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Nightingale Alfred M. joiner, 35 St. Stephen st
& M-Laeblan, tailors & clothiers, 19 South St. Andrew st
E. W. tailor (Nightingale & M'Lachlan). 33 B. Claremont st «
Nimmo & Burns, coal merchants (established 1S29), 85 Cleric st.
39 Queen st. &3 West Tollcross
â–  & Son, photographers, 39 South bridge
D. & D. lithographic printers, 1 Swinton row
David, engraver (D. &D. Nimmo), 3 Leopold place
. David, coal merchant, 31 Lothian rd
Elizabeth, dairy, 4a Urumdryan st [*"d
James, coal owner (Nimmo & Burns), Rosebank, S Priestfield
Of John, greengrocer, 5u Sandport st
-, John, coal master (John Niinmo & Sons), 42 Lauder rd
m John & Sons, coal masters, 83 Clerk st
I William, commission merchant, Bell's court, Leith [park
I William, stationer (William Nimmo & Co.). 3 Morningside
f Nimmo William & Co. stationers, account book manu-
facturers, letterpress and lithographic printers, 54
Constitution st. Leith
Nimmo William P. &Co. publishers, 23 St. James's square [st. L
Nisbet A. & J. Berlin wool and fancy repository, 3 Great Junction
Alexander, nurseryman. Murraylield
' Alexander P. warehouseman (Thomas Cooper & Co.), 4 Glen-
gyle terrace
[ & Matbison, S.S.C. 21 York place
Andrew, fruiterer & confectioner, 10 Salisbury place
Charles C, W.S. 23 York place; res. 56 Great King st
David, shopkeeper, 26 Lauriston st
Francis, contractor, 11 Salamander st. Leith
Nisbet James, house painter, paperhanger and
decorator, 15 George st ; res. 8 Eellevue st
Nisbet James, agent. 3 Buchanan st
Rev. James S. secretary for Bible Society of Scotland, 5 St.
Andrew square ; res. 4 Pentland terrace
John, insurance & house agent, 70 Buocleuch st
John, bootmaker, 33 Clerk st
John, tobacconist, 4 Craigrossie pi. Bonnington
Nisbet John, Buchanans Temperance Hotel, 114 High
Wisbet Pollock S. artist, 31 Hanover st
Robert, master mariner, 42 Prince Regent st. Leith
Robert, umbrella maker, 59 Morrison st
Robert, bank agent, 60 Constitution ac Leith
Robert (G.P.O.), 10 Livingstone place [rd
Thomas, newsagent k tobacconist, 7 Carrick's buildings, Dairy
Wish Edward, solicitor, 51 Hanover st
Nissen Peter C. clerk, 10 Hamburgh pi. Leith
Niven Adam Wilson, fruiterer, 11 Clifion terrace, Haymarket ;
res. Saughton rd. Corstorphine
Alexander T., C.A. 122 George st ; res. 8 Fountainhaugh rd
- — Catherine, fish dealer, 85 Kirkgate, Leith
John, butcher, 8 Calton st ; res. Hermiston, by Carrie
John, dairyman, 3 Canon place, Canonmills
Mary A. newsagent, 46 Alva place
W. & M. hide, skin, & tallow merchants, Canonmills
William, hairdresser, 25 Albert, place ; res. 4.0 Balfour st
William, commission agent, 37 Frederick st
Nivison Abraham, S.S.C. 11 Melbourne place
Jessie, dress & mantle maker, 11 Melbourne place
Nixon Agnes, dressmaker, 3 Waterloo place
Nixon John, boot <& shoe manufacturer, 31 Dairy rd.
