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FIRE, &c. OFFICE AGENTS -continued. |
Scottish Union & National— John vv. |
M'Olymont, 52 Newmarket at; William
Maerorie, Commercial Bank, Sandgate st;
Robert Millar, Alloway Cottage, Alloway ;
Robert Philips, Bank of Scotland, 24 Sand-
gate 8t ; David Highet, Royal Bank of Scot-
laud, S3 Sandgate st; '& Alexander B.
Gemmoll, 10S High st
Scottish Widows' Fund (lire)— Thomas M.
Geinmell & Son, Corn Exchange coart, 108
High st. & James Young, 48 Newmarket st
Standard (life) — Thomas Smith, 12 Beres-
ford terrace, Killoch pi ; William Pollock,
24 Sandgate st ; James M'Murtie, 70 Now-
niarket st ; & Tlios. Andrew, 9 Sandgate st
Sun — Thomas Smith, 12 Bercsford terrace,
Killoch pi; Alexander B. Gemmoll, 108
High st ; &. Wm. Turner, G9 Newmarket st
The Fire Insurance Association, Limited
—William M'Culloch, 16 Fullarton st
Allan Elizabeth S. 10 Now Bridge st. & 201
•High st
Allan Robert, Harbour st
Glendinning & Phillips, 66 & 68 Sandgate st
Hill Peter B. 65 High st
M'Creadie George (fish), 9 Cromwell pi
Stewart John, 198 High st
M'Cririck James & Sous (& guu makers), 70
Saudagte st. & at Kilmarnock
Mills James, 125 High st
Mitchell Alexander, 20 Kyle st
Adam John (pork), 9 Newmarket st
Brown Hugh, 8 Peebles st. Newton
Burns Thomas, 43 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Fletcher Peter. 189 High st
Frew James, 221 High st
Frew John, 69 High st
Fullarton James, 43 George st. "Wallacetown
Gibson John L. 26 High st
M'Call Alexander, 34 Main st. Newton
M'Connell Quintin,25 Green st. Newtou
M'Kissock James, 38 George st. Wallacetown
M'Nair Henry, 22 Sandgate st
M'Queen Charles, 20 Alloway st
Mitchell William, Prestwick
Morton Hugh, 74 Russell st. Wallacetown
Murdoch William, Prestwick
Paterson James, 19 Newmarket st
Paton Andrew, 63 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Picken David, 62 Main st. Newton
Atkinson William, Prostwick
Campbell John, 3 & 2G0 High st
Cowan Jane, 82 Sandgate st
Cunningham Andrew, 30 High st
Davidson M. & A. 57 Newmarket st
Fulton James. 10 Kyle st
Grant William (& wholesale), 199 High st. &
20 Sandgate st
Gray James, 12 Newmarkot st
Law William, 23 Main st. Newton
M'Kelvio Archibald, 71 Main st. Newton
M'Neo Agnes, 49 Sandgato st
Miller James, 157 High st
Milroy James, 131 High st
Morrison James, 15 George st. Wallacetown
Orr Robert, 36 North Harbour st
Roy James, 222 High st
Russell James, 86 Sandgate st
Russell M. & J. 86 Sandgate st
Sprott Joseph, 65 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Affleck William & Son, 67 High st
King Andrew, 50 Sandgate st
M'Kerrow Wm. 44 Sandgato st. & Carrick st
M'Knight James. 27 Carrick st
Neill James, 65 Main st. Newton
Reid John & Son. 26 to 32 Sandsate st
Wilson & Co. 15 & 17 Sandgate st
Findlav Hugh, 12 Old Bridge st
Gibb Allan (dealer), 74 High st
Ijocbhead John, 20 Hope st
M'Kiil William (dealer), 70 High st
lifeill Francis, 30 Hope st
j Vrbuekle George, 92 Sandgate st
X 'oyd Hugh, jan. I'restwick
B, 'own Quiutiu C. 20 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Campbell John, 34 Garden st. Wal-
Caw James. 51 Newmarket, st
Dunlop M. i M. 60 High st
M'Murtrie James & Co. 7 Sandgate st
Murphy & Co. 23 River st. Wallacetown
See Slaters db Glaziers.
Marked thus 'â– 'â– '- are also Cheeso Merchants,
Allan John & Co. (Robert Scoular
& Sons — and manutacturers of
flour and oatmeal), 172 High st
Ballantine John, 159 High st
Cellars William, Letham Cottage, Carrick rd
♦Flint Wm. & Son (& oil cake), 7 Harbour st
M Culloch William, 16 Fullarton st
Smith Andrew & Son, 178 High st
Steele Thomas, 55 South quay
•Wight William & Co. 169 High st
Wilson William, Carrick st
•Wvllie Daniel & Co.(& hay, seed & oilcako),
219 High st
Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.
{See also Wine i& Spirit Merchants, also Spirit
Dealers, (0 likewise under lite head Victual
Ayr Equitable Co-operative Society, Limited,
15 Main st. Newton
•Brackeuridgo John, 168 High st
Cameron Andrew (<& malt & hop
merchant), 207 High st
Cassels David, 177 High st
•Gathcart G. & E. (Italian warehousemen),
25 Newmarket st. & at Dumfries
Cowan John, 135 High st
Douglas William, 24 Elba st. Wallacetown
* Forrest Robert &; Co. 62 High 3t
Gillies Quintin, 174 High st
Goldie James B. Prestwick
Grant Duncan, 82 Main st. & Taylor st.
