st
Scottish Provincial — Thomas Gemmell,
National Bank, 34 Bridge st

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