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Paterson M'Nair, 8 CUrk Bt
Thomson Jobn, 101 Graham Bt
Woodhcad Thomas, 131 Graham et
Accident — Roberfe Watt, County buildings
Alliance — Alexander Henry, 40 High at
Briton (life)— J. Bell, 16 Bridge at
Caledonian — Robert Watt, County build-
ings, & George Gentles, 7 Stirling st
Caledonian Plate Glass — John & Alex.
Honry,40High Bt— Sec advertisetnent
City of Glasgow— Jaa. Rrie, 32 Anderson at
County (fire)— Robert Fiunio, 64 South
Bridge st — See orh^eHUanent
Crown (Ufe)— WUli!imPaterson,19 Graham at
EooNOMic (life) — Duncan Thomson, National
Bank of Scotland, Graham st
Edinburgh (life)— Thomaa A. Macfarlane,
41 South Bridge st
English and Scottish Law (Ufe)— John
Wallace, Clydesdale Bank
Equitable— Charles A. Situpson, 88 South
Bridge st
Guardian Plate Glass— George Gentles,
7 Stirling st [Bank
Imperial (fire)— Duncan Thomson, National
Insurance Co. of Scotland — James
Russell, National Bank of Scotland,
Giaham st
Lancashire — Thomas A. Macfarlane, 41
South Bridge st; and Thomas Clark,
County buildings
Life Association of Scotland — James
Russell, National Bank of Scotland,
Graham st
London Guarantee & Accident— Archi-
bald Young Rose, 6 East High st- See
North British & Mercantile— George
Thomson, 32 South Bridge st; & James
Russell, National Bank, Gi-aham st
Northern— Robert Watt, County buildings
Northern Counties (fire)— Thomas Clark,
County buildings
Ocean & Railway Accident — Robert
Finnie, 64 South Bridge at
' Plate Glass — John WaUaco, Clydesdale
Bank — See adr>ertisement
Queen— A. & W. S. Ramsay, Bank et
Reliance (life) — Malcolm Downie, 86
Graham st — See ndveHisement
Rock— A. Young Rose, 6 East High fit
RoyaIj — Jobn & Alexander Henry, 40 High st
Scottish (fire)— Thomas A. Macfarlane, 41
South Bridge st
Scottish Amicable— Robert Watt, County
buildings — See adi'tcrtisemcnt
Scottish Comimercial — Rankin & Mother-
well, 8 East High st; Robei-t M. Rodger,
Royal Bank, Bank st; & Robert Watt,
County buildings
Scottish Equitable (life) — James Chap-
man, 28 Bank st— See advertisement
Scottish Imperial— James Chapman, 28
Bank st, & Malcolm Downie, 36 Graliam
at— See Advertisement
Scottish National — Rankin & Mothei-well,
8 East High st ; & Duncan Thomson,
National Banlt of Scotland, Graham st—
See advertisement
Scottish Provincial— William G. Jameson
County buildings ; and John Wallace
Clydesdale Bank
Scottish Union — John Wallace, Clydesdale
Bank, Graham st— See advei-tisemrnt
Scottish Widows' Fund (life) —William G.
Jameson, County buildings — Sec advt
Staffordshire (fire) — James Russell,
National Bank of Scotland, Graham st ,
and Malcolm Downie, 36 Graham at
Standard— Jatoes Russell, National Bank,
Graham st; and Robert M. Rodger, Royal
Bank — See advertisement
SuN-^J. Paterson, AivU-ie
United Kingdom Temperance A General
— George M. Russoll, Chapel hall, and A.
and W. S. Ramsay, Bank st
West of England— Robeii; M. Rodger,
Royal Bank, Bank st
M'Laws George & Co. Greei^ifoot & Gain
Sand & Fire Clay Wores, by Airdrie
Blyth James, Clarkston
Campbell Archibald, Rawyards
Carruthers Robert, 45 South Bridge st
Connell James, 6J Stirling st, and 114 Hall-
craig st
Dunn John, 32 High st
Flglinton Williatti, 44 South Bridge st
Egllnton William, ISGraham st
Inglis John (A- cattle dealer), 63 HIghst
Mackie Robert, 30 Bank st
M'Knight John, 120 Stirling et
Miller John, 78 Graham st
Montgomery Adam, 65 South Bridge st
Montgomery James, i5 High st
Montgomery John, 69 Stirling et
Morrison Hugh, 52 Graham at
Neilson Andrew, 48 Bell st
Russell George M. Chapelhall
Scott John, 60 South Bridge st
Scott William, 12 East High st
Stewart Malcolm, Chapelhall
Taylor Alexander, Rawyards
Thomson Robert, 104 Stirling st
WaddoU James, 102 Stirling st
Weir George, 100 High st
Weir Martha, Chapelhall
Anderson Matthew, 08 Boll st
Bnrt Christina, 108 High at
Fisher Catherine, 7 East High st
Gartshore Jolin, Market buildings
Henderson Agues, 57 Chapel st
Henderson J. & A. Market buildings
King James, 16 Hallcraig st
M'Gilligan Mary A. Rawyards
More Thomas, 15 Stirling st
Penman Elizabeth, 37 High at
Queen Edward, 96 High et
Weir Bethia, 42 Graham st
Cuthill John (& potato), 80 High st
Hill William, The Plains
Jack William, 88 Hallcraig st
Lawrie John, 122 Graham st
Morrison Alexander, Hallcraig Cottage
Reid William {& hay .t straw), 68 Graham et
Shanks David, Mochriesinch
Shanks John, Rigghead
Waugh James, 78 Clark st
Wishart James, 6 North Bridge at
Wotherspoou James, 7 Alexander st
Thus 1 are also Spirit Dealers.
