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Angus ■\Villiam (& potato), Kirk, st
Buird George, 14rl North st
Boddain Coal and Lime Co. Boddam— Wm.
Spence, agent
Bruce Jolin, 3 Prince st
Graj' John ("& potato), Backgate st
Hay John G. James st
Hay William, 13 Maiden st
Hutchison Robert B. St. Peter st
Lyon Andrew {& potato), 76 Queen st
Maitland George, 11 Marischal st
Aiken James, 5 Rose lane
Biruie Alexander, 32 Broad st
Davidson Margaret, 50 Marischal st
Green WiUiam C. 6 Chapel st
Mackintosh John, 20 Marischal st
Keunle 'WiUiaxu, 17 nsarischal st
Watt John, 51 Broad st
Denmark— Andrew Boyd, Rose sfc
riiANCE, Russia, Norway and Sweden —
^Villiam Boyd, Rose st
German Empire— Alexander Robertson, 20
St. Andi'ew st
(See also Fish Carers and Coopers.)
Warrender Robert, North st
Peterhead Tan Work Co. Kirk st— Charles
Tod, jun. manager
Shewan William, Ugie st
The Scottish Highland Distillery Co.
Limited, Invernettie — George Whyte,
man rt per
Adams John (skin). Kirk st
M'Gregor J. (Aberdeen), 74 Queen st— M.
Smith, agent
PuUar J. & Sons (Perth), 6 Broad st— George
A. Minty, agent
Thorn James, 28 Maiden st
Hetherwick John, Cowsrieve of Cocklaw
Hunter Johu, Damhead
Hutchison Alexander, Mains of Cocklaw
Jamiesou Alexander, Cocklaw
Johnston James, Blackhill
Kidd Alexander C. Torterstou
Kidd William A. J. Roundhillock [Grange
Laiug William (executors of), Hillhead of
Laird James, HiUhead of Saudfordhill
Lawrence Alex. Hillhead of SandfordhiU
Logan George, Wellington Place
M'Donald Alex. Upperton of Invernettie
M'Kenzie John (and cattle dealer), Copland-
hill and Smoddvhill
Mackintosh William, Blackhill
Mason John,Berrydeu
Mess James (executors of). Barnyards
Milne John, Middle Barnyards
Milne Robert, Whinbush of Gateside
Milne Thomas, Dens
Mitchell Ellon, Berryliill
Mitchell George, Auchtygall
Mitchell James, Gateside-o'-Cocklaw
iMorrison John, Meadowbank
Jlorrow Hugh, Buckie
Mortimer Adam, Blockhill
IMm-rav Hugh, Buclde of SandfordhiU
Mutch" Robert, South Balmoor
Niven Barbara, Thorndale
Ogilvie James. Hillhead of Cocklaw
Philip David, Eastburn
Pratt James, Mains of Boddam
Reid James, Meethill
Reid John, Invernettie
Robertson Andrew, Denliolm
Robertson Peter. Wellbank
Saint John, Westbrae
Sangster James, Newfield
Scott Mrs. — , Glendaveny
Smith James, Heromuir-o'- Cocklaw
Smith William, Seatield, Easterton and
Westerton of Clarkhill
Smith William, Moorfield
Smith William, Dens
Stephen Brothers, How-o'-Boddam
Stephen Charles, Snndford Newton
Stephen William, How-o'-Boddam •
Stewart William, West Grange
Storer Andrew, Burnside-o'-CecklfLW
Taylor William (heirs ofj, Newseat
Walker George, Balmoor
Walker Robert, Richmond
Will John H. Downiehills
Willox Charles, Hill of Stirling
Wilson JaniG^, Hayfield
"Wilson William, Dens
Young Alexander, Mount Pleasant
Grant James, 57 Queen st
M'Donald Alexander (Noi-th Eastern Hotel),
■i Chapel st
IMackie Alexander, 29 Harbour st
Nicol William, li Longate st
Ogiton James, Eackgate st
Sutherland Barbara, 6 North st
Wat.son Susan, (Jueen pt
See Ironfoumlers and Engineers.
