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POST OFFXCS, Grant street, John Smith, Post Master.— 'Letters arrive from the South and West at forty-five minutes past
ten mornin-^ and six evening, from Banff, Portsoy. &c., at fortv-five minutes past one afternoon; and are despatched for Portsoy, Banff,
&c., at thirty minutes past ten morning, and for the South and West at thirty minutes past one afternoon and ten aight. .
Letters are despatched, by messenger, to Findochty and Portknockie at seven morning, and an-ive therefrom at thirty mmutes past
one afternoon. To Deskford and Grange at six morning, and arrive therefrom at six evening.
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Goodbrand William, Portknockie
Bruce Mrs. Elizabeth, Cullen
Bruce the Hon. T. C. (commissioner
Earl of Seafield), Cullen House
Bryson W. G. Esq. (factor), Cullen House
Davidson George, Esq. (provost), Grant st
Forgan Rev. John, Cullen
Gordon John, Esq. Cairnfield
Gordon Sir Robert Glendouwyn, Bart,
Harper Rev. Findlay, Portknockie
Henderson Rev. Goo. m.a. lt..d. The Manse
Kerr Rev. William T. Free Manse, Deskford
M'lutosh Rev. James, The Manse, Deskford
Mackay Rev. John, Farskane Cottage
Miller Mr. John, Seafield place
Mitchell Mr. John, Cullen
Ross Mrs. Anne, Cathay House
{ Anderson Alexander, Grant st
for the I>u£EiiS Jotin (cabinet maker & uphol-
i sterer and patentee <Sl sole maker
of Duffus's improved measur-
I ing- xnaclliDe', Seafield st
1 Duflfus William {& saw mill), Deskford st
of M'Beath John, Seatown
M'Hattie Alexander, Deskford
I Reid James, Reidhaven.st
Reid John, Deskford
Ross George, Findochty
Ross John, Seatown
Sim James, Seafield st
Simpson John, Reidhaveu st
Sutherland Alexander, Portknockie
Whyntie John, Deskford
Seaidd the Right HoLTho°Earl of, Cullen j Whyte William, Blantyre st
House ; » ' ' '■ ■ ■ ■
Sim Mr. Alexander, Square
Sinclair the Misses — , Seaview House
Sinclair Mr. William, Seafield st
Taylor Rev. John, Castle st
Taylor William L. Esq. j.p. Cullen ]
Thompson James, Esq. j.p. Cullen
Thompson John, Esq. Cullen
Watson Mrs. — , Seafield place
Public Schools: —
Cullen— William CramonH, m.a. master;
John Watson, assistant master; Annie
S. Gray, mistress
Deskford— William Smith, m.a. master;
Mary Bluch, mistress
Findochty— Eliza Cooper, mistress
Poiiknockie— Alexander Grant, master
Subscription School, Cullen — A
nal, mistress
I Anderson William, Seatown
j Gammie William L. Seafield at
j Gaudie John, Upper Castle st
, Gibb John, Findochty
I Harthill James, Seatown
I Mair James, Portknockie
I Mitchell Andrew, Seafield st
Thomson James, Seafield st
Johnston George, Castle st
Russell William, Castle st
Simpson James, Seafield st
Steven John, Grant st
North of Scotland Banking Co. (Branch),
Square— draws on the head office, Aber-
deen, and on the Union Bank of London,
Anderson James, Leicheston
Clark James, Midskeith
Cowie John, lualtrie
Duncan George, Kirkton
Gordon James, Broadrashes
S. Con- I Gray George, Little Cultain
I Gray James, Meikle Knows
I III I Inglis James, Aultmore
j Johnston Alexander, Aultmore
Kitchen James, Clune
M'Hattie George, Squarcdoch
M'Kay Alexander, Oathillock
M'Wiilie John, Backies
Milne Elizabeth, Brunheads
Milne James, Mbusehillock
Milne Lewis A. Raemore
Morrison George, Clunehill
Murray James, Ardicow
Proctor Robert, Ardoch
Reid John, Swillend
^^:i^a;^B^vanrS^rico.London| |im Wmia. C^oit^loy
— Alexander Sim, agent
Union Banking Co. (Branch), Grant st— i
draws on the head offices, Aberdeen and
Edinburgh, and on Glyn, Mills & Co. Lon-
don—William L. Taylor, agent
Brander James, Deskford
Duncan William, Deskford
Forbes Thomas, Roidhaven st
Sanderson Robert, Lower Castle st
Ganger James Smith, Findochty
Innes George, Portknockie
Mair Robert & Co. Portknockie
Ross John, Seatown
