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Carnegie John (Inland Revenue), 11 Caledonian rd
P. refreshment rooms, 317 Leith walk
Carnochan Mai'garet, householder, 20 Eankeillor st
Caron Isabella, householder, 10 Madeira place, Leith [st
Carphin Mrs.—, wool warehouse, 132 Georgest ; res. 65Torphiehen
James Rhind, C.A. 14 Hanover st; res. 24 Northumberland st
Can- David, joiner, 1 Nelson place ; res. 40 Cumberland st
Jemima & Jane, milliners, 1 Blenheim place
Carrick Alexander, engineer (James Carrick & Sons), Easter Dairy
House, Dairy rd
& Ritchie, engineers, Norton park, Easter road
— George M. grocer & spirit dealer, 15 India place ; res. Easter
Dairy House, Dairy rd
Carrick James & Sons, engineers, & crane, boiler &
contractors' plant makers, Dairy rd
Carrick John, fruiterer, 1 & 2 Bristo place
Carricks & Bennet, builders, 125 Fountain bridge
Carrie I. & J. milliners, 37 Ferry rd. Leith
Mary, householder, 149 Warrender Park rd [Port st. Leith
Robert, rope & sail maker, 48 Timber bush, Leith; res. lNorth
Robert, grocer, 7 Great Junction st. Leith
W. L. m.a. senior English master (George Watson's College),
149 Warrender Park rd
Carrol Charles, tailor & clothier, 1 Crichton st
Carroll Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 60 North Back Canongate
Carruthers Mrs. — , householder, 147 Forrest rd [tendent
Close Mission, 65 High st— William Robinson, superin-
James & M. cab proprietors, 2 West Maitland st [Orwell pi
James A. watch & clock maker, 25 Caledonian terrace ; res. 2
James B. M.r>. 4 Melville st
Richard, shopkeeper, 60 Candlemaker row
â–  Thomas, dairyman, 5 Gillespie place ; res. 9 Marchmont st
William, coal merchant, 11 Bright terrace
Carse Catherine, householder, 1 Sciennes Hill place
George, apartments, 19 Livingstone place
George, painter, 16 Glen st
Industrial School, Greenside court— Miss Henderson, matron
& teacher
John, joiner, 72 Buccleuch st
Stewart, commission agent, 30 St. Andrew square
Carson Andrew, baker & confectioner, 2 Leith walk
Carstairs Alexander (G.P.O.), 89 St. Leonard st
Alex. L. engraver, 11a Hanover st ; res. 31 Gayfield square
& Robertson, wine & commission merchants, 111 Giles st.Leith
Andrew, draper, 347 Leith walk [Grey st
James, potato merchant, 1 Caledonian station; res. 10 Earl
William D. wine merchant (Carstairs & Robertson), 8 South
Fort st. Leith
Carswell Allan M. dentist, 40 Queen st ; res. 34 Home st
â–  & Co. law booksellers, 11 St. Giles st
Carter F. &. F. W-, C.A. 5 St. Andrew square
â–  Frederick Hayne, C.A. (F. & F. W. Carter), 8 Eton terrace
Frederick Walter, C.A. (F. & F. W. Carter), 8 Eton terrace
â–  â–  James, grain merchant (Berwick-on-Tweed), 5 Mayfield gar
John, tobacco& snuff manufacturer, 49 Shore ; res. 54 Christie
st. Leith [miliar park
John, saddler, 86 George st ; res. Sherbrooke House, 4 Craig-
John R. P. grocer & spirit dealer, 491 Lawnmarket
N. wine merchant, 47 North Hanover st
William A. civil engineer & architect, 5 St. Andrew square ;
res. 9 Durham rd. Portobello
Casey Catherine, Berlin wool & fancy warehouse, 26 South Clerk st
Caskey George, traveller, 13 Bernard terrace
Cass Henry, Scottish Lost Key Recovery Association, 30 St.
