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ItJtntottrgf^fjtre, EDINBURGH, &c.
Tailors — Continued.
Tavlor Alexander, 2 West Adam st
•Taylor John, 369 High st
•Thomsons-Hay ,30 North Bridge st
•Thomson George, 118 Rose st
Thomson Ge irge,2St. James st. Ea«t
Thomson Gideon, 429 Lawn market
Thomson Thomas Duel; st. Leith
Tod James, 90 South Bridge st
•Trotter Robert, 11 Davie st
Turner David (clothier), 31 Somh
Bridge st
•Utrecht John H. 72 George st
Vallance George (breeches maker,
and by appointment glover to the
Queen), 9 & 11 West Register st
Wallace John G. 49 Great Junction
st. Leith
Ward J. Bishop's close
Watson John, 27 India place
•Watson Thomas, 30 St. James's sq
Watson William, 194 Rose st
Watt David. 13-Kirkgate, Leith
Watt J. Mo rison's close
•White John, 92 South Bridge st
•White William (and men's mercer
and hatter), 12 South Frederick st
Whitson John, 115 Rose st
WilliamsonJames,40Tolbooth wynd
•Wilson George, 22 Duke st
Wood James, D Ikeith road
Wright John, 32 Westport
Wright Walter, 96 Highst
Young James, 126" High st
•Young Janvs, 37 Noith Bridge
Young R. & Co, 67 St. Mary's wynd
•Young Thos. & Son, 54 North
Biidge st
Tallow Chandlers*
See Candle Makers,
(See also Curriers Hr Leather Sellers;
also Leather Merchants; and
likewise Skinners.)
Boak Allan, 59 Westport
Brown Hugh, Gnlm's close, Sonth
Back of Canongate
Callender David, Si. Anthony's lane
Leiih and Bonniugton
Cox J & G. Goraie
Foord & Moir, 93 Westport
Giloionr W. & O. (& machine belt
makers), 78 South Back of Canon-
gate - [close, High, st
Gine George H. 125 North Giay's
Hallidav William &Son,BnnniMgtori
Johnston David, 70 St. Mary's wvnd
Legget Rober, Water-of- Leith "
Liddell W. H. 135 We-tport [burn
Reid John(& leather dresser), Pow-
Russell Robert & Sow, Canonmills
I White Elizabeth, Bonniugton
Aberdeen Marion, Cramond bridge
Aitken Crawford (Bell Rock), 111 Kirkgate, Leith
Archbold William ((iun), 11 Market st
Archibald Francis i Old Ship), 26 Shore, Leith
Bourgois Benoit, 25 Fleshmarkei close [side
Boyes Janet (Thistle & Rose), Jordan place, Morning-
Brown Jane (Corn Exchange), 23 G>a-smaiket
Brownlee Alexander (Bee Hive), 20 Grassmarket
Calver Charles (Golf House), 27 Wright's houses
Chadwick Colin (Railway Tavern), Citadel, Leith
Chalmers lid ward, 20 Commercial place, Leith
Clark Margaret (Pier place Hotel), Newhavea
Cleghorn John (Star), 100 Grassmarket
Cochrane Henry (Railway Tavern), Haymarket
Cooper Mary, 23 Fleshmaiket close
!': vidson David (Crowii & Anchor), 2 Leith st terrace
DLkson Isabella, 2(3 Queen st, Leith
Dodds William, Restaliig
Douglas Peter, 89 Cowgate
Dow Catheiine (Globe,, 3 Hill place
Farwaker John (Old Tom Cale Hotel), 209 High st
Ferguson Margaret, 2 Bernard st, Leith
Ferguson William, 2 Queen st, Leith
Roister William (King's Head), 20 Cowgate
Galbiaith Christopher (John O'Groats), Dalkeith road
Gilchrist John, 52 Giles st, Leith
Gordon W. G. 63 St. Andrew st, Leith
Grav James (P. acock Inn), Newhaven
Gray Joim (Commercial), 14 Commercial place, Leitu
Grieve Alexander, 3 Mealmarkei
Haddow William (Clydesdale Inn), 26 Grassmarket
Haivev William, Coftbridge
Higgins Margaret (Railway Tavern), 3 Citadel, Leith
Hill Mackay (Black Swam, 23 Bridge st, Leiih
Horsley James, 4 Shore, Leith [Parkside
Hume Alexander (Parkside Tavern), Old Gibbet loll
