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Bank of JNevv Zealand, 35 Queen st — Hamilton, fiiiinear £ ueatson,
of Scotland, Limited (Head Office), Bank st : treasurer, James
Adams Wenley ; secretary, J. F. S Darling ; superinten-
dent of branches, Robert Gibson; casbiers, Robert Gray &
William Bain ; accountant, Christopher Bell Branches :
London, Lothbury, Robert Davidson, manager ; Duncan
M'Neill, assistant manager; Edinburgh, New Town, 103
George st. Charles Bruce, agent; Southern District, 22 St.
Patrick square, R. B. Mathie, agent ; Stockbridge, 15 North
West Citcus place, John Gillespie, agent ; Greenside, 21
Picardy place, T. D. Anderson, agent ; Morningside,
Merchiston terrace, William Watson, agent ; West End,
32 West Maitland st. John Longmore, agent; Leith, 92
Constitution st. Pulton Spiers, agent
of South Australia, 13 Hill st — Macandrew, Wright, Ellis &
Blyth, agents [tainhall rd
Banks Alexander, engraver (Banks & Co.), Grange Neuk, Poun-
& Co. engravers, chromo-lithographers, and printers, 12
George st. and Grange Printing Works, Causewayside
& Wardrop, S.S.C., 52 Hanover st
Daniel, greengrocer, 21 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
George, baker, 4 West port
weorge C, S.S.C. (Banks & Wardrop), 37 Northumberland st
Henry H. engraver (Banks & Co.), 29 Mayfield gardens
James, clothier, 15 Nicholson square
John, chimney sweep, 5 Bayton terrace, Wardie
Mary, dressmaker, SO Causewayside
Peter, cork manufacturer, 129 Junction st. Leith
Thomas Whitson, assistant registrar (St. Andrew's district),
3 North St. David st
William, shopkeeper, 1 Roseburn terrace, Murrayfield
Bannan Thomis, fishmonger, 23 Gilmour st
Bannatyne Peter, leather merchant & bootmaker. 129 West port
Rev. Peter, secretary and treasurer to the Anglo-Indian
Evangelization Society, 5 St. Andrew square
Bannerman Islay A. litho. artist and designer, 43 Brunswick st.
Leith walk
James, smith and beam and scale maker, 17 Burgess st. Leith
James P., W.S. 5 '-> Frederick st; res. 7 Clarendon crescent
â–  William, surgeon, 8 Ardmillan terrace, Tynecastle
Bantock Benjamin B. merchant (Bantock, Graham & Co), Dun-
robin. Lomond road. Trinity
Bantock, Graham & Co. preserved provision manu-
facturers, wholesale produce merchants and
ham curers, Holyrood square
Baptie Thomas, newsagent and tobacconist, 9 Rosehill place
William, grocer, 111 Leith walk, Leith
Barber James, church officer, 42 Greenside row
Barbour Alexander H., M.A., m.b., cm., b.Sc, 50 Queen st
• Andrew, confectioner, 70 Lauriston st
Janet, confectioner, 65 South Back Canongate
— — Margaret, shopkeeper, 9 Claremont place, Stockbridge
William L. (Northern Lighthouse Office). 1 West Claremontst
Barclay, Alexander, jeweller, 14 North Bridge; res. 15 Gladstone ter
David, S.S.C. 2 Queen st ; res. 15 Pettes row
—— G. W. W. local manager, Sun Fire & Life Offices, 40 Princes
st ; res. 18 Coates' crescent
George, drysalter (Sim & Barclay), 9 Smith's place
George, superintendent of Eastern Cemetery, Easter rd
George, hat & cap manufacturer & woollen merchant, 7 Hun-
ter's square; res. 35 Lauriston pkce
- — - George, 3unr., insurance agent, 9 Smith's place
â–  George, corn factor (Berry, Barclay & Co.) 17 Coates' crescent
George A. (Heriot Trust) , 18 Mentone terrace
