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Mitchell Robert, grocer & spirit dealar, 3 & Cannon st, Leith
Mitchell Robert, flesher, 12 Canning place
Mitchell Robert, engraver, & lithographic printer, 51 Princes st ;
house, 5 Saunders st
Mitchell Robert R. agent to Falkirk Iron Co. 18 Picardy place
Mitchell, Somerville & Co. commission merchants, 17 Baltic st
Mitchell T. Sawers, agent, Commercial Bank, 1 Shandwick place ;
house, 12 Glengyle terrace
Mitchell Thomas, agent for Bank oi Scotland (branch), Shandwick
place ; house, 12 Glengyle terrace
Mitchell William, traveller, 2 Strathearn place
Mitchell William, grocer (Cameron & Mitchell), 3 Laurie st, Leith
Mitchell William, S.S.C. (Mitchell & Baxter), 15 Magdala crescent
Mitchell William, clerk, 35 Barony st
Mitchell William (H.M.C.), 205 Great Junction st
Mitchell William, clerk, 2 West Lauriston place
Mochrie George, fish salesman, 37 West port
Mochrie Robert, linen draper, hosier, and carpet manufacturer, 19
andSlDundas st; house, Northfield House, Jock's Lodge
Moel (The) Tryfan Crowu Slate Company Limited, 80 St. Andrew
square — Donald Rae, int. secretary
Moflfat & Co. drapers, &c. 43 Earl Grey st
Moffat Andrew, teacher, 8 Kirk st, Leith walk
Moffat Andrew, butcher, 89 Duke st; house, 85 Leith walk
Moffat Archibald, spirit dealer, 10 High riggs
Moffat Brothers, fleshers, 12 Downie place
Moffat David, White Hart Tuvern, 32 Grass market
Moffat Elijah, bootmaker, 106 Grass market
Moffat George Dickson, tish merchant & medicinal cod-liver oil
manufacturer, SSDuudas st [Frederick st
Moffat Hydropathic Co. Limited — Bruce & Ken", agents, 14
Moffat James, flesher, 23 Brougham st
Moffat James, shopkeeper, 17 Arthur st [place
Moffat James M. grocer & spirit dealer, St. Leonard's st, & 40 Lutton
Moffat John, grocer, 13 AthoU place
Moffat John pboto^rapblc artist, 125 &. 103
Princes st; house, 84 Greenhill gardens
Moffat John, atraw-hat manufacturer, 14b Pleasance, & 21 Lothian st
Moffat John, flesher, 5 Valleyfield st
Moffat Mary, butcher, 1 Forquharson place
Moffat Mary, shopkeeper, 15 South Snint James st
Moffat Robina, apartments, 10 Albyn place
Moffat Wihiam, contractor. Poplar lane, Leith
Moffatt John Frederick, C. A. 13 Queen st ; house, 13 Mayfield ter
Moffatt William, baker, 1a Howe st [Mintost
Moffatt Wm. Lambie, architect, 12 North Saint David at ; house, 23
Mohring Henry, fruiterer, 7 Waverley market
Mohring John H. fruit salesman, Ifi Cockburn st
Moinet Frank W. physician, 13 Alva st
Moir Alexander, physician & surgeon, 15 West Richmond st ;
house, 3 Rankeillor st
Moir David, spirit dealer, 1 London st
Moir E. & M. stationers, 52 George IV. bridge
Moir Edward, cab proprietor, 17 St. James st
Moir Elizabeth, toy & fancy bazaar, 5 North Bank st
Moir George, leather merchant (Ford & Moir), 19 Graham st
Moir Henry, cabinet maker, 6 Brighton st
Moir James, eating house, 1 Elder st
Moir James, tobacconist, 25 Hose st
Moir John, physician, 52 North Castle st
Moir John, physician &■ surgeon, 5 Montague st [selhurgh
Moir Oswald B. merchant (White, Moir & Co.), The Cottage, Mus-
nXoir Peter, post master and funeral undertaker.
