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.Hutcliinson Edward, jun, Merkland
Kennedy Thomas, Barr
M'Skimmer Hugh, Ban-
Shaw John, BaiT
M*Ciitcheon James, Ban-
Smith William {& clothier), Earr
Gibb Elizabeth (Queen's Arms), Ban*
M'llwraith William (Jolly Shepherds), Barr
Wilson William (Albert Arms), Barr
Boyd Robert, inspector and collector of poor
Established Church — Rev. Charles Good-
all, minister [minister
Free Church — Rev. John Ferguson,
rates, registrar of births, deaths and Girvan is the nearest Raiboay Station to
marriages, and clerk to Heritors and j
School Board, Barr
Burgess James, mason, Barr
M'Murray William, grocer, Barr
M' Quaker Andi-ew, bootmaker. Barr
M'Whirter Andrew, miller, Pinclantie MiU
this place, distant 8 miles.
To GIRVAN, Thomas M'Clure, Thursday
and Friday, and to AYR on Saturday
)EITH is a market and post town, in the parish of that name,
district of Cunninghame, 62 miles w. by s. of Edinbui'gh, 193-2 s.w.
of Glasgow, 11 s.s.w. of Paisley, 5 n. by e. of Dairy, and 12 n. by e.
of Saltcoats. It is situated near the confines of Ri^nfrewshire, on
an eminence commanding a fine and extensive view of the beauti-
fully divereifi-ed country around, of which the Loch of Kilbirnie,
at the distance of about a mile, forms a charming feature. The
town, which contains many excellent houses, is gas-lighted and
well supplied with good water by gravitation, and presents a clean,
healthy appearance; it is of modern date, comprising at the com-
mencement of the last century only a few humble habitations.
In the immediate neighbourhood there are several handsome pri-
vate residences, and it is a place of some considerable trade,
being noted for its manufacture of linen thread, of which a large
quantity is made here by Messrs. Crawford Brothers both for home
and export trade. The leather Irade here is of considerable im-
portance, in the tanning, currying and preparation of which
several firms are actively engaged, the more eminent being Messrs.
John Muir & Son and Mr. William Barr. Another branch particu-
larly deserving of notice is the cabinet making and upholstery
business, extensively carried on by two enterprising firms, viz.,
Messrs. M. & J. Pollock and Mr. Robert Balfour, both having erected
large premises for the wholesale manufacture of couches, chairs,
&c. by machinery, affording constant employment to a numerous
staff of workmen. The manufacture of silk goods was formerly
extensive, but this has almost been entirely superseded by that
of cotton and woollen, in the weaving of which many of the in-
habitants are now employed by the manufacturers of Paisley and
Glasgow. Silk printing is in full operation at the very respectable
establishment of Messrs. Hugh Melville ti Oo. at Roebank. Lime
burning and the making of ropes and twine arc followed to a
limited extent. Three banking houses avc established in the
town, they are the branches of the Commercial bank of Scotland,
the Clydesdale Banking Company, and the Union Bank of Scotland.
Railway accommodation is amply supplied by the Glasgow and
South- Western Railway Company and the Glasgow, Barrhead and
Kilraarnock Joint Railway. The whole of the parish of Beith is
enclosed and sub-divided, and is almost all arable ; and the tenants
of this, and the neighbouring parish of Dunlop, may be said
universally to make cheese, known by the numo of " Dunlop
cheese," which is held in as high estimation in Scotland as the
cheese of Cheshire or Gloucestershire is in England. The value
of this commodity sent annually to market from this parish has
been calculated at upwards of ^4,000. The neighbourhood of
Beith produces coal and abundance of limestone. In 1S07 a very
handsome church of the Establishment, with tower, was erected on
the most elevated part of the town; its site is 343 feet above the
level of the sea. The other places of worship are a Free church,
an Evangelical Union chapel, and two for United Pyresbyterian
congregations.' The town house was built by subscription in 1817;
the late W, Wilson, Esq., of Cumnock, was a liberal contributor.
The upper part of the buildiug contains a court room and reading
room; the lower part consists of shops, the rents of wliich are
applied to purposes of public benefit. There are several well-
atfceuded schools, besides one or two private establishments. At
GiFFEN, a short distance from the town, are the ruins of the
once stately castle of the Montgomeries ; there is also another
ruin at Hasseliiead, and at the top of Cufi" hill, a cousiderablo
eminence, is a druidical remain, known by the name of " Rocking-
stone." Two large stone coffins, supposed to be likewise of druidical
origin, were discovered here many years ago. The market is held
on Friday; and the fairs on the first Fridays in January and
February, and first Friday after the 12th of May (old style), on
the 30th of August, and the first Friday after the 12th November
(old stj'lo.) The entire parish of Beith (a small portion of which
is in Renfrewshire) contains an area of 11,222 statute acres, and
in 1871 had a population of G,233: of this number 3,707 were re-
turned for the town.
POST OFFICE, Main street, John Smith, Post Master.
Letters from all parts arrive (from Glasgow) at seven morning.
From England, Ireland, and South of Scotland at twelve noon.
