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Legal Directory— continued.
genry Jardine, 21 Leopold place
Henry John (Henry & Scott), 20 St. Andrew square
Hunter David, 29 Dundasst
Hutchison Andrew A. 18 London sfc
linn's John (Millar, Rohson & Innes), 8 George st
"Ireland Alexander Scott (Pyfe, Ireland &, Maekay), 43 Hanover st
Irons James C. (Irons, Roberts & Lewis), 5 York place & 10 Bernard
st. Leith
Irons, Roberts & Lewis, 5 York place & 10 Bernard st. Leith
Irons James (Irons, Roberts & Lewis), 5 York place
Jack A; Bryson, 39 Frederick st
Jack James M. (Jack & Bryson), 39 Frederick st
Janiie=on James T. 15 Hanover st
Junner James, 39 Frederick st
Keith Archibald B. 7 North St. David st
*Kolly David (Boyd, Jameson & Kelly), 55 Constitution st. Leith
Kinmont John, 17 Eildonst
"Laing Alexander (Philip. Laing & Trail), 41 Charlotte square
*Lamond James (J. A. Campbell & Lamond), 2 Albyn place
[ *Laudale Robert, 15 Roval circus
Latfca John, 80 Dublin st
â–  Lawson John Murray (Liddle & Lawson). 7 North St. David st
Lee John B. W. (53 Frederick st
P Lees David Todd, 30 Howe st
Liddle & Lawson, 7 North St. David st
Liddle Thomas (Liddle & Lawson), 7 North Sh. David st
*Lindsay John K. 16 Queen st
*Lockhart Hugh (Dove & Lockhart), 29 York place
Low A. M. 30 Minto sfc
Low W. H. Dick, 48 Ca3tle st
Lowe AVilliam Duncan (Tods, Murray & Jamieson), GG Queen st
Lyon Hugh (Maitland & Lyon), 2(j Forth st
Mac 1 n*air & Keith, 7 North St. David at
Macbiair David J. (Macbrair & Keith), 7, North St David st
M'Caskie Allan, 8 York buildings
! M'Caul James, 45 Frederick st
Macdonald James (Morton, Neilson & Smart), 19 York place
M'Glashan John (Martin & M'Glashan), 30 Hanover st
Maegregor & Cochrane. 4 North St. Andrew st
Maegregor Gregor, 2 South St. David st [Andrew st
*M'Gregor James M'Cririclc (Maegregor & Cochrane) 4 North St
Maegregor M. & Co. 21 Castle st
*Macgregor Malcolm (Maegregor & Co.) 21 Castle st
M'Intosh George (Waddell & M'Intosh), 87 George st
*M'Intosb James (Cairns. M'Intosh & Morton), 31 Queen st
*MTutosh James Beveridge, 15 Young st
M'Intosh Lachlun, 3G George st
Maclvor W. & F. C. 5 St. Andrew square
*Madvor Fleming C. (W. & F. C. Maclvor) 5 St. Andrew square
Maclvor William (W. & F. C. Maclvor), 5 St. Andrew square â– 
*Mack & Grant, 1 Hanover st
*Maok James S. (Mack & Grant), 1 Hanover st
*Mackay Daniel James (Wilson &, Maekay), 20 Young st
*Mackie A. Kirk. 14 Hanover st
Moelachla'i Dougald, 42 George sfc
MacLaren Duncan (Duncan, Smith & MaoLaren), 02 Frederick sfc
M-Laren Thomas (T. & W. A. M'Laren), 51 Frederick st
M'MMSter J. P (Barton & M'Master), 47 York place
Mac nillan John (deputy-sheriff clerk of chancery), 39 York place
and Exchequer chambers, Parliament square
M'Naught Thomas, 51 Hanover at
M'Naughton Peter, 22 Young st
M'William Robert, 2 Elm row
Malloch P. S. 2 Queen st
Mann A. & G. V. 33 Bernard st. Leith
*Mann George V. (A. & G. V. Mann), 53 Bernard st. Leith