10, 11 &. 12 St. James place loff Elder st ,70
Sflcolson st, and Ker Majesty's Horse 3le
pository, lO'ottingham place. Sstablished 1861—
See advertiseihent
Mo.r Peter &. Sons, auctioneers, borse dealers and
livery stable keepers. Her iviajesty's Horse Re-
pository, II'otting:liam place - See ndverthement
Moir Prudence, apartments, 10 College st
Moir Robert, m.d. 48 George square
Moir Robert, eiigiaver, 5 Leith st. terrace
Moir William, electro-gilder and plater, 5 Leith st. terrace
Moir WiUiam, coach builder, 7 St. Mary st
Moliesou Jas. Alex. C. A. (Howden & MoUeson), 5 Walker st
MoUison C. glass & china dealer, 17 Gladstone place
Monahan William, shoemaker, 201 Pleasance
Moncreiff Right Hon. Lord of Tulliebole, lord justice clerk, 15
Great Stuart st [doch place
Moncreiff Hon. Francis J. C.A. 45 Frederick st ; house, 4 Lyne-
Moncreiff Hon. H. J. advocate, 15 Anislie place
Moncreiff Hon. James W. W.S. 7 Hill st ; house, 7 Gt. Stuart st
Moncreiff William, C.A. 47 Moray place
Moncrieff D. Scott, W.S. treasurer and secretary to the Royal Edin-
burgh Asylum for the Insane, 17 Duke st ; house, 24 George so
Moncrieff John, brassfounder, ironmonger, &c. 41 North Pitt st
Moncrieff John Forbes, C.A. 15 Arniston place
Moncrieff John Scott, accountant, 20 South Frederick st ; house
19 Lynedocli place ' '
Moncrieff Matthew, engineer, 84 North Back Canongate
Moncrieff William G. Scott, advocate, 55 Great King st
Moncur A. cabinet maker, 9 Ingliston st
Moncur David, furniture dealer, 35 Blair st. and 245 Cowgate
Moncur George G. horticultural builder (Makenzie & Moncur), 16
Upper Grove place
Moncur James, coal merchant, 18 Port Hamilton
Moncur M. stayraakor, 3 St. Cuthbert place
Monro George, advocate, 5 Darnaway st [rayfield
Monro Hector, W.S. (PhiUp, Laing, &'Munro), Limerigg Villa, iMui--
Monroe D. chimuoj' sweeper, 44 Thistle st
Monteith Archibald, commission agent, 7 Suramerhall square
Monteith Duncan. East India merchant, Belleville Lodge, Backet pi
:\l»«itgomvri8 Roger, m.p. advocate, 3 Maitland st
Montgomery D. victualler, 75 East Crosscauseway
Montgomei-y William, W.S. 26 Russell square
Montignani Chas. L. grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Victoria place, Trinity
Montignani lly. G. merchant & commission agent, 6 Drummond st
Moodie Charles, traveller, 106 Lauriston placo
Moodie James, collector, 270 Leith walk
Moodie John, baker. 10a Scotland st
Moodie John, agent (National Bank cf Scotland), Leith walk-
house, Clarebauk, Leith '
Bloodie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Home st
Moon A. {trustees of), working jeweller, 95 Princes st
Moore James Lockhart, clerk, 14 Henderson row
Moore John, cattle dealer, 32 Balbirnie place
ZMCoore a. B. Caledonian Hotel, 115, lie, and Ht
Princes street
Moore Richard, flesher, 2 Roxburgh place
Morachan John, hairdresser, 90 South Back of Canongate
Moran Ann, eating house, 18 Causewayside
Moran Anthony, furniture broker, 8 Westport
Moran Catherine, dairy, 147 St. Leonard's st
Moran Thomas, slipper manufaoterer, 369 High st
More & Rutherford, plumbers, brassfoundere, gasfitters, and zinc
workers, Albanny place
More Francis, C.A. 7 Bucoleuch place
Morehead Charles, physician, 11 North Manse place
Moreland William, contractor, SS Morrison st
Morgan & Co. cartwrights, Gordon st, Leith
Morgan Andrew, bird dealer, 35a Dundas st
Morgan Andrew B. tailor, 44 Pitt st, Bonniugton
Morgan James, cartwright (Morgan & Co.), 27 Gordon st, Leith
Morgan Jessie, ladies' nurse, 5 Nicolson st
Morgan John, grocer & wine merchant, 36 Canongate
Morgan John, traveller, 39 London st
Morgan John, spirit dealer, 249 Canongate
Morgan William, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 West Newington place
Morham Alexander H. cattle dealer, 5 Strathearn road
