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TiLXiicorLTRY, a. parish and manufacturing village, two miles east
of Alva, and three west of Dollar, is pleasantly situated on the east
side of the Ochil Hills, and on the road from Stirling to Kinross —
nine miles from the former, and fifteen from the latter town. The
Devon valley branch of the North British Railway runs through
here. It is well supplied with excellent water from a stream that
iss 1-^3 from the hiUs immediately behind the village. The river
Devon, when not far from its source, and when flowiu:? eastward,
Union Bank of Scotland are estabHshed in the village, and an
institute has been erected by subscription. The parish abounds
with coal, which is profitably worked. The scenery of the neigh-
bourhood is as interesting as that of any part of this charmLng
little county. Bencleuch, the loftiest of the Ochils, rises directly to
the north of the village, to the height of 2,300 feet above the level
of the sea. The view from the summit of this mountain is very
grand and extensive. The hills to the northward are said to
and about a century ago
formsthenorthernboundaryof the parish of Tillicoultry ; and after I contain various kinds of minerals; . „
pursuing a circuitous course of about fourteen miles beyond the ; copper mine here was wrought by a Loudon company: the metal
parish again enters it running westward, and cuts its arable plain | sold at ^50 per ton, but from the thmuess of the seams the works
into two nearly equal parts. The village of Tillicoultry is rapidly were iibandoued as unprofitable. The principal antiquities are the
rising into a place of considerable importance from the woollen ! ruins of a circular building on a steep and rugged basaltic eminence
manufacture established here, and likewise at Devonside, chiefly j which rises to the north of the village, and the remains of a druidical
for making shawls, fancy plaids, clan tartans, tweeds, &c. In these ' circle on the south end of a rising ground lying to the east of it,
branches the village and its neighbourhood furnish employment to | called Guuinghar. The places of worship are a church of the
a very large number of the industrous class, some of the mills sup- 1 Establishment, a Free chm-ch, an United Presbyterian church, and
porting betwedu nine hundred and a thousand persons. Though one belonging to a congregatioo of the Evangelical Union. There
recognised only as a villa^^e, vet Tillicoultry considerably exceeds I was erected in 1876, at a cost of about ^^3,000, a chapel for the
in size, and far" exceeds in^ commercial enterprise and importance, i Congi-egationalists at the east end of the village. Handsome Board
verymany of the Scottish buvgbs ; and the same remark, with nearly schools were erected in the centre of the High street in 1875, at a
equal propriety, may be applied to its neighbour Alva. Branches of cost of about £5,500. The parish of Tillicoultry embraces an area
the Clydesdale Banking Co., the Royal Bank of Scotland, and the of 6,946 acres, and in 1871 had a population of 5,118.
POST OF£*XCB, Stirling street, Alva, T. Gumming Gray, Post Master.— Letteis arrive from all parts (from Stirling) at half-
past six and half-past nine morning and twenty-five minutes past six evening, and are despatched thereto at twenty minutes past nine
morning, twenty-five minutes past three afternoon and ten minutes to seven evening.
Money Order and Telegraph O^ice and Savings Bank.
Post Office, High street, Tillicodltey, Margaret Walker, Post Mistress. — Letters arrive from all parts (h'om Stirling) at
seven and nine morning and six evening, and are despatched thereto at nine morning, three afternoon and seven evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Oj^ce and Savings Bank.
Archibald Jas. Esq. Beechwood, Tillicoultry
Archibald Robert, Esq. Devon Vale House,
Blair James, Esq.^J.P. Glenfoot, TiUiconltry
Brown Rev. James, Free Church Manse,
High St. Tillicoultry
Cowan William, Esq. j.p. Ochil Bank, Stir-
ling st. Alva
Davidson Rev. James, Evangelical Union
Manse. Tillicoultry
Drysdale 51r. Alex. Devonside, Tillicoultry
Espie Miss — , Alva
Farquharsuu ilr. Duncan, m.d. The Elms,
Galletly Rev. William, United Presbyterian
Manse, Tillicoultry .
Gibson Mr. William, Rosemount, Stirling
St. Tillicoultry
GoodaU Mrs. Mary. Hillside, Tillicoultry
Gray William, Esq. High st. Tillicoultry
Hut'ton Mrs. Elizabeth, Hillside, Tillicoultry
Johnston James, Esq. j.r. & d.l Alva House
Kelly Rev. Andrew, Manse, Alva
Laurence Mr. David, Langbank Cottage,
Beauclarc st. Alva
Lorimer Alex. P. Esq. High st. TilHcoultry
BI'Fadyeu Mr. Donald, ai.n. Alva
M'Intosh Rev. Robeit, Alva
Mitchell Col. Charles, Tillicoultry House
Orr James, Esq. j.p. Harvieston Castle,
Paton James, Esq. j.p. Tillicoultry
Paton John, Esq. Wostbourn, Tillicoultry
Porteous Mr, A. Brook st. Alva
Pbrteous Mr. John, Brook st. Alva
Ritchie Mr. Allan, Devonside. Tillicoultry
Senior Mr. Edrt'ard, Bariipark, Tillicoultry
Smith Rev. David, The Manse, Tillicoultry
Thomson Mr. Alex. East Mains, Tillicoultry
Watson Mr. Robert, TiUicoultry
Wilson Mr. William, Manserille, Stirling
st. Alva
Wright Mrs. Blargaret, Stirling st. Alva
Young Mr. William C. Belleville, Tillicoultry
Blackwood Miss — , Ochil st. Tillicoultry
Board Schools:—
Queen st. Alva— Ebenezer W. • Wilson,
master; Henry S. Deas, assistant mas-
ter; Malvina Purdon, mistress
Tillicoultry— George Watson,head master;
Thomas Stevenson, master ; John Stoker,
assistant master; Miss Johnson, mistrss
Infants' School, Alva (Mrs. Norton's)-
Miss M'Kenzie, mistress
Infants' School, Alva (Mrs. Johnston's)—
Miss Collie, mistress
M'Kenzie Miss — , Alva
(See also Fire, d-c. Office Agents.)