Mann William (Hope, Mann & Kirk), 119 Princes st
Manuel William, 37 Fredei-ick st
*Marchbank James (Cuthbert & Marehbank), 18 Frederick st
Marrable Graham, 20 Mayfield terrace
Marshall James. 1 Eyre plaoe
Martin & M'Glashan, 30 Hanover st
Martin Hugh, 35 Castle sfc
Martin James (Martin & M'Glashan) 30 Hanover sfc
Mason James, 14 Pitt st
Mason James Gordon (Smith & Mason), 28 Queen st
Mathison John, (Nisbet & Mathison)21 York place
Menzies Archibald, 7 St. Andrew square
*Menzies Robert, 5 North St. David st
Millar, R obson & Iunes (and solicitors to the North British Rail-
way Co.), 8 George st
Millar William White (Millar, Robson & Inne3), S George sfc
Miller & Murray, 90 Constitution st. Leith
Miller Robert Hoy (Miller & Murray), 90 Constitution at. Leith
Miller William, 59 George at
Milligan James (J. & J. Milligan, commissioner), 13 George st
Mtlne David, 74 George st
Milroy Hugh (Crown Office). 13 Pitt st
Mitchell Thomas (J. B. Douglas & Mitchell) 45 Frederick st
Mitchell William (Mitchell & Baxter), 11 South Charlotte sfc
Morison Alexander, 77 Great King sfc [.j Bank sfc
*Morison Peter (secretary to the Hcofctish Trade Protection Society),
Morrison William S. 26 Dundas st
Morton David, 89a George sfc
Morton W. K. 31 Sfc. Andrew square
Morton William (Cairns. M'Entoah & Morton), 31 Queen st
*Mure Robert, 4L Great King st
*Murphy Alex. Duncan, 22 Bernard st. Leith
*NewIands Andrew, SO Hanover st
Nicholson James, 11 Arniston place
Nisbet & Mathison, 21 York place
Nivison Abraham, 11 Melbourne plaeo
^Officer William, 21 Castle sfc
Pndon Thomas, 5 Hart st
Pairman John, 50 George st
Paterson, Cameron & Co. S Castle sfc
Paterson D. W. (Paterson, Cameron & Co.), S Castle st
Paterson Thomas G. 53 George sfc
Paterson T. Swinfcon, b.l. 67b Hanover at
Paterson William, 31 Bernard st. Leith
Pearson Peter, 19 India st
Peebles John G. C. ll Brandon st
Philip David (Philip, Laing & Trail), 41 Charlotte square
Philip, Laing & Trail, 41 Charlotte square
Philp James, 13 Bernard st. Leith
*Prosser John (Morton, Neilson & Smart), 19 York place
Purves James, 65 Frederick st
Rainie William B. 65 Castle st
Rennie Jamea (Macrae, Flett & Renuie), 57 North Caafcle at
*Rhind John (Rhind, Lindsay & Wallace), 12 St. Andrew square
Ritchie Alexander (Webster, Will & Ritchie), 37 Queen sfc
Ritchie Charles (Roland & Ritchie), 20 Hill at
Roberts David, G Northumberland st [sfc. Leith
^Roberts John (Irons, Roberts & Lewis), 5 York place &, lo Bernard
Robertson J. & R. A. 18 Queen sfc
Robertson John (A. &A. Campbell), 51 Castle st
Robertson John, jun. 19 Comely bank
Robertson John Alexander, (59 York place
^Robertson Robert A. (J. & R. A. Robertson), 18 Queen st
Robson William (Millar, Robson & Innes), s George st
Romanes John (Romanes & Simson), 7 NuAaon at
Ronald & Ritchie, 20 Hill at
Ross A. Ellison, 15 North Bank st
Ross Andrew. 53 George st
Ross John (J. & J. Ross), 14 Hill st
Roy William G. 16 Dublin st
