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&TRA1TON is a parish, in Carrick district— the
village, a neat one, is 80 miles s.w. from Edinburgh,
2€s. from Kilmarnock, 14 s.e. from Ayr, the same
distance n.e. from Girvan, 8 e.s.e from Maybole, the
same distance n.e. from Dailly, and 6 s.w. from Dal-
mellington ; finely situated on the banks of the Girvan,
and on the road leading from Glasgow to Newton-
Stewart— 48 miles s. by w. from the former, and 30 n.
from the latter town. The parish, which extends
about fifteen miles in length by five in breadth, consists
for the most part, of pasture land, the surface, espe-
cially in the south-east, being wild and rocky, inter-
spersed with a number of small lakes ; there is,
however, a considerable supply of natural wood, and
several extensive plantations; and besides the Girvan
and lakes, it is watered by the Doon. The inhabitants
are for the most p^rt occupied in agricultural pursuits,
a few at a neighbouring tile works, and some find
employment in weaving. About half a mile south of
the village are the vestiges of an oblong entrenchment,
from which an extensive view is commanded; about
this spot, the artificial woik on which must be pre-
sumed to be of Roman origin, various ancient relic3
have been found, particularly two carved vases, or;
urns, containing ashes. The Marquess of Ailsa, the
Honble. Colonel F. M. Cathcart, Sir Edward Ferguson,
and Sir Hunter Blair are the proprietors of the land.
Straiton has a neat parish church, a parochial school,
and a female school, the latter built at the expense o
and principally maintained by, Lady H. Blair.
Patna is a small village, in the parish of Straiton
situated on the bunks of the Doon, which abounds
with trout. Lime and coal are obtained plentifully in
this neighbourhood, and furnishes employment to
many of the villagers. The Honble. Mrs. Leslie is
proprietress of the land about here. A chapel and
school, in connexion with the Established Church,
and the Relief Body, have a place of worship.
POST OFFICE, Straiton Mary Kerr, Post Mistress. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Maybole)
every morning at half-past ten, and are despatched thereto every evening at six.
post office- Patna, Thomas Dick, Post Master. — Letters from all parts arrive (from Ayr) every
morning at half-past seven, and are despatched thereto every afternoon at half-past two (Sundays excepted).
Wilson James, grocer, Straiton
Blair Sir Edward Hunter, of Blair-
Blair Rev. John, the Manse
Cunningham Hy., Esq., Carslceroch
M'Farizen James, Patna
M'Fadzen Rev. Thomas, Patna
Alexander J ohn,iuaster of Parochial
School, Patna
Alexander Peter, tailor, Straiton
Arthur David, blacksmith, Patna
Arthur Robert, shoemaker, Patna
Bone Duncan, shopkeeper and
flesher, Patna
Cameron Margaret, teacher,Straiton
Chalmers James, tailor, Straiton
Dalziel Hugh, joiner, Straiton
Dick John, tailor, Patna
Dick Thomas, shoemaker and shop-
keeper, Patna
Douglas Hugh, joiner & cartwright,
Galbraith Saml., shopkeeper, Patna
Gareud Margaret, shopkeeper,Patna
Hill & Cowan, joiners and cart-
wrights, Patna
Hunter Andw. blacksmith, Straiton
Hylsop James, flesher, Straiton
Kennedy John, weaver, Straiton
Kerr Andrew, joiner, Patna
Lees James, shopkeeper, shoemaker
and flesher, Patna
M'Call David, shoemaker, Straiton
M'Call John, shoemaker, Straiton
M'Cartuey William, blacksmith,
Bridge end, Patna
M'Connichie Samuel, mason and
shopkeeper, Patna
M'Connichie William, mason, Patna
M'Gill William, shoemaker, Patna
M'Murray James, miller, Straiton
M'Turk James, joiner, Straiton
Paterson John, tailor, Patna
Reid George, miller, Straiton
Service George, shopkeeper, Patna
Sinclair David, miller, Patna
Stafford William, weaver, Patna
Thomson Jas., shoemaker, Straiton
Welsh John, blacksmith, Patna
Young Matt., schoolmaster, Straiton
Alexander Peter. Straiton
Golriie James. Patna
M'CubMn Thomas (Black Bull Inn»
affid posting), Straiton
M'Whirter John, Straiton
Shields William, Patna
To AYR, the Btairqulian Castle, from
Straiton, every Tuesday
Maybole is the nearest Station to Strai-
ton, seven miles distant, for convey-
ance, see Coach
Patna is a station on the Glasgow and
South- Western line. Station, about
three quarters of a mile from the village
— William Semple, collector
To AYR, Robert M-Culloch, from Patna,
and John Kennedy, from Straiton*
Tuesday and Friday
ARBOLTON is a parish in the district of Kyle —
the village (or town) is 12 miles s.e. from Irvine", 8 s.
from Kilmarnock, aod 7 n.e. from Ayr, situated about
five miles from the shore of the Frith of Clyde, sur-
rounded by a fine country, and occupying a considerable
space of ground. In the reign of the second Charles,
it was erected into a burgh of barony, and granted to
John Cunningham, Esq. of Enterkine. The parish
church is rather an elegant structure (with a bea^Sful
spire, surmounted by a clock having four dials); it was
completed in 1821, at a cost of upwards of £2,500. The
parish is about seven and a half miles in length, and its
average breadth about four and a half. The Duke of
Portland, John Bell, Esq. — Hunter, Esq. of Blairqu-
huan, Hugh Hamilton, Esq. of Piumore, James Camp-
bell, Esq. of Craigie, Colonel Neil, of Swinridge Muir,
and William Orr Paterson Montgomery, are the prin.
cipal heritors. The fairs ate held on the first Monday
in May, the first Tuesday after the 11th of June, and
the first Wednesdav in November.
The village of Stair, which comprises but a few
dwelling* and a neat parish church, is about two miles
and a half from Tarbolton : its situation is most roman-
tic, and many highly ornamental mansions add to the
beauty of the surrounding country. The neighbour-
hood abounds with mines of coal. The earldom of
Stair is now merged in that of Dumfries.
Joppa is a village, in the parish of Coylston, about 7
miles s.w. from Tarbolton. The parish, which is ad-
JHCf nt to the west border of Kyle district, is about five
miles in length, by two in breadth. The church, erec-
ted in 1833, is a handsome building with accommoda-
tion for a congregation of more than seven hundred
The parish of Stair is in the district of Kyle, lying
on the south or right bank of the river Ayr, and ex-
tending six miles in length, by about two in breadth;
it was first erected into an independent parish in 1653,
when it was severed from Ochiltree for the accommo-
dation of the noble family of Daliymple, of Stair.
POST OFFICE* Mary Gibson, Post Mistress. — Letters from all parts arrive every morning at fwenty
minutes to nine, and are despatched every afternoon at one.
Money Orders are granted and paid here.

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