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Leith & Dunkirk Steam Ship Office, 64 Commercial st. Leith—
George Gibson & Co. [« Co -
& Ghent Steam Ship Office, Si Commercial st— George Gibson
& New York (Arrow Line)— Hugh Blaik & Co. 21 Bernard st
& Newcastle Steam Packet Co. IB Bernard st. Leith— James
Currie & Co. agents
, & Riga steam Ship Office, 11 Bernard St. leith— James Cormack
& Rotterdam Steam Ship Office, 64 Commercial st— George
Gibson & Co. ,.
& St Petersburg Steam Shipping Co. 63 Constitution st
(Board of Trade) Navigation School, 2 Commercial st. Leith—
J. Bolam, master
Burghs Pilot Office, 72 Constitution St. Leith
— i- Candle Co. 90 St. Andrew St. Leith
Chamber of Commerce, Exchange, 35 Constitution st-JJonald
W. Beattie, secretary
Commercial List Office, 38 Timber bush, Leith
Conservative Association, 3 Bernard st
Con. Exchange, 49 Constitution st. Leith
Corn Market & General Exchange Co. Limited, 35 Constitution
st. Leith— Charles Stein, secretary
Council Chambers, Constitution St. Leith
Dock Committee Office, Custom House, Leith
Dock Warehouse Co. Queen's dock, Leith
- — ■ Exchange Reading Rooms, Constitution st
â–  Fort, Leith . . ,
General Warehousing Co. 41 Constitution st. Leith _
Ghent, Bruges & Ostend Shipping Co. 2 Dock place, Leith—
William Giffard & Co. agents
Hall, 60Tolbooihwynd
Herald, Storey's alley, Kirkgate, Leith-Steven & Hope,
printers & publishers— published every Saturday
Heritages Company, Limited, 42 Castle st— J. F. Mo£fatt,C.A.
manager , ;
Hi»h School, St. Andrew's place, Links— John Lockie, master
Hospital, Mill lane, Leith .
. u u ii & Hamburg Steam Packet Co. lb Bernard st. Leith—
James Currie & Co. agents [agents
— & Iceland Shipping Co.'s Office, 43 Shore— E. & D. Shmon,
, Loan Office, 35 St. Andrew St. Leith
. Merchants 'Club, Bernard st. Leith— George V. Mann, secretary
Mill Company, porters, 10 Shore
North Poorhouse, 29 North Junction st [ton rd
Provident Co-operative Society, grocers, &c. 14 & 16 Bonning-
Public Institute & Library, 58 Tolbooth wynd, Leith— George
Glen, superintendent
Sailors' Home, Tower place— Thomas Mitchell, superintendent
School Board Office, Links place, Leith— Thos. T. Gray, sec.
Shipping Office for Seamen, Dock place
South Poorhouse, 172 Great Junction st
(The) Steam Stevedore Co. Limited, 2» Baltic st. Leith
Lemon Mr. & Mrs. James, high class residence for
boarders, nervous, intemperate, &c. Ashbrook,
Ferry rd. Edinburgh
Lemon John, commission agent, 5 Thirlstane rd. WeBt
Lennie E. optician, spectacle maker, and manufacturer of mathe-
matical instruments, &c. 46 Princes st [rd
James, tailor & clothier, 31 South bridge ; res. 105 Marchmont
James, tobacconist, 25 Argyle place, 114 Nicolson st
John, optician (E. Lennie), St. Magnus, Napier rd
. John, silver finisher, 11 Barony st
Joseph C. optician, 25 Gayfleld square
. Maggie, draper & dressmaker, 10 Albert place, Leith walk
Lennon Michael, marine store dealer, 252 Cowgate
Lennox Miss — , dressmaker, 19 West Nicolson st
Elizabeth, dressmaker. 33 Ricbmond place
Henry D. furniture dealer, 33 Richmond place
, Hugh, writer, 35 Marchmont crescent
John, joiner, 3 Richmond place