Alton William, Boddam
Alexander Charles, Blackhill
Alexander Thomas, Collielaw
Alexander WiUiam, SpringhiU
Arbuthnot Eleanor, Invornettie
Arbuthnot WiUiam (executors of), Dons
Auld Thomas, Blackbouse
Baird Alexander, Bu'-aauhaven
Black James, Hillhciul ol Elackhouse
Brand WiUiam, Raver-iiaig
Brown John, How-o'-Du_-Iian
Bruce Adam, Hillhead n; Boddam^
Bruce Alexander, Loch-Me of Cocklaw
Bruce WiUiam, Dens
Carnegie David, Jloai":- .banlt
Cowie James, Westert-u: of Auchtygall
Oruickshank Davia, AuchtygaU
Cruickshauk James. SpringhiU
Daniel James, Walcr-ide
Davidson Alexander, Buclianhavcn
Dick William, Upper ClarkhiU
Douald Jolui, Grcvstone
Forrest Thomas, Mid die ton of ClarkhiU
Garden WiUiam, Cocklaw
Garden WiUiam, ForehiU
GiUespie Alexander, Crossfolds
Gray Alexander, Burnhaveu
Gray Thomas, Gateside
Gray WiUiam, Mains of Elackhouse
Hay Mary, Invernettie
Henderson James, Clubcross
Henderson Robert, Yiewmouut
Herd WiUiam, Deuend of SandfordhiU
Scottish Union— Alexander Robert3on,20 St.
Andrew st — Sec advertisement
Scottish Widows' Fund (life)— Patrick Ir-
vine, 61 Broad st — See advertisement
Shipwrecked Fishermen and Maeiners'
Society— Alex. Robertson, 20 St.Andi-e-W£,t
Staffordshirs (fire)— David Sandison&Os;
Union st
Standard (life)— A. & W. Boyd Rose st— 5ee
Sun (fire)— Patrick Irvine, 61 Broad st
Accidental Death and BIarine— Hutchi-
son & M'Bean, 77 Queen st
Banffshire Mutu^vl Marine— Geo.Mitch ell,
8 Bridge st
Banffshire Sea Insurance Co. Alesander
Robertson, St. Andrew st
Caledonian — Thomas John Bremner, 54
Broad st
City of Glasgow (life)— James P. Anderson,
45 MercUant st
Commercial Union— Robert Kidd, 57 Broad
st — See advertisement
Crown (life)— Archibald Fletcher, 24 St. An-
drew st
East Aberdeenshire Marine Mutual In-
surance Club, 35 Broad st — David Martin,
English and Scottish Law (life)— David
Sandison & Co. Union st. and G. Anderson,
Rose st [drew st
Guardian— Archibald Fletcher, 24 St. Au-
Lancashire— David Scott, 21 St. Andrew st
Law Union— Alexander Morrison, 5 Bridge st
Morayshire Sea Insurance Co. — Alexander
Robertson, St. Andrew st
National Guarantee— Alexander Robert-
son, St. Andrew st—i9'!ii.' advertisement
National Provincial Plate Glass —
Hutcnison &: M'Bean, 77 Queen st
North British and Mercantile (lire)— A.
& W. Boyd, Rose st
Northern— Hutchison & M'Bean, 77 Queen
St. & W. & W. A. Alexander, 35 Broad st
Pelican (Ufe)— Stephen & Hay, 17 James st
Phcekix (fire— Stephen & Hay, 17 James st
Reliance BIutual (life)— WilUam Fiudlay, 4
Narrow lane
Royal— Archibald Fletcher, 24 St. Andrew st
Scottish Amicable (Ufe)— Robert Anderson,
45 Merchant st
Scottish Commercial— George Mitchell, S
Bridge st
Scottish Equitable (life)— Robt. Maitland,
Queen st — See advertisement
Scottish National — Alexandef Robertson,
18 Harbour st — See advertisement
Scottish Provincial — Thomas Knox, 18
Broad st
(See also Coopers.)
