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Bayne James, medical artist &; lithographic designer, |
34 St. Andrew square ; res. 35 York place
Bayne James, spirit deale: - , 7a Hanover st ; res. 34 Howe st
-John, bookseller, &c. 13 Leven st
Beach Alexander, fruiterer, 23 Argyle place
Kobert, fruiterer, 12 Hope Park terrace ; res. 14 South Clerk st
Thomas, grocer. 8 Lnrne st. Leith
Beacham Margaret, tobacconist, 1 North bridge
Beachamp & Co. herbalists, 111 Kirkgate, Leith
Beamish Major A.A.W. r.e. architect to theFrison Commissioners
for Scotland, 130 George st ; res. 20 St. Bernard's crescent
Beard John, confectioner, 17 High Biggs
Beat Daniel, spirit dealer, S Salisbury terrace
Beaton Catherine, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Cowgate head
D. traffic canvasser (Midland Railway Co.) 20 Dryden st
. John, spirit dealer, 197 High st. 53 George k IV. bridge and
44 Rose st
Walter, shopkeeper, 6 Que-'n st. Leith
Beatson George, ironmonger (Claik & Beatson), Glassmont, Joppa
â–  Robert, W.S. (Hamilton, Kinnear& Beatson), Firh ill, Colintou
William, burgh surveyor, 31 Charlotte st. Leith; res. 156
Perry rd
Beattie Mr. — . nurse, 65 North Fort at
â–  'â–  Adam, wine merchant (Hill & Thomson), 15 Grosvenor st
Adam, corn merchant, 1 Belle Vue crescent [side st
D. W. timber merchant, 17 Baltic st. Leith ; res. 15 Summer-
George &Son, architects, surveyors, and valuators, 68 George
George J. builder, &c.(Wm. Beattie & Sons), 11 Greeohill pi
Hugh, agent for Dunville & Co. distillers (Belfast), 7 March-
mont st
John, writer, 10 Panmure place
Robert P. plumber, brassfounder, &o. 19 Castle st
â–  W. Hamilton, architect & surveyor, 68 George st
William, furniture broker, 42 Fountain bridge
Beattie William & Sons, builders, timber merchants
& valuators, 15 Fountain bridge, & 4 South
Frederick st
Beattie William H. builder, &c. (Wm. Beattie & Sons), 11 Glen-
cairn crescent
Beatton Miss — , dressmaker, 2 Waverley place
Beaumont Henry, spirit dealer, 7 Abbey strand
J. G. restaurant, 76 Leith st
Samuel, toy and fancy warehouse. 2$ Lothian at
Beck Mrs. — , househelder, 8 Vanburgh place
John, furniture dealer, 39 West port [Water at. Leith
Beda & Co. merchants & herring exporters, 15 Asaembly st. & 31
Beddie John, metal merchant, Semple st ; res. 10 Upper Gilmore
Beet Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Canonmills
Beevers & Kay, printers' engineers, 8 Elder st
Begbie A. & M. hosiers, 14 Buccleuch st
Alexander, dairyman, Tynecastle
& Tweedie, china & glass dealers, 26 Queensferry st
lane, dealer inold books, &e. 79 Rose st
W. M. teacher of English, 69 Great King st
Begg Alexander, bookseller, 39 Clerk st
â–  & Murray, S S.C. 29 Albany st
— F. F. stockbroker (Bell & Begg), 1 Learmouth terrace
â–  â–  Frederick, pork butcher, 50 St. Mary st
â–  Henry, stationer, 47 Buccleuch st
J. & Co. tobacco-pipe makers, 1 View place, Glover st
â–  John, boot & shoe maker, 5 Caledonian place
— — John, cabinet maker, 26 Blair st; works, 42 Buccleuch st
John H. advoc ite, 24 Heriot row
Mary, greengrocer, 10 Queen st. Leith
Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer,- 60 Duke st. Leith
Beggs William, gardener, Hopewcod Cottage, Boswell rd
Beilby Geo. Thos. m.d. & surgeon, Falcon Cottage, Morningside
Beith Donald, W.S. & N.P. (Murray, Berb'i & Murray), solicitors in
Scotland for the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, & Land
Revenues, 43 Castle st ; res. 15 Grosvenor cres [crea
Robert D., W.S. (Murray, Beith & Murray), 3 St. Bernard's
Belfrage A. W., C.E. (Carfrae & Belfrage), 1 Erskine pi [consul
Belgian Consulate, 17 Baltic st. Leith — John Somerville, junior,
Bell, the Misses — , day school, 15 Lauder rd. Grange
A. Beatson, advocate & chairman of Prison Commissioners,
130 George at ; res. 2 Eglinton crescent
Alexander, ironmonger (Bell & Donaldson), 14 Hartington pi
â–  & Bradfut^, booksellers & publishers, 12 Bank st
& Donaldson, ironmongers, 81 George st
& M'Lean, W.S. 3 Hill st [David st
, Begg & Cowan, stockbrokers and accountants, 10 North St.