Morham James, clerk of police court, 6 Queen's crescent
Morham Robert, deputy city clerk & accountant. City chambers
Royal Exchange; house, 13 Lauder road, Grange [Gray st
Morhan Robert, jun. architect, 11 Royal Exchange ; house, 5 Upper
Morison A, Kelly, S.S.C. (Morrison & Keith), 3 Inverleith row
Morison Alexander, watchmaker, 52 Broughton st
Morison Alexander, boiler maker, London road
ASorison & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers, and
billiard-table makers, 7S &. SO George street;
works, Tyoecastle, Balry, and Rose street lane 5
stores Sunbury Dean. &. Uortli Back Canong^ato
Morison & Keith, S.S.C. 10 Hanover bc
Morison J. & J. & Thomson, brewers, 160 Canongate
Morison John, jun. spirit dealer, 1 Dumbiedykes road, 12 Greenside
6t, 14 Catherine st, 21 & 23 Duke st, Leith and 2 Morton st ; house,
6 Picanly place
Morison John, advocate. 67 Trafalgar lane, Hillhousefield
Morison John, spirit dealer, 255 High st, & 1 Mucdowall st
Morison John, brewer (J. & J. Morison & Thomson), 6 Picardy pi
Morison John, jun. brewer (J. & J. Morison & Thomson),6Picardv pi
Morison John W. joiner, 1 St. Peter's place
Morison Peter, l.a. secretary and manager (Scottish Trade Protec-
tion Society), 4 Bank st ; house, U Leamington terrace
Morison William, cabinet maker, 3 Leupold place
Morrice James, grocer, 78 Fountain bridge
Mon-is Andrew, shopkeeper, 53 Pleasance [st
Morris Rev.D. W.librarian to United Presbyterian Church, 5 Queen
Morris John, tailor, 429 Lawn market
Morris John, clerk, 177 Ferry road
Morris John, librarian, 183 FeiTy road
Morris John, grocer. Cot muir, Cramoud
Morris Mary, grocer, 62 fountain bridge
Morris Miss, dressmaker, 8 Summer's place
Morris Joseph, traveller, 4 Union st, Leith
Morris Robert, bootmaker, 63 Thistle st
Morris >Villiam, broker, 8 Guthrie st
Morrison Adam, S.S.C. (sheriff clerk of chancery) ,45 York place
Morrison, Alexander, dairy, 4 Rockvillc place
Morrison Alexander, S.S.C, 77 Great King st
Morrison Alexander, machine maker, Gordon st
Morrison Alexander & Son, builders, 4 Bellevue terrace
Morrison Alexander K. Y. commission agent, CO North Fort st, L
Morrison & Gibson, drapers, 76 South bridge
Morrison C. & Sons, merchants & agents, 84 Constitution st, L
Morrison Catherine, shopkeeper, 8 Craigside place
Morrison Donald, chemist A druggist, 116 West bcw
Mi.rrtson Geo. commission agent (J. & G. Morrison), 1 Mayfield st
Morrison Helen, spirit dealer, iS4 Canongate
Morrihion Hugh, engineer oi millwright, 5 Murano place; house,
7 Sunimerside st
Morrison J. & G. commission agents, 90 St. Andrew st, Leith
Morrison J. C. tailor, clothier & shirt maker, 73, 75 & 77 Nicolson st;
house, 18 Melville terrace
Morrison James, gardener, 4 MoncrieiT terrace
Morrison James, tailor, 1 Forth st
Morrison James Darsie, surgeon-dentist, 27 Grange road
Morrison John, hardware d»aler, 254 Cowgate
Morrison Mary, apartments, 11 Forres st
MoiTison Matthew, merchant (Sanderson A Morrison), Adelaide
^ lUa. Summerside, Leith
Morrison Peter, spirit dealer, 184 Cowgate
MoiTison Robert, surveyor (H. M. Customs). 31 Gayfield square
Morrison Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 73 Giles st, Leith
Morrison Robei-t, lurniture dealer, 131 Cowgate
Morrison Robina, confectioner, 99 Westport
Morrison AVilliam, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Teviot place
Morrison William, traveller, 55 Clerk st [Ferry rd,L
Jlorrison William, wine n.erchant (Condamine & Co.),Leith Mount,
Mumson Wilham & Son. plumbers & gasfitters, 1 Main st, Newhaven
M'Trison U ilham & Sons, engineers & machine makers. Jane st,
Leith walk
Morrison William O. printer (Murray & Gibb), 8 Dryden place
Morrow Margaret, furuitm-e broker, 42 Cowgate

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