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Black & Sons, Staneioo Brick Wohks—
Glasgow office, 49 Jamaica st
Jackson Thomas, Dalmacoulter Colliery
Gordon Hugh, 120 Graham st
Loudon Matthew, 118 & 120 Graham st
Mathieson James, 49 South Bridge st
Mathieson John, 118 High st
Paterson Robert, 29 Stirling st
Watson Thomas, 23 Stirling st
Anderson Peter, Clarkston
More William, Glenmavis
Taylor John, Eawyards
Thom John, the Plains
HarvieJohn, 08 Stirling st
Herbert Flora, 1 & 8 High st CBridgo st
Paterson James, 91 Graham st, & 51 South
Rankin Patrick, 1 South Bridge st
Anderson James, 14 North Bridge st
Carlin Daniel, 9 High st
Cunningham Charles, 82 Bell st
GiUon Noil, 23 Graham st
M'Farlane Francis, 106 & 108 Stirling st
M'Haffie James, 109 High st
Stewart John, 7 Chapel st
Clark Humphrey, 40 South Bridge st
KJrkwood WiUlam (and funeral undertaker).
Stab Hotel, 49 Chapel st
M'Lintock Robert, Eoyal Hotei,,! Graham st
Avonhead Coal Co. Avonhead
Baird Wm. Blacktonge & Bogloa OoUieties
Bellsdyke Coal Co. Bellsdyke ColUery
Black William & Son, Stanrigg, Browny-
Collieries, Whiterigg; Glasgow office,
49 Jamaica st
Broomflold Goal Co. Broomflold OoUlery
Cowie George & Sons, Eoohsolloch Colliery
Drnmshangie Coal Co. Drurashangie Col-
liery ; office, 9 East High st
Ferrier & Strain, Airdrie, Chapelside, Hall-
hiU and Bartibeith Collieries; office,
Wellington st
Forrester Eobert, Eoughrigg Colliery
Forsyth William, Roughcralg Collieries
Gartsherrie Coal Co. Airdrie
Gemmell James, Auchengray
Hamilton Robert & Sons, Dundyvan
Jackson Thomas, Dalmacoulter and Stand
Kirk John, Arden Collieries
M'Callum J. & A. Blackrigg Colliery
M'Callum John A. Eaebog Colliery
Macfarlano Thomas Andrew, 41 South Bridge
St. and Easter Glentore Colliery
Monklar.d Iron & Steel Co. Calderbank
Napier John & Co. Riggcnd Colliery
Nimmo James & Co. Kippbyre CoUiery, Gar-
don square; office, 20 DLxon at. Olaimw
Pettigrew & Spencer, Gartnrk and Dryflat
Eankin John, Dhdmgray Colliest: office
8 East High st
Rankin Patrick, Damgavel CoUiery
Rawvahds Coal Co. Liihited, 8 East High
St. and Eawyards— Gavin Black Mother-
well, secretary ; Walter Stirling, manager,
Glasgow office, 6 Dixon st— WilUam Barr,
Robertson John & Son, Ballochnie and
Meadowbank Collieries
Robinson J. & E. West Glentore Colliery;
office ; 118 West Regent st. Olaagom
Ross James, Roadside Colliery, Riggend
Russell J. & J. Greeagairs CoUiery
Shotts Co.il Co. The Plains
Simpson James, Springwell Colliery
Smith William, Nettlehole Colliery.Rlgghead
Springbauk Coal Co. The Plains
Summerleo Coal Co. Stepends
Thrashbush Coal Co. Thhashbcsh Col-
LiniviEs, Airdrie- George Pratt, managing
partner- .Sec advertisement
Waddell & Pettigrew, Bellsdyke CoUiery
Walker Henry, Dykehead CoUiery, Eawyards
Wilsons & Co. Stepends & Dunsyston Col-
lieries, Clarkston— John Weir agent
Young John, Drumgray
Bute James, 74 High st
Cherl'ie George, 89 Stirling st
Fisher Catherine, 7 East High st
Hill & Lees (& wholesale), 80 High st
King James, 15 Hallcraig st
MitcbeU Janet (wholesale),36 South Bridge st
Peters Matthew, 5 High st
Revie John, 72 South Bridge st
Smith Margaret, 44 Stirling st
Addle James, DrumgeUoch
Boyd Robert, 69 Chapel st
Hamilton Robert, Alexander et
Mitchell WilUam, 37 South Bridge st
Paterson Robert, 35 Cbapel st
Walker James, Rawyards
Young James (railway), Graham's hiU
Brash Robert, 12 & 14 South Bridge st
Kay James, 20 High st
Forrest J. & T. Brownieaido MiU
Summerville WilUam, HaU Craig MiUs
Waddell John, Airdrie Grain MiUs, Mill st
Houldsworth John & Co. Airdrie Cotton
Works— Thomas Goldie, manager ; office,
124 St. Vincent st. Glasgow
Bowie W. & J. 122 Stirling st
Dick John, 3 Chapel st
Anderson James, 12 North Bridge st
Andrew George, 41 Clark st
Baxter Marion, 8 Bank st
Jack WiUiam, 26 Forsyth st
Morrison Hugh, 91 Chapel st
Richmond John, 46 High st
Walker Henry, fi9 High st
Watson John, 89 South Bridge st
Weir Mary, 23 North Bridge st
Woodhead James, 106 Graham st
Anderson James, 67 Stirling st
Darnley Agnes, 8 East High st
Fergus Helen, 60 High st
