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The Natnes of the NOBILITYy GENTRY and CLERGY immediately folloiu this List ^ forming a separate one in
Alphabetical oi'der. For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, <&c. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ABBEY (The), Hamilton green— George W, Donald, keeper
Aberdeen Lime Co. East Grimsby — David Peter, agent
Accident Insurance Association, 20 Market place — Edward J.
Leslie; J. 31. SPBain, 62 High st ; James Muir, 78 High st; and
John Inverwick, 27 Commerce st, agents
Adam James, inspector and collector of poor rates for Arbroath,
22 Hill st; house, 23 Gowrie st
Adam Mary Ann, householder, 4 Princes st
Adam Robert, photographic artist, 26 Commerce st
Adams Henry S. dentist, 1 Hill st
Adams Jane, grocer & spirit dealer, 15 Dishlandtown st
Adamson William, stone merchant, Leysmill quarries
Addison James, fanner, Arbirlot
Addison James, cabinet maker, 1 Barber*8 croft
Airth Mary Ann, householder, 28 Pouderlaw st
Aitken John, master, Dale Cottage Industrial School, Brechin rd
Aitken Lilly, shopkeeper, 52 Helen st
Aitken Samuel, White Hart Hotel, 163 High st
Aitkenhead & Mason, architects & surveyors, Erothock bridge
Aitkenhead Wm. architect, &c. {Aitkenhead & Mason), Loch shade
Alexander Robert, confectioner, 199 High st [Addison pi
Alexander William, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 West port; house,
Alexander William, solicitor & notary (Chapel & Alexander), and
xlerk to the St-hool Board of Arbroath, and joint agent to the
Clydesdale Banking Company, 62 High st
Allan James, agent for J. & P. Cameron, goods and forwarding
agents to the North British Railway Co. Railway Station; house,
29 West Keptie st
Anderson & Low, flax and tow mercliants. Hay's lane
Anderson Alexander, cart owner. Barber's croft
Anderson Mrs. Alexander, ship o\vner, 81 Lady loan
Anderson Alexander C. boot 6c shoe maker, 9 Montrose rd
Anderson Alexander D. solicitor, notary, and sheriff clerk depute
for the burgh of Arbroath, 75 High st
Anderson Allan, flax merchant, MiUgate loan; house, 4 Queen st
Anderson Ann, householder, 18 John st
Anderson Archibald, stonemason. &c. (J. & A. Anderson), Lochland st
Anderson Archibald, shopkeeper, 6 West Newgate st
Anderson David, potato merchant (Rennie & Anderson), Millhead
Anderson George, engineer, &c. fLundie & Anderson), Ann st
Anderson Helen, householder, 81 Lady loan
Anderson Isabella, grocer & spirit dealer, 29 Panmure st
Anderson J. Keith, m.d. surgeon, 26 Ponderlaw st
Anderson James, flax merchant (Anderson & Low), 7 Bank st
Anderson James, farmer, St. Vigeans
Anderson James, tailor & clothier, 159 High st; house, 17East Abbey st
Anderson James, ship owner, 81 Lady loan
Anderson James & Co. starch manufacturers, Letham Mill, St.
