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Oliver and Son, live stock auctioneers and cattle
salesmen, Agricultural Hall and Auction Mart,
Valleyfleld st
Oliver Archibald, L.A. 9 Warrender Park terrace
George, m.d. surgeon, 14 Hart st
Gilbert E. engraver, 30 St. James's square ; res. 9 Maston ter
J. P. shipping & insurance agent, 13A North Hanover st ;
res. 13 Pitt st
James, agent Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, Shand-
wick place ; res. 9 Brandon st
James, clerk to the justices, 21 Marchmont rd
James, butcher, 31 Pitt st
Janet, apartment s, 24 North Bruntsfield place
John, plumber. 31 Brougham place
John, clerk, 20 Balfour st
John, coal merchant, 83 Abbey hill
John, builder, Meadow place ; res. 8 Marchmont terrace
Mary & Isabella, boarding school, 11 Rutland squaro
Sommerville, m.d., l.e.c.s. Edin. surgeon, Vue Ville, Ferry
rd. Wardie
William (British Linen Co. Bank), 9 South East Circus place
Olsen Harald, clerk, 8 Smith's place, Leith walk
Omand J. Petrie, traveller, Quindrie Villa, 9 Sylvan place
Omit .John, dairyman, 16 Cumberland st
William, smith, 1 High riggs ; res. 11 Thomas st
Omond G .W.T. advocate, 4 Royal circus
Oncken Gerhard, provision merchant, 19 Mitchell st ; res. 4 Cherry-
bank, Newhaven rd. Leith
O'Neil Hugh, broker, 2">9 Cowgate
James, hairdresser, 251 High st
O'Neill Ann, marine 3tore dealer, 337 Cowgate
Bernard, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
John, householder, 46 Warrender Park rd
Ontario Investment Association, Limited. 26 George st — Paulin.
Sorley & Martin, general agents for Britain
Orde Mrs. — , householder, 61 Leamington terrace
Orderly Room, City of Edinburgh Artillery Volunteers, 2 Elder st
Room, The Queen's City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers,
Brigade Drill Hall, Forrest rd [lay st
Room, Midlothian Coast Artillery Volunteer Corps, 30 Grind-
Ordnance Survey Office. General Post Office bldgs. North Bridge st
Oregon Mortgage Co. Limited, 21 Thistle st— James Macdonald,
Oriental Bank Corporation, 30 St. Andrew square— David F. Och-
terlony, agent [crieff, secretary
Original Ragged & Industrial Schools, 15 Hill st— J. Forbes Mon-
Oriuan William, general dealer, 13 Bristo place
William, builder, Lover's loan
Ormes Stephen J. insurance agent, 8 Hall place
Ormiston Agnes, draper, 163 Pleasance
& Glass, fancy stationers & pocket book makers, 8 Elder st
Andrew, chairmaker, 8 Drumbryan st
David, Zona Hotel, 82 Nicolson st
James, farrier, 17 King's stables
John, dairy, 17 Tarvit st
John, house agent, 8 Dairy rd ; res. 17 Tarvit st
John, coal merchant, Jock's Lndge
Thomas, bank clerk, 19 St. Giles st
William, surveyor & valuator (Cousin & Ormiston), Relu<msrd
Orosz Francis, professor of music. 26 Dublin st
Orphanage Home, 30 Raeburn place
Orphoot Peter A. m.d. surgeon dentist, 113 George st
Thomas H. advocate, 113 George st
Orr Mrs. — , householder, 14 Marchmont rd [Pitt st
Alexander, joiner & cabinet maker, & carpet beating works, 44
Andrew, greengrocer, 50 West Richmond st
Christina, milliner, 9 Spittal st
George, bookbinder, 4 Marchmont orescent
James, chimney sweep, 69 Causewayside
John, missionary, 1 Gladstone terrace
Robert, confectioner, 7 Coburg st. Leith
