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Legal Directory — continued.
"Hogg C. B. 7 Pieardy place
•limes John, 8 George st
•Keegan John, 10 Duke st
•Miliar William White (Millar, Eobson & Innes), 8 George st
•Moffat Henry, 13 Queen st
Pridie Peter H. 44 Minto st
Eobertson B. A. 18 Queen st
•Scott Eobert, 64 Inverleitb row
•Turner Daniel, 24 George st
•Wood G. M. 8 Bank st
Marked thus * are Notaries Public.
Adam William, 9 Greenhill gardens
•Aitken Thomas, 41 York place
•Allison James, 11 South St. David st
Anderson James L. 14 George st
Anderson E. 10 Montague st
•Andrews James, 31 St. Andrew square
Ayton James, 11 Eyre crescent
Ballinghall George David, 1(5 Castle st
Barclay David, 2 Queen st
•Barr John, 1 India buildings
•Barrie George, 38 Dublin st
Begg & Murray, 29 Albany st
Blair J. E. 90 Constitution st. Leith
Broatch Eobert. 117 George st
Brown Archibald G. 23 May field terrace
Brown Marcus John, 1 George st
Brown Eobert, 8 Hope st
Bruce E. T. 23 Melville terrace
Bryson Alfred, 39 Frederick st
Campbell Alexander (Campbell & Somervell), 51 Hanover st
Campbell J. 27 Howe st ,„„„,,_.,-.
Campbell James P. (Stewart-Gellatly & Campbell), 8 York buildings
Colville C. E. 28 East Claremont st
•Couper William H. 19 Charlotte st. Leith
Cownie Francis S. 17 Upper Gilmore place â– 
Cumming Eobert, 50 George st
Deas John W. 8 Castle st
•Donaldson William, 122 George st
Douglas Eobert M. 49 Dick place
Drummond P. W. 5 Bellevue st
Dyer John, 10 Hill st
•Edwards James F. 11a Hanover st
Edwards W. 13 Hanover st
Fenwick Bruce, 1 Charlotte square
Forbes Eoderick, S9 St. Andrew square
Ford William, 3 Gillespie place
Fraser Archibald, 24 Forrest rd
•Galloway William, 3 Antigua st
Garron Charles, 11 Melbourne place
Garson William (Skene, Edwards & Bilton), 21 Hill st
Gentle Andrew & Co. I George st
Gibson James, 1 Lutton place
Gibson William, 43 Ann st
Gordon William E. 67 Warrender Park rd
Grubb David Eeid, 3 Thistle court
Guild Alexander (Eeid & Guild), 2 Thistle court
Guthrie James, 5a York place
•Harris Alexander (depute-city clerk, clerk to Convention of Eoyal
Burghs & to stentmasters of city), City Chambers
Harris William, 11 Darnaway st
•Hart Thomas, 7 Young st
•Hart Thomas, 67a Hanover st
Heron Alexander, 22 Gillespie crescent
Hogg Archibald B. 7 North St. Andrew st
Hogg Charles B. 7 Pieardy place
Howison William A. 17 Torphiehen st
Hunter Thomas (Macandrew, Wright, Ellis & Blyth), 13 Hill st
•Hutton George, 8 York buildings
Johns J. Watson, 36 George st
•Keith Archibald B. (Macbrair & Keith), 7 North St. David st
*Ker Eobert, D. jun. 60 George st
Kinmount John, 17 Eildon st [st. leith
•Laing Thomas Bryce (conjunct town clerk of Leith), 21 Charlotte
•Latta D. M. 10 Bf-rnard st
Lawson John B. (E. E. Simpson & Lawson), 22 Hill st
Lewis Walter J. (Irons, Eoberts & Lewis), 6 York place
•Linton Thomas, jun. 79 Causewayside
Livingstone Matthew, 108 Gilmore place
•Livingstone Eobert, 3 Hope st
•Lowson William, 28 Constitution st
Macaulay J. D. 122 George st
M'Call M. 13 Castle st
M'Donald Eobert H. 6 Hill place
M'Glashan John (Martin & M'Glashan), 30 Hanover st
Macqueen Eobert, Granton
MacWatt C. H. 34 St. Andrew square
•Masterton William N. 10 George st
Millar John, 12 Woodburn terrace
Millar John Alexander Stevenson, 20 Castle st
More George (J. L. Hill & Co.), 42 Frederick st
Murray David Hill, 13 Frederick st
Murray David (Begg & Murray). 29 Albany st
•Murray William M. (Miller & Murray), 90 Constitution st. Leith
Mustard Alexander, 20 St. Andrew square
Kish E. 51 Hanover st
Nivison Abraham, 11 Melbourne place
Pairman John, 50 George st
•Paterson William, 31 Bernard street
