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Linklater James, shipmaster, Bonnington grove
-James S. merchant (J. S. Linklater & Co.),14Summersidest.L
James S. &. Co. provision merchants, commission agents, ship-
owners, &c. Commercial wharf, Leith
James 8. joiner, 13 Sputfciswoode st
Mary, dressmaker, 143 Constitution st
John, dairy, 47 St. Stephen st
Joseph, dairyman, 1(5 Henderson row [Princes st
Robert & Co. manufacturers of Shetland shawls & hosiery, 60b
Linkstow Robert, traveller, 23 Polwarth gardens
Linlithgow Oil Company, Limited, registered office, 122 George st
Linn Mary S. dressmaker, 3£> Coatlield lane [143 Ferry rd
Linton Adam, china & glass merchant, Trafalgar st. Leith ; res.
Adam, grocer, 3(5a St. Leonards st
Alexander G. cork manufacturer, &c. 20 G-uthriest
Andrew, cork cutter, 87 High st ; res. 8 Roxburgh st
Frederick T. C. superintendent (Edinburgh and Leith Gas
Works), 4 Assembly st
Isabella, householder, 5 Roxburgh st
James, commercial traveller, 16 Grove]st
John, m.d. 60 George square
John, plumber & gasfitter, 76 Lauriston st
Ralph T. pharmaceutical chemist, 1 Albert st. 4 & 5 Crighton
place, 365 Leith walk, & 8 Nicolson st ; res. 25 Buccleuch.pl
Thomas, jun. N.P. 79 Causewayside
Thomas, prosecuting iiscal, 55 Grange loans
Thomas, dairy, 20 Bowling Green st. Leith
Lion Foundry Co. ironfounders (Kirkintilloch), 12a Rose st— J, TV.
Lyell, wai'ehouseman
Lipton Thomas J. butter & ham merchant, 59 North bridge,] & 100
Kirkgate, Leith
Lisle George, butcher & game dealer, 75 Northumberland st ; res.
33 Howe st
Lister Wilhelmina, shopkeeper, 13 Semple st
Liston Christina, householder, 10 Glengyle terrace
George, house agent, undertaker & appraiser, 83 George st ;
res. 35 York place
Young, bootmaker, 93 Main st. Newhaven
Lithgow Stewart A. m.d. brigade surgeon, army medical depart-
ment, 18 Chalmers st
Little Jacob, school board officer, 59 Forrest rd
James, artist, 34 St. Andrew square
John, joiner, 9 Hill square
Joseph, bath proprietor, 12 Nicolson square [row
Robert, plumber & gasfitter, 12 Hamilton pi ; res. 6 Henderson
Robert, artist, 15 Shandwick place
Robert, ordained surveyor, 35 Chalmers st
Sisters of the Poor, 43 & 45 Gilmore place
William, smith & ironmonger, 79 Pitt st ; res. 30 Hamilton
place, Stockbridge
Littlejohn George, joiner, 71 Clerk st
â–  â–  Henry D. m.d. 24 Royal circus
James D. printer, 12 Antigua st
Robert, teller, 122 Gilmore place [Markpt st
Thomas, confectioner, 31 & 33 Leith st ; res. Napier Villa,
Live Stock Journal (Friday) . 63 Princes st— Vinton and
Co. Limited, publishers; London office, 30Hampstead
rd. London
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. (Edinburgh branch),
23 St. Andrew square — John M'Intosh, resident secretary
Livingston & Weir, commission agents & merchants, 7 Roxburgh
place & 10 Bernard st. Leith
James, merchant (Livingston & Weir), 32 Dick place
Jane, grocer, 23 Haddington place
John, property agent, 80 Constitution st. Leith ; res. 49
Helensville, Loohend rd. Leith
Josiah, merchant (Livingston & Weir), 4 Minto st
Livingstone E. & S. booksellers & publishers, 57 South bridge and
15 Teviot st
- — ■ George, bank clerk, 34 Marchmont crescent