â–  James, hatter, 35 Lothian rd; res. 117 Gilmore place
James, drysalter, 166 Leith walk
——John, coal merchant, Sands, Leith
John, cooper, 109 Kirkdale
John M'Lareh, a.r.s.a. artist, 6 North Charlotte st; res. 11
For res st
Peter, jeweller, 5 Drummond st
Robert B. (Inland Revenue), 7 Inverleith gardens
â–  Robert, ironmonger, 52 Bristo st
Thomas, advocate, 1 Ainslie place
Bargh William, fishmonger, 11 West Tollcross; res. 31 March-
monfr crescent
Barker Mrs. — , broker, 139 Cowgate
> & Forbes, tailors & clothiers, 32 South bridge
Ann, clothes broker, 156 Cowgate
Catherine. Berlin wool & fancy repository, 23 Earl Grey st;
res. 8 Mackenzie place
Francis, tailor (Bai'ker & Forbes), Sciennes gardens
â–  Henry, hosier & glover, 6 Leith street
Henry M. furniture dealer, 3 Tolbooth wynd
Patrick, pawnbroker, 55 West Nicolson st. & 16 Chapel st
Patrick, broker, 108 Cowgate
â–  â–  Watson, painter, 6 Craighall road, Trinity
William, dairyman, 5 V\ ashington place, Dairy rd
Barnetson William, joiner, obinet maker, &c. 19c Buccleuch st ;
res. 18 Buccleuch place
Barnett & Son. glass stainers, 101 Constitution st. Leith
Cbarles S. jeweller, 67 Warrender Park rd
William C. glass stainer (Barnett & Son). 11 Constitution st.L
Barnie John, teacher, 3 Willow Brae villas, Jock's Lodge
Barony of Broughton Lodge of Free Gardeners, 8 Infirmary st
—J. T. Baillie, treasurer
Barr James, smith, 33 Leven st
â–  James, superintendent, N.B. Railway Co. South Leifch
Station ; res. St. Margaret's Park rd. Leith
John, solicitor & N.P. India buildings
Barracks (Artillery), Leith Fort
(Cavalry), Piershill, Jock's Lodge
(Infantry), Edinburgh, Castle
Barrett Walker, grocer, 135 Canongate
Barrie & Moncrieff, builders, Leith walk [Walker sti
Andrew, watchmaker and jeweller, 4 George st ; res. 2
Edmund, agent for Robertson & Campbell, provision manu-
facturers (Aberdeen), 8 Canning st ; res.. 3 Gardner's cres
George, solicitor & notary public, 38 Dublin st
George A. tea merchant (John Dairy mple & Co.), 2 Walker st
James, wright (D. Pirrie & Co.), 45 Great Junction st
James, c mdiment manufacturer (R. Alexander & Son), 85
West Fountain bridge
James, gardener, 3 Trafalgar st [station
John, pavement & fire clay goods merchant, Scotland Street
John, joiner, 2 tfosehill ptoee
Marion, grocer & spirit dealer, 79 & 80 Giles st. Leith
Barron Ann, greengrocer, 29 London st [Melville ter
Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Drummond st ; res. 14
Charles, fruiterer, 12 Lothian st
John, rag and waste dealer, 4 Dumbiedykes rd
William, dairy, 53 Pleasance
Barry J. Houston, secretary to Scottish Economic Li f e Assurance
Society, Lim. 2 York buildings ; res. 16 Mayfield gardens
James, grocers' outfitter and corking machine maker. 8
Victoria st ; res. 6 Cambridge st [Ferry rd
John, rag &. metal merchant, Bonnington rd. Leith ; res. 63
— — John H. stationer (James Ritchie,, Son & Co.), 16 Mayfield
Robert J. commission agent, 16 Mayfield gardens
William, artist. 10 Picardy place
Barstow & Miller, C.A. 32 India st
Charles M., C.A. (Barstow & Miller), 32 India st
Bartholomew Misses & Co. dressmakers, 20 Queen st
John, lithographic printer and map publisher. Geographical
Establishment, 31 Chambers st ; res. 34 Mayfield terrace