Benj imin R. advoc ite, 14 Grosvenor crescent
Charles, physician, 22 Gilmore place
Christina, bootmaker, 69 Fountain bridge
Curistr>pher (Bank of Scotland), 5 Strathearn place
■ — — Claud H. bank clerk, 4 Keir st
David, builder, Eyre place
Duncan, glazier, 29 Frederick st [Earl Grey st
Frederick, comb & brush maker, 54 Worth Hanover at ; res.
George, potato merchant, 37 Brunswick st. Leith walk
Henry, dairy, 55 Bridge st
James, architect, 20 Barnton terrace
James, searcher of records, 2 North Merchiston avenue
James & Co. wine merchants, 46 Bernard st. Leith
James & Son, coal merchants, 7 Claremont place
James M. writer, 9 Caledonian crescent [Marchmont ter
James W. spirit dealer, 45 Leith st. and 5 Hill place ; res. 68
Janet, greengrocer. 41 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
John, W.S. 35 Dublin at tgrove, Morningside
â–  John, bootmaker, 134a Princes st; res. Braid View, Nile
John, coach builder (Stordy & Bell), Gibraltar Villa, St. Leo-
nard's hill
> John, clothier (Burns & Bell), 58 George aquare
— John C. bootmaker, 7 Fowler terrace
Bell John D. joiner. 3 Cambridge st
John M., W.S. (Crombie, Bell & Matheson), 55 Grange rd
Joseph, f.r.c.s. lecturer on surgery, 1 Surgeon sq; res. 2
Melville crescent [place
Laurence R. wine merchant (James Bell & Co.), 39Drummond
M. tweed cloak & jacket maker & draper, 109a George st
M. Montgomerie, W.S. (Dalgleish & Bell), 43 Manor place
Margaret, boot & shoe maker, 69 Fountain bridge; res. 54
Earl Grey st
Margaret, dressmaker, 109a George st
. Peter, engineer (P. Bell & Son), 21 Cumberland st
Peter, bootmaker, 8 Shrub place
Peter, junr. engineer (P. Bell & Son), 15 Fettes row
Bell Peter & Son, engineers, ironfounders, smiths, iron
fence, bridge, girder, railing, gate, &c, manufac-
turers, and art metal workers, Pitt Street Iron
Works — See advertisement
Bell R. Fitzroy, advocate, 42 Heriot row
R. P. artist, 10 Nirth St. Andrew st
, Rannie & Co. wine merchants, 173 Constitution at. Leith
Richard, hosier (Whitehead & Co.), 4 Henderson row
Robert, box maker (Stampa & Bell), 2 Buccleuch place
Robert, coal merchant, 8 Gillespie crescent
Robert C, W.S. (Neilson & Bell), 4 Buckingham terrace
Robert F-& Son, guano & corn factors, chemical manure manu-
facturers & general commission agents, 19 Constitution st ;
works. Salamander st. Leith
Robert G- painter & decorator, 29 Brunswick st. Stockbridge
Russell, advocate, 26 Northumberland st
Samuel, agent for Sutton & Co. carriers, 63 Cockburn st ; res. 16
East Norton place
Thomas, smith, Broughton market ; res. 34 Barony st
Thomas, hosier (Whitehead & Co.), 4 Salisbury place
W. J. & Co. engineers' furnishers & general shipping iron-
mongers, 27 Quality st
William, teacher of music, 3 Dalrymple crescent
William, grocer, 23 Dundee terrace
William, type punch cutter. 3 Gladstone terrace
Bell William, sacking, rope & twine manufacturer,
89 West bow, & 127 Leith walk ; res. 7 Windsor st
Bell William, painter, paper hanger, &c 2 Preston st. Weat ; res.
