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Kippie Robert, shopkeeper, 16 Gilmourst
Kirk David, grocer and spirit dealer, 17S Cowgate
Kirk Euphemia & Ann, dining rooma, 21 Causewayside [et
Kii'k Isabella, baby linen warehouse. 41 George st ; house, 36 George
Kirk James, apartments, 3 Duncan st
Kirk James, grocer and spirit dealer, 187 Cowgate, & 228 High st
Kii'k Jessie, apartments, 9 Great Junction st, Leith
Kirk John, W.S. (Adam, Kirk & Robertson ),12 Claremont crescent
Kirk John, veterinary surgeon, IS Arthur st, Pilrig st
Kirk John, stationer and news agent, 32 Argyle place
Kirk John, pawnbrokers' salesman, 22 Victoria st, & 235 Higli st
Kirk Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, H Cowgate head
Kirk William, boot and shoe maker, 113 Fountain bridge
Kirkhope Alexander, grocer & wine merchant, 3 Scotland st
KirkhopeJohn & Sons, grocers & wine merchants, 22 Queensferry
st; house, Randolph Villa, West Coates
Kirkhope William, traveller, 26 Oxford st
Kirkland Walter, coal merchant, 10 Port Hamilton; house, 24
Gardners crescent
Kirkpatrick James, surgeon, 22 Magdala crescent
Kirkpatrick Thomas, painter,, 112 Constitution st, Leith
Kirkpatrick John, advocate, 24 Alva st
Kirkup James, spirit dealer, 21 St Leonard's st
Kirkwood Alexander, engi*aver, 13 St. James's square
Kirkwood Alexander & Sons, stamp cutters, die sinkers, and en-
gravers, 9 St. James's square
Kirkwood C. & J. glass & china dealers, 73 South Clerk st
Kirkwood J. apartments, 25 York place
Kirkwood J. & A. grocers & provision merchants, 12 West Newing-
ton place
Kirkwood J. & W. plumbers & zinc bath manufacture! a, Victoria
grounds, Leith walk — See advertisement
Kirkwood James, hardware merchant, 10 Chambers st
Kirkwood James, spirit dealer, 95 William st
Kirkwood John, refreshment rooms, 8 Portland place, Leith
Kirkwood Mary R. gi'ocer, 12 South Clerk st
Kirkwood R. & H. B. working jewellers, 66 & 68 Thistle st
Kirkwood Robert, plumber, 204 Rose st
Kirkwood Thomas, flesher, 7 Adam st. West
Kirkwood AV. & J. builders & joiners, Annandale Street lane
Kirman Mary, coach hirer, &c. Lochriu ; house, 7'^ Gilmore place
Kitchen John, slater, 16 Cowan's close
Klausmau A. & D. clockmakers, 23 Lothian st
Knaggs William, jet ornament manufacturer, 119b George st
Knight George, general dealer, 27 St. Leonard's hill
Knight James, joiner & undertaker, 109 Kii-kgate
Knight Miss — , dressmaker, 32 Broughton st [Ferry rd
Kjioblauch Hugo, grain merchant, 21 Baltic st ; house, Agra Lodge,
Knott Tavernor, artist, 32 York place
Kuowles Edwin, riding master, Northumberland Street lane
Knowles Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 33 Abbey hill
Knowles Jasper, confectioner, 7 Bank st
Knowles WiUiam, coal merchant, St. Leonard's and Port Hamilton ;
house, 7 Salisbury terrace
Knox Alexander, fruiterer (Boyd, Bayne & Co.), St. Patrick square
Knox & Shearer, joiners & builders. Annandale Street lane
Knox Isaac, shopkeeper, 14 Wright's houses
Knox Isabella, smallware dealer, 02 Lauriston st
Knox James & Son, painters & glaziers, 11 Greenside place
Knox Marion, spirit dealer, 25 William st
Xnox, Samuel & Dickson, liosiers, glovers, lace
and sewed muslin warehouse, dress and upbol-
sterers' trlmsniug- manufacturers, Berlin wool,
jewellery, perfumery, optical and general fancy
warehouse, 13 &. 17 South Hanover street and
&0 &. 42 Rose street; factory, ItSound place
Knox Thomas, hosier (Elnox, Samuel .& Dickson), 2 Dick place
