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FARME RS— continued.
KiKKMiCHAEL PAEiSH — Continued.
M'Crmdle James, Longliill
M'Crmdle Vy'illiam, Drumwill
M'Fadzean David, Kirkbride
M'Garva Andrew, Barskelly
M'Kay Francis, Garpin
M'Kay James & Wm. Edwardstone & Ton-
M'Kissock David, Bairdsmill
Main John, Roau & Clabogg
Miller Joliu, Barclay
Morrison Alexander, Cloncaird
Murchie Daniel, Netherton
Miu-doch James & William, Bunimouth
Niven Robert, Kilmore
Eamsay lEabella, Brickfield & GooaeMU
Ramsay William, Whitehill
Ramsay William, Trochain
Ross John, Dum-ee
Smith Alexander, Barnford
Smith William, Knockroom
Stewart Mrs. — , Arnsows
Stewart Hugh, Tranew
Taylor George, Mackailston
Templeton John, Yorderton
Walker John & Wilham, Cloncairdmair
Wallet John, Cornmill of Altltinhead
Wylie Patrick, Drumore
Wylie William, Commonhefid
Young Andrew, Merkland
Byrden William, Cross-hill
Hunter Andi'ew, Kirkmichael
Hunter Joseph, Kirkmichael
M'Creath Agues, Oross-liiil
M'Cutchon Robert, Crossbill
Peebles James, Cross-hill
Stewart William, Kirkmichael
Andi-ew John, Cross-hill
Austin John, jun. Boghead, Dalrymple
M'Creath Robert, Cross-hill
Calderwell Mary, Perclewan Mill, Dalrymple
Wallett John, Kirkmichael
M'Nab Elizabeth, Cross-hill
Main Jessie. Dalrymple
Rodman Elizabeth & Mary, Dah-ymple
Baillie Dai id, Dalrymple
Buchanan Edward, Cross-hill
Cooper John, Cross-hill
I Crawford Wilham, Cross-hill
I Eaglesham Janet F. Dah-ymple
: Fulton Alexander, Dalrymple
Grant James, Dalrymple
' Hamilton Thomas, Cross-hill
M'Nab Ehzaheth, Cross-hill
Marked thus } are also Clothiera.
Baillie David, Dalrymple
. IGrant James, Dalrymple
Hay John, Kirlvmichael
IJohnstone William, Gross-hill
I M'Murtrie Adam, Kirkmichael
■ Roy James, Cross-hill
' Wright William, Crosshill
Brackenridge Gilbert, Cross-hill
Gibson Thomas, Dalrymple
Kii'kland Hugh, Kirkmichael Arms
M'Clure William, Kirkmichael
M'Nider John, Cross-hill
M'Quaker William, Cross-hill
M'Whii-ter John (Cross-hill Arms), Cross-hill
Moodie John, Crook's Cottage, Dah-ymple
Soiith John, Kirkmichael
Allan John, slater, &c. Cross-hill
Alston William, grain, &.c. dealer, Hopston
Cottage, Dalrymple
Andrew Robt. inspector of poor, Kirkmichael
Brown Jas. edge tool maker, ■Sec. Dab-yraple
Brown John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages & agent for the Scottish Union
Insurance Co. Kirkmichael
Campbell Thos. police sergeant, Balrymple
Clark James, bobbin maker, Dah-ymple
Clark William, inspector of poor & registrar
of births, deaths, & marriages, Dalrymple
Cook John, plough maker, Kjxkmichael
Goudie Samuel, bread & biscuit baker,
Cross -hill
Hammond W^illiam, woollen manufacturer,
Skeldon MiU, Dalrymple
Macbeth John, master mariner, Dalrymple
M'Fadzean Charles, millwright. Cross-hill
M'Hardy Robert, police constable, Cross-hill
M'Lannahan John, surgeon, Dalrymple
Miller Matthew, tile manufacturer ,Dalrymple
Reid Moses, cattle deah^r, Cross-hill
Wyllie James, millwright. Cross-hill
and their ministers.
Established Churches :—
Cross-hill — Rev. James Crawford
Kirkmichael — Rev. Henry A. Fairlie
Dah'3Tnple — Rev. John \\'allace
Free Chuech, Cross-hill— Rev. John
Free Church, Dah-ymple— Rev. Jas. Clark
Ayrshire Temperance Union, Cross-hill—
Daniel M'Gregor, secretary
The nearest Station to Kirkmichael is
Maybole, distant three miles
The nearest Station to Cross-hill is Kil-
kerrau, distant two and a haU" miles
Station, Dalrymple, about one mile from
the village— Robt. Guthrie, station master
To AYR, James Caldwell, from lurkmichael,
Tuesday & Friday, Thomas M'Clure, from
Cross-hill, Tuesaay, & Robert Ritchie,
Tuesday & Friday, & Robert Main, from
Dah-ymple, Tuesday & Friday
To BARR, Thomas M'Clm-e, from Cross-hill,
To GIRA^'AN, Thomas M'Clure, from Cross-
hill, Thui'sday
J.S a pariBh containing about 15,444 acres, in the district of
Carriek ; the village, old and picturesque, is 18 miles s. from Ayi- and
4% from Maybole, situated on a line of road from Portpatrick to
Glasgow, 90 miles from the former, and 48, by the new road, from the
latter town. Thcparish is nighly interesting, as containing within its
limits several objects of great attraction for the stranger and the
tourist. The sea coast presents a sandy beach, with a beautiful
rich sward to the very sea mark; and there are two lakes, from
"whence flow many small streams that wander through the district
towards the sea. Of Jate years there have been raised various deUght-
ful plantations, particularly near the shore around Culzean Castle,
the beautiful seat of the Marquis of Ailsa, who is lord of the manor.
