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M'Donald John (& notaiy public, & one of
the sheriff substitutes for the county),
New Buckie
Maclean Alexander R. (& factor for Sii" Robert
G. Gordon, of Letterfourie & Gordons-
town), Nether Buckie
Mair Alexander {& notary public, clerk to
the SchoolBoard for the parish of Rathven,
& cohector of rates for the parish), New
Anderson Robert, New Buckie
Brander J. New Buckie
Alexander William, Buckie
Clark Alexander, Port Gordon
Carmichael Duncan, m.d, New Buckie
Duguid WiUiam R. m.d. New Buckie
Simpson WiUiam, New Buckie
Gormack Alexander, Port Gordon
Geddes George, New Buckie
Geddes Peter, Nether Buckie
Grant John & Co. Nt'ther Buckie
Hay John, New Buckie
Horn John, Nether Buckie
M'Bean Donald Rathven
Smith Adam, Pox-tessie
Taylor George, New Buckie
Thomson WUliam, Nether Buckie
Campbell George (& plumbei-), New Buckie
Dick William {& plumber & gasfitter), New
Paterson Geo.(& hardwareman), New Buckie
Hutchison John, Virginia Snuff & Tobacco
Factory, Buckie
(See also under the head Gnvcers, t&c.)
Anderson Thomas (Richmond Arms), Port
Cowie Catherine, New Buckie
Cowie James, New Buckie
Dawsou Joseph, Portessie
Deane Mihiam {Volunteer), Nether Buckie
Hay James (Union), Nether Buckie
Hendry Mary, Port Gordon
Inkster William, Port Gordon
Kessach Anne, Port Tannachy
Logie Robert, Port Gordon
M'Callum George, New Buckie
Merson James, Portessie
Pliilip Alexander, Nether Bucltie
Ritchie Christina (Stax-^ New Buckie
Ross Alexander, Nether Buckie
Boss James (Gordon Arms), Nether Buckie
Smith Wilham, Nether Buckie
Stewart John, Nether Buckie
Thompson Margaret S. New Buckie
Wilson James, Nether Buckie
Cowan James, Nether Buckie
Cowie Alexander, Portessie
Forbes Alexander, Portessie
Hendry Alexander, Port Gordon
Hendry George, New Buckie
Hendry Wm. & Alexander, Nether Buckie
Hepbui-n James, Nether Buckie
Imlack Alexander, Portessie
M*Beath James, New Buckie
M'Beath William & Son, New Buckie
Mackenzie James, New Buckie
Perry James (and architect), New Buckie
Raffan George (and millwright), Inchgower
Reid James, Port Tannachy
Coull James, veterinary surgeon, Rathven
Dick William, sheriff clerk depute for the
district. New Buckie
Fearnside Nathan, woollen manufactm-er,
Gollachy [Buciiie
Flash Henry,picture dealer & framer,Nether
Forsyth Duncan, hairdresser. Nether Buckie
Forsyth George C. justice of peace clerk,
New Buckie
Fowler James & Son, furniture brokers and
dealers in music and musical instruments,
New Buckie
Gordon James, inspector of poor for the
parish of Rathven, clerk to the local
authority, and manager for the Buckie
Gaslight Company Limited, New Buckie
Hepburn Alexander, shore master, Nether
Nicol William, game dealer, and agent for
the Estramadura Wine Co. New Buckie
Norrie James, harbour master and overseer
of salmon fishing, Port Gordon
Paul Jane, smallware dealer, New Buckie
Shearer John, agent for the Banflfshire Pro-
perty Investment Co. New Buckie
Thomson Thomas, saddler & harness maker,
New Buckie
Webster John, ground officer to. John
Gordon, Esq. of Cluny, New Buctie
Roman Catholic Chapel, Preshome, Enzi
—Rev. John James Kyle, priest
Rohan Catholic Chapel, Auchenhalri
Enzie — Rev. WiUiam Loggie, priest
( Coast Guard Station, Buckie — Wm. W
principal officer
Fifth Banffshu-e Rifle Volunteers, Buckie —
John Hutchison, captain; James S. Pate
son, lieutenant
Gas Company, Buckie — Jas. Gordon, mana
Harbour Office, Port Gordon — James Norr
harbour master
Life Boat institution,Buckie — JohaShe&r
secretary. New Buckie
Parochial Board Office for the Parish
Rathven, New Buckie — James Goi'do
inspector of the poor
Police Station, Nether Buckie Maurice
Armstrong, sergeant in charge
PoUce Station, Port Gordon AltxauiHer
Morrison, constable in charge
Public Reading Room and Library, Square,
Buckie — John Sutherland, secretary
Registrars of Bii'ths and Deaths — for the
district of Rathven, John Webster, New
Buckie ; for Enzie, Rev. .James Wilson
Stamp and Tax Office, Nether Buckie — John
Mackie, distributor of stamps & collector
of taxes
Public Buildings, Ofl^ces, &,c.
