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BoABD Schools —
Blackhill— James King, master
Boddam— James F. Cusine, master;
Charlotte R. Cowie, mistress
Buchanhaven— Alexander Penny, master
Burnhaven— William M'Keohnie, master
Prince at. Peterhead— David Henderson,
master ; ElinabotL Brown, mistress
Torterstou— Vf m. Coiiland, m.a. master
Fkee Chukch School, St. Peter st—
Georgina Comrie. mistress
St. Peter's (Episcopal) School, Maiden at—
David Macdonald, master
Town Academy, 17 St. Peter street— John
Geddes, a.m. rector ; John Eeid, master of
elementary department
Union Public School, St. Peter st— Wm.
Mui-ray, superintdt. ; Ann Noble, mistress
(See also Fire, i0c. Office Agents.)
Alexander W. & W. A. (tor Hudson's BayCo.),
35 Broad st
Baxter William (commission and custom
house), 19 Harbour st
Davidson David (for the London and Bir
minghara & Havana Cigar Co.), 15 Broad st
Findlay William (house), 4 Narrow lane
Henry Charles (for the Free Press, People's
Journal & Dundee Advertiser), 4 Broad st
Hutchison & M'Bean (house and land), 77
Queen st
Hutchison Robert B. (for the Peterhead and
Leith Shipping Company's Traders, and
commission), St. Peter st
Mackie James & Son (for the Em'opean
Wine Co. London ; & for the Howe Sewing
Machine Co. London), St. Peter st
Milne John A. K. (for Rankin, Steel & Co.
^boot and shoe manufacturers, Glasgow), 65
Longate st
Milne William (for Singer's Sewing Machine
Co.), 9 Rose st
Mlnty Seor^e A. (for 'wyillcox and
Cibbs' sewing macbiaes, and
for S. PuUar &. Sons, dyers.
Perth), 6 Broad st
Mitchell George (to the Edinburgh Roperie
& Sail Cloth Co. and AUan Line of Steam-
ships), 8 Bridge st
Morrison Alexander (custom house and com-
mission), 5 Bridge st
Eeid James (carting agent to Great North of
Scotland Railway), 19 Lodge walk
Robertson Alexander (commission, and for
the Anchor Line Steamship Co.), 18 Har-
bour st
Robertson Alexander (for Lloyd's and the
Liverpool Association of Underwriters), 20
St. Andrew st
Sandison David & Co. (commission). Union st
Sangster WiUiam (commission), 4 Bridge st
Smith M. (for J. M'Gregor, dyer, Aberdeen),
74 Queen st
Spence AViUiam (for Boddam Coal and Lime
Co.), Boddam
Stephen & Hay (for Peacock &Buchan, paint
manufacturers, Southampton), 17 James st
Taylor William L. (newspaper, and for the
Aberdeen Herald & Banffshire Journal), 8
Broad st
Abeedeen Town & Cocntv Bank (Branch),
18 Broad st— draws on the head office,
Aberdeen, and the London Joint Stock
Bank, London — Thomas Knox, agent
City op GLASG0wBANK(Branch),45 Merchant
st — draws on the head office, Glasgow, &
on the London Joint Stock Bank, London
— R. & J. P. Anderson, agents
55 Broad st — draws on the head office,
Edinbm-gh, and the London and West-
minster Bank, London— Thomas John
Bremner, agent — See advertisement
North of Scotland Bank (Branch), 84
Broad st — draws on the head office, Aber-
deen, and the Union Bank and Barclay,
Bevan & Co. London — WiUiam Alexander,
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), Broad
st — th'aws on the head offices, Aberdeen
and Edinburgh, and Glyn, Mills & Co.
London — A. & W. Boyd, agents
Savings Bank, Town's House — Alexander
MoiTison. treasurer
Florence Georg-e (ship &. g^eneral
blacksmith, and manager for
tbe Peterhead steam Tugr Co. ,
7 Farmers' lane
Fowler William, 10 Rose st
Frascr Lochlan, Albion st
King J. C. & Co- (& coopers' tool makers), 1
Castle St. Keith Inch — See advertisement
Mitchell Robert & Son, Maiden st
Scott Gordon, 1 Constitution st
Simpson James & Co. Prince st
Smith WiUiam, King st. & Kii-k st
Wood David, Park lane
Leask & Co. 12 Harbour st
Mitchell George, 8 Bridge st
kiorrison Alexander {& sea), 5 Bridge st
Robertson Alexander, 20 St. Andrew st
Sandison David & Co. (ship). Union st
Sangster William (ship), 4 Bridge st
Stephen & Hay (ship), 17 James st
See Carpenters and also Masons.