Robert L. advocate, 47 Castle st [Fingal pi
Samuel K. accountant, &c. 12 St. David st. North ; res. 3
William, shipowner, 125 Warrender Park rd
Orrock Alexander, bookbinder (Orroek & Son), 17 Saint Catherine
place, Grange
& Son, bookbinders & stationers, i North bridge
Archibald, bookbinder (Orrock & Son), 2 Hope Park crescent
David, sergeant-major 1st Midlothian Rifle Volunteers, 65
Montgomery st
Mary, clothes broker. 124 Cowgate
Thomas, bootmaker, 9 Dean st
Oswald Henry R. m.d. surgeon, Glencraig, Polwarth terrace
John, tailor. 6 North Junction st. Leith
John (Register House), 33 Craigmillar park
John H. artist, 2S London st
John M. householder, 12 Marchmont crescent
â–  Robert, clothier & draper, 170 High st
William, baker & c infeetioner, 50 Morningside rd
Otago & Southland Investment Co. Limited, 21 Thistle st— Auld &
Macdonald, agents
O'Toole John, earthenware dealer & broker, 193 Cowgate
Ott William, clock maker, 12a Leith Street terrace
Otto William, shopkeeper. 75 Cumberland st
OttywellA. O. emigration, shipping, insurance and
commission' agent local agent for Agents General
for New Zealand, New South Wales & Queensland
6 Shandwick place
Our Club, 36 Hanover st— John Young, secretary [pi
Outerson William, builder. East New'ington place ; res. 2 Parkside
Ovens John R. merchant (T. Ovens & Sons), 14 Glencairn crescent
Margaret, apartments, 39 Marchmont rd
Robert, flesher, 32 Queen st. Leith
Ovens T. and Sons, manure merchants, seed, linseed
cake and cattle food merchants, 51 Timber bush
Ovens William R. merchant (T. Ovens & Sons), 25 Glencairn cres
1 Rillbank
Ovenston Thomas, shopkeeper!" cab proprietor, Jock's Lod^e
Overend Brothers, tailors & clothiers , 52 Bristo st
George, tailor (Overend Brothers), 33 Carlton Terrace lane
Rev. James, M.A. teacher, 24 Scotland st
John, dairyman. 140 Cowgate
— William tailor (Overend Brothers). 22 Duncan st. Newin^ton
Overton Wilham, commission agent, 7 North St. Andrew st res 5
Kilmaunce rd '
Owen Miss — . dressmaker, 34 Caledonian crescent mi
— - Joseph, auctioneer & appraiser, 19 Greenside pi ; res. 17 Union
Oxford (Ih^Dniversity Press Depat, 6 Queen st-Henry Froude,
PACITTI Andrew, confectioner, 8 West Richmond st
— Felice, confectioner. 27 Duke st. & 54 Bridge st. Leith
Packer Ann, householder, 53 Cumberland st
— - — Ellen, householder. 106 Lauriston place
Pado ii A. & D stationers, 13 St. Andrew square
â–  Thomas, S.S.C. 5 Hart st
Pagan Mrs. — , lodgings, 8 Melville st
Page & Rattray, tailors & clothiers, S Frederick st
_ £3 , ? e 7 S3 l4 pirit . <i £ alers ' I54 Bonnington rd. Leith
JJavid, tailor (Page & Rattray), 5 Tait st
Frederick, dentist, 4 Queens'ferry st
— Margaret, dairy, 2S JSorth Richmond st
Paget J. broker, 29 Giles st. Leith
Painters' Hall, IS 1 ! High st
Pah-man Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 Arevlc place
Alexander, provision merchant (Pah-man Brothers), 1 Kir-
bank crescent
Brothers, wholesale provision merchants, 1 Hav st
George M. builder, Broughton market
; J .°'? n - ss -°- 50 George st ; res. 9 Craiglea drive
-—William, provision merchant (Pah-man Brothers)
i£i,L 'iL ne «. e °m'Tussion agent (Hurst & Co.), 38 Albany st. L
Proprietor 9 Princes st-John Ferguson,
