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Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China, 128 George
st— C. & L\ Pearson, agents
Oharteris Archibald H. D.D. professor of biblical criticism and
biblical antiquities, Edinburgh University ; res. 4 Greeuhill
Charters Elizabeth, apartments, 10 Hillside st
John corn, hay & straw merchant, 22 Frederick st
Chatham John, gutta percha merchant, 383 High st; res. 125 War-
render Park road West
Chedburn William, boot & shoe maker, 3 Young st
Cheshire Frederick, householder, 1 Cheyne st
Chesney A. C. sawmaker, 17 Spittal st
David, sawmaker, 8 Royal Exchange
James, station superintendent, 27 Shandon st
Chess Club (The Edinburgh), 4 Queen st— Eev. George M'Arthur,
8 6C V@ fc& 1* V
Ohesser David, plumber & bellhanger, Ferry rd ; res. 18 Polwarth
James, bootmaker, 11 Moncrieff terrace
John, architect & superintendent of works for George Heriot s
Hospital, 21 St. Andrew square ; res. 1 Chalmers st
Cheyne Alexander, shopkeeper, 4 Gibb's entry
Harry, W.B. & N.P. (M'Kenzie & Kermack), 13 Rutland st
Robert, jobbing carter, 7 Graham st
Ohiene & Tait, C.A. 67 George st
George Todd, C.A. (Chiene & Tait), 6 Palmerston place
John, f.b.c.s.e. professor of surgery, 26 Charlotte square
Chirnside Alexander, baker, 1 Archibald place
Chisholm Mrs. — , dressmaker, 24 Mount Arthur place
Miss — , furrier, 108 George st . [mont st
Alexander W. jeweller (Mackay & Chisholm), 7 East Clare-
& Apthorpe, law stationers, 279 High st
Archibald, smith & farrier, 21 & 22 King st. Leith
David, householder, 19 Teviotdale place
David, actuary (North British & Mercantile Insurance Co.), 64
Princes st;res. 14 Queensberry terrace
Edwin M. physician & surgeon, 16 Thirlestane rd. West
Elizabeth, draper, 6 Rosebank place
James, draper, 123 Marchmont rd ; res. 6 Rosebank place
James, jeweller (Mackay & Chisholm), 15 Claremont st
John, dairyman, 42 North Richmond st
John, stationer & publisher, 35 Albany st
â–  John, lieutenant of police, 18 Brunton place
John, shopman, 4 Panmure place
John, advocate, 44 Heriot row
John K. l.d.s., E.c.s. Eng. dental surgeon, 15 Duke st
M. A. fancy goods dealer, 1a Home st
(The) March Hall, March Hall rd
Margaret, dairy, 100 Causewayside
— -— Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Citadel st. Leith
Peter, tailor & clothier, 18 Bristo place ; res. 56 Lothian st
Robert, builder (Davidson & Chisholm), 7 Gardner's crescent
Robert, dairy, 5 Buccleuch st
William, dairy, 60 Causewayside
William D. confectioner, 161 Pleasance
Christadelphian Meeting House, Oddfellows' Hall, 14 Forrest rd
Christian Treasury Office, 4 Melville place— Johnstone, Hunter &
Co. publishers
Christianson Charles A. flour &, commission agent, 26 King st.
Leith ; res. Craighall rd. Newhaven
Theodor, fruit merchants commission agent, 26 King st^ Leith
Christie Mrs. — , householder, 6 Nelson st
Alexander, slater & chimney sweeper, 33 Prince Regent st.
