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Arbibloi parish is contiguous to that of St. Vigeans at Arbroath. About n quarter of a mile south-west of the village stands Kelly
on the north, ami bountleJ on the south-east by the German Ocean, Caslle, which originally belonged to the family of Auchterlony, ana
extending tour miles in length by three in breadth. The village is now to the Earl of Dalhousie. Arbirlot contains a parish library,
about three miles west of Arbroath, situated on the east bank of i an Established church and manse, a Free church and manse, which
the Elliot stream, from whence the name is derived, which was for- j were erected several years ago, at a cost of about £1,300, and a public
merly Aber-elliot. Along the sea-coast the land is sandy; inland school. Acreage, 6,717 ; population in 1871,910.
the Boil is a rich loam, capable of producing various crops. "■
-AliEJi-iNDER BISSET, Poet Matter.
From the South and Ireland, at twenty minutes past eleven, and at forty minutes past two mornlng-
From Montrose and Aberdeen, at fifteen minutes past nine morning.
From Montrose, Brechin, Aberdeen, and the North, at ten minutes to three afternoon.
From Dundee and Carnoustie, at eight, and twenty minutes past elev.en morning, and iJfteen minutes past four afternoon, and
eleven night.
From Montrose, Aberdeen, and the North, at fifteen minutes before seven evening.
To Dundee, Broughty Fen-y, Carnoustie, and Fifeshu'e, at thirty minutes past seven morning, twenty -miiiutea paflt two ott^noon,
and at six and nine evening.
To Aberdeen and the North, at one afternoon, and ten night.
To the South and Ireland, at one, and twenty minutes to five afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
*** For the places which are sub-offices to Arbroath, see the copies of Friockheim and Inverkellor.
Sural messengers.
To Ohanoe Irm, Lnnan, Friockheim, Carmylie, and Chapelton, at thirty minutes past tea morning.
To Friockheim, at one afternoon.
From Chance Inn, Lunan, Friockheim, Carmylie, and Chapelton, at four afternoon.
From Auchmithie, at thirty minutes past twelve noon.
POST OFFICB, Collision, or Gowan Bank, James Smith, Past itTaster.— Letters from all parts arrive <Jrom Arbroath) at
forty minutes past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at forty minutes past two afternoon
The nearest Money Order Office is at Aebeoath.
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