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|9f recto i£.
EDINBURGH, & c . tgflmfcurg&stwr.
•Cathie Nicholas, 219 High st
•Christie & Finilater, 103 & 104
South Britgest
Christie John & Son fclothiers,
breeches makers, &c.) 16 George
sti eet
•Clark John, 1 Bristo place
Cochrane Wm. 11 Kirkgate, Leith
•Combe Matthew. 13 N. Ilridae st
Conley Edward, Bath place, Leith
Conway M.& Co. 4 St. Mary's wynd
•Copland Robt. T. 37 North Han-
over st
Core George, 56 Causeways'idl
•Corner John, 79 George st
Cownie William & Sons, 63 South
Bridge st
•Craig John & Co. (and masonic),
3 Leith st. terrace — See advt.
Crawford & Co. U Leith st. terrace
Crowe James, 2 Non h Bridge st
Crowe William, 37 North Bridge st
Dalgleish D. & Son, 5 Drummond st
•Darling Go. 93 South Bridge st
Darling William 1 Hunter square
©eas Thomas, 90 Rose st
Dickinson Geo 14 Drummoud st
Dobson John, 333 High st
Douglas David, 3 Spence's pi
Drummond D. 7 Cromwell st. L.
Drummond Peter, 11 (Walton st
•Easton James 23^ St. James's sq
Edington Alex. 32 Brunswick st
Kunson Robert, 43 Kiikgate, Leith
•Fegan & Co. 64 High street, and 4
Kirkgate, Leith
•Fegan John, 66 High st
•Ferguson Duncan, 24 Cumberland
•Ferguson James H. 31 Elder st
•Flernii g Andw., South Fort street,
Ferry road
Finlaysou Daniel, 35 VV. Register st
•Flett Geo. 35 Sundport st, Leith
•Forrest George, 4 Hamilton pi
Forsyth Robert, 41 Bristo st
Fowler James, 80 George st
Fowler Win. 73 Cumberland st
•Eraser & Anderson, 1 St. Andrew
Eraser Andrew, 16 South Bridge st
•Fuller John, 54 South Bridge st
Galloway William, Montague st
Garden James & Son, 150 High st
Gardner Alex. 6 Portland place
Gibb John, 4 Infii niary st
Gibson James, Gilford park
(Sillies Samuel, 1 Young si
Dillon R. .lun. 48 Bridge st, Leith
•Goodsir Geo. 24 South Budge st
'Gordmi&Burns, 33 Nth. Bridge st
Gordon Wm, 4 Wharton lane
Gow Forbes, 429 Lawnmarket
Grieve & Oliver (.clothiers to the
Queen, and agents for Macin-
tosh & Go's, waterproof garments)
19 Princes st — See advt.
•Golland & Gray, 55 North Hano-
ver st
•Giinn Daniel, 85 South Bridge st,
8 High st, and ? Catherine st
•Harde.-ty George, 10 Nicolson st
^Harrison & hill, 36 N<li Bridge st
'. Hartley Thomas F. 51 N. Bridge st
Henderson George, 66 Bronghton st
Henderson James, 271 Canongate
IjJiiltuin & Wel-h, 6b George st
Home Richard, 73 Mcolson st
Horsburgh Andrew 3tS Home st
*Hoy Alexander, 46 Vicioria st
Hunter Robert, 64 Bii~to st
Hunter William, Davidson's mains
Ii.gli, John, 46 Nicolson st
Jamieson And. 2 r-TeshmarUet close
*Jamie>on Daniel 29 William st
Jeffrey William, 43 Tol booth wvnd,
•Johns Thomas & Co. 60a Princes st
Jollv John, 27 Blur st
.loplin Thomas, 3 Tolbooth wynd L
•Kerr Archbld. 17 West Register st
*Ken- Robert, 10 E der st
•Kilpatrick Hnah, 23a Bread st
•King James, 52 Nonh Hanover st
Kiikwoori Robert, 8 Brunswick st
Kyles Andrew. 3 Nth. Richmond ft
•Laing Alex. 27 Sandport si, Leith
Lamb Robert, 34 North Bridge st
«^Law James, 423 Lawnmarket
'/ .vrrie Heniy, 7 Hill square
Leitch Ahx. 17 West Richmond st
Leitch Thomas, 11 Raebum pi
Leslie Thos. 40 Sandport st. Leith
•Letton & Co. 14 Leith st
•Lvv Michael A. (and outfitter),
96'S'.uth Bridge st,& 1 Tolbooth
wvnd Leith
•Lidgate Alex. 29 Riddle's street
Lind Andrew, 30 Kirkgate, Leith
Lrud Audw. Jun. 12 D.'Ck pi. Leith
•Lindsay & Richardson, 20 North
Bridge st
Lindsay Wm. 6 West Richmond st
•Linton George, Newhaven [st
•Livingston John, 20 South Bridge
Lockie William, 118 West port
•Lowfoot & Leishman, 41 South
M'Adam John, 38 Home st
M'Cabe Michael, 250 Cowgate
*M Cartuey Hugh, 30 Leith st
M'Clumpha John, 31 Pitt st
•Macrae, Cameron & Shand (clo-
thiers io Her Majesty and the
R'>yal Family), 105 George st
M'Craw William, 42 Rose st
•M'Cuaig, Duncan & Son i& habit
makers), 10 South Frederick st