and 93 West bow ; res. 5 Brougham place
"Nixon Thomas, shopman, 31 Panmure place
Nobel's Explosives Co. Limited, 29 St. James's sq—
j&obert Hamilton, agent
Noble Miss — , teacher of singing. 50 George st
Adam, tailor & clothier 29 West Maitland st
Alexander, fancy bazaar, 6 Clerk st [Lauder rd
Alexander, chemist & druggist (Duncm, Flockhart & Co.), 34
& Saunders, boarding school, A2 Drumsheugh gardens
Archibald, dining room, 9 St. Giles st
Bartholomew, clerk, Agnes Cottage, East Trinity rd. Trinity
David, furnishing ironmonger, 13(5 High st ; res. Bellevue
Cottage, East Trinity rd. Trinity
Robert, painter (M'Pherson & Noble), 22 Dean Park st
Simon L. teacher, 20 Pitt st [rd
Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 57 Pleasance ; res. 6 Roxburgh
William, commercial traveller, 18 Caledonian terrace
Nolan John, butler, 15 Dundas st
: Patrick, butler, 7 Intra st
Thomas, pawnbroker, 7 & 11 Fountain bridge
Nolli John B. spirit dealer, 169 Leith walk
Nord Henry, householder, 13 Frederick st
Norfor R. T., C. A. (Macpherson & Norfor), 7 Glengyle terrace
Nori Henry Hay. W.S. manager Union Bank of Scotland, 64 George
st; res. Coltbridge Hall, Murraylield
Norman Robert, traveller, 9 Priestfield rd
Norrie Andrew, bank inspector, Inver Lodge. Polworth terrace
Isabella, fruiterer & greengrocer, 24 Bridge st. Leith
John R. & Co. chiropodists, 102 George st ; res. 25 Dick place
Norris George, joiner & cabinet maker, 25 Buccleueh st
North Albion Property Investment Co. Limited, 63 Hanover st—
J. E. Dovey, C.A. manager
British Advertiser & Ladies' Own Journal Office, 6 Mel-
bourne place— J. & J. Gray, nroprietora
North British Agriculturist Newspaper (Wednesday
evening), 377 High st. & 145 Uueen Victoria st.
London, E.G.— C- Sc R. Anderson, publishers
North British and Mercantile Fire and Life Insur-
ance Co. 64 Princes st— A. Gillies Smith, manager ;
Philip R. D. Maclagan secretary; David Chisholm,
actuary — Sec advertisement
North British Marble Co. Canonmills
British Property Investment Co. Limited, 29 St. Andrew sq—
A. Davidson Smith, manager
British Railway Company'? Offices, 4 Princes st— John Walker,
general manager ; G. B. Wieland, secretary
North British Re-Insurance Company Limited, lu St. Andrew
square — William Brown, local manager
North British Rubber Company, Limited, Castle
Mills, Fountain bridge -William E. BEtrtlett, manag-
ing director ; William Firth, secretary
North British Steam Packet Office, 4 Princes st — R. Darling, sec
Leith Drapery Co. 1 North Junction st. Leith
Leith Parochial Chambers, 29 North Junction st. Leith—
James Miles, inspector
Leith Poor House, North Junction st. Leith
of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Co. 18
Waterloo place ; 6-4 Constitution st. Leith, & 23 Commer-
cial st— George Houriton, agent
Northern Accident Insurance Company Limited, 2 Greenside pi — ■
Richard W. Huic, resident secretary
& Fresh Meat Association, 6 Canonmills bridge
Northern Assurance Company (established 1836), in-
corporated by Act of Parliament. 2o Saint Andrew
square -A. G- Gillespie, resident sec— See advertisement
Northern Bowling Club, Limited, Henderson row
Club, 91 George st— W. Black, manager; tieorge E. Watson,
C.A. secretary, 40 Frederick st [manager
District Co-operative Society, 42 Brunswick st— John Docherty,
(The) Heritable Securities Investment Co. Limited, 43 Han-
over st — Alexander Scott Ireland, secretary
(The) Investment Co. of New Zealand, Limited, 6(5 Frederick
st— Alexander Fleming, S.S.C. secretary
Lighthouses (Commissioners of.) Office, 48 George st— J. M.