â–  H. dressmaker, 100 Lauriston place
Matthew, law agent, 10S Gilmore place
Memorial Medical MissionaryTraining Institution, 39 Cow-
gate — Rev. John Lowe, superintendent
Lizars & Taylor, corn merchants, 17 Quality st. Leith
Lloyd Hugh, householder, 2 Hope Park crescent
Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 56 Constitution st. Leith
Loch M'ss — , dressmaker, 3 Gillespie crescent
Adam, asphalter (Limmer Asphalte Paving Co.), 12 Hender-
son terrace ; yard, 254 Leith walk [hill pi
Lochhead James, coal agent, Morrison Street dep6t; res. 6 Rose-
Robert, broker, 9 Giles st. Leith
Robert, blacksmith, 109 Kirkgate, Leith
Lochore Margaret, householder, 7 East Preston st
& Capeldrae Cannel Coal Co. Limited, 28 St. Andrew square-
Robert Brown, C.A. secretary
Lock George, clerk, 5 Valleyfield st
Locke Alexander, smith & bellhanger, St. Andrew Square lane
Margaret, dairy, 7 Greenskle row
Lockerbie James, chemist. 28 Marchmont rd
â–  Jane, greengrocer, 16 Buccleuch st
â–  William W. greengrocer, 13 West NewJngton place
Lockhart A. F. M. advocate. S Randolph crescent
Alexander, butcher, II Merchiston terrace
George, dairy, Dumbiedykes rd
Hugh, S.S.C. 29 York place; res. 8 West Savile rd
â–  'John, dairy, Eroughton rd
John, seedsman & florist, 1 Morningside rd. & Merchiston
Bank avenue
John, spirit dealer, 2 Coburgst. Leith [Lodge
Ninian, manufacturer's agent, 2 Willow Brae Villas, Jock's
Robert, jun, oil manufacturer (R. Lockhart, jun. & Co.), Belle-
isle, Polwarth terrace
"Robert, shopkeeper. 146 Pleasance
Lockhart Robert, jun. and Co. seed crushers and oil
and cake manufacturers, Waverley Oil Mills, "West
Lockhart William E, artist, 9 Chamberlain rd ~ "
Lockie John, teacher of navigation and consulting engineer 2
Commercial st. Leith ; res. 39 Restalrig terrace & '
Margaret P. dressmaker, 15 Upper Gilmore place
Thomas, C E. 4 East Hroughton place
Lodge Harry, furnace builder, 30 St. James' square
Loefeu Miss Von, householder, 22 India st [mont st
Logan Alexander, W.S. 7 St. Andrew st. North ; res. 26 East Clare-
Alexander, clerk, 3 East London st
Ann, tobacconist, 155 High sfe
Charles B., W.S. (Mackenzie, Innes & Logan, Cron
for Scotland), 57 Manor place
David, dairy, 14 Dundee terrace
David, van builder, Viewfon h
George, clerk, 6 Walker terrace, Dairy rd
Helen E. householder, 29 India st
J. toy dealer, 3 Forrest rd
James, station master, Worth British Railway, Bonnlno-tnn
James J. printer, 8 Tarvit st
awn agents
— John & S.ms, coal masters & canal lighter owners 5
Hopetoun, 47 Queensferry st. and Haymarket
Ma«-y> grocer, 43 St. Giles st. Leith
R. F. artist, 4 Pieardy place
Thomas M. clerk, 159 Ferry rd
William, painter (Win. Logan & Son), 5 West Adam st
William & Son, painters, 3 Guthrie st
Logie Miss — , dressmaker, 20 Dickson st
James, householder, 11 Henderson terrace, Tynecastle
William, tobacconist, 67 Leith walk
Lohden Sc Co. steam ship owners and coal exporters, 63 Constitu-
tion st. Leith
London & Belfast Tea Company, 58b Fountain bridge
& Canadian Loan & Atjenoy Company, Limited, 23 Castle st—
Mackenzie & Black, W.S. agents'
& Counties Tea Company, tea dealers, 104 Kirkgate Leith
London and Edinburgh Shipping Company's Office.