•M'Diarmid Archbld. 53 George st
*M DiarmidJohn,13North Bridge st
•M 1 Donald James,423 Lawnmarket
*M Donald William, 12 Adam st
M'Farlane James, 233 High st
MGihbon George.90South Bridge st
M'Gibbon John, 15 South College st
M'Gregor John, 5 Kerr st
•M'Intosh James, 26NorthBridgest
M'Intyre Peter, We^t Norton place
Mack ay Daniel, 300 Lawnmarket
M'Kay Henry, 15 South College st
Mackay Thomas, 128 High st
M'Kean John, 10 Hill place
M'Ktnzie Alexander, 3 Clyde st
M ' K< nzie Jas. 3 North St '] Savid st
Mackenzie William, 10 Duncan st
Mackinlav Duncan (clothier), 2
Bank st
M'Leod John, Bronghton st
M'Leod William, 23' Howe st
Macrae Wm. 33 Wright's houses
•Marshall & Aitken, 27 North
Bridge st [Admit st
Marshall Thomas & Son, 14 West
Martin & Prentice, Alison's place,
Leith walk
•Martin James, 14 Dublin st
•Matheson John, 41 North Fred-
eri' k street
MeikleGeorge, 10 South Hanover st
•Melrose John,36North Hanover st
Middlemass James (clothier) 18
South Bridge st
•Millan &Mann (lafeT. Bucknsas-
ler & Co.— army & general), 135
George st
Miller David B. 166 High st
Miller John (clothi<:r), 29 North
Biidge street
Miller Joseph, 6 Union st
•Mills William, 63 North Biidge st
Moffat John, 132 Rose st
•Morgan J. din & Co. 104 George st
•Morison John C. 75 Nicolson st
•Morris David, 132 Princes st
Morris John, 1 Hunter square
•Mortimer John & Co. (and armv
and navy contractors, and tailors
to the Queen, and clothiers to
H R.H. the Prince Consort), 10)
George st
•Muir James, 9 Charlotte plai'e
Mnir John G. 51 Tolbooth wynd, L
•Munro Alex. 23 Sour h Bridge st
Mntrray Charles,3 Nicolson square
•Murray George&Son.33B.Georgest
Napier George,138outhFrederick st
•Nighting ile Edward W. 19 South
St Andrew st
•Nisbet James, 8 India place
•Oliver Walter, 22 William st
•O'Niel John, 74 and 102 High st
Pack wood Thomas, Pier place,
•Panton William,36 South Biidge st
•Paterson Thomas. 369 High st
•Peacock WiIliam,20Nonh Bridge st
•Peaston James, 4 West Register et
Pollock David, 33 Clerk st
•Porteons William, 377 High st
•Pnrves William 31 North Bridge st
•Purves William & Co. 76George st
Ramsay John, 28 William st
Ramsay William, 21 Earl Giey st
•Rausch & Bu-se, 8 George st
Reid James, Bishops close
Reid William, 16 Richmond plice
Reunie Charles, 3 Rose bank
Rennie John, Davidson's mains
•Riddell John, 63 North Bridge st
•Ritchie J. 4 J. 107 Princes st
Ritchie James. East Assembly laiift
Robertson Duncan, 62 Thistle st
Robertson Geoige, 1S2 Canongate
Robertson James, 1 Causewayside
R bertson James, 54 Cumberland st
Ri bertsou John, 6 Bristo place
•Robertson John, Canonmills
Ross & Aitchisou, 9 Leith st
•Ross David, 13 Hill place
•Ross John, Morn'mg-ide
Ross Robert, Atibey hill
Russell Hug!), 4 Tolbooth wynd, L
*Russell Robert, 7 Romily place
Russell William, 6 Charlotte place
Sanson Alexander, 10 Arthur st.
Scott Adam B. 59 Bernard st. L
Scoti Peter & Co. (mercantile clo-
ilners), 9 South Bridge st
Scott Robert C. (clothiers), 22 Sth.
Bridae st
Selkirk William, 35 Leith st
Shaw William, 59 Bristo st
Simpson Alex. 47 Cumberland st
•Simpson Peter, 9 Dbwiiie place
•Sinclair Robert, 377 High st
Sleigh George, 41 Lothian st
Smith Alexander, 127 Ko»e st
Smith Divid, 170 High at
Smith George, 69 St. Mary's wynd
•Smith George (and outfitter), 25
Nicolson st
Smith John, 102 South Bridge st
Smith John, HiilhouselielJ
Smith Sinclair, 16 South Bridge st
•SpenceJann-s, 31 South Bridge st
Stewart Charles, 8 Barony st
Stewart John C. 93 South B'idgest
1 *Stobie William, 11 Calton st
•Strachan Geoige, 17 South Rich-
mond street
Sutherland Andrew, Canonmills
Sutherland J. Giles st, Leith
Sutherland Joseph, 93 George st
I Tait Andrew, 71 Bronghton st
i Tait Geoige, Davidson's mains

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