Lorimer Alexander P. {for the Art Union of
London), High st. Tillicoultry
Paterson Graham (house), Stirling at.
Paterson Thomas (coal), Queen st. Alva
Campbell Thomas, Lower Mill st. Tillicoultry
Co-operative Baking Co. High st. TilUcoultiy
— Thomas Knox, secretai'y
Co-operative Baking Society, Queen st. Alva
— Robert Walker, secretary
Jeffrey James, High st. TiUicoultry
Low William, Erskine st. Alva
Pen-y & M'Ai'thur (confectiouers),Stirling st.
Alva [Alva
Pen7 George, jun. (confectioner), Stirling st.
Perry Jane H. Stirling st. Alva
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branch), High
street, Tillicoultry ; head office, Glasgow —
draws upon London & Westminster Bank,
London — William Gray, agent
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch) High st.
Tillicoultry ; head olEce, Edinburgh —
draws upon Coutts & Co. London— Alex-
ander P. Lorimer, agent — See advertisement
Royal Bakk of Scotland (Branch), Stirling
St. Alva; head office, Edinburgh — draws
upon Coutts & Co. London — Alexander P.
Lorimer, agent; James Young, sub-agent
— See advertisement
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Stirling
St. Alva; head office, Glasgow — di-aws upon
Glyn, Mills & Co. London — William
Cowan, agent
Union Bank op Scotland (Branch), High st.
Tillicoultry; head office, Glasgow — draws
upon Glyn, Mills & Co. London— John
Kirk, agent
Bean Robert, Park st. Alva
Dawson James, Stirling st. Alva
Johnson Robert, CoalsnaughtonjTUlicoultry
Murray WUliam, Tillicuitry
Drysdale William, Stirling st. Alva
Stewart Adam, High st. Tillicoultry
Rett WiUiam, Stilling st. TilUicoultryj
Dow Peter, High st. Tillicoultry
Drummond David, High st. Tillicoultry
Ewart John, Brook st. Alva
Faulds William, High st. TilUcoultiy
HaU Francis, High st. TiUicoultry
Hunter WiUiam, Green square, Alva
Spowart David, Stirling st. Alva
Taylur John, StirUug st. Alva
VaUance Thomas, Stuiing st. TiUicoultry
Watson Andi'ew, MiU st. TUlicoultry
Watson J. & G. Stu-ling st. Alva
Govan J. & P. Devonside, Tilhcoultry
PhUp J. & D. Alva Brick Works
Govan J. & P. Devonside, TiUicoultry
Kerr Robert, High st. Tillicoultry
Lawrence Da\id, Cobden st. Alva
M'Niven WiUiam, Cobden st. Alva
Paterson Graham, Stirling st. TiUicoultiy
Paterson Thomas, Queen st. Alva
Robertson & Co. Alva
TiUicoultry — Graham Paterson, secretary,
(See also Joiners.)
GoodaU John, TiUicoultry
M'CaUum John, High st. TiUicoultry
Watt AUan, Stirling st. Alva
Keir Robert, High st. TUUcoultry
M'Niven John, Beauclarc st. Alva
Apothecary HaU Co -Stu-lingst. Alva— James
M'Nichol, manager
Gardner WiUiam, High st. TiUicoultry
Kennedy Alexander, High st. TilUcoultry
M'Ewan Eleanora, StirUng st. Alva
WaddeU Jane M. High st. TiUicoultry
Johnston James, Alva
TiUicoultry Coal Company, TiUicoultry-
WiUiam WaUace, manager
Braehead Dye House Co. Brook st.- John
Hunter, manager [manager
Greenfield Dyeing Co. Alva— John Morrison,
Hutchinson WiUiam & Go. TUUcoultry
IngUs & Young, StirUng st. Alva
Porteous J. & A. Meadow MiU, Brook st. Alva
Pardon John .& Son, Brook st. Alva
Ross WiUiam & Sons, StirUng st. Alva
Scott & Co. High St. TUUcoultry
Todd & Duncan, West BoU MiU, Alva
Walker Robert & Go. Devonside, TiUicoultry
Young William & Co. StirUng st. Alva
(See also Machine Makers.)
Clark Stephen & Co. Alva
Wardlaw James & Sons (and wool spinners),
Archibald Francis, Carsiepow
Caii-ns John, Balquaharran
Drysdale Laurence, King o' Muirg
GuUd Andrew, Rhoders
M'Nab Alexander, Burnside
Whyte WiUiam M. BoU
Cairns James, aokhiUs
Cairns Robert, Aun st
Femie Jobson, ShannockhiU
Gibson WiUiam, Sheriff yards
Greig David, Muireot
Hunter WiUiam, Longreggs
Paxtou James, Devon Knows
Spy WiUiam, Howdub
Thomson Alexander, East <& West Mains

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