Andrew sq ; res. 22 Gaytield square
Cassels James, greengrocer, 3 St. James's place
Cassey Janet & Mary, hosiers, 3 Kerr st
CaBsie Alexander, hall keeper, Literary Institute, 26 South Clerk st
Christina, dressmaker, 14 Drumdryan st
â–  George M. watchmaker & jeweller, 2 Briato st
â–  J. & A, dyers & cleaners, 5 Infirmary st
Cathcart Charles W. m.b., f.r.c.s. lecturer on surgery (School of
Medicine), 44 Melville st
David, bootmaker, 66a Cumberland st
Cathcart James & Co. wine merchants, 90 St. Andrew
st. Leith
Cathcart James Weir, wine merchant (James Cathcart & Co.), 29
Palmerston place
â–  Rev. Samuel, d.d. secretary of Religious Tract Society (Lon-
don), 31 St. Bernard's crescent
Cathels Jane, dressmaker, 71 Cumberland st
Cathie N. & Son, tailors, 51 George IV. bridge
Cathles John, chief clerk (N.B.R.), 18 Thirlestane rd. East
Catholic Girls' School, 37 Albany st. & 3 York lane
Institution, St. Mary Street Hall— D. Donworth, secretary
Seminary f,or Young Ladies, St. Ann's, Strathearn rd
Cattauach Agnes, confectioner, 9 Albert place
James (H.M.C.), 10 Gladstone place, Leith
John, wholesale saddler, h'onmonger & horses' collar maker,
543 & 545 Castlehill ; res. 16 Johnston terrace
Peter L. advocate, 14 London at
Catto Thomas, slater & glazier, 6 Cochrane place
Cauvin's Hospital, Duddingston
Carvalry Barracks, Jock's Lodge
Cavanagh & Gourley, plasterers, 60 Dean st
â–  Dominie, tobacconist, 21 North bridge ; res. 4 East London st
Peter, plasterer (Cavanagh & Gourley), 2 Rockville place
Cavaye Mrs. — , dressmaker, 6 Northfield cottages, Jock's Lxlge
Cave Henry T. manager, 7 Hillside crescent
Caverhill Thomas F. S. m.d. 8a Abercromby place [st
Cavers Andrew, joiner & builder, 29 Torphichen st ; res. 48 Grove
Caw Lewis, householder, 27 West Preston st
Cay & Johnston, ironmongers, plumbers, railway & coach lamp
manufacturers, 7 Greenside st
John, W.S. 10 Alva st
Robert Dundas, W.S. 7 Blackford rd
| Cay William Dyce, C.E. 107a Princess st
Cayton Dr. Richard, St. Rook, Grange Loan
Ceaser William, surgeon, 4 Kew terrace, Murrayfield
Cemeteries— Eastern, Easter rd— George Barclay ,supt. Edinburgh
Cemeteries at Warriston, Newington, Dairy, and North
Merchiston — David Henderson, 3 Lixmount terrace, sec.
Edinburgh and Leith, Rosebank, Bonnington rd— William
Thomson, 63 Constitution st. sec ; G. Simpson, supt.
Metropolitan, Plewlands— J. Richardson, supt. Southern
Grange— Peter Couper, 37 George st. sec. and treas ; W.
