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Keddie John A. trfiveller, 8 Ai-tlmr st, Pilrig st
Keddie Robert, mercliant (Cunningham & Keddie), 2 Ferrier st
Keddie Thomas, upholsterer, cabinet maker, & house agent, 18
Charlotte place; house, 63 Lothian road
Keddie Thomas, spirit dealer, 2U2 Rose st
Keddie TVilliam, baker, 3 Tyuecastle terrace, Dairy road
KcJdie William, tailor, 15 St. Anthonj- place
Kedzlie Robert, draper, 76 South Clerk st
Keegan Myles, shopkeeper, 12 Breaclalbane st, Leith
Keenan Henry, china & rag merchant, 81 Canongate
Keiller Alexander, physician, 21 Queen st »
Keir James, advocate, 10 Albyn place
Keith A. B. S.S.C. (Morison & Keith), 5 North Charlotte st
Keitb &, Co. advertising- and newspaper agrents, 65
Georg'e st
Keith Davidson, advertising agent {Keith & Co.). 3 Abercorn ter-
race, Portobello
Keith Ellen, apartments, 36 South Castle st
Keith George S. physician, 57 Northumberland at
Keith Mary, grocer & spirit dealer, 17 Dean st
Keitli James, g:as, hydraulic, and bot water eng^i-
neer, patentee; £:dinburg:li agency, 3W41ton
House; ivorks, ArtyrosLtti — See adt'ert 'cement
Keith Thomas, m.d. surgeon, 2 North Charlotte st
Keleghen Mary Ann, tobacconist, 3U Forrest road
Kelland Philip, professor of mathematics, 20 Clarendon st
Keliet Alexander, iroumouger & gasfltter, 9 Downie place
Kellet John, ironmonger, 63 Broughton st
Kellie F. blacksmith, 64 Causewayside
Kellock Wilham, manager, 2 Granville terrace
Kellon John, clerk, 19 Cumberland st
Kelly David, sculptor, Henderson row
Kelly Francis, bill poster, 46 & 92 Kirkgate, Leith
KeUy George E. traveller, 16 Drummond st
KeUy John & Son, hotwater engineers, smiths, ironmongers, gas-
fitters, & tinplate workers, 113 Rose st
Kelly Mary, salerooms, 36 St. Mary st
KeUy Robert M. district manager (Commercial Union Assurance
Company), 36 Hanover st; house, 32 Gillespie crescent
Kelly William R. manager, 35 Albany st, Leith
Kemp Alexander, contractor & builder, 44 South Clerk st
Kemp & Cu. philosophical instrument and photographic apparatus,
&c. maters, and chemists, 12 & 13 Infirmary st
Kemp Colin, dairyman, 1 Potter row
Kemp Geortjo, architect, 193 Bonnington road, Leith
Kemp Daniel W. metal merchant (R. Anderson & Co.), Rose Cot-
tage, Trinity road
Kemp, Hisloj) & Co. merchants & commission agents,57 Bernard st L
Kemp James, shopkeeper, 79 High st
Kemp James & Robert, coal merchants, 14 Port Hamiltoii
Kemp John F. merchant (Kemp, Hislop & Co.), Parsonage House,
Kennedy Alexander, coal merchant, 1 Home st
Kennedy & Ritchie, cabinet makers, 32 South East Rose st. lane
Kennedy Angus (Inland Revenue), Wardie crescent
Kennedy DaVM, vocalist, 8 St. Andrew terrace
Kennedy David,cabiuet maker, &c.(Kennedy & Ritchie),67Hanover st
Kennedy James, plasterer, 48 North Pitt st
Kennedy James, clerk, 1 South Charlotte st
Kennedy James, spirit dealer, 23 & 25 Charles st
Kennedy James, silk mercer (C. Jenner & Co.), 1 South Charlotte st
Kennedy John, daii-y, Cherry bank, Newhaven road, Leith
Kennedy John, W.S. 71 Great King st
Kennedy John, broker, Howden st
Kennedy John A. agent to Davidson and Jones, tea merchants,
London and Liverpool, 3 North Saint David st
Kennedy John L. pawnbroker, 1 Miln's square
Keanedy Margaret, Bpii'it dealer, 167 Pleasance
Kennedy Misses — , dressmakers, 26 Cumberland st
Kennedy Misses — , ladies' boarding school, 1 Church hill
Kennedy Robert, civil engineer, Adyer Cottage, Blackford road
Kennedy Samuel, draper (Gillies & Kennedy), 16 Gladstone terrace
Kennedy Thomas, Wardie Hotel, Wardie
Kennedy Thomas, m.d. 14 RUlbank terrace
Kennedy Wilham, joiner & cabinetmaker, 20 Henderson row
Kennedy William, county assessor, Alexandra Villa, Wardie cres
Kenneth Mary Ann, staymaker, 33 Morrison st
Kenward William, music teacher, 5 Randolph place
Kuppie George, glass & china dealer, 149 West port
Keppie Blary, milliner, 5 Grange road
Keppie Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 College st
Ker Alexander, tailor and clothier, 30 Nicolson st
