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Miller David & Son, wholesale stationers, paper makers, agents &
account-book makers, 33 Hanover st
Miller Georf^e, surgco:i, 1) Rankoillor st
Milter Gcorgf, stockbroker (T. Miller & Sons), 2 Upper Gilmore pi
MiUer Hugh, C.A. (DiUi & Miller), 8 Hailes st
Miller Hugh, cabinet maker & upholsterer, S3 North Eruntsfield
place; house, 3 Caledonian place
BSUier J. IVSoodie, booKseller— ancient £l nnodern,
2 Xiiudsay place; liouse, 17 Iiivin^ston place
XWiller James, manufacturing; and furnishing: iron-
snon^er, smith, tiuplate worker and gasfitter, 70
&, 71 Princes st
Miller James, gardener, Old Bonnington House
Miller James, spirit dealer, 77 Fountain bridge
Miller James, spirit", dealer, 521 Lawn market
Miller James, fi/j wood merohant (Miller & Burt), 86 Grindlay st
Miller James, o.; ;:;. 57 Montgomery st
Miller Jame.-j. .^oacU hirer, 3 Barony st
Miller James , coach hii'er, George Square laue
Miller James & Co. coal depot, atid bre wood merchants, Freer st
Miller James & Sons, Russian merchants, 125 Constitution st, L
Miller James B. artist, 12 Morrison st
Miller James, Son & Co. merchants, drysalters, & oil merchants, 27
Quality et, Leith
Miller John, baker & confectioner, 1 South St. Andrew st
Miller Jobn, stationer, 35 Jamaica st
Miller John, foreman, East Cottages, Granton
Miller John, tailor, 15 Catherine st [street
Miller John, Crown ttomperance tiotel, Princes st,& 2 West Register
Miller John, stationer (David Miller & Son^, 15 Fettes row
Miller John, newsvendor, 2 Lauriston st
Miller John, pawnbroker, 97 Nicolson st
Miller John, cabinetmaker, luy Constitution st, Leith; house, 4
Union st, Leith
Miller John, apartments, 77 Lothian road
Miller John, wholesale confectioner, 68, 70 & 72 Duke st; house,
Seagrove House, Leith
Miller John (Northern Lights), 23 Union place
Miller John, c.e. 5 Barnton terrace
Miller John, traveller, 22 Summerside place
Miller John, clerk, 33 Montague st
Miller John & Sons printers, 61 High st
Miller Margaret, apartments, l(i Albany st, Leith
Miller Margaret, shopkeeper, Duddingston
Miller Margaret, eating house keepur, 71 Rose st -
Miller Margaret hardware dealer, 10 West Nicolaon st
Miller Miss — , milliucr, 37 Forrest road
Miller Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 6 Spens place
Miller Peter, dairyman, 11 Richmond st. North
Miller Peter, surgeon, 8 Belle Vue terrace
Miller Richard R. engineer (Miller o: Herbert), 4 Bonnington ter
Miller Robert, m.a. teacher of mathematics, 83 Causewayside
Miller Robert, baker, 86 Nicolson st, and 7 Broughton st
Miller F.obert, grocer & spirit dealer, 46 Bridge st, Leith
Miller Robert, gas surveyor, 1 Alva st
Miller Robert H. clerk, 22 Summerside place
Miller Thomas, builder, 21 Bread st; house, 10 Panmm*e place
Miller Tliomas, traveller, 8 Union st, Leith
Miller Thomas, hosier (Miller A Co.), 4 St. Leonard's st
Miller Thomas, dairyman, Wai'die Cottage, Ferry road
Miller Tliomas & Sons, stock & share brokers, CO Princes st
Miller Tliomas S. traveller, 10 West End place [ton pi
MiUer W. A. bookseller, 33 Sjuth Clerk ei; house, 7 West Newing-
Miller William, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 South College st
Miller William, tailor, clothier & draper, 61, 62 A 63 Charlotte at,L;
house, 12 James place, Leitli
MiUer William, smith, 42 Morrison st
Miller William C. (Board of Manufactures &Fisheries),38 Leith walk
Miller William, hay & siraw dealer, 8 Newport st
Miller AVilUam, grocer (Miller & Donaldson). 19 Brunswick st
Miller William, S.S.C. (Fyfe, Miller, Fyfe & Ireland), Master Extra-
ordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for the English & Irish