Sang George (Adam & Sang), 28 Drummond place
Saunders AVilliam (W. & W. Saunders), 42 Albany sfc
Beott Charles T. 3 Dublin st
Scott David A. (Henry & Scott), 20 Sfc. Andrew square
Scott George Ferine, 48 Castle st
Scott Robert, 64 Inverleith row
Scott William Isaac H. (Dowie & Scott), 46 Constitution at. Leith
Shand Janu j 9 Rae (Gordon, Petrie & Shand), 30 George at
Shaw David, 1 Thistle court
Shaw John, 13 Castle st
*Shiell Adam, 53 Frederick st
*Sime William (M'Neill & Sime), SHill sfc
Simpson James (Todd, Yeaman & Simpson), 122 George st
Simpson Peter, 30 St. Andrew square
Skinner James, 14 Frederick at
*Smart John (Morton, Neilson & Smart), 19 York place
Smith &. Mason, 2S Queen at
Smith Andrew (Campbell & Smith), 34 Dublin sfc
Smith Duncan & Maclaren, 62 Frederick at
*Smith George B. 37 Charlotte aquare
*Smith J. Duncan (Duncan Smith & Maclaren), 62 Frederick st
*Smith Robert Addison, 28 Queen sfc
Smith Robert (Beveridge, Sutherland &. Smith), 24 Bernard st
*Snody & Asher, 51 Constitution st. Leith
Somerville James, 30 St. Andrew square
Spink William, 34 St. Andrew square •
Steele William, 61 Frederick st
Stewart-Gellatly & Campbell, 8 York buildings
Stewart Robert, 8 South Charlotte at
Sturroch John Arthur T. 34 St. Andrew square .[Bernard st
^Sutherland James Bland (Beveridge, Sutherland & Smith), 24
^Sutherland W. T. 3S Hanover st
Taylor Charles S. 14 Great King st
Thomson George, 1 Rutland square
Thomson Lockhart, 114 George st
Todd Charles (Hope, Mann & Kirk), 119 Princes st
Trail William R. (Philip, Laing & Trail), 41 Charlotte square
Traquair William, 5 Manslield place
Urqubart Andrew, 3 North St. Andrew sfc
^Wallace Andrew, 3Bernard sfc. Leith
Wallace John. 30 St. Andrew square
Wallace W. D. & J. 30 St. Andrew square
*Walla John, 33 Heriot row
Watt & Anderson, 9 York place
Watt Hugh (Watt & Anderson), 9 York place
Webster, Will & Ritchie, 37 Queen at
*Weir Thomas F. 8 Frederick at
Weir William R. 5 Thistle st
*Welsh & Forbes, 29 St. Andrew square
Welsh John (Welsh & Forbes), 29 St. Andrew square
Whigham & Cowan, 1 George st
*Wlnte Thomas, 114 George sfc
Whitehead John, 15 St. Andrew square
*Will R. W. (Webster. Will & Ritchie), 37 Queen at
Wilson & Maekay, 20 Young st
*Wilson Andrew, 30 Sfc. Andrew square
Wilson D. H. 22 St. Gilea at
*Wilson George (Wilson & Maekay), 20 Young st
*Wilson Thomas Jackson (Finlay & Wilson), 30 Queen st
^Winchester George (Adam & Winchester), 4 York buildings
Wood George M. 8 Bank at
Wordie James William (Sprot & Wordie), 30 Druuimond place
Yeamau-Fodd & Simpson, 122 George st
(Incorporated by Royal Charter, Anno 1780.)
President— William White Millar, 8 George st
Treasurer — John Innes, 8 George sfc
Clerk— George M. Wood, 8 Bank sfc
Marked thus * have also qualified as Agents before the SitpremeCourts
Banks G. C. 9 Sfc Andrew sfc
Catbanaeh Peter L, 4 Abevcromby plaoe
Dyer J. J. 10 Hill st

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