Paton J. 16 Spottiswoode st
Patrick William E. 3 Frederick st
Petrie A. Gordon, 60 George st
*Fhilp J. 13 Bernard st
Porteous W. 17 Elm row
Prain M. M. M. 7 Albert terrace
*Ramsay R. N. 24 Forrest rd
Robb C. & G. 44 Frederick st
Robb Charles <C. & G. Robb), 44 Frederick sfc
^Robertson James, 4 Lindsay place
Rodger W.R. 3 Hill st
*Roy George, 5 Inverleith gardene
Rutherford O. 98 Gifmore place
Rutherford T. 14 West Claremont at
Scott C. 3 Dublin st
Scott John, 3 Marchmont st
Scott W. J, Haig, 1 Deanbank terrace
Sharp James, 10 Baker's place
*Smith David R. 30 Hanover st
Smith George, 34 Dublin st
Smith Robert, 24a Bernard st
Sutherland R. K. & A. 29 Forth st
*Tait Adam, Royal Bank, 36 St. Andrew square
Tait R. Bruce, 23 Melville terrace
Taylor William, 46 Grange rd
Thomson William, 42 Great King st
Turnbull Robert, 23 Dundas st
Vert Alexander C. D. 9 Duncan st. Newington
Wakelin Henry, 37 George st
^Wallace Andrew, 3 Bernard st
^Wallace John, 35 South Bruni slield place
Wardrop Alexander (Banks & Wardrop), 52 Hanover st
Watson Knight, 30 St. Andrew square
Whigham George (Whigham & Cowan), 1 George st
Wilde John, 5 Archibald place
Winchester George (Adam & Winchester), 4 York buildings
Wright Hugh, 51 Hanover st
Young James (Boyd, Jamieson & Kelly), 55 Constitution st. Leith
Marked thus * are Notaries Public.
Adair David R. 3a Eildon st
Anderson E. G. Logielea, Priestfield rd
Anderson William, 11 Dundas st
Antonio Duncan, 84 Great King st
Ayton James, 13 Gayfield square
Beattie John, 10 Panmure place
Bell James M. 9 Caledonian crescent
Bisset David, 14 Parkside st
Brown Alexander A. 35 Frederick at
Brown James, 15 Montague st
Cameron James, 19 Nile grove
Clark Thomas, 31 Scotland at
Cook James, 21 India st
Davidson Thomas, 4 Hart st
Douglas David, 1 Angle Park terrace
Duthie David, 68 Haymarket terrace
Ferguson James W. 4 Bernard terrace
Fergusson Robert Muir, 4 Morrison st
*Flett David (Macrae. Flett & Rennie), 57 Castle st
Forbes Alexander R. 6 Wolseley terrace
Forgan William. 3 Warristnn crescent
Forman George Begbie, 8 Hamburgh place, North Leith
*Fyfe James, 56 India st
Garrow Charles, 11 Melville place
Gavin James, 59 George st
Gibson Robert, 4 Bonnington terrace
Gillespie Thomas, 11 Laurel terrace
Graham William, 4 Leven terrace
Gregor John, 8 Bellevue st
Hay Alexander, 264 Bonnington rd
Hendry William, 18 Duncan st
Hepburn D. 30 Hamilton place
Howie O. H. 30 Lutton place
Hunter George, 3 Comely Green crescent
Kennedy John, 71 Great King st
Kerr James, 5 Torphiehen st
Latta Alexander, 14 Leopold place
Leask William, 86 Pitt st. Bonnington
Lennox Hugh, 35 Marchmont crescent
Logan Thomas, 35 Gillespie crescent
*Lowe John, 29 George st
M'Bean H. F. 3L North bridge
*M*Call Martin, 13 Castle st
M*Ewan J. 12 Woodburn terrace
^Macintyre Robert, Bank of Scotland, Bank st
Maclagan Thomas, 6 Carlung place
M'Meikan William, 41 Ann st
Matthew William D. 10 Gillespie crescent
Millar & Bryce, 5 York place
Mitchell .lames, 6 Roekville place
Moncur William, 47 Big Lor-hend close
Monteath H. 39 Castle st
Morrison William, 26 Dundas st
^Murray A. 4 Blackford rd
Murray J. 22 Hartington place
Ness Alexander, 1 Alfred place
Newbigging Robert, 1-1 Claremont terrace
Ogllvie Charles R. 30 West Maitland st
Peterkin E. 22 Young st
Purves J. T. 87 Causewayside
Rae Donald, 30 St. Andrew square
Ramsay James, 13 Henderson row
Rattray William R. 2 Lord Russell place
Ritchie William, 15 Rosehall terrace
Ross A. F. 35 Lauriston gardens
Ross Alexander, 23 Howe st
Ross T. 14 Claremont terrace
Roy George, 5 Inverleith gardens

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