(See also Shopkeepers, tfc.)
I Aitkcn John, 137 & 139 Graham st
lAllan Williatu H. Clarkston
JAnderson John, Calderhank
Bell John, 8 Graham st, & Garden square
IBlack Jobn, Rawyards [field Stores
Black William & Sons,\Vhiter!gg& Me&dow-
fBlackley Thomas, 70 Graham st
fBrown John, Rawyards
+CampbclI Colin, Meadowflold
Cassels Robert, 42 High st
Cherrie George, 39 Stirling st
Co-operative Society. Moffatt
Co-operative Stores ,'C ha pel hall, Calderbank,
Clarkston & Darngavel
tCurr Thomas, 39 Clark st, & 41 Flowerhillst
jDanskine William, 13 Coramoaeide et, and
m Chapel st
Donald & Loggett, Clarkston
Donald James, The Plains
Drinnan John, Woodliaii Stores, Galdei'bftD^
and Roughrigg
Duncan Hugh, Meadowfield
Duncan Margaret, 75 South Bridge st
+Dunlop James, 113 Graham st
lEgliuton Robert, Calderbank
tFindlay George [^ wholesale),
SO &. 52 South Bridge st
(Fleming Thomas, Grecngairs
Forrester J. & J. 24 High st
fGax'dener Alexander, 71 Graham st
Gemmell James, East Longriggenfl
Gibson Gavin, 109 Graham st
^Gordon Andrew, Clnriiston -
fGray John, 153 Chapel st
Inglis John, Glenmavis
finglis John, 38 Graham st
fKirk John, Arden Stores
|M*Geehan Patiick, Rawyards
M'Kenzie James, 83 Graham st
fM'Laren John. 83 Bell st
Mathieson John H. 122 High et
tMUler James C. 18 Clai^ st
tMonklands Iron Co.'s Stores, Oalderbank &
Chapel haU
Muir John, Avonhead
fMurray John, Greengairs
+Murray Catherine, Chapelhall
MuiTay John, Old Avonhead
Neilson Peter, 121 Stirling st
Nish Adam, 20 Graham st
Paterson Joseph, Chapelhall
IRamsay James, 1 Alexander at
Reid Thomas, Calderhank
Reston Alexander, 6 High st
+Revie Archibald, 2 Graham st
f Revie John, 73 South Bridge st
Richmond David. 117 Graham st
Robb John, 85 High st
Robinson J. & E. West Glentore colliery
Ronald Peter, 39 Hallcraig st
Russell George M. Chapelhall
iShanks Gavin, Ballochney [genA
iShanks John, Rigghead, Wattstown & Rig-
fSloan Walter, Clarkston
ISneddon Ann, 71 Chapel st
Stirling James, 83 & 92 Stirling st
Struthers & M'Hutchiaon, Clarkston
Struthers James, Stand
ISwauson Thomas, 24 Aitchison «l
Taylor Alexander, Rawyards
Taylor James, Rawyards
Taylor Peter, Glentore
Walker Henry, 59 High st
Walkinshaw George, 1 Aitken $t
Wallace James, Calderhank
IWeir A. & W. Caldercniix
Wood John, 111 Chapel st
l-Wright William, 29 Commonside at
Farmer Matthew, 6 Hall Craig st
Heni-iotta Francis, 8 BroomknoU Bt
M'Guire Patrick, 1 Chapel st
Oakley iLlbert 1>. 80 Well wynd
Taylor James, 26 High st
Hopkio James, 33 Stirling st
Knox Walter, 40 Stirling st
M'Laren James, 31 South Bridge st
Malcolm Margaret, 49 Stirling st
(See also Spirit Dealers.)
Commercial, James Wallace, Calderhank
Royal Hotel (posting & commercial), Robert
M*Liutock, 1 Graham st
Star Hotel (posting & commercial), William
Kirkwood, 49 Chapel st
Finnie Robert, 64 South Bridge st
Gentles George, 7 Stirling st
Gough WiUiam, 47 & 75 Hjgh st
Henry John, 40 High st
Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie Iron Works, Mili at
Bartholomew WiUiam & Co. Airdrie
Dick & Stevenson {& makers of locomotive &
stationary engines, mine ventilating fans,
Stevenson's patent steam excavators, &c.),
Airdrie Engine Works, Bell st— See advt
Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works
Martin Brothers, Chapelside Foundry
Smith James & Oo. (& makers of stationary
& portable steam engines, also single A
double purchase crab wiuches, & machinery
of evary description used in iron works &
colheries), Wellwynd Engine Works —
See advertisement
Smith Jane (trustees of). Well wynd
Stevenson & Mackay (& engineers, mill-
wrights, smiths & boiler makers). Chapel
Street Engine Works— Se* adveiiisemervt
Dick & Stevenson (makers of all kinds of
iron forgings), Airdie Enoine Wolaxs,
Bell st — See advertisement
Monkland Iron & Steel Co. Caldprh^nk an4
Chapelhall — William Ferrie, Bi&n&gar
Sutherland John &Oo. (nia.Kiu<ia«»
turers of every description of
fOTg-ed work, railway wp.g'g'on
hooks, &,c.)|ilirdrieForg-e,'Well
Aitken Andrew (& nail maker), 17 Bank st
BizKott Alexander, 3 Stirling st
Chalmers John, 1)9 Graham st
Ferguson Robert, 54 South Bridge st
Neilson Hugh, 28 Stirling st
Rankine Dugald B.84 Stii-ling st
Spence John & Sons. 9 Louden st, & 11 & 13
Stirling st — See ad/vertisement

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