St. Katherine's Villa, Sciennea gardens
Wi lliam, tobacconist, 121 Canongate ; res . 29 Lauriston gardens
William, printer, 2 Mansfield place
William, gatekeeper & collector, slaughter houses, 119
Fountain bridge
William, bootmaker, 25 Elder st
William, smith, 7 Ponton st [justiciary, 6 Mansion House rd
William H. assistant clerk of session & circuit clerk of
William J. merchant (W. J. Bell & Co.), 14 Lillyhill terrace
Bell's (Dr.) Schools— See Educational Directory at end of Trades List
Bendzulla H. clothier, 10 Picardy place
Benhar Coal Co. Limited (in liquidation), 4 York buildings
Benion John D. glass, &c., merchant (John Donald &, Co.), 22
Forrest rd
Bennet & Cowie, dressmakers, 48 Morrison st
Andrew, architect, SO St. Andrew sq ; res. 45 Brunswick st
Archibald & Co. engineers & machine makers, Sciennes
David, bootmaker. 133 Kirkgate, Leith, 2 Lauriston st. &
175 Fountain bridge
James, cabinet maker, 373 High st
James, bootmaker, 3 Market place, Stockbridge
James, m.d. surgeon, 49 Charlotte st. Leith
James, milliner & lace merchant, 47 South bridge; res. 118
Lauriston place
John, carrier & contractor, IS Bernard st. Leith ; res. Bayne-
tield House, 120 Ferry rd. Leith
John, mason, 17 Canning st [Morningside drive
Joseph, meter maker (Alder & Mackay), Craig Lea, South
William, bootmaker, 5 Poplar lane, Leith
Bennett Ann, grocer, 1 Meadow bank
Sophia, bootmaker, 157 Fountain bridge
Bennie Magdalene, dressmaker, 155 Great Junction st
William, butcher, 140 Ferry rd. Leith
William, shopkeeper, 45 Alcert st
Bernard & Co. rectifiers & distillers. 9 Tardheads, Leith
Daniel, brewer (T- & J. Bernard), 16 Eglinton crescent
J. E. Mackay, brewer (T. & J. Bernard), 25 Chester st
Thomas & Co. maltsters & seed crushers, Seafield
Bernard Thomas & James, brewers & maltsters, 72
North Back Canongate and Edinburgh Brewery
Berry A. & R. builders, 5 Priestrield rd
Alex, builder (A. & R. I'erry), 5 Prlestfield rd
, Barclay & Co. grain & flour merchants, 41 Constitution st.
Leith [crescent
Edmond, grain merchant (Berry, Barclay & Co.), 11 Atholl
George A. M.B., F.R.C.S. surgeon, 23 Rutland st
James, china rivett' r, 2 St. James's place
James, newsagent. 56 Brunswick st
M. dressmaker, 19 South St. James st
Robert, builder (A. & R. Berry), 6 Piiestfield rd
Thomas, gun maker, 22 London st
Thomas M. saddler, 30 Constitution street, Leith ; res. 6
Summerfield, Restalrig rd
Walter, corn merchant (Berry, Barclay & Co.), & Danish
consul-general for Scotland. 11 Atholl crescent
Bertie Charles, agent, 7 Meadow bank
Bertin David, teacher of French, 12 Valleyfield st
Bertram & Hill, dressmakers, 13 Weat Preston st
David, engineer (G. & W. Bertram), 3 Dalrymple crescent
George, spirit merchant. 46 Commercial st. & 108 Bonnington
rd. Leith ; res. 36 Albion st. Leith
Bertram George & William, engineers & millwrights.
St Kathcrine s Works, Sciennes, & St. Katherine's
Works, Bow, London— See advertisement
Bertram Henry, agent, 1 Baxter's buildings

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