The mansion, whicJi is a fine specimen of ancient architecture, is
placed on a rock overhanging the sea ; and on the land side are
dehcious gardens, with a noble park of great extent. Not far from
the castle is a fort, mounted with thirteen guna, and a mortar
battery, both kept in efficient order. In a low vaUey, between
Kirkoswald and Maybole, are the remains of the abbey of Cross-
raguell, founded by Duncan, first Earl of Carriek, and dedicated to
the Vii-giu Mary ; at one period it was possessed by Cluniac monlis
from Paisley, at the Heformation it became the property of the Earl
of CassilHSj'but it now pertains to Sir James Ferguson, of Kilker-
ran. From the coast-road between Girvan and Maybole may be
seen the ruins of TurnbeiTy Castle, once the residence and property
of Robert Bruce. Within view of this memorial of former centuries,
and not more than a mile from it, lies the farm of Shanter, once
the residence of Douglas Graham, the hero of Burns' poem " Tarn
o' Shanter," thongh that houom- is disputed by some in favour of
another farmer, called Thomas Eeid. Population in 1871: parish,
1,628; village, 302.
SOST OrflCSS, KiBKOswALD, David On-, Post JIffwte)-.— Letters arrive from all parts (fi'om Maybole) at nine m»rriing, and are
despatched thereto at forty minutes past three afternoon.
The nearest Money Order OJ^ce is at Mayeole.
AUsa the Most Noble Marquis of, CuUean I
Castle '
Arbuckle Rev, Robert H. The Manse
Armstrong Captain -James, Littleton
Findlay Rev. John, j.p. The Manse
Kerr Francis A. Esq. Lady bank
M'Lauchlan Alexander, Esq. j.p. Blah-
Anderson Thomas, Kirkoswald
Giimour John, Kirkoswald
Board Schools : —
Kirkoswald— James Hutchison, master;
Jane Hutchison, mistress
Town Head— Robert Duff, master
Crawford ■Vfilliam & David, Blilton
Grey John, Kirkoswald
Noa'bit J.-.iu-..;, Kii-'.;(is«-ald
Pit Williaii;, Diiidj
Davidsou Matthew & WiUiam, Kirr.oswald
Harvey WiUiam, Kirkoswald
Eao James, Kirkoswald.,
Baird Thomas, North Threavo
Bone John, Tumberry Lodge
Bowman William, Chax)elton
Boyd Robert, Craigdow
Campbell James, Kirkoswald
Couperthwaito Robert, Highdi-umdow
Couperthwaite Thomas, iilinnybae
Craig John, Moss Side
Crawford Alexand^^r, Glenhead
Crawford Thomas, JDrumbeg
Davidson Janet, Drummuck
Dick Barbara, Turnberrywarren
Drummond John, Blanetield
Dunlop Quiutin, Moriston
Fcrgut;u]i Thomas, Laigh Drumdow
Ferguson WUlinm, Gawston
Fimilay James, Lochend
Gray James, Kirklands
Gray WiUiam, Shsmter
Hastings James & David, Jameston
Haswell Archibald, Abbev Mill
1-1 ■
Irvine David & William, Lochspouts
Irvine John, Low M'Gownston
Irvine John, Pirley Hill
Jamieson David, Drumbeg
Jamieson Henry, High M'Gownston
Kennedy James, Lady Bank
M'Fadzean William, Thomason
M'lhvrick Peter, South Mains
M'Kissock Janet, East Threave
M'Nicol Donald, Balchriston
M'Nish John, HoUowshean
M'Quiston James, Mochrum
M'Vev Francis, LagganhoUy
Marshall John, Seafii'ld
Marshall Francis, Park
Marshall Robert, Tumben-y
Murdoch Alexander, Craigenton
Murray John & Robert, Dinnymuck
Paterson William, South Thi'eave
Ramsay William, East Balvaird
Semple John & Thomas, Glenluie
Shields WiUiam, MidiUo Eidge
Sloan Andi-ew & David, Baltersan mains
Sloss Quintin, Blerldand ^
Stevenson James, Loffonwine
Teupenny Francis, BowmanhiU
Un.larwo'od Walter, Tradunnoek
Wilson Hugh & Antlrew, Glenside
Wright Brvce, Dowhill

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