Alexander, joiner, 20 Lutton place
&Kilpatrick, clothiers, hatters, outfitters, & robe makers, 104
South bridge
& Son, printers, 160 High st
Anna, teacher of music & languages, 30 Rutland square
C. R. stationer, 71 George st ; res. 47 Great King st
Charles, local manager, London & Lancashire Life Insurance
Co. and the Fire Insurance Association, Limited, 75
Princes st
Charles G. C. (stamps & taxes), 12 St. Vincent st
Christie Charles J. artificial manure manufacturer,
and importer of grain, oil cake and manures ; office
and res. 6 Glenorchy terrace, Edinburgh
Christie Charlotte, shopkeeper, 11 Abbey hill
David, baker, 12 Home st
George, provision merchant (N. Baillie & Co.), Portobello
George, general printer, 160 High st ; res. 17 St. Patrick's sq
Henry, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 13 Nicolson square &
45 High st ; res. 11 Dick place
• Henry, tobacconist, 3 St. Patrick st
J. & M. bootmakers, 36 Leven st
J. & Son, clothiers, hatters, &c. 11 St. Andrew square
James, householder, 2 Portland terrace
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 50 West Bowling Green st.Leith
James, inspector of police, 14 Spottiswoode st
Captain James E. governor of the Prison, 1 Regent rd
John, grocer, 18 Home st ; res. 44 South Clerk st
John, smith, ironmonger, &c. 28 Argyle place and 30 High
Riggs ; res. 36 Marchmont crescent
John, chimney sweeper, 86 Kirkgate, Leith
â–  John, tailor (John Christie & Son), 19 Seton place
John, chimney sweep, 113 Ferry rd. Leith
John, grocer & sp : rit dealer, 69 Canongate
John, coal merchant, 1 Gilmore park
John, Roxburgh Hotel, 38 & 39 Charlotte square, and private
hotel, 138 & 140 George st
John, commercial traveller, 11 Claremont terraoe
John, accountant, Sciennes gardens [drive
John C. clothier (Christie & Kilpatrick), 4 South Morningside
John D. confectioner, 39 Deanhaugh st
John- G. householder, 11 Claremont terrace
Christie B. L watchmaker & jeweller, 17, 18, 19, & 20
Bank st
Christie Robert, hairdresser, 170 Leith walk
Robert C. traveller, 107 Marchmont rd
Robert H., S.S.C. 2 Hill st ; res. 24 Gilmore place
Samuel, slater (W. & S. Christie), 2 Primrose st
Samuel, slater & cement worker, Trafalgar St. Ferry rd
Christie W. & S, slaters, 78 Constitution St. Leith
Christie W.L. (Registrar of Sasines), Inverleith gardens
William, bookseller, 97 Nicolson st
William, drapers'assistant, 5 Dundas st [field st
William, painter & paper hanger, 10 Home st ; res. 12 Valley-
William, teacher, Orphan Hospital, Dean
William, assistant keeper (Register House), Inverleith field
William, slater (W. & S. Christie), Great Junction st
William H, tobacconist, 2 & 7 Leith st ; res. 53 George st
Christison Alexander, joiner (Christison & Fortune;. 7 Leslie place
Christison & Fortune, joiners and cabinet makers, 26
Church lane
Christison David, m.d. surgeon, 40 Moray place
John, W.S. 40 Moray place
William, tailor, 12 Royal Exchange
Christopherson Carster, ship chandler, lu Commercial st. Leith
Christy Robert, hairdresser, 170 Leith walk
Chrystal George, professor of mathematics, 5 Belgrave crescent
Church Alexander R. householder, 5 Salisbury bank
Henry M. m.d. 36 George square [Clarence st
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 8 Claremont place ; res. 17
of Eogland Assurance Offices— William Peacock Edwards,
agent, 21 Hill st
of Scotland Foreign Missions, 6 North St. David st— J. T.
Maclagan, secretary and treasurer
of Scotland Normal School Boarding House, 12 Picardy place
of Scotland Offices, 22 Queen st
of Scotland Ministers' Widows' Fund; office, 6 North St.