Palfrey Joshua, apartments, 2S Walker at
Palmas & Findlay, boarding school, 13 Buckingham terrace
Palmer Mrs— apartments, 13 North West Circus place
A. G. photographer, 77 Leith walk. Leith
— — Alexander, hairdresser, 16 Brunswick st
ITNiddr d S ? n coacllmal£ers furnishing warehouse,
Palmer & Swan, fruiterers, 1 & 2 Drumdrvan st
Anthony, baker & confectioner, 17 Caledonian terrace, Dah-y
rd. & 27/ Canongate
C. teacher of music, 4 Roseburn terrace, Murrayfield
5 av ^-,°° rn merchant (David Palmer & Son), Marchmont rd
m ' eorn mel 'chants, 13 Cowgate head
P- W. dealer in antiques & works of art, 74 George st
-— Ihomas, coaohmakers' furnisher (Palmer & Son), 17 Niddry st
Panton Misses — , 31 Hope terrace
& Co. clothiers, halters & hosiers, 37 South bridge
George A. agent to Wigan & Cosier, hop merchants (London),
1 India buildings ; res. 12 Osborne terrace
Paris Gideon, dairyman, 6 Easter rd
Park Miss — , householder, 18 Broughton st
Adam, cabinet maker, 26 Fountain bridge
Christian, householder, 50 Bruntsfield place South
David, drapers' assistant, 17 Dundas st
, Dobson & Co. timber merchants, Bands, Albert Dock and
Eastern Saw Mills, Leith
Ebenezer, engineer (James Dove & Co.), 19 Windsor st
G. H. artist, 6 Shandwick place
James, corn dealer, 200 Pleasance
James, stockbroker (Ainslie & Park), Stoneyhill, Musselburgh
James D. engineer (James Dove &, Co.), 23 Albany st
Jane, dairy, 73 Great Junction st
John C. surgeon dentist, 26 Frederick st
Thomas, boot & shoe maker. 33 Clerk st ; res 32 Oxford st
Walter, boot and shoe maker, 14 South College st ; res. 109
Marchmont rd
Parker John, shipmaster, 133 Ferry rd. Leith
R bert, shipmaster, 2 South Fort St. Leith
Parliamentary Society, 30 Hanover st— Robert A. Man-, secretary
Parochial Board Office— Aire Public Buildings
Parsons John W. artist, 6 Shandwick place
Pass Edwin, perfumer (Edwin Pass & Son), 32 Dundas st
Edwin & Son, perfumers & hairdressers, 103 Princes st
Passport Office, 10 Royal Exchange
Paston William, bootmaker, 7 Simon square
Patent Agency Office, 12 St. Andrew square— Rhind, Lindsay and
Wallace, agents
Paterson Mrs. — . householder, 5 Leamington terrace
Miss — , householder, 47 Great King st
A. & A., C.A. 74 George st
Captain A. 6 Wardie rd. Wardie
Alexander F. superintending inspector of stamps and taxes
for Scotland, 14 Waterloo plac? ; res. Slateford
Alexander, tailor, 12 Valleyfleld st
— Alexander, butcher, 8 Duke st. & dairyman, 4 Morton st. L
â–  Alexander, plumber, 15 Picardy place ; res. 9 Greenside place
Alexander, shopkeeper, 85 Giles st. Leith [st
Alexander, grocer (Alexander F. Paterson & Son), 12 Primrose
Alexander F. & Son, grocers & spirit dealers, 39 Kirkgate, L
Alexander J., C. A. (A. & A. P.terson), 8 Abbotsford crescent
& Calvert, asphalters, 10 North St. Andrew st. and Pattison
st. Leith
& Co. commission agents, Middle Dock gates, Leith
& Day, plumbers & gasfitt?rs, 17 Maitland st
Paterson & Sons, music sellers to the Queen, 27 George
Paterson Andrew, joiner & cabinet maker, 29 Circus lane
— Andrew, C.A. (A. & A. Paterson), 8 Abbotsford crescent
Brothers, joiners & builders, 234 & 236 Causewayside
C. J. G., C.A. 122 George st

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