BeU & Son, GreenhiU, Keith Inch
Brown George, Pool lane, Keith Inch
Bruce Robert & Sons, Seagate st
Buchan Robert & Co, Broad place
Castel Andrew, Longate st
Christie Charles, Keith st. Keith Inch
Cordiner John, Boddam
Dalrymple Frederick, Seagate st
Dickie James, Ronheads
Fartiuharson James, Longate st
Forbes WUUam, Ronheads
Forman John, Ronheads
Henry George, North st
Ingram Alexander. Fish lane
Ingram James B. GreenhiU, Keith Inch
Jamieson Alexander, Keith st. Keith Inch, &
LesUe Margaret, Keith st. Keith Inch
Lumsden WiUiam, North st
M'Combie James & Co. St. Peter st
Mackenzie Ajidrew, PaviUon place
Mau- James Ugie st
May John, 90 Queen st [Inch
Methuen J. & Co. (of Leith), GreenhiU, Keith
Milne John, Pool lane, Keith Inch
Milne John. jun. WindmiU st
MitcheU John G. sen. UphiU lane
Murray William, St. Peter st
Napier James, Keith Inch
Napier John, Castle st. Keith Inch
Napier John, jun. Keith st. Keith Inch
Nichol M. & Co. 5 Ship row, Keith Inch
Overall S. Son & Co. WindmiU st
Ritchie & Brown, WindmiU st
Ritchie & Co. (& preserved provision manu-
facturers), 1 Kirk st
Scott iS: LesUe {& provision merchants), 48
Broad st
Simpson Alexander, St. Peter st
Stephen Brothers {& salmon fishers), Boddam
Stephen James T. Boddam
Stephen Robt. St, Peter st. King st. &Boddam
Stephen Robert & Co. Keith st. Keith Inch
Stephen Robert M. Boddam
Sutherland Alexander, North st
Sutherland John, Keith Inch
Taj'lor WiUiam, St. Peter st
Thomson A. & Co. 5 Ship row, Keith Inch
Watt George, Keith st. Keith Inch
"Wood Alexander, St. Peter st
Wood Alexander, North st
Wood David, 20 Harbour st
Wood James, 20 Harbour st
Wood James, North st
Wood James S. St. Peter st
Woodger Edward, Seagate st
Young Ale:^ander, Keith st. Keith Inch
Cumberland Gulf Whale Fishing Co. It)
Harbour st — WiUiam Baxter, manager
Eclipse Steam Seal and Whale Fishing Co.
19 Harbour st— WiUiam Baxter, manager
Hope Steam Seal and Whale Fishing Co. 57
Broad st — Robert Kidd, manager
Mazinthien Steam Seal and Whale Fishing
Co. 19 Lodge walk— James Reid, manager
Old Whale Fishing Co. 35 Broad st— W. A.
Alexander, manager
Peterhead Seal Fishing Co. 18 Harbour
st— Alexander Robertson, manager
Polar Star and Windward Fishing Ships, 9
Ship row — Wm. MitcheU, manager
Resoltjtion Seal & Wh.\xe Fihhing Co, 18
Harbour st — Alex. Robertson, manager
Xanthus and Alert Whale Fishing SlUps, 77
Queen st — Hutchison & M'Bean, agents
Birnie James, 62 Broad st
Birnie Johu (& cattle dealer), 47 Marischal st
Booth James, 13 Broad st
Carduo John, 75 Lougate st
Cheyne James, Errol st
Davidson Alexander, 17 Broad st
Davidson Alexander, Chapel st
Davidson John (export), 51 Queen st
Gordon WiUiam, 25 Harbour st
M'Donald Alexander (export & cattle dealer),
3 Chapel st. and WindmUl st
Sutherland Robert, 20 Broad st
Watt John, 1 Queen st

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