M'Knighl John, 103 StirUng st
MitcheU Alexander (Commercial Tayem), 14
Anderson st
(See also Iron Founders'and also Boiler
Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrio Iron Works, MiU st
Bartholomew WUliam & Co. (and general
contractors), Airdrie
Dick & Stevenson (& makers of locomotive &
stationary engines, mine ventilating fans,
Stevenson's patent steam^excavators, &c.),
Airdrie Engine Works, Bell st See
Gibb & Hogg {& tool makers), Victoria
Engine Wurks
Smith James & Co. (& makers of stationary
and portable steam engines, also single &
double purchase crab winches, and ma-
chinery of every description used in iron
works and colUories), Well Wvnd Engine
Works — See advertiseinent
Spence John & Sons (& mill furnishers and
metal merchants), 9 Loudon st— See advert
Stevenson & Mackay (& manufacturers of
stationary & portable engines," & machi-
nery of every description used in'miUs, col-
lieries, iron works, &o.) Chapel Street
Engine Works.— See advertisement
Aitken John, Glentore
Aitken Thomas, Pidderland
AUau John, Mosswood
AUan Thomas, Ballochney
Allan William, Drumgray
Anderson Thomas, Langdales
Arthur George, Shields
BaUoch John, Blacbog
BaiT Thomas, Arden
Baxter John, HolohiU
Black Thomas, Leaend
Black William, Muirend
Briers Mrs. — , Drumbrow
Brown James, East Girtmillan
Biyeou Robert, Ryding mains
Buchanan Walter, Browniesido
Gairncroea John, Woodhead
Cameron William, SummerhiU
Chapman Thomas, Commonhead
Clelland James, Blairlin
CuUen Archibald, Roughcralg
Cullen Archibald, Woodend
Cullen John, Kippsbyre
Cullen John, Gartlea
Curr David, Clachan
Deniston Malcolm, Glentore
Donaldson James, Wardhead
Dunlop John, Millcroft
Danemore James F. Gaindykehead
Dunsmoro Robert, Springwella
Dykes John, Kipps
Fleming James, Hillhead
Forsyth David, Floweryhill Bt
Forsyth Mrs. — , North'Mivet
Forsyth Mrs. J. Sprim^wells
Gardner James, East Cullochrigg
Gardner Mrs. R. Blacktongue
Gardner William, Uppertown
Gartshore Alexander, Marybrough
Gentles John, Loanhead
Goodlet Alexander, Bridgend
Grahctm David, Langrigg
Graham Robert, Rawyards
Grainger James, Penwinnie
Hainshaw James, Crossrig
Hodge Alexander, Craighead
Hodge John, Eastertown
Hodgo John, Eastfleld
Jack William, Kirkstyle
Jackson Robert, Drumbowle
Jarvie Mrs. — , Woodside
Lang William, Annathill
Logan William, Cameron
Mackie Archibald, South Mivet
M'Laws George, Inchnock
M'Lean James, South Modroi
M'Lean John, West Cullochrigg
Main William, Breckenhurst
Marshall James, Glenhove
Miller John, The Stand
Miller William, Raebog
Morton John, East Meadowhead
Motherwell John, Loanfoot
Motherwell John, of Rawyards
Muir William, Mossido
Muirhead William, Cloyslop
Mungall James, Luckonbiirn
Nimmo Jamos & Co. Lochend
Paterson — , Whiteside
Paterson William, Thrushbush
Paul James, East Craigneuk
Rankin Andrew, Majiscroft
Rankin Gavin, North Mivet
Rankin Gavin, Glenbog
Rankin George, Greyrigg
Rankin Patrick, Garngibbock
Rankin Walter, Wester Mivet
Robb Jamos, Dryflatt
Robb John, The Palaea
Robb WilUam, Rochsolloch
Robertson John, West Girtmillan
Scott James, Meadowfield
Shanks David, Blackrigg
Shanks George, Muirhead
Shankd James, Hill of Dnimgray
Shanks James, W^hinrigg
Shanks John, Luckenhill
Shanks Mrs. — , Whiterigg
Shanks Thomas, Drurashanzie
Shanks Thomas, Langriggend
Shaw Mrs. — , Staylea
Shearer Alexander, Cardronan
Smellie Duncan, Haggmuir
Smith -James, Bogside
Steel Duncan, Cowbrae
Steel George, Glentore
Tenhant James, Greengairs
Thomson John, Avonhead
Thomson John, Greendykeside
Torrance William, Burnfoot
Waddell Mrs. G. Gain
Waddell Gavin, West Arbnckle
Waddell James, Airdrie hiil
W^addell Matthew, North Medroi
Walker James, Riggend
Watt ^Uexander, Roughrigg
Watt John, Drumgray
Waugh Thomas, Dalmacoulter
Wilson Alexander, Craigend
Wilson John, Greenfort
Wilson John, Rigg
Wilson John. Burnhead
Wilson William. Glentore
Wood Robert, Blairlin
Wotherspoon Andrew, Caldercmix
Wotherspoon John, Blaii-lin
Wotherspoon Mrs. — , Oolliertrees
Wright William, Boglea ^^^^^jg

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