H. Riddel, supt. Western, Dean— John Mathison, S.S.C.,
21 York place, sec ; Win. Black, supt.
Center John, bagpipe maker, 1a Grove place ; res. 3 Grove st
Cessford James, householder, 32 Prince Regent st
Challenger Expedition Commission, 32 Queen st
Challis Annie, dressmaker, 85 George st
Chalmers Mrs. — , staymaker, 8 Glover st
Adam, cabinet maker, 110 North West Rose Street lane;
warehouse, 7 Drumsheugh place ; res. 12 Douglas terrace
Alexander, working jeweller, 26 St. James's square
Alexander, spirit dealer, 80 Salamander st. Leith
& Scott, cabinet makers, upholsterers and furniture dealers, 21
South St, Andrew st
Andrew, householder, 8 Leslie place
C. S. cork manufacturer, &c. (David Robertson and Son),
9 Bonnington terrace
Charles, saddler, 65 Clerk st
â–  D. and J. smiths and cartwrights, 6 North Back Canongate
David, tailor, 4 Summerhall square
David, tobacconist, 20 Roxburgh place
Ebenezer, rag and waste merchant (Rodger and Chalmers),
14 Union st. Leith
Elizabeth, householder, 31 Marchmont crescent
Hector, figure painter, 19 Union st [Goldie, matron
Hospital for the Sick & Hurt, West Lauriston place — Miss
Institute (The), lecture hall, reading room & library, Ponton st
J. china merchant, 47 Glover st. Leith [lawrd
J. K. jun. C.A. 3 North St. David st ; res. Edin Holme, Spy-
Chalmers James, saddler & harness maker, 31 Dundas
Chalmers James, builder & contractor, 15 West Salisbury place
James, householder, 33 Restalrig terrace
â–  James B. cabinet maker, &c. (Chalmers & Scott), 2 Albany st
John, surveyor of buildings, 1 Claremont place
Chalmers John, coal merchant & ship owner, 11 Port
Hopetoun ; res. 7 Brougham place
Chalmers John, grocer, 2 Ross terrace
John, bootmaker, Summer Bank
John, householder, 11 Spring gardens, Abbey hill
Joseph, schoolmaster, 12 Glenorehy terrace
â–  Mary, draper, 29 William st
P. tailor (Stenhouse & Chalmers), 26 Thirlestane road East
R. householder, 28Thornville terrace
— ■— Thomas, contractor, Hawkhill villas, Lochend rd
Thomas, grain merchant (Thomas Chalmers and Co.), 5
Summerside st. Leith
— — Thomas & Co, grain and provision merchants, 4 Bank st. Leith
Walter, French polisher, 21 Jamaica st
William, tailor, 14 Bristo street
Chamber of Agriculture, 1 India buildings, Victoria st
of Commerce, 55 Constitution st. Leith [C. Jack, sec
of Commerce and Manufactures, 11 Melbourne place — Thomas
Chamberlain Gabriel, tailor, 115 Rose st
Philip, broker, 1 East Richmond st
Philip (G.P.O.), 23 Lauriston st [High st
Chambers Journal (Weekly & Monthly)— W. and R. Chambers, 339
Robert, publisher (W. & R. Chambers), 10 Claremont crescent,
and St. Baldred's Tower, North Berwick
Street Hall, 8 Chambers st
Thomas, umbrella manufacturer, 3 N.W. Circus place, 15
Dairy rd, & 2 Brunswick place ; res. Patterson's Cottage,
Dairy rd
Thomas, builder, 14 Nicolson square; res. 24Moston terrace
William and Robert, publishers, 339 High st
Chamblen Robert, glass & china merchant, 4 Haymarket terrace
Chancellor Edward, W.S. agent for the British Linen Co. West
End Branch Bank, 141 Princes st ; res. Kirkland Lodge,
Hermiston, Midlothian
Henry, secretary (Telegraph G.P.O.), 125 Princes st
Chanter William, collector, 16 West Claremont st
Chapman Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 15 Eglinton st
Agnes, boot and shoe dealer, 10 Main st. Newhaven
George, printer (G. Chapman & Co.), 30 Inverleith row
George & Co. printers, publishers of Daily Rolls & the publi-
cations of the Court of Sessions, 11a Hanover st
John, householder, 17 Rosehall terrace
John, janitor, University
Joseph, engineer, 9 London row, Leith
Robert, miller & grain merchant, Bonnington Mills
Thomas, auctioneer (Thomas Chapman & Son), 1 Dundas st
Thomas & Son, auctioneers, appraisers & valuators, 11 Han-
over st
William, shopkeeper, 51 Couper st. Leith
Chard H. butcher, 32 Montgomery st
Charles Mrs. — , Hanover Hotel,- 10 Hanover st
Alexander, mason, 82 Abbey hill
Henry W.W. bank clerk, 2 Blacket place
James, merchant (John Macqueen & Co.), 15 Rillbank terrace
â–  Margaret, dressmaker, 201 Canongate
William, traveller, 28 Buccleuch place
Charleson Jessie, dressmaker, 7 Gillespie place
Charlotte Square Young Ladies' Institution, 23 Charlotte square
Charlston William, dairy, 4 Rockville place
Charlton R. W. assistant registrar, 11 Hope Park terrace; res. 4
Teviotdale place [Hope, Mann & Kirk, agents
Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China, 119 Princes st—

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