courts of common law, 59 George square
MiUer William, watchmaker, 45 West port
Miller William, bookbinder, 19 St. John st
Miller William, traveller, 177 Ferry road
Miller William A. stationer, S3 South Clerk st
Millidge & Sons, goldsmiths A chronometer makers, 28 Princes st
Millidge Edwin, goldsmith (Millidge & Sons), 18 Viewforth terrace
Millidge J. J. goldsmith (Millidge oi; Sons), 9 East Clarcmont st
Millidge Kate M. milliner, 44 George st; house, 34 Castle st
Millie Charles A. advocate, Dublin st
Millie James, confectioner, 20 West Lauriston place
Milligan J. & J. W.S. 13 George st
Milligan James, bootmaker, 117 St. Leonard's st
Milligan James, S.S.C (J. 6c J. Milligan), and local manager of the
Royal Insurance Company, clerk and extractor to Her Majesty's
signet, clerk to John Watson's Institution, commissioner for
administering oaths in Chancery, Courts of Queen's Bench,
Common Pleas, and Exchequer, ly George st; house, 5 Royal ter
Milliyan John, W.S. (J. & J. Milligan), ft Royal terrace
Milligan John, lieutenant of police, 7 East Preston st
Milligan John Swan, S.S.C. (J. & J. Milligan), 13 George st
Milligan William, chimney sweeper & s'atcr, 31 Jamaica st
Millington Edward, lithographic writer, Darnley Villa, Canaan lane
Milions G. apartments, 5 Grosvenor st
Mills James, spirit dealer, 37 Rose st
Mills William, boot & shoemaker,! St. Jam s's square
MiUie A'/n^-'S, news agent, 3 North Back Canougale
Milu.^ Alexander, m.d. 101 Lauriston place
Milne Alexander, v.ino & spirit mercliant, 1 Main point; house,
1 GiU-Jspie crescent
Milu'j »S; Barclay, painters Apapt^rhangers, 9 Haddington place
Milne i iCyles, plumbers, 14 Tiiouias st
Milne David. reJreshment rooms, 87 Main st, Newhaven
Milui; Daviai S.S.C. 74 George et
Milue Diiviil, leather merchant, 101 Pleusance
Milne Ellen, dairy, &c. 213 Pleasance
Milne George, carver (Webster Oc Milne), 4 Old Broughton
Milne George M. clerk, 7 Sumraerhall square
.Milne Henry, flesher, Haymarket terrace
Milne James, meter maker (James Milue & Son , Trinity grove
Milne James, confectioner, 45 South Back of Canongate
Milne James, painter (Milne & Barclay^, 35 India place
Milne James & Sou, gas engineers, gaa meter, gas apparatus,
and gas-littings manufactiu-ers, Milton House, Canongate— Bm
adicrii&cment ^
Milue Janet, milliner, Marshall st
Milne John, meter maker (Jas. Milue & Son), Trinity grove
Milne John, gardener, Sunny Bank Cottage, London road
Milne John, boot closer and maker, 7 Leith st
Milne John, apartments, 5 Shandwick place [High st
Milnc John, fruiterer, Waverley market ; house, 13 Bamet cloee,
Milue John, apartments, 2 Buceleuch place
Milne John, cJiina dealer, 15 Potter row
Milue John, fruiterer & greengrocer, 5 Montrose terrace
Miine Misses — , boarding school, 2(3 Palmerston place — .See advert
Miine Misses — , dressmakers, 19 North West Circus place
Milne Mrs. — , temperance hotel, 98 High st
Milne Peter, baker, 8 Clerk st
Milne Thomas, builder, 20 Grindlay st
fililne "W. &, CT. desk and dresslngr-case manufac-
tnrers and stationers, 125 Princes st
Milne Wilham, commercial & private hotel, 24 Greenside st
Miiner Ebenezer, provision dealer, 125 West port
Milner Edwin, accountant (Miiner, Robertson & Co.), 125 Leith walk
ZUilner, Robertson &, Co. commercial accountantSf
The Scottish Debt Recovery and IKCercaatile
O^ces, 125 lieith walk— iVc advertisement
Miiner W. R. manufacturing ageut, Meuse lane
Milroy Hugh, S.S.C. Crown office, 18 Dundas Bt
Milroy James, civil engineer, 8 Salisbury road
Milroy Thomas, paporhanger, 98 Pleasance
Mihroy William M. advocate, 8 Salisbury road
Milton William, commission agent, 4 Queen terrace [cipal
Ministers' Daughters' College, Kilyraston rd— Miss M'Laren, prin-