Ker David, stock and share broker, 16 South Saint David street;
house, 3 Lonsdale terrace
Ker R. Darling,insurance & shipping agent ; ho, St. Leonard's House
Ker Thomas, cutler & surgical instrument maker, 27 Potter row
Kermack Wm. R. W.S. (Mackenzie & Kermack), 10 AthoU crescent
Kerr Alexander, snperintendent, Metropolitan Lodging House,
139 Grassmarket
Kerr Alexander, grocer, Gorgie cottages, Gorgie
Kerr Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 48 Canongate
Kerr Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 2 Spittal st
Kerr Alexander, mason, slater, and chimney sweeper, 16 Reaburn
place, and Hamilton place
Kerr & Hall, job & postmasters, 23 Hope st
Kerr & Milne, stone carvers. Dairy road
Kerr Andrew, ironmonger, 3 Dairy road
Kerr Andrew, architect, H,M. works, 3 Findhorn place
Kerr Andrew A. banker's clerk, 4 Broughton place
Kerr Angus, accountant, &c. (Renton & Kerr), 1 Gillespie st
Kerr Brothers, monumental sculptors, Dairy road
Kerr Cecilia, shoemaker & dealer, 45 St. Mary st
Kerr Charles, hatter, 24 Great Junction st
Kerr David, tailor and clothier, 17 Drummond st
Kerr Elizabeth, bookseller & siationer, 32 Nicolson st
Kerr Elizabeth, grocer & spii-it dealei-, 2 Drevar pi, Bonnington
Kerr George, tobacconist, 34 Kirkgate, Leith
Kerr George, shoemaker & greengrocer, 10 Prospect place
Kerr George, wholesale tea merchant and agent, 26 Groensidepl;
house, 25 Gilmour place
Kerr James, spirit dealer, Morningside
Kerr James, grocer, 89 & 91 Nicolson st
Kerr James, lodgings, 4 Melville st
Kerr James (Sasine Office), 5 Torphichen st
Kerr James & Son, watchmakers & jewellers, 5 Main point
Kerr Janet B. umbrella maker, 10 Kirkgate, Leith
Kerr John, smith, JIaiu point
Kerr John, eating-house. 32 Lothian st
Kerr John, grocer, 1 Fergitson buildinss
Kerr John, sculptor (Kerr Brothers), Paterson's Cottages, Dairy rd
Kerr Joseph, plumber & gasfitter, 2 Erskine place
Kfrr Miss — , milliner, 4 Melbouimo place
Kerr Margaret, apartments, 20 Dublin Street lane
Kerr Margaret, shopkeeper, 144 Rose st
Kerr Margaret, lodgings, 5 Roxburgh terrace
Kerr Peter, fruiterer, 1a Abercromby place
KeiT Peter, potato merchant, 2e Broughton place
Kerr Rachael, spirit dealer, 7 Abbey Strand
Kerr Robert, merchant (Wilson, Kerr &, Co.), 3 Lothian road
Kerr Robert, builder, 9 Richmond terrace
Kerr Robert, bootmaker, 148 Leith walk
Kerr Robt. & Co. wiue merchants & agents, 12 St. Anthony court, L
Kerr Robert M. chemist, 30 Leith st ; house, 3 Cochrane terrace
Ken- Thomas, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 56 and 28 Nicholaon
St. and 1 North bridge ; house, 4 Hope Park crescent
Kerr Thomas, LL.B. and N. P. (Bruce & Kerr), 84 Ann st
Kerr Thomas, butcher, 2 Kirkwood place
Kerr Thnmas, coal merchant, 19 South St. James at
Kerr Thomas, bootmaker, 22 Leith st
Kerr Thomas, newsagent, 1 York place
Kerr Thomas, teacher, 5 Torphichen st
Kerr Walter J. painter & glazier, 61 Frederick st
Kerr William, eating house, 64 Fountain bridge
Kerr William, wine & spirit merchant, 148 High st
Kerr William, private hotel, 138 <i 140 George st
Kerr William, teacher of music, 10 Keir st
Kerr William, ironmonger, 24 South Clerk st
Kerr Wilham, merchant (Heron & Kerr), 7 Roseneath terrace
Kerse Wilham, stationer (W. & J. Milne), 89 Dick place
Kerss Margaret, dining rooms, 64 Fountain bridge
Ketchen Robert, butcher, 15 Albert place [crescent
Key Thomas, deputy inspector-general, Indian army, 1 Lansdowne
Kidd, Eunson & Co. wine & spuit merchants, and commission
agents, 8 Quality st. Leith
Kidd James, tailor and clothier, 16 Calton st
Kidd John, merchant (Kidd, Eunson & Co.), 62 Leith walk, Leith
Kidd John, baker and victual dealer, 21 Arthur st
Kidd Miss — , dressmaker, 2 Buccleuch place
Kiddie Agnes, apartments, 2 Alfred place, Canonmills
Kiddie Alexander, upholsterer, 25 Argyle place
Kiddie T. & A. masons & house carpenters, Dean park
Kiddy Walter & Robert C. booksellera & stationers, 12 Weit
Newington terrace
Kilgour Catherinie, apartments, 29 