Knox William, m.d. surgeon, 11 Hart st
Knox's (John) House, 45 High st
Koerber Hector, tailor & clothier, 56 Shore, Leith ; house, 5 Sum-
merfield place, Leith
Koeber John, hairdresser, 12 Fox st. Leith
Kohler Ernest, music seUer (E. Kohler & Son). 7 Newington ter
Kohler Brnest &, Son, violin string manufacturers
and music sellers, 21 liTorth 'bri&se—See adrt
Koth Ludwig, merchant (Mackie, Koth & Co.), Tower Park Cot-
tage, York road
Kunz Jules, teacher of French & German, 19 Royal circus
Kussick Theresa, broker, 55 Ploasanoo
Kydd George, clerk, 29 Frederick st
Kyles Andrew, tailor, 3 North Richmond st
Kynoch Alexander, fire light maker, 71 Montgomery st
LA COUR & Watson, ship brokers & export merchants, 14 Com-
mercial place, Leith
Lackie George, fruiterer, 17 Dundae st
Lady Yester's Church (parish church). Infirmary st
Laidlaw Adam, spirit dealer, 89 North Fort st, Leith
Laidlaw Andrew, fiesher, 2 Gray's place, St. Leonard's st
Laidlaw Andrew, bellhanger, 7a Grange road
Laidlaw David, dairyman, 3 ȣ 4 Pillans place, Leith
Laidlaw E. apartments, 23 Duke st
Laidlaw Elizabeth, baker, 4 Kerr st
Laidlaw George, joiner (J. & G. Laidlaw), 39 Duke st
Laidlaw H. milliner, 35 Duke st, Leith
Laidlaw J. & G. joiners, 51 Duke st, Leith
Laidlaw James, baker, 4 Kerr st, Stockbridge
Laidlaw James C. fruit merchant, 17 St. Giles st
Laidlaw John, plumber, 21a Upper Gray st
Laidlaw John, joiner (J. & G. Laidlaw), 35 Duke st
Laidlaw Mrs. — , apartments, 3 Buccleuch st
Laidlaw R. & Son, veuetiau blind manufacturers, beUhangers, brass
& iron founders, &c. Simon square
Laidlaw Ralph, dairyman, Powburn
Laidlaw Thomas, spirit dealer, 234 Bennington rd. & 31 Duke st, L
Laidlaw Thomas, Rutland Hotel, Rutland st
Laidlaw Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 New lane, Newhaven
Laidlaw William, wright & undertaker, 70 Fountain bridge
Laidlaw WilUam, coachbuilder, Eellevue; house, 1 Broughton pi
Laidlay William J. b.a. & ll.m. advocate, 36 Moray place
Laing Alexander, carver, gilder, &c. 93 Rose st
Laing Alexander, S.S.C. (Philip, Laing & Monro), Glenord,Spylawrd
Laing & Ogg, milliners, &c. 86 George st
Laing Catherine, apartments, 5 South Clerk st
Laing David, plumber, 46 Lady Blenzies place
Laing David, dairyman & contractor. Blackball
Laing David, Signet Library; house, 12 James st, PortobeUo
Laing David, writer, 5 Randolph place
Laing David, bootmaker, 19 South Saint James st
Laing Edward (Scottish Widows' Fund), 4 Merchiston terrace
Laing, Esplin & Co. wine merchants & commission agents, 16 South
Saint Andrew st
Laing George, jeweller & watchmaker, 27 Nicolson st
Laing George, joiner, 11 V, St. Anthony place
Laing George, dairyman, Davidson's mains
Laing Hector, fish, game, &c. dealer, 35a Frederick st; house, 53
Frederick st
Laing Helen, school, 6 Maitlaud st, Newhaven
Laing Henry, engraver & manufacturer of glass seals, 3 Elder et
Laing James (Bank of Scotland), 9 Grosvenor crescent
Laing James, joiner, 4 Brougham st
Laing James, spirit dealer, 54 Couper st, Leith
Laing John, victual dealer, 134 Duke st, Leith
Laing John, clerk, 183 Forry road
Laing John, traveller, 17 Gladstone place
Laing Miss — , 3 Elder st
Laing Thomas, academy, 187 Constitution st, Leith
Laing Thomas, clerk, 3 Warriston crescent, Canonmills
Laing William, milliner & laceman, 66 Tolbooth wynd; house, S
Welhngton place, Leith
Laing William, steamship owner, 24 Constitution st, Leith