From Edinburgh, Glasgow, and South of Scotland at six evening.
Letters are despatched to Edinbm-gh, Glasgow, South of Scotland, England, and South of Ireland at twenty minutes before
twelve morning.
To Glasgow, North of England, North of Ireland, Paisley, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Saltcoats, and Dairy at ten minutes before five afternoon.
To England, Ireland, Scotland, foreign and all parts at seven morning.
Sundays — To all parts at a quarter before four afternoon.
Money Order and Telegraph Ojfice and Savings Bank.
Baltimore Mr. Alexander, Braehead
Barr Mr. William, Dunlop House
Biggart Thomas, Esq. of Oldmill
Brown Hugh, Esq. j.p. Broadstone
Brown Hugh, Esq. Braehead House
Browne Rev. Andrew, Manse
Caldwell Mr. John, Middleton
Caldwell Thomas, Esq. Coldstream
Clarke John M'Intosh, Esq. Burnhouso
Crawford Campbell, Esq. Whang st
Crawford Hugh, Esq. j.p. Crummock House
Crawford James, Esq. j.p. Mains, Hamilton
Dale John S. Esq. Braehead
DobieMrs. Margaret, Morrishill
Dobie John, Esq. Morrishill
Faulds James, Esq. j.p. Knockbuckle
Gillies Miss Jane, Wilson st
Glen Rev. Henry, United Presbyterian
Manse, Mitchell *st
Hall Rev. Hector, Free Church Manse
Henderson BIr. James F. Bun's wynd
Holms Colonel — , ur.p. Caldwell House
Jack Mrs. Margaret. Whang st
Kerr Mr. John, Fuilwoodhead
King Mr. \\'iLliam, Whang st
Love Mr. Alexander, Whang st
Love l^ianiel S. Esq. Whang st
Love Mr. Hugh, Hamilfield
Love Mrs. Mary, Hamilfield
Love William Tulton, Esq. Geilslaud House
Marthi Rev. James, United Presbyterian
Manse, Headst
Melville Mr. Hugh, Roebank
Miller Miss .Jane, Crummock Cottage
Miller i.irs. Jane, 'SA'hang st
Miller Mr. William, Whang st
Morison Mr. John M. Cross
Muir Mr. Bi^ce, Strand
Muir Mr. John, Strand
Muir William, Esq. j.p. Mains House I
Park Mr. William, Ardlock House I
Patrick Mrs. Cochian (of Ladylandsj j
Patrick Henry, Esq. J.r. of Giffen I
Patrick R. W. C. Esq. j.p. Woodside '
Patrick W. R. Esq. j.p. Trearno \
Ross William, Esq. j.p. Boghall ]
Shedden Alexander, Esq. Crummock j
Simpson Mrs. Jane, Braeliead !
Sneddon Mr. William, New st !
Steel Mrs. Mary, Whang st ,
Stewart Mr. Andrew, MainshiU House I
Stewart Mr. William, Rosalea Cottage j
Strong Mr. Robert, Grangshill
^\Tiitson Rev. John, Crummock Cottage !
Williamson Walter, Esq. Union Bank House I
Ferguson John (for P. & P. Campbell, dyers,
Perth), Main st
Crimes Joiin (for "W. «&. A. Gllbey,
wine &. spirit mercliants^, Main
St. and Cross
Hunter Andrew (for Gibson Brothers, dyers,
Paisleii), Main st
Kerr Samuel (for the Anchor line of steam
ships and emigration), Cross
Love & Williamson (estate), Whang st
Merrie William (for Porter & Knox, dyers,
Paisley), Main st
Orr William (for Peter Lawson & Son's man-
ures), Whang st
Young Ann (for W.& J.Bowie,dycrs,(?Zasi/t)ir),
Main st
j Smith Robert, Wilson st
' Snodgrass Robert (& builder), New st
Board Schools —
Braehead— William Duff, master; Annie E. [ " ' ■ "■ ' « • "■ ■ i i ■ ■ ■■ »
Smart, mistress | 4UCTI0NFFRS
Gateside-WilliamTait, master; Margaret Ander.son WiUiam, Loch vle^u Cottage
Lauchland, mistress Campbell Alexander, Main st. & New st
New st— John F. Gemmul, master; Jane Q^y 52.o'h*»rfc
Watt, mistress
Hntton Mary (boarding &day), Knockbuckle
M'Ken-ow Jane (day), Whang st [mistress
School of Industry — Elizabeth Gemmell,
i^itkeu 2iead
]Li. [^ appa'alseav%
Boyd Robert (manure), Bun's wynd
Cochrane William (house), Wilson st
Crawford Elizabeth (for PuUar & Son, dyers,
Perth), Cross
Crawford James (for the Phoenix Dyeing Co.
Glasgowj and sewing), Whang st
; Bro-rt-n David, Main st
! Canuie James, Wilson st
i Co-oxierative Societj', Main st. &Barr mill
I Dunlop JIarion, Main st
■ Dunlop Thomas, Main st
Gillies John, Whang st
Hamilton John. Main st
M'Arthiu- Archibald, Whang st
Robertson Jane, Croaa

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