Ministers' Widows' Fund Office, 6 North Saint David st— Alexander
T. Niven, C.A. collector
Minola Nichola, professor of Italian and Spanish, 24 Charlotte sq
Minto Elizabeth, widows' cap maker, 144 George st
Minto James C. surgeon, 37 Chalmer st
Minto John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for Newing-
ton district, 6 Hill square ; house, 22 Rutland square
minute Book and Edictal Citations Offices; Minute Book, Parlia-
ment House; Edictal Citations Office, New Register House
Mirylees James S. merchant (White, Moir, & Co.), 3 South Fort st,L
■ ission Drawing Room, Carrubber's close, 135 High st
Mitchelhill James, baker, 75 Clerk st
Mitchdhill John, cabinet maker, 9 India place
Mitchell A. & W. grocers, Poorhouse loan
Jlitchell A. M. gi-ocer and wine merchant, 32.A. South Castle st
Mitchell Adam, tailor, 47 Hanover st
Mitchell Adam S. provision dealer, 23 Carnegie st
Mitchell Alexander, W.S. 10 East Claremont st
Mitchell Alexander, flesher, 13 East Richmond at
Mitchell Alex, wine & spait dealer, 122 High st; ho. St. John st
Mitchell jVIexander, horse dealer (Mitchell & Henderson), Gilmertou
Mitchell Alex. (Commeicial Bank), 14 Howard pi, Inverleith row^
Jlitchell Alex, spirit dealer, 25 Queen st, L; ho, 3 Couper st
Mitchell Alexander, saw miller (J. Mitchell & Co.), 2 Kirk st, Leith
Mitchell & Baxter, W.S. South Charlotte st
Mitchell & Dohertv, shopkeepers, Baxter's bldgs. Dnmbiedykos rd
Mitchell & Henderson, horse dealers, Echo bank, Old Dalkeith rd
Mitchell Andrew, apartments, Pitt st
Mitchell Andrew, advocate, oij Northumberland st
Mitchell Ann, grocer & spirit dealer, St. Cuthbert's lane
Mitchell Archibald, boot tt shoo maker, 6 Caledoniau road
Mitchell Arthur, surgeon, 34 Drunimond place
Mitchell Catherine, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 South Back of
MitcheU David, auctioneer & valuator, 6 Comely bank
Mitchell Elizabetn, draper, 195 Great Jimctioo st, Leith
Mitchell George, bootmaker, 30a Greenside st
Mitchell George, grocer & spirit dealer, 72 & 74 Nicolson st
Mitchell George, corn merchant, 76 Fountain bridge
Mitchell Geor>;e W. tobacconist, tj Orcbardfield place
MitcheU GriersonG.photographer(Lawrie &. Mitchell),3 Gladstone pi
Mitchell Henry, tailor, 157 Rose st
Mitchell James, baker, 75 Clerk st
Mitchell James, grocer ik spirit dealer, ill Causeway side
MitcheU James, provision merchant, 57 South Clerk st; house
13 Gladstone terrace
Mitchell James, writer, 6 Rockville place
Mitchell James, apartments, 48 London st
Mitchell James, newsagent & bootmaker, 31 Brunswick street
Mitchell James M. brewer. Royal Park terrace, Meadow bank
MitcheU John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Duncan st; house, 3
South Howard place
Mitchell John, cabinet maker (Mackenzie & MitcheU),39 Gilmourpi
Mitchell John, grocery spirit dealer, 92 Pleasance
Mitchell John, lemonade manufacturer, 16 King's stables
MitcheU John, saw miUer (J. MitcheU & Co.), 10 Union st
Mitchell John, buUder, BeUe Vue Cottage, Leith
MitcheU John, tob^icconibt, 42 Princes st; ho, 32 South Clerk st
MitcheU J* hn. shopkeeper, 5 West Cromwell st, Leith
MitcheU John'& Co. Leith \\ alk Sawing *i Moulding MUls, Leith waUt
MitcheU John A Sou, builders, <ic. 63 Abbey h.i.
Mitchell Margt. toy dealer, 9 Spring gardens; ho, 23 Kemp place
Mitchell Margaret, shopkeeper, lU PiUan's place, Leith
Mitchell Margai-et, grocer, 14 Wilkie place, Leith
Mitchell Mrs. — , gardener, 1 Comely buuk
Mitchell Mrs. — , apartments, 41 Montague st
MitcheU Peter, painter, 21 Brunswick et
Mitchell Peter, cabinet maker, 34 Jamaica st
MitcheU Robert clerk, 55 Cumberland et

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