8 and 9 Commercial st. Leith— Thomas Aitken
manager— See advertisement
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Company— Graham, John-
ston & Fleming, W.S 66 Frederick st. agenti
& Lancashire Life Insurance Company, 75 Princes st—
Charles Christie, local manager
& Lancashire Insurance Company, 13 Hanover st.— George
Scott, junr. agent
& Newcastle Company, tea dealers, 100 High st. 12 Clerk st S
Dairy rd. 34 Earl Grey st. & 101 Kirkgate, Leith
& Ontario Investment Co. Limited— Henderson & Clark 4
York place, and Home, & Lyell, 39 Castle st. agents '
& Provincial Fire Insurance Co. Limited, 3 Queen st— Gordon
Pringle, Dallas & Co. agents
Assurance Corporation (tire department)— T. J. Dickson 3
North St. David st. agent
London Edinburgh and Glasgow Assurance Co
Limited. 9 North St. David st-Cotton & Valentine
resident secretaries
London Guarantee & Accident Company, Limited
(with which is amalgamated the Guarantee Asso-
ciation of Scotland); Scottish Branch, 123 George st
—Francis A. Bringloe, C.A. local secretary
London Missionary Society (Edinburgh Auxiliary), 1 Hanover st—
James S. Mack, S.S.C. treasurer
Printing & Publishing Compauy, Limited, 3 East Register st—
W. Kellick. agent
Union Fire & Life Assurance Office, i St. Andrew sq
Londonderry Steam Packet Office, 7 North St. Andrew st
Longmore Adam, bank agent, 5(5 Melville st
Hospital for Incurables, 7 Salisbury place
Longmuir Thomas, bank manager, 18 Merchiston avenue
Longstreeth Oswald, draper, 10 Morningside rd
Lonie Andrew, carter & contractor, 2 North St. Andrew Street lane
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 Bowling Green st. Leith
Margaret, householder, 5 Maitland place, Trinity
Loog Hrmann, Limited, sewing machine manufacturers. 43
Nicolson st
Loraine Robert, spring van & cart maker, 160 Canongate
Lord Clerk Register's Office, Register House, Princes st
Lyon's Office, Register Hmise, Princes st
â–  Provost's Chambers, Royal Exchange
Lorimer & Clark, Caledonian Brewery, Slateford rd [George at
& Fairbairn, civil engineers, surveyors & valuators. (.U
& Gillies, printers, 31 St. Andrew square
Charles, hairdresser, 2ti G-reenside st
David, printer (Lorimer & Gillies), 20 Annandale st
Francis C. carriers' agent, 5 Elizafield, Bonnington
George, hairdresser, 26 Greenside st
George, brewer (Lorimer & Clark), 2 Abbotsford crescent
J. chimney sweeper, 3 Portland place
J. Campbell, advocate, 9 Gloucester place
James, M.A., ll.d. advocate, 1 Bruntsfield crescent
James B. printer, 14 Montrose terrace
Lorn Charles, brush manufacturer, 8 Beaumont place
John, surgeon, 27 Drummond place
Loth John Thomas, ll.d. professor of German, 8 Athol place
Lothian Alexander, paperhangings merchant (Lothian, Kinross
& Co.), 41 James st. Pilrig
George, joiner, 12 Keir st ; res. 3 Graham st
, Kinross & Co. wholesale paper hanging merchants, 18 Green-*
side place
Margaret, householder, SO Haddington place
T, R. shorthand writer, 30 Haddington place
Lothians & Frasers, The Albert Bazaar, 4a Shandwick place
Loudon Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 18 Beaumont place & 4
Dumbiedykes rd
John, gardener, 4 Argyle Park terrace
Robert, corn dealer, 115 St. Leonard st. & 94 Crosscauseway
Lough John, slater & chimney sweep, 15 William st
William, slater, 33 Morrison st

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