Bartleman Alexander, grocer, 259 High st
John, working jeweller, So Hanover st ; res. 35 Alva st
Bartlett William E. managing director, North British Rubber
Company, Limited, 21 Buckingham terrace
Barton & M'Master. S.S.C. 47 Tork place
David, dairyman, 2 Bryson rd
James, S.S.C. (Baiton & M'Master), 47 York place
James, teacher of music. 12 Atholl place
John, spirit dealer, 3 & 4 Shore, Leith
â–  John F. plumber, 15 Forrest rd
Peter, joiner (George Gilroy & Co.), 50 Gilmore place
William, plumber, &c. (W.Barton & Sons), 4 Glenorchy ter
William, accountant, 24 Grange rd
William & Son3, plumbers & gasfitters, 11 Forrest rd
Bartram James, bootmaker, 18 Gladstone place
Bass, Ratcliffe and Gretton, brewers (Burton-on-Trent)— Bulloch,
Lade and Co. sole agents ; office, 8 Union st
Batchelor Alexander, fish salesman, 4 Craighall rd
James, shopketper, 7 East Arthur place
Batchen Alexander, stereotyper. 113 Marchmontrd
Batchin Miss — , hair artist. 51 Arthur- st
Mrs. G. dressmaker, 20 Montgomery st
George, brass founder, 20 Montgomery st
Bathgate Alexander, shopkeeper, 52 Causewayside
& Burns, wholesale grocers and tea, coffee and spice mer-
chants, Gayfield square
Foundry Co. .4a St. Andrew square
George, artist, 21 St. Andrew square
James, Tailor, 43 James street
James, carpenter, 55 Circus lane [Wardie
John, lea merchant (Bathgate & Burns), 6 Wardie avenue,
â–  Mary, shopkeeper, 90 Albert st. Leith
Oil Co. Limited, oil manufacturers, 9 North St. David st— W.
J. Valentine, secretary
Baths (Public). 12 Nicolson square and Pitt st
, Frithfield, Seafield, Leith
Bauchope John, householder, 25 Gayfield square [crescent
John, headmaster. Canonmills public echool, 7 Warnston
Baxendine Andrew, bookseller (successor to the late
J. Moodie Miller), 10 St. Giles st
Baxter Alexander, carrier, Montgomery Street lane
Alexander, law clerk, 12 East Mavfield
Alexander, printer (John Baxter & Son), 2 Crawfurd rd,
& Burnett, W.S. & N.P. 7 Howe st
â–  Catherine, tobacconist, 30a Greenside st
Charles, W.S. (Mitchell & Baxter), 7 Rothesay place
David, M.A. teacher. 2 Sandporf st. Leith
Edmund, auditor of Court of Session, 16 Royal Exchange ;
res. 9 Rutland square
Elizabeth, dressmaker, 4 Gladstone terrace
G. H. engineer (Ramage & Ferguson), 2Lixmountter. Trinity
George, glass & china dealer, 92 High st ; res. 72 South Clerk st
Isabella, tobacconist, 30 Bridge st. Leith
James C, S.S.C. (Baxter & Burnett), 45 Heriot rd
â–  Janet, greengrocer, 2 Scotland st
John, tea merchant (William & George Law), 6 Duke st
John & Son, printers and publishers of the Scottish Law Re-
porter, 19 Elder st
John R. advocate, 22 Dublin street
Margaret, china dealer, Taufield
Robert, greengrocer, 25 Bowling Green st. Leith
S. tobacconist, 10 Raeburn terrace
Thomas, gardener. 3 Eglinton st
William, baker, 8 West .Newington place
William, chimney sweeper & slater, 87 Canongate
Will'am, builder & contractor. 13 Dock st. Leith
William, greengrocer, 6 Baker's place, Stockbridge
Bay ley George, W.S & N P. (Macritchie, Bay ley and Hender-
son), 13 Regent terrace
Bayliss, Cox & Wood, flower and feather merchants (London,),
26 George st— W. B. Connochie, agent
George, first curator, School of Art, Royal Institution

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