Kemp Joseph, Grant st
Seivwright George (& distributor of stamps
and collector of taxes). Square
Anderson William, Findochty
CouU Alexander, Rcdrow, Seatown
Davidson George, Grant st
Flett David, Findochty
Grant Charles, LintmiU
Innes Alexander, Seafield st
Jack Charles, Seafield st
Lorimer James, Deskford
Mair James, Portknockie
Mustard WiUiam, Seatown
Reid John, Deskford
Steel Joseph, Portknockie
Sutherland William, Portknockie
Taylor Alexander, Findochty
Taylor George, Deskford
Wood William, Portknockie
Simpson James. Clochmacreich
Smith George, Upper Blairock
Smith James, Nether Blairock
Steinson John. Ordens
Stevenson W^illiam, Carcstone
Sutherland John, Craibatone
Thomson William, Mains of Skeith
Wilson James, Little Knows
Wood Alexander, Moss Side
Wright George, Upper Skeith
Wright James, Greenhill
Caledonian— John Allan, Seafield st
County (fire)— George Will, Seafield st— See
Dundee (marine)— Wm. Strachan, Seafield st
Lancashire— John Craig, Square
Life Association of Scotland— John
Smith, Seafield st
Northern— George Seivwright, Square
Scottish (fire)— Wm. Strachan, Seafield st
Scottish Gomuercial (fire) — John F.
Cheyne, Seafield st
Scottish Equitable— W. L. Taylor, Grant
st — See advertisement
Scottish National— Alexander Sim, Square
— See advertisement
Scottish Provident— Ales. Sim, Square
Scottish Union— W. L.;Taylor, Grant st—
See advertisement
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society— William
Strachan, Seafield st
STAFFORDSHmE— WiUiam Smith, Grant st
Standard (life)— William Strachan, Seafield
st—See advertisement
Chalmers David, Findochty
Clyne Alexander, Seatown
Downie William (cooper), Seatown
Flett Alexander, Findochty
Flett James & Sons, Findoehtv
Grant Alexander, Seatown
M'Donald Kenneth, Seatown
M'Robbio Peter, Portknockie
Mair James, Portknockie
Mair James, jun. Portknockie
Mair Joseph, Portknockie
Wood James, Seatown
Wood William, Portknockie
Hay James, Seafield st
Mowat James, Seafield st
Marked thus + are Spirit Dealers.
Bruce James, Portknockie
Cheyne James, Grant st
Christie James, Grant st
Cruickshank Hugh, Findochty & Portknookle
Cunningham Donald, Seatown
+Davidson John, Square
Desson Mary, Upper Castle st
Farquhar Charles, Seatown
Forbes William, Findochty
Fraser William, Portknockie
Fyfe WiUiam, Seafield st
tGeddes John, Portknockie
Geddes Peter, Findochty
Gibb John, Findochty
Goodburn William, Portknockie
fGrant Alexander, Seatown
Grant James F. Square
+Ingram John, Seafield st
Innes Alexander, Seafield 8t
M'Beath John, Seatown
M'Kenzie George, Upper Castle st
Milton Alexander, Deskford
Mitchell Alexander, Findochty
Mitchell Elspet, Seatown
Reid Alexander, Deskford
Reid John, Deskford
Smith Catherine, Findochty
Smith Margaret, Findochty
Smith William, Portknoclde
tStuart John William, Square
Will George. Seafield st
Wiseman John, Seafield st
Commercial Inn, Peter Stevenson, Grant st
Davidson Ellen, Lower Castle st
Davidson Mary, Findochty
Geddes John, Portknockie
Harthill James, Seatown
Longmoi'e William, Portknockie
Milne Alexander, Portknockie
Royal Oak, WiUiam Anderson, Seatown
Seafield Arms Hotel (commercial & posting
house), James Caird, Seafield st
Grant James F. Square
Stuart John WiUiam, Square
Brown John, Seafield st
Cheyne & Son, Seafield st
Davidson John. Square
Fyfe WiUiam, Seafield st
Gibb John, Findochty
Milton Alexander, Deskford
Munro M. & J. Grant st
Reid Alexander, Deskford
Smith John, Grant st
Smith William, Portknockie
W^ill George (& clothier), Seafield st
Alexander William, Seafield st
Bennett WiUiam, Deskford at
Gray & Legge, Cullen
Petcrkin James, Deskford
Cruickshank Robert, Berryhillock, Deskford
Stephen William, Deskford
Grant James F. Square
Stuart John WilUam, Square

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