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I3 a pariah, post aud market town, the former containing 11,069
acres, in the cUatrict of Cunninghame. The town, a thriving one and
of considerable extent, is 24 miles a.s.w. from Glasgow, 3 n.w. of
Irvine, 4 n.e. of Saltcoats, the same distance s. of Dairy, 10 w.n.w.
of Kilmarnock, and 5 from Ardrossan, on the Glasgow aud South-
Western line of railway. It is situated on rising ground, about
two miles frjm the sea ; stretching westward from the right bank
of the Garnock, and aijproached by excellent roads, passing through
a highly cultivated agricultural district. The weaving aud manu-
facture of gauzes, raushns, shawls, &c., was till lately carried on to
an important extent for the Glasgow aud Paisley markets. There are
large Ironworks and considerable coal and fire-clay works in the neigh-
bourhood, and in the town branches of the Clydesdale Banking Co.
and the Commercial Bankof Scotland. Four engineering works are
carried ou iu a spirited manner. The agricultural produce of the
parish is considerable, and coals, which are obtained in abundance,
are conveyed by a railway passing from east to west across the
parish. Besides the Established aud Free churches, there are
chapels belonging to the Evangelical Union, Original Seceders, and
United Presbyterians. The only remarkable objects are the
picturesque ruins of tho ancient abboy, founded by Hugh de Mor*
viiie in 1140, and the beautiful tower of the church, to which its
style of architecture bears no resemblance; this tower oost, exclu-
sive of the old materials, the sum of £2,000, raised by subscription,
and to which the Earl of Eghnton was a liberal contributor. The
present Earl has a flue mansion in the neighbourhood, called
Eglinton Castle. In addition to the numerous schools in tha
neighbourhood, there has recently been erected a very handsome
and commodious school, built under the Scotch Education Act, at
a cost of £8,700, to accommodate about 800 children. Kilwinning
was the first place in Scotland where freemasonry was established ;
it was said to have been introduced by the foroign architect who
was employed in erecting the abbey. Besides the distinction
acquired from its ancient masonic lodge, it is also remarkable for
being the seat of a company of archers, ascertained to have existed
so early as the year 14S8 : and the society at the pre ent day is
most respectable. Fairs are held on the first Monday in February
and the first Monday in November. In 1871 the parish contained a
population of 7,375 persons, and the town 8,598.
POST OFFICE, Main street, John Service, Post Master.
Letters arrive from all parts at half-past four morning ; from England, Ireland and the South at ten minutes past eight morning;
and from Edinburgh, Glasgow and local ut a quarter-past six evening, and are despatched to Edinburgh, Glasgow, South of Scotland
and London at ten minutes past eleven morning aud ten minutes past two afternoon; to Paisley, Kilmarnock, Ayr, England, Ireland
and all parts at ten minutes past five evening; to Kilmarnock and the South at ten minutes past seven evening; to local and Scotland
at twenty minutes past eight evening.
Sunday, to all parts at thirty-two minutes past seven evening.
Mo7iey Order atid Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Auld Mr. Charles, M.n. Howgate
Brown James, Esq. Monk Castle
Burns Patrick, Esq. Mansfield Cottage
Cochrane Alexander, Esq. Montgreenan
Conn Mrs. Isabella, Adela Cottage
Craig Mr. Robert, The Green
Craig Miss Sarah, Howgate
Crawford Daniel, Esq. j.p. (of Davidshill),
Wood side
Dimlop Mrs. Jane, Bridgend
Eglinton & Winton the Right Hon. the Earl
of, Eglinton Castle
Fulton Mrs. Janet, Mansfield place
Gemmell Mr. William (of Auohentiber),
Gray Mr. Archibald, Cranberry Moss
Gray Mr. John (of Cranberry), Moss
Hendrie James, Esq. j.p. Meadowbank
Kenneth Archibald, Esq. Buckredden House
Kenneth Mr. James, Buckredden House
Ker Rev, Wilham Lee, Established Church
Man so
King Hugh, Esq. j.p. Kilwinning
King Hugh B. Esq. Howgate
M'Gnven the Misses — , Kilwinning
M'Gill Mr. John, Irvine Road House
Milroy Mr. Anthony, Bridgend
Patrick Mr. Matthew, Glenburnio
Pinkerton Rev. William, Free Church Manse
Robertson Rev. Thomas, Deanfleld
Rowand Mrs. Eliza, Adela Cottage
Simpson Mr. David G. Mansfield iilace
Small Mrs. Kiel, Irvine road
Taylor Rev. James, United Presbyterian
Wylie Robert, Esq. j.p. Main st
Robertson, master
AucHENWiNSEY SCHOOL— John Mortou, mstr
Board School, Dairy road— John Copeland,
master; Robert Gray, assistant master
Mary Sinclair, mistress
Eullkrhole's School — J. Douglas, master
Eglinton Iron Works School— William
Blair, master; Barbara Nairn, mistress
Fergushill (Public) School — Robert
Skeoch, master; Andrew Thomson, assie
tant master; Isabella Glen, mistress
Lady Eglinton's Female School — Jane
M'Gown, mistress
M'Connell Andrew (day school), Green
Allan Alice (for H. & W. Brown, dyers, Pais-
ley )t Main st
Andrew Hugh (for Homiman's tea & W. &
A. Gilbey's wines), Main st
Dale William (emigration), Main st
Jenkins James (to the City of Glasgow
FrientUy Society), Townhead
Kerr Robert (manure, and for Jack & Co.
implement makers), Main st
Service John (for Anchor & State Lines of
American Steamers), Main st
j Auld David, Green
I Hnrwood John, Union place
j M'Ginu Peter, Dairy road
j Milne David, Bridgend
j Reid Eliza, Main st
Stewart James, Green
Babington Robert, Howgate
Baking Society, Main st
Co-operative Society, Eglinton Iron Works
Crawford Robert & Mary, Main st
Howie Walter, Main st
Logan Charles, Main st
Young Adam, Main st
Clydesdale Banking Co. (Branch)— draws
on the London & Westminster Bank, and
Barnett & Co. Loudon ; ou the Royal Bank
of Ireland, Dublin; and the Belfast Bank-
ing Co. Belfast — Patrick Burns, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch)
— draws on Goutts & Co. and the London
& Westminster Bank, London ; on the
Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; and the
Northern Banking Co. Belfast — Hugh &
H. B. King, agents — See advertisement
Lang Alexander, Howgate
Nairn James, Townhead
Wilson John & Peter, Wood wynd, Blain st
Dale William, Main st
Howatson James, Main st
Mathicsnn Edward, Main st
Murchlaud Charles {& printer), Main st
Burns James, Main st
Co-operative Society fdealers), Eglinton
Iron Works [street
Co-operative Society Limited (dealers). Mam
Dixon Robert, Main st
Macdowall John, Main st
M'Intyre Andrew, Main st
M'KoUar John, Main st
M'Queen John, Main st
Paton Andrew (dealer). Main st
Stewart James, Main st
Stu-Ung Archibald, Main st
Andi-ew Hugh, Main st
Howatson James, Main st
Armour John, MouUredden Colliery
Biirr John, Doura Collieries
Pinnie Archibald & Son, Fergushill Collieries
Kenneth Ax'chibald & Sons, Eglinton Col-
liery, Kilwinning and Dreghorn
Howie Thomas & Co. (& boiler makers),
St. Winning Engine Works, Almswall
Kenneth Ai'chibald & Sons (& makers of
malleable iron shafting), Eglinton Forge
and Engineering Works
Lament AVilliam, Main st
Morgan Wilham & Co. (and makers and
patentees of derrick and portable steam
cranes, pumping and binding engines,
shafting and mill gearing, &c.), Eglinton
Engine Works— ;Jee advertUement
Aitken James, Woodond
Alexander Robert, Auchenmade
Allan William, Fairlie bog
^Vnderson Hugh, Laigh Gooseloan
Ban- James, Whitehirst
Barr John, Mossculloch
Bickct John, Meggswelis
Bicket John, Fergushill Hall
Borland Mrs. — , Sevenacres Mains
Brown Robert, Lyleston
Brown William, Cartleburn
Craig William, Redstone
Crawford Daniel, Blairside
Donald Hugh, Laigh Smithstone
Donald William, of Broomhill
Douglas James (trustees ofj, North MiUburn
Dowuie James, Smithstone Mains
Dunlop Robert, of High Smithstone
Dunlop Robert, Low Monkcastle
Ferguson James, Auchenmade
Fleming Hugh, of Bentfauld
Fleming Jane, of Montgreenan, Eridgf nd
Fleming Robert, Hill of Fergushill
Fulton Archibald, John & Margaret, Borough-
Garven James, High Monkcastle
Garven John (heirs of), Dalgarven
Glasford Mrs. — , Hullerhill
Gray Archibald, of Cranberry, Moss
Hamilton Audrew, Muirfoot
Harvie John, Groatholm
Hendrie James, Woodside
Howftt William, Whitehurst
Howie James, North Fergushill
Hunter James & George, High Montcur,
Outer Ardoch
Jac!i John, Townhead
Kenneth George S. Bannoch
Kerr Mrs. — , Castleton
Kerr Mrs. John, Redwells ■
Kerr John, Auchenraaae
Kirkhope John, South FergUflhill
Kirkland Matthew, Clonbeith
Lamont Archibald, Dubbs
Lament John, West Doura
Lawson James, Weirston
Logan Mrs. — , Byrehill
Logan Hugh & William, Auchenmade
M'Connachie Samuel, Torrenyard
Meikle James, Nethermains
Miller David, South Millburn
Miller Elizabeth, Wood Cottage
Miller John, Blacklands
Mdler Robert, Mid Moncur
Montgomerie John, TodhiUs
Montgomery Duncan, Bridgend

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