Duncan, secretary
Marine Insurance Co. Limited, 5(3 Constitution st. Leith—
George Martin, agent
Norton Park Co-operative Society, Limited, 13 Montrose terrace,
& 3 Boslin st— Archibald Betters, manager
Norwich & London Accident Insurance Association— Eraser,
Stodart & Ballingall, l'i Castle st. secretaries
Union Fire Insurance Society (Chief Office in Edinburgh), 16
Castle st.— Fraser, Stodart & BalUngall, W.S. secretaries
Union Life Insurance Society, 21 St. Andrew square— T. M.
Pittendrigh, district inspector
Notman Archibald, lapidary, 51 Hanover st
David, wright, &o. 103 Giles st. Leith
William, coal agent, 2 Gorgie Cottage, Gorgie
William, householder, Northiield Cottage , Newhaveu rd
Nowers Thomas W. (Inland Revenue), 39 St. Bernard's crescent
Nurses' (for the Sick) Home &, Training Institution, 125 Princes
st — Mrs. Eayne, lady superintendent
Nutt Whaley B. ladies' boarding school. The Grange House,
Grange loan
OAKELEY Sir Herbert S. professor of music in the University ;
class room, 6 Park pi
O'Brien F. E. F. professor of music, 2a Hope Park crescent
Observatory (Short's), Castle bill— William Hart, proprietor-
Obstetrical Society, 5 St. Andrew square
Ocean, Railway, and General Accident Assurance and Guarantee
Companies, Limited, 73 George st— James Saunders,
resident secretary
Ochterlony David F. agent for the New Oriental Bank Corporati n,
Limited, 23 St. Andrew square [ton rd
O'Connel B. whip-gut manufacturer, Beaver Hall, Lower Brown-
O'Connor Margaret, fishmonger, 30a St. Mary st
Oddfellows' Hall, 14 Forrest road— Adam Walker, hall keeper
O'Donnell Charles, manager, 15 Leslie place
John, contractor, 2 Roxburgh st
Margaret, householder, 16 Broughton place
Odonto-Chirurgical Society of Scotland, 30 Chambers st— J. S.
Amoore, l.d.s. secretary
Oellingrath Gustav, tailor, 14 Coburg st
O'Parrell P. shopkeeper, Jock's Lodge
Officer Wm. S.S.C. 21 South Castle st ; res, 30 Coates' gardens
Offices of Museum of Science and Art. Chambers st
of the Free Church of Scotland, 15 North Bank st
of the United Presbyterian Church, Castle terrace
Ogg Andrew, house agent, 54 Cockburn st [terrace
Christina Helen, private boarding house for invalids, 6 Castle
John, cabinet maker, North West Rose Street lane
Rachel, corset maker, 15 Maitland st
Ogilvie Charles R. writer, SO West Maitland st
— - George, head master (George Watson's College Schools), II
Hartington place
Jane, householder, 67 Gt. King st
John, pocket book & jewel crse maker, 2 Leith Street terrace
Robert L. teller, 13 Carlton st [Leith
Ogilvy Alexander, slater, 63 Duke st; res. 24 Restalrig terrace,
Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Dundas st ; res. 13 North
West Circus place
Ogle & Murray, booksellers, 16 Forrest rd
O'Hagan Patrick, gun & rifle barrel maker. Silver-mills
O'Halloran Margaret, tobacconist, 26 Saint Mary st. and 14
Port Hopetoun
O'Hara Richard C. (G.P.O.) 1 Craigmillar villas
O'Keefe George, pawnbroker, 19, 179 & 2 1 .)! Canongate ; res.
23 George IV. bridge
Old Allan, coal agent, St. Leonard's & Leith Walk stations; res.
39 March mont crescent
Oldham Jobn. dairy, 5 Fittoria place
Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, booksellers and
publishers, 24 St. Giles st
Olipbant Euphemia, draper & dressmaker, 28b St. Leonard st
James, joiner, 11 Cathcart place
James, m.a. teacher, 50 Palmerston place
James B. baker, 11 Clerk st
John C. m.a. teacher, 50 Palmerston place
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 10 West Adam st
Oliver & Boyd, publishers, printers, booksellers & bookbinders, &
publishers of the " New Edinburgh Almanac," Tweeddale
court, High st

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