William, plasterer, 26 Torphichen st ; res. 13 Argyle terrace
, William & Co. coach builders, Deauhaugh 9t
Leslie Alexander, civil engineer (J. & J. A. Leslie & Beid), 12
Greenhill terrace
. Andrew, house superintendent, Royal Asylum, 18 Dundas st
. David, tailor & clothier, 153 High st
Elizabeth, househ lder, 6 Howe st
J. & J. A. & Reid, civil engineers, 72A George st
, jas. civil engineer (J. & J. A. Leslie & Reid), 2 Charlotte sq
. John, C.E. 51 Montgomery st
John, stationer, 4 Tarvit st
Robert, clerk, 18 Marchmont rd
Leslie Robert S. butcher, la Dundas st
Leslie Thomas, clothier, 54 Coburg St. Leith
William, grocer & spirit dealer, 179 Pleasanoe
William, dairy, 7 Polwarth gardens
Lessels James, architect, 50 George st; res. 1 Roseneath terrace
â–  John, baker, 51 Canongate [rd. Leith
Letch John, custom house officer, Northfield House, Newhaven
Lethem James, merchant (J. Lethem & Co.), 22 Summerside st. L
â–  John & Co. provision merchants & ham curers, 16, 17 & 18
Timber bush
. Mary, tobacconist, 71 Shore, Leith
â–  William, merchant (J. Lethem & Co.), 2 Bellevue terrace
Levenson Philip, tailor, 24 Caledonian crescent
Levett David, treasurer George Heriot's Hospital, Chambers, 21 St.
Andrew square ; res. 32 Findhorn place
Edward B. N. surveyor to the Board of Trade, Custom House,
Leith ; res. Adelaide Villa, 4 Summerside place, Leith
George, jeweller, 3 East Register st
Jane, tobacconist, 5 Union place
Levy Andrew, traveller, Bonnington Grove Villa
â–  Harris, remnant dealer, 17a Bristo st
J. & D. fancy repository, 19 Charlotte st. Leith
Morris, picture frame maker, 70 Bristo st
Lewis Marie, milliner, 17 Queen st
Thomas, butcher, 16 Angle Park terrace [rd
Walter J. solicitor (Irons, Roberts & Lewis), 12 West Savile
Leydo Otto T. artist, S Douglas crescent
Liberal Association, 19 Castle st
Club (Scottish), 146 Princes st— Holmes Ivory, hon. secretary;
Edward Allan, club manager
Liberation Society. Scottish Council of, 50 George st—
James Denham, escretary
Liberton Mary, apartments, 6 Pitt st
Lichensrein George K teacher of music, 2 Great Stuart st
Lichtenberg Frau G-. H. apartments, 7 Bryson rd
Liddall "YV. J. Norbray, advocate, 48 Northumberland st
Liddel James, cooper, 21 Port Hopetoun
Liddell Annie, dairy & greengrocer, 37 London st
Mary, apartments, 31 India st
Peter, cooper, 43 Niddry st
T. H. artist, 4 Charlotte place
Liddle & Johnston, coach builders, Lothian road,
corner of Grindlay si— See advertisement
Liddle & Lawson, S.S.C. 7 North St. David st
Bruce, spirit dealer, 37 New st
Ellen, draper, 63 South Back Canongate
George, eating house, 52 West Richmond st
James, dairyman, 141 High st
John, coach builder (Liddle & Johnston), 2 Lothian rd
Margaret, dairy, 7 Forbes st
Robert, plumber, 114 Constitution st. Leith
Thomas, S.S.C. (Liddle & Lawson), 5 Pitt st
Thomas L. hairdresser, 33 Grindlay street
Lidgate Isabella, greengrocer, 213 Great Junction st. Leith
John, householder, 10 Rankeillor st [st. Leith
Liebenthal & Co. grain & commission merchants, 44 Constitution
Louis, corn merchant (Liebenthal & Co.), 5 Leopold place
Life Association of Scotland (incorporated by special Act of Par-
liament), 82 Princes st— J. Turnbull Smith, manager ; J.