Hamilton Alexander S. Prestwick
•Hodgson Isaac, 10 Gordon pi. Wallacetown
Hogg William, 236 High st. ii S5 Georgo st.
•Kennedy Peter, 14 New Bridge st
•Lockhart Janet, 11 Saudgate st
Logan James {& wholesale), 108 High St. 21
George st. Wallacetown, & New rd. Newton
Logan William (& wholesale), 165 High st
London A Newcastle Tea Co. 22S High st
Loudon Tea Co. 86 High st
*M* Bride Hugh A. 16 Content St. Wallacetown
♦M'Clymonfc James, 89 Main St. Newton
M'Connell James, 239 High st [town
M'Connoll William, 12 Gordon pi. Wallace-
M'Conuell William, jun. 244 Higli st
M'Quaker John, 27 Green st. Newton
♦M'vVhirter Alexander, 64 Green st. Newton
•Millar Thomas, 61 Wallace st. Wallacetown
Money William, 1S5 High st
Murray Robert, 256 High st
•Oliver James, 41 & 43 High st
Paterson Archibald, 47 Main st. Newton
Paterson John, Prestwick
Paterson John If. 202 High st
•Ramsay William, 278 High st
Reid Aguos, 74 Sandgate st
"Rutherford George & Henry, 126 High st
♦Smith John, Allison st. Newtou
Thomson Hugo, 7 Peebles St. Newton
-Thomson John, 71 & 170 High st
•Thomson Matthew, 12 Sandgate st
Tweedie Robert, 78 Main St. Newton
Wallace Robert [& tea & whiskey merchant),
Town buildings, 7 High st
♦Wilson William, 55 Main st. Newton, and at
•Winchester William (& Italian
warehouseman!, 28 Sandgate st
Wyllie & Brown, 110 High st
Young D. B. 78 Allison st. Ni I in
Hyland Thomas & Co. Rivet torj Wallace"
town, & at Glasgow & Manchester
Marked thus * are also Perfumers.
Christie David, 212 High st
Graham Archibald, 4 Hope st
•Le Clair Louis, 50 Newmarket it
•Legge William, 53 Newmarl
♦Waters John T. 28 Newmarket st
Craig John & Sons, 28 Fullarton st
Mitchell Walter & Sons (& provision mer-
chants), 22 ,t 24 Main st. Newton
Strathern &. Howatsou, 5 River terrace,
Conuell J. L. W. 195 High st
Craig James, 104 High st
Hosie John, 225 High st
Patrick & Co. 223 High st
Thomson John & Son, 94 High st
Wood Hugh, 31 High st
Carelaw Robert, 4 Killoch place
Miller Walter, 3 Kylo st
Steel Gilbert, Clyde House, Racecourse rd
Walker James, 241 High st
Allan Marion, 84 High st
Cowieson Brothers, 124 High st
Currie, line & Co. Ailsa buildings, 118 & 120
High st
lisher J. & J. A. 58 Newmarket st
Gray Joseph, 14 Sandgate st.& 8 Newmarket st
Guthrie Archibald, Winton bldgs. High st
Hood David, 5 Macneille bldgs.Newwarket st
Macfadzean Robert, 132 High st;
M'Leau Alexander, 201 High st
Motherwell Robert, 117 High st
Orr Alexauder, 50 High st
Patrick & Co. 223 High st
Rice William, 19 Histli st
Stevenson J. & E. 91 High st
Young David, 141 High st
Affleck William & Son, 67 High st
Allan David, 57 Sandgate st
Brown Hugh, 8 Milrig place
Bryden William, 81 Main st. Newton
Crawford T. &. D. 62 Newmarket st
Goldie James B. Prestwick
Hall William, 84 Sandgato st
M'Clure George & John, 5 Dalblair rd
Mauson Thomas, Newmarket st
Millar Robert, Alloway Cottage, Alloway
Reid v John A Son, 26 to 32 Sandgate st
Smith J. & W. 53 Newmarket st
Wilson & Co. (& appraisers), 15 & 17
Sandgate st
Wilson James, 8 Cassillis st
Young James, 48 Newmarket st
(See also Spirit, d-e. Dealers.)
Ayr Arms Hotel (family, commercial and
posting), Hugh Calder, High st
Buck's Head Hotel, Thomas Steen, Kyle st
Burns' Arms, William Bell, Alloway
Eglinton Hotel (family, commercial and
posting), Mrs. Guthrie, 4 Alloway st
King's Arms Hotel (family, commercial and
posting), William Scott, High st
Prince Alfred's Hotel, Margaret Nisbet, 8
Sandgato st
Queen's Hotel (family .& commercial), Har-
bour st — J. M. Lawrence, proprietor
Royal Hotel, Prestwick (under new
management, Samily & commer-
cial hotel. Posting in all its
branches; livery stables; cabs on
the shortest notice; orders
punctually attended to ; charges
strictly moderate) — Andrew
Brown, proprietor
Star Hotel (family, commercial '.& posting),
John Steel, 108 High st
Wellington Hotel (family), Wellington square
— Thomas Butcher, proprietor
also Brass Founders.)
Lfl iter 1 ibi it. Wallacetown Foundry
| Rodger John M. Kyle Foundry,
Uro Willi .in, Green st. Newton
jY< ung J. & T. (and engineers and
bo lei- makers), Vulcan Foundry,
&>r .

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