Laird David, spirit dealer, 12 Citadel st
Laird Elizabeth, tobacconist, 80 St. Andrew square
Laird George H. chemist, 40 Queensferry st
Laird Hamilton, commission agent, 28 MelviUe terrace
Laird John G. traveUer, 1 Caledonian road
Laird Mrs. — , confectioner, 26 Rose st
Lau'd R. E. nurseryman (Downie & Laird), 17 Coates gardens
Laird William, merchant (Galiie, Laird & Co.), Abbey Mount Cottage
Lamb Charles, stationer, embosser and envelope maker, 11
Hanover st
Lamb Elizabeth, apartments, 13 North- West Circus place
Lamb J. B. spirit merchant, 16 & 18 Duke st, Leith
Lamb James, provision dealer, 1 Cowan's close
Lamb James G. spirit dealer, 102 Nicolson st
Lamb Jane, apartments, 17 Howe st
Lamb Jessie, di-aper, 31 West Nicolson st
Lamb John, builder, 2 Rosebank Cottage
Lamb John, C.A. 13 Queen st; house, 6 Gladstone place
Lamb John, grocer, Washington place, Dairy road
Lamb La^Tence, general inspector of fisheries, 17 Bath at, L
Lamb Margaret, 1 Queensferry st
Lamb Misses — , milliners, &c. 115 George st
Lamb Peter, clerk, 6 MoUendo terrace
Lamb Robert, stationer, 2 Howard st
Lamb Robert, tailor & clothier, 41 Queensferry st
Lamb Robert, joiner, Bellevue
Lamb Thomas, slater, 48 Buccleuch st
Lamb William B. auclioneer, 6 Cochrane place, Leith
Lambert Harriet G. dressmaker, 16 West Newington place
Lambert Jessie, shopkeeper, 3 Salisbury st
Lambert Robert, bookkeeper, 153 Ferry road
Lamond James, S.S.C. & N.P. 2 Albyn place
Lamoud William, confectioner, 52 Buccleuch st. & 14 Nicolson st
Lament Janet, apartments, 126 Leith walJt
Lamont John, grocer &. dairyman, Canaan lane, Morningside
Lament John, nurseryman, 12 Henderson row
Lancashire Fire & Life Insurance OfiQce— W. G. Tennant, 3 Ber-
nard st, Leith; Reuton & Kerr, 10 St. Andrew square; & Roes,
Martin & Co. 26 Constitution st, Leith, agents
Land, Credit & Agency Limited, 85 Queen st— Hamilton, Kinnear
& Beatson, agents
Land (The) Feuiug Co. Limited, 74 George st— Andrew Paterson,
Land, Loan, & Enfranchisement Co. 81 George st— Gillespie and
Paterson, agents
Land (The) Mortgage Bank of Victoria, Limited, 59 George st—
John Robertson & Co. agents
Landale, Frew & Landale, mining engineers, 62 Castle st
Landale James, engineer (Landale, Frew & Landale), 6 Forth st
Landale Robert, S.S.C. & N.P. 15 Royal circus
Landells John, grocer & spirit dealer, 28 Home st
Landles William, grain meter. East Cottages, Granton
Lander Jessi^, apartments, 4 Oxford st
Lands Valuation (County) Office, County buildings [of the burgh
Lands Valuation Office, 10 Hanover st — Robert Paterson, assessor
Lands Valuation, Scotland Railways and Canals assessors' office, 5
Gayfield square
Lane Sarah, stay tfc dressmaker, 80 South Clerk st
Lang David, advocate, 12 Darnaway st
Lang Elizabeth, householder, 35 Lutton place
Lang Margaret, dressmaker, 1 Hill square
Lang Peter, accountant (Commercial Bank), 3 Queen'^ crescent,
Lang William, brick & fire-clay goods merchant & quarry ager.t, 134
Fountain bridge; depot, 19 Port Hamilton; house, Viewville
Cottage, 97 Gilmore place
Langdale William, H.M.C. 8 George st, Leith
Langlands M. & Son, shipping agents, Wet Docks
Langskill Robert, cashier, 9 Restalrig terrace
Lapsley W. M. agent, 64 Broughton st
Lapsley WiUiam, deputy surgeon-general, 16 Queen's crescent
Lascelles Andrew, broker, 251 Cowgate
Lassen Claudius, glove merchant, 2 Baltic at; house, 2 James pi, L

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