Charles Wardrop & Johu Sharp, joint secretaries
Ligertwood James, foreman, 91 Ferry rd. Leith
Lightbody John, marble cutter & slate merchant & agent for fire
clay goods, 44 Grindlay st
W. M. marble merchant, 15 Gilmore place
Lillie Robert, householder, 20 Melville terrace
Thomas, baker, 1 Bread st; re?. 13 Lonsdale terrace
Limmer Asphalte Paving Co. Limited, 12 Henderson terrace-
Adam Loch, agent
Lind James, baker & confectioner, 11b Shrub place, Leith walk
John, clerk, 7 N.W. Circus place
Lindesay James, jua. W.S. (Melville & Lindesay), 22 Regent ter
Liudey M. H. watchmaker, &c. 17 Blackwood crescent
Lindores Miss — , dressmaker, 97 Leith walk
Lindsay A. & G. fruiterers, 124 Duke st. Leith tClerkst
Alexander, clothier & outfitter, 20 North bridge ; res. 55 South
Captain Alexander, 4 Grosvenor crescent
Alexander, dairyman, 4 South Holyrood st
Allan, baker, 73 & 74 Kirkgate
& Douglas, plumbers & gaslitters, Hope crescent
& Gilmour, chemists, 11 Elm row
& Son, fruit merchants & brokers, 20 Market st
Andrew, manager (Professional & Civil Service Supply Asso-
ciation, Limited), 7 India st
Elizabeth, greengrocer, 5 Shrub place, Leith walk
George, victual & hay & straw dealer, 120 Causewayside; res.
123 Causewayside [der Park rd
George, glass merch nt (Drummond & Lindsay), 61 Warren-
George, manager, 171 Constitution st. Leith
Henry, clerk, 8 Alva place
, Howe & Co. W.S. 32 Charlotte square
James, fruit merchant (James Lindsay & Son). 36 Royal ter
Lindsay J. & H. passenger and shipping agents, 31
Princes st. and at Glasgow
Lindsay James, spirit dealer, haihvay Inn, Trinity
James, sheriff's officer, 83 Constitution st ; res. 32 Great
Junction st. Leith %t
James, jun. fruit merchant (Lindsay & Son), The Firs, 10
Craigmillar park
James, W.S. 28 Saxe-Cobourg place
James, commission merchant (James Lindsay & Co.), 171
Constitution st
James, cooper (W. Lindsay & Co.), 7 Eildon st
James, dairy, 11 Shrub place
James & Co. commission merchants, 11 Quality lane, Leith
James & Son, fruit merchants, 20 Market st. & Queen's dock, L
, Jamieson & Haldane, C.A. 24 St. Andrew square
John, letterpress printer, Strichen's olose, 104 High st; res.
15 Rankeillor st
John, shipping agent (J. & H. Lindsay), Newington terrace
John, coal merchant, Haymarket station ; res. 18 Caledonian pi
John, china dealer & broker, 55 Yardheads, Leith
Lindsay John, grain merchant, 7 Grassmarket ; res.
17 West Catherine place
Lindsay John Kyle, S.S.C. & N.P. 16 Queen st ; res. 59 Dick place
Margaret, dairy, 1 Caledonian place
Robert, painter & glazier, 28 St. Leonard st
Robert, curator, Royal Botanic Gardens, Inverleith row
Robert J., W.S. (Rhind, Lindsay & Wallace), 18 Windsor st
Thomas, greengrocer, -59 North Junction st. Leith
Thomas Steven, C.A. 55 Castle st
W. Bruce, secretary (Shotts Iron Co.), 27 Charlotte st
W. N. corn merchant, 18 Bernard st. Leith ; res. Ann ville,
Newhaven rd
W. W. provision merchant (Low & Lindsay), Hermitage hill
William, joiner, 18 Henderson row
William, manager, Globe Parcel Express, 15 South St. David
st ; res. 38 Dublin st
William, fishmonger. 42 Grove st [Abbey hill
William, shipping agent (J. &H. Lindsay), 4 Spring gardens,
Lindsay William and Son, coopers and stave mer-
chants, Glenogle rd
Lingard G. W. teacher of music, 17 Warrender Park terrace [st
Linkie John, book edge marbler, &c. 104 High st ; res. 16 Montague

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