Established Chubch, Buckie — Rev. Stuart
Brown [Wilson
Established Church, Enzie— Rev. James
EstablishedChurch, Rathven— Rev. James
Buchanan [Millar
Free Church, Buckie Rev. Alexander
Free Church, Enzie— Rev. Chas. Barclay
Scottish Episcopal Chapel fAll Saints')—
Rev. James R. Leslie
United Presbyterian CnuRCH.New Buckie
—Rev. George G. Gr«en, m.a.
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Portessie &
Port Gordon— Ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel, Buckie— Rev.
Wilham Clapperton
To CULLEN and PORTSOY, from Focha-
bers Railway Station, daily (Sundays ex-
cepted) at half-past eight morninjr, passing
through Fochabers and Inchgower (about
a mile from Buckie) at ten, arriving at
Portsoy at hali-past eleven, returning from
Portsoy at five minutes past one al'ternoout
passing Inchgower at half-past two, and
arriving at Fochabers Railway Station at
twelve minutes past four
To KEITH and FOCHABERS, from the
Commercial Hotel daily (Sundays ex-
cepted) at twenty-five minutes past six
morning, amving at Fochabers {Gordon
Arms) at half-past seven, and Keith at
nine, retmiiing from Keith at four after-
noon, arriving at Fochabers(Gordon Arms)
at five, and Buckie (Commercial Hotel) at
six evening
To KEiTH and FOCHABERS, from the
Gordon Arms, daily (Sundays excepted) at
twenty-five minutes past six morning, ar-
riving at Fochabers at forty minutes past
seven, and Keith at nine, returning from
Keith at four afternoon, arriving at Foch-
abers at five, and Buckie (Gordon Arms) at
sis evening
To KEITH (on Monday, Wednesday, and
Satm-day only), from Buckie at half-past
six morningCpassing through PortGordon),
aiTiving at Keith at nine, returning from
Keith at four afternoon, and arriving at
Buckie at six evening
The nearest Station is at Fochabers, about
ten miles distant
To CULLEN and PORTSOY, David Caird,
To FOCHABERS, Wordie & Co. daUy
ULLEN is a royal bm-gh, a maritime town, and the capital of the
parish of its name, 191 miles n.n.e. of Edinburgh, 22 e. oi Elgin,
13 n.e. of Fochabers, U w. of Banff, and 6 w. of Portsoy; situated
on a commanding eminence, overlooking the Moray Frith. Until
within the last forty years it consisted of three independent and
distinct towns— the New Town, near the sea, with a harbour; the
Auld Town, more inland, and adjoining to the Parks of Cullen
House; and the Fish Town, a low village, exclusively inhabited by
fishermen and their families. The Auld Town no longer exists, and
the park of the Earl of Seafield occupies its site. To this noble-
man the town is indebted for those improvements and modern
erections which have conferred upon it tliat aspect of neatness and
respectabihty so apparent, and raised it to the rank of the third
town in the shii-e. The curing of fish and its exportation is carried
on by several of the inhabitants. There are also branches of the
Union Banking Company, and the North of Scotland Banking Com-
pany, and a good inn. The acting magistrates are the provost, two
baillies, with a treasurer, dean of guild, and thirteen councillors.
A justice of peace small debt court is held the fii-st Tuesday in
every month. The burgh joins with Banff, Elgin, Inverurie, Kin-
tore and Peterhead in retm-ning a member to prfrhament. The
gentleman at present sitting is Mountstuart Elpliinstone Grant
Puff, Esq., who has been the representative since December, 1357.
A very elegant temple of stone was some years since erected upon
an elevated spot of ground, very near the sea, ami not far from
Cullen House. This latter is an ancient and u-regular edifice ; the
interior is, however, furnished with modern taste, and adorned with
paintifigs )>y the most emiueut ma^tei-g. CoUeu stream passes
under the south walls; and on the opposite side are the park and
pleasure grounds, which are connected with the house by an elegant
arch of eighty-four feet span. Not far distant are the ruins of a
dweUing in which Elizabeth, Queen of Robert Bruce, is said to
have died. An eminence, called Castle Hill, at the western ex-
tremity of the town, is the site of an ancient fortification, which
must formerly have been a place of great strength. An almost per-
pendicular rock renders it inaccessible from the north, and it is
surrounded in every other dii-ection by a deep ditch. It is supposed
to have been destroyed by fire, as vitrified stones have been fre-
quently extracted from beneath the surface. Fairs are held on the
third Friday in May, and the second Friday in November (new
style). In 1871 the entire parish of Cullen had a population of
3,215. and the town 2,056.
Deskfoed is a parish, lying between Cullen and Grange, five
miles in length by three in breadth. The places of worship are a
church of the Establishment and a Free church; there is also a
public school in the village. Population in 1871, 972.
Portkkockie is a fishing village, within the royalty of Cullen,
in the parish of Rathven, 3 miles w.n.w. from Cullen, and 4 miles
E. from Portessie. It is situated in Moray Frith, and contains a
Free church, a chapel of ease, and a public school. Population in
1871, 1,235.
FiNDOCHTY is also a small fishing village, in the same parish as
Portknockie, 3 miles v;. from Cullen. The only place of worship is
a United Presbyterian church. There is also a pubhc school in the
village. Population, 812,

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