Vigeans, and 69 St. Vincent st, Glasgow— 5ohn Stewart, manager
Anderson Jane, fruiterer, 257 High st
Anderson John, spirit dealer, 13 Lady loan
Anderson John, baker, 234 High st
Anderson John, farmer, St. Vigeans
Anderson John (representatives of), farmer, St. Vigeans
Anderson John, farmer, Arbirlot
Anderson Joseph, stoneiniison, Ac. (J. & A. Anderson), 20 Fergus sq
Anderson Joseph & Archibald, stoueraasons&builders, 20 Fergus sq
Anderson Mary, day hcbool. Guthrie port
Anderson Patrick, iieslifi-, 169 High st, oud C5 Market gato
Anderson Patrick W. ship owner, 14 Ivlarket gate
Anderson K,ibert, ii'onmonger, 261 High st
Anderson 'VViUtam, joiuor, Q School wynd
Anderson W^illiam, shopkeeper. 13 Apple gate
Anderson Wiliiam J. bank accountant, 36 Victoria st
Angus Agricultural Association, 4 Kirk wynd — Alexander A. Tliom-
son, secretary
Arbroath & Montrose Freight Association, 81 High st — Wm. Smith,
argent; James Boyd, secretary, 1 Shore
Arbroath &, St. Vigeans Combination Poor House, Brechin road—
Tam-^s Devlin, governor
Ar'l;routh Cemetery, Efist Muirland — John NiooU, superintendent
Arbroath Commercial Association Reading Room, Shore — James
Boyd, secretary [Smith, agent
Arbroath Commercial Insurance Association, 81 High st — WiUIara
Arbroath Co-operative Society, grocers & bakers, 63 Gravesend;
branch, 61 St. Mary st— Alexander Valentine, manager
Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society, Limited, 6 Guthrie port;
branches, 39 Commerce st, & 78 Helen st — Wm. Cables, manager
Arbroath Friendly Coal Society, 3 Shore— Peter Sturrock, secretary
"Arbroath Guide" Newspaper Office, Market place — Thomas
Buucie, proprietor
Arbroath High School, Hill terrace— John Ross, m.a. rector
Arbroath Horticultural Society, 02 High st— Wm. Alexander, sec
Arbroath Life Boat House, East Grimsby
Arbroath Literary Club, 116 High st— William Durie, secretary
Arbroath News Room (Subscription), 64 High st— James Weir, sec
Ai'broath Public i^ibrary, 64 High st — James L. Low, secretary;
Thomas Masou, librarian
" Arbroath Saturday Evening Guide " Office, Market place— Thoe.
Buncle. proprietor
Arbroath West Port Association, Limited, grocers and drapers, 22,
24 & 26 West port
Arbroath Provident Investment Co. 20 Market place— Edward J.
Leslie, agent
Arbroath Public Building Co. Limited, 25 Hill st— Geo. Miln, sec
Arbroath Savings Bank, 119 High st— William RoUo, treasurer
Arbroath School Board- Wm. Alexander, clerk ; J. M. M'Bain, treas
Arbroath Steel Yard Co. 25 Hill st — George Miln, secretary
Arbroath Town Mission Board, 131 High st— J.M.M'Bain, treasurer
Archer Jessie, milliner, and agent for Stevenson Brothers, dyers
{Dundee), 50 Keptie st
Armit Robert S. schoolmaster, School House, Colliston
Atlas (tire) Insurance Office— James B. Webster, Commercial Bank
of Scotland, High st; Alexander Webster, Public Hall, agents-
Sec adi^ertisement
BAIN John, linen, &c. draper and silk mercer, 165 High st ; house,
28 West Mary st
Bain William, spirit dealer, 17 Cairnie gate
Baird Robert, shopkeeper, 88 High st
Balfour Alexander, manufacturer (Balfour & Gumming), Bloomfield
Balfour & Gumming, flax manufacturers, Victoria Works, Orchard st
Balfour William, coal &. iron merchant, 3 East Mary st; house, 7
Cairnie st
Balfour William, shipowner. East Mary st
Bank for Savings, 119 High st— William Rollo, treasurer
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 78 High st— James Muir, agent
Barnet James, slater, East Mill wynd
Barufct Thomas, shipmaster, 17 Victoria st
Barnett Alexander, refreshment house, 29 Guthrie port [Princes st
Barnett James, plumber and brassfonnder, 17 West port; bouse, 4
Barrie & Galloway, stone merchants, Guynd quarries, Carmylie
Barrie James, shipowner, Ann st
Barrie John, manufacturer (Buick & Barrie), 54 High st
Barrie William, cork cutter, 35 Applegate
Barron Mary, householder, 22 West Keptie st
Batehelor Margaret, householder, 43 Market gate [House
Bathie William, auctioneer, &c. {Dodds & Bathie), Colliston Mains
Belford Isabella, shopkeeper, 34 Barn green
Belgium Vice-Cuusular Agency — William Cargill, 6 Shore, agent
Jiell George A. teacher, 14 Abbot st
Boll James, manager, 39 Jamieson st
Bell John, farmer, St. Vigeans
Bell John B. farmer, St. Vigeans
Bbll AViiliam, fruiterer, Market place; house, 11 Commerce st
Bonnet Alexander, railway guard, 74 Rossie st [Hill 8t
Beiinet Andi-ew, solicitor and notary (D. & W. Smith & BennetJ,S5
t Bertie Marv, dressmaker, 10 Academy st
i Bible Society (National Auviiiary), 11 High st— R, W. Phillip, sec.
t Binnio William, tailor, Colliston
I Eisset David, lishmonger & game dealer, 23 Keptio st

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