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ClydesOale Banking Co. (Branch), Erao-
head— tlrawa on Bametts, Hoare, & Co-
London; ontke Belfast Banking Co. and
the Ulster Banking Co. Belfast; on the
Royal Bank of Ireland, and the Tyational
Bank of Ireland, Dublin— John S. Dale,
CoMMEnciAL Bank of Scotland (Branch),
V/i-ang st— draws on the head office, Edin-
burgh; the London and Westminster
Bank, London ; the Royal Bank of Ireland,
and the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin;
and on the Northern Banking Co. Belfast
— Faulds & Stewart, agents
Union Bank op Scotland (Branch), Whang
St— draws on the head offices, Glasgow and
Edinburgh; on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co.
London; and on the Provincial Bank of
Ireland, D ubiiu— William F. Love, agent
Gillies William, Gateside
Ken Robert & Sons, Auchengree
Kerr "William, New st
King David, Greenhills
M'Gili Archibald, Waterland
W^aterson Alexander, Gatesido
Watersou Archibald, Mitchell st. & Reform st
Ferguson John, Main st
Guy William (stationer). Main sfc
Kerr Samuel, Cross
Millar Jan es (and publisher pf the Western
Supplement). Main st
Smith &, Son, Whang st
Conn Robert, Reform st
Crawford Charles, Main st
Hastings Robert, Cross
Hunter John, Cross
Jackson Robert, Wilson st
Johnston Allan, Cross
Millar Jean (dealer), Main st
Modat David, Whang st
Paton Archibald, Whang st
Stevenson James, New st
Strathern John, Gateside
Thorburn Thomas, Main st
Wilson Hugh, .Mitchell st
Balfour Robert (and sofa and
ciiaar manufacturer) . "WTest of
Scotland Cabmct and Chair
Factory, liTew Station, and SI
RSaKiyeii St. Glasgow
Da'.e Matthew, Whang st
Dickie Matthew. lilain st
Pollock M. & J. (and upholsterers and whole-
sale couch & chair frame manufacturers),
Victoria Cabinet Works— See advert
Dale George, Aitken head
Ferguson Robert, Gateside
King David, Greenhiii
Rodger Robert, Whang st
Smith & Logan (& builders), Laigh road
Aitkon Robert, Eglinton st [station
Co-operative Society, Main st, and Railway
Kii'k Alexander, Railway station
Mackillop William, Mitchell st
Wilson John, Railway station
Crawford James, Whang st
Hamilton Wilham, Gateside
M' Arthur Archibald, Whang st
See Tanners and Carriers.
Alexander James, Fullwoodhead
Allan William & John, Crawfield
Barr Alexander, Nettlehurst
Barr John, Laigh Bogside
Barr Robert, Bellcraig
Biggart Thomas, of OldmiU
Biggart William, Ward
Boyd James, Noi-th Barr
Bovd Thomas, South Barr
Burns William, Nettlehurst
Calderwood WUliam, East Highgate
Caldwell Allan, East Middleton
Caldwell John, Craighouse
Caldwell John, Middleton
Caldwell Thomas, Coldsti-eam
Cousin William, Brackenhills
Craig James, Braehead
Craig Robert & John, Langside
Craig William, Whitestones
Crawford James, Newhouse
Crawford Mrs. James, Sidohead
Crawford John, Langbar
Crawford John & William, Manraehead
Cuthbertson David .N: James, Burnside
Davidson James, Southndge hill
Dickie Gavin, Gateside
Duncan William & Andrew, Willow yard
Dunlop Gabriel, Grec
Duulop James, Bellsgrove
Ferguson Mrs. Peter, Laigh Mains
Fisher James, Cauldhame
Fulton Alexander, Burdiehouse
Fulton Robert, Cuff
Gemmell Andi-ew, Lugtonridge
Gemmell William, Deepston
Gillan Hugh, Border
Gillan William. Gm-lston
Gilmour Alexander, of Bottoms
Gilmour James. Gree
Gilmour James, Eorestones
Gilmour Margaret, Greenhiii
Gilmour Matthew, Nether Gree
Gilmour Robert, Hessilhead
Greig Samuel K. BrowuhiUs
Guillclaud Hugh, Border
Hamilton Elizabeth, Mossneuk
Hoggarth Robert, Knowes
Houston /Vlexander, Overton
Houston Robert, Lugtonridge
Howie Hugh, Gatend
Jack James, Shotts
Jack Robert, West Overton
Kerr John, Fullwoodhead
Kerr Robert, Broadstoue
Kerr Robert, Tandle hill