Mitchell Robert & Son (and engineers and
founders), Maiden st
Simpson James & Co. Prince st
Kidd Andi-ew, 22 St. Andrew st
Findlay WiUiam (and cattle salesman), 4
Narrow lane
Hutchison & M'Bean, 77 Queen st
Anderson John & Co. 9 Queen st
Bimie Alexander, 32 Broad st
Bruce John, 77 Lo.igate st
Cowio Robert, 22 Errol st
Green WiUiam C. 6 Chapel st
Hacket William, 87 Longate
Mackintosh John, 20 Marischal st
M'Lean, Son & Co. 13 Rose st
May Robert, G jUbion st
Milne Alexander, 1 & 2 ElUs st
Murray J. & Co. i EUis st
Reniiie 'Wi'liam (*. pastry cook),
17 PSarisohal st
Saint George, SI Queen st. and Back st
Urgiuhart William, 68 Longate st
â– Watt John, 51 Broad st
Henry Charles, 4 Broad st
Mennie James H. (and music and musical
instrument dealer), 1 Chapel st
Scott David (binder & publisher), Sentinel
Office, 21 St. Andrew st
Taylor WUliam L. (and public library & pub-
lisher, &c.), 8 Broad st
Angus James, 66 Marischal st
Cardno William, Marischal st
Castel Thomas, Public HaU buildings,
Marischal st
Chalmers Andi-ew, 62 Marischal st
Coutts James, 17 Longate st
Cromarty Samuel, 2 Union st
Davidson Alexander, 27 Seagate st
Davidson James, 59 Marischal st
EUis Nathaniel, 16 Errol st
Forrest WiUiam, 8 Thistle st
Hay Alexander, 27 St- Andrew st
Hepburn Shirras, Kirk st
Heslop W. & T. (and leather merchants), 81
Longate st
Kerr Charles, 12 St. Andrew st
M'Donald John, 25 Broad st
Mackie James & Son (dealers), St. Peter st
M'Pherson Duncan, 15 Backgate st
Marshall John, Ncwseat
Milne John A. K. (and wholesale), 65 Lon-
gate st
MitcheU Francis, 7 Queen st
Morrice &, Gitb, 55 Marischal st
Morrison Thomas, 71 Longate
Park .Alexander, 19 St. Andrew st
Peters William, Public HaU buildings,
Marischal st
Ritchie Robert, MiUbank, Boddam
Robertson Simpson, Marischal st
Robertson WiUiam, 14, 15 A 16 Marischal st
Ross WUliam R. 9 Longate st
Sim WiUiam, Longate st
Anderson Brothers (and uphol-
sterers and timber merchants,
g-lass, paperhanging-s, carpets,
floor cloths, bedsteads, bedding?,
&-c.i,6 merchant st— /See adver-
Cook WiUiam, Longate st
Greig James (joiner), 38 Kirk st
Johnston Brothers (& upholsterers & under-
takers), 31 Marischal St. and Pavilion place
— See advertisement
Smith Alexander, 57 & 58 Marischal st
Thomson Brothers (& upholsterers & carpet
warehouse), 4 Jamaica st
Hunter John, "WindmiU st
M'Glashan & Co. Errol st
Wallace James, Uphill lane
DowniehUl Brick & Tile Co. DowniehiUs-
Jonn Mutch, manager
^^nrfT^^'u?'", * *^°- I-i™™ettie Brick
ana lUo Works
Anderson Brotltiers (&, builders),
6 IVSerchant st— See advertisemeiit
Barclay William, 11-2 Queen st
Creighton Alex. & Co. (& builders), Kirk st
Eraser David (builder), 1 York st
Eraser William, 74-1 Queen st
Greig James, 88 Kirk st
Lyle Alexander, Portlienry lane
Marsball James, Newseat
Mason Jobn, 19 Queen st
Mitchell Robt & Son (cartwi'iglats), Maiden st
Scott George, St. Mary st
Simpson Jas, & Co, (cartwrights), Prince st
Stuart Alexander (builder), 65 St. Peter st
Taylor John (& builder), St. Mary st
Thomson Brothers, 4 Jamaica st
Webster Alexander, 7 Thistle st
Williamson Alexander, King st
Willox Alexander, Wallace et
Alexander Charles, Kirk st
Bonner James, 29 Jamaica st
Clark Alexander, 83 Queen st
Davidson David, North st
Grant Robert, Cairutrodlie
M'Donald James, Kirk st
M'Donald William, Kii-k st
M'Donald William, Ronheads
Mutch John, 61 St. Peter st
Park Lewis, S Errol st
Reid James, 19 Lodge walk
Reid John, Marisctal st
Simpson Alexander, Thistle st
Smith Alexander, 86 Longate st
Teunant John, Broad st
Watt Alexander, Errol st
Brown James, 4 Rose st
Forbes James, 30 Broad st
Martin James Foote, 9 Merchant st
Simpson George, Public HaU buildings,-,
Marischal st
Allen John, 1 Union st
Camfield John, 6'i Longate st
M'Donald John, 21 Backgate st
Stewart Charles, 82 Longate st
B«tf ^ WM?'- '^ VaA- ^?^^""^). 35 Broad pt
Baxter WilUam, 19 Harbour st
Irvine Patrick (marine), 61 Broad st
Corbett William, 29 Marischal st
Gordon Mary Ann, 5 Thistle st
M'Dougal Mary J. 30 Longate st
Ogston Robert, 72 Longate st
Shand William, Seagate st
Smith Alexander, 25 Marischal st
Smith Margaret, 74 Queen st
Still Jessie Ann, 70 Longate st
Brand Adam (and dealer in bedsteads), 5
St. Peter st
Mitchell Robert & Son, Maiden st

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