Im>lts Alexander (City)- 4 Booth's clo-.e
KeirThmnftS B. 8 St." Andrew st, Leith
Kellock Alexander, 80 South Back of Canongate
Kirk John (Old Ship Inn), Newhaven
Laiug Alexander. 27 Satidport st, Leith
Laurenson Wilhelmina, 18 Commercial place, Leith
M'Adam John (Bav Horse), 55 Rose st
M'Donald Archibald (New Dock), Admiralty st, Leith
M'Gechan James (Red Lion), 3 Fyfe place
M'lntyre Joseph, 180 High st
M'Laren Duncan (John's Coffee House), 307 High st
M-Lean Neill, 5 Q-.ieen st, Leith
i Marshall Robert (Bowling Gieen), Leven st
I Meikle Archibald (Wellington), 13 Leith st terrace
Milne Christian, Fleshmaiket
JMorTd; David (White Hart Inn), 32 Giassmarket
i Morgan James (Steam Packet), 22 Shore, Leith
Morgan Mary Anne (Chain Pier), Newhaven
Muii head Alexander, 49a B'rou'ghtou st
Naismith Robert (Britannia j, Citadel, Leith
Ncrrie Da>id (Tower Tavern), 1 Slnne, Leith
Overston Elspet (Buck's Head), Johnston st, Leith
Paterson John, 21 Fleshmaiket close
PeuhycuicI; John (Plough), 450 Causewayside
Pet rie David, 27 Queen st, Leith
Reid Richard, Cramond
Robertson Donald (Albeit Hotel), 29 Rose st
Robeitsou James, 3 Laurie st. Leith
Ross John (Market Tavern), 9 Physic gardens
Samuel William (Old Ship), 8 Shore, Leith
Shoirocks Robt rt, 10 Bernard st, Leith
Smith John (Black Bull), 14 Grassmarket
Somerville Thomas (Clydesdale), 15 Fleshmaiket close
Spenre Job", 10 Hunter sqnre [place, Leith
Sirasenburgh Robi. (London Tavern], 5 Commercial
Svmons Peter, Market lane, Leiih
Tait John, 24 St. Andrew st, Leith
Thomson Alexander (Fish Tavern), Newhaveu
Thomson Hugh, 91 South Back of Canongate
Torrance Joseph (White Horse), 56 Charlotte st, L
Turner James (Railway), Lothian road
Waiker James (Stone Pier Inn), Newhaven
White David (University), I North College street, and
68 Adam square
Wilson Jane (Guildford Tavern), 1 West Register St. L
Wood Andrew ( National Tavern) , 8 West Register st
Tea and Conee Sealers.
(>ee also Tea Merchants.)
Aitken James & Co. 1 Green ide pi
I '.aimer & Co. 4 Victoria terrace
Blackie John, 3 South College st
Bowie M. £{ Co. 5 Blenheim place
Braid wood James, 1 Sandpoit st, L
Biotchie Robert & Co. 8 and 9
Mitchell st, Leith
Burn George & Son, 132 High st
Ghiistie Robt. 53 North Hanover st
Clark Robert. 36 Druinmond place
Dalrytnple John, 2 Princes st
Darling William, 47 Nicolson st
Dickson James, 12Tolbooth wynd
Douglas Alexander, 46 Earl Grey st
Fleti William, Batik -st, Leith
Gardner Thos 64North Frederick st
Gilnour Hugh, 16 Greenside st
Hamilton Andrew, 12 Nicolson st
Hamilton William, 10 Brighton st
Hill, Thomson & Co. (and purveyors
to the Queen, and to H. R. H.the
Prince of Wales), 45 North Fred-
erick st — See advertisement
Hogg, Honeyman and Wilson, 13
Meuse lane
Hope R. A. 51 Y.rdheads, Leith
Horsburgh & Blair, 23 Princes st
luglis John, 10 Leven st
Innes & Grieve (and spice, oil ana
Italian warehousemen), 11 Saint
Andrew square-See advertisement
Jamieson Robert & Co., 7 aud 8
Leith st terrace
Kerr James, 89 Nicolson st
Kirkhope John, 1 Sonth Melville pi
Law William & George, 31 St. An-
drew square
M'Dongal James, 6 Dublin st
Mackav David. 42 North Biidge st
MasotiDavia^Co. 88Souih Bridges*
Meek & Williamson, 37 Mitcheil st,
Melrose Andrew & Co. 93 George st

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