David st— J. T. Maclagan, collector [rooms, 122 George st
Women's Association (Scottish Episcopal) ; Committee
Ciceri & Co carvers & gilders, mirror manufacturers,
picture dealers & decorators, 57 Frederick st
Ciceri J. carver & gilder (Ciceri & Co.), 38 CaBtle st [Ian, rector
Circus Place School, 4 North East Circus pi— Thomas M'Lauch-
Citadel Mission Hall, Citadel, Leith
City Accountant's Office, Royal Exchange
Architect's Office, Royal Exchange
Chamberlain's Office, Royal Exchange
Chambers, Royal Exchange
Clerk's Office, Royal Exchange
of Edinburgh gas meter inspection office, 18a Cockburn st
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Office, 21 St. Andrew
square— D. S. Buchanan, secretary; Walter G.
Fattison, Leith, agent
City Improvement Trust, 10a George st— John Knox Crawford,
clerk & law agent
of London Fire Insurance Company, Lim. 6 York buildings
—Robert M. Kelly, district manager
Civil Service Institute, Edinburgh— G. E. Skerry,
F.S.Sc, principal, and Messrs. Smith. M A., Cromb,
M.A., Barber, B.A., Snow, H.M.C.S, & Hall, H.M.C S.
Civil Service Preparatory Institute; principals,
Messrs. Tildesley, Grassie and Abernethy, H.M.C. S.
12 East Norton place, London rd— See advertisement
Clan Gregor Society— John M'Candlish, treasurer, 27 Drumsheugh
Clapperton George (successor to Alex. Jamieson),
manufacturer of bowling green bowls, and fancy
wood and ivory turner, 27 Marshall st ; res. 13 East
Mayfield _. a ,
Clapperton James, merchant, 35 Constitution st ; res. Lindenlea,
Trinity rd. Trinity
John, grocer, 22 East Thomas st [corn villas, Joppa
John, hat manufacturer (Stewart, Clapperton & Co.), 4 Aber-
John. Esq. J.P. woollen merchant (J. & B. Clapperton), Gils-
land, Spy law rd
John & Co. clothiers, 35 Hanover st
Thomas, traveller, 14 Hillside st
Thomas, W.S. 2 George st [rd
Wm. R. warehouseman (W. R.Clapperton & Co.), 9 Strathearn
Clapperton William R. & Co. upholsterers, designers,
&, manufacturers of cabinet furniture ; carpet and
SJoor cloth warehousemen, and removal contractors
and house agents, 59 & 60 Princes st ; manufactory,
Greenside row
Clarendon (The) Historical Society, 12 Castle st— E. Goldsmid,
Clarendon Hotel, James L. Kerpen, 104 Princes st
Clark Miss — , apartments, 42 Northumberland st
Agnes, milliner & dressmaker, 116 Constitution st. Leith
Alexander, S.S.C. 44 Frederick st
Alexander, clerk, Watherston's buildings, Dairy rd
Alexander, spirit dealer, 4 South College st
Alexander, detective, 36 Buccleuch place
Alexander, gardener, Tipperlinn rd ; res. 12 Primrose ter
Allan, clerk of works, 5 Marchmont crescent [121 Princes st
& Beatson, ironmongers, gasfitters, tinplate workers, &c.
& Pinkerton, wholesale druggists, drysalters, & manufac-
turing chemists, 17 Greenside place
& Smith, drapers, 129 Kirkgate, Leith [pi
Andrew, S.S.C. & N.P. 21 Bernard st. Leith ; res. 5 Hermitage
Clark Andrew S. commission agent & produce broker,
10 Constitution St. Leith ; res. 43 Pitt St. Bonnington
Clark Ann E. dressmaker, 67 Warrender Park rd
Archibald, draper, 73 Broughton st
Charles, temperance hotel, 2 Little King st
Charles, spirit dealer. 1 & 2 Roseburn ter. & 1 Greenside pi.;
res. 11 Panmure place
Charles, confectioner, 8 Broughton st
Charles, furniture broker, 110 Cowgate
Charles, grocer, 45 Potter row

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