Kerr William, Broadstoue Hall
King James, Highgato
King Robert, Gitfon
Ivirkwood Jami-s, Lyonshields
Kirkwood William, Drumboufe
Lamont Allan, Hill of Beith
Livingstone Hugh, Lochlands
Love James Hoodsyard
Love John. Threepwood
Love Wilham, Scoup
M'Allister James D. Over Hazlewood
M'Lownan James, Lugtonridge
M'Neille John, Duskridge
M'Turk Robert. Gree
Meiklo James, Lugtonridge
Miller Mrs. — Muu-ston
Muir Charles R. Belle Vue
Muir Hugh, Gatehead
OiT James, Gree
Orr William, South Biggart
Park William, Ardloch
ftirker Hugh, Marshyland and Bellcraig
Parker John, Roughwood
Peebles Hugh & James, Bogstone _
Ritchie Andrew, Nettlehurst
Ritchie James, Badmoncy
Ritchie John, JIaius
Robertson Henry, Lugtonridge
Robertson Humphi-ey, Fireside
Robertson Robert. Burnhouse
Ross William, Eoghall
Sheddeu Andrew, Nettlehurst
Sheddeu Robert, Waterside
Speir Robert, Broadstoue
Steel Hugh, Hillend
Steal John & Allan. North Biggart
Stevenson James, Balgray
Stevenson John, Rakertield
Stewart Robert, Hessilhead
Thomson William, Wester Highgate
Walker Hugh, Blaelochhead
Waterston Andrew, Boghall
WatcTSton John, Whitecralgs
Watt Andrew, Hessilhead
Whiteford Robert, Highgate
Wilson John, Song Park
Wylle John, Highgate
Young Andrew, Brownmiiir
Young James, Broadstoue .
Y'oung Thomas, Locheud
Maslhkstkk— John Forgusou, J-liuu st
National Plate Glass— William Cooh rana
Wilson st
NoiiTH British and Mkrcantilb— Andrew
Stewart, Whaug st
NoETHEKN, William Cochrane, Wilson st
Ph<enix (fire;— Dauiel S. Love, Strand
Scottish Commehcial— Samuel Kerr, Cross
Scottish Widows' Fund- Love & WiUiam-
sou, Whang st
Staffordshire (Are) Limited— Smith ana
Son, Whang st. and WUliam Cochrane,
Wilson st
Standard (lite)— Daniel S. Love, Strand
Sun— John S. Dale, Braehead
Craig James. Braehead Mill
Crawford Brothers (and linen thi-ead manu-
factmers), WlLaug st. and Barr MUls, and
Calder Haugh Mills, LacUwiniiOch
Hamilton Elizabeth, Main st
Hunter William, \Vhang st. and Cross
Jamieson James, Wilson at
Millar John, Whang head, Eglinton st
Millar Robert, Main st
W'allter William, Mitchell st
Clarke James, Whang st
Crawford John, Cross
Gumming Robert, Main st
Brandon John, Reform st
Gilmour Hugh, Strand
Johnston \ViUiam, Mitchell st
Merrie William, Main st
Pollock Agnes, Mitchell st
Wilson Janet, Whang st
Gillies John, Main st
Kcndrv James, New cross
Orr William (and dealer in Thorley's cattla
food), Whaug st
Robertson WUliam & Son, Laigh road
Stevenson Hugh, Reform st
{Sen also ShupliecperSf dc)
Marked thus '^ are also Spirit Dealert5.
Black Malcolm, Long bar
Caldwell Mary, Head st
Conway Hugh, Main st
Co-operative Society, Main et. & Barr mill
*Dale IsabeUa B. Whang st
■Gillies . John (wlna, spirit and
^raiu mercliaiitj, Cross and
ZtSain st
Hamilton Alexander, Head st
Hamilton James, WUson st
■^Heudi'y James, New cross
Hunter Andrew, Main st
*Kerr Alexander, Cross
*Kerr Margaret, Strand
*Love James, Head st
Love Robert, Barr mill
Ma<;kie Robert, Cross
*Mec Thomas, Main st
^ Orr W^iliiam (and wiue merchant),Whang st
*Speir John, Main st
Stevenson Hugh, Reform st
Purdie Henry, Laigh road
Caledonian — James Faulds, Whang st. and
WiUiam Orr, Whaug st
CiTV OF Glasgow — Robt. L.Orr, Aitken head
Insurance Companv of Scotland — WUliam
F. Love, Wbang st
LiPE Association of Scotland — Faulds
and Stewart, Wbang st
Anderson George, Wilson st
Crawford John Ot W'iUiam, Manraehead
Dunlop James, \\ hang st
NeiUy George, WUson st
Waterston John, Jeanfield
(See also Vintners.)
Anderson's Hotel (oonisnercial
and postineDi Cfaimes Crawford,
■wmang st
Saracen's Head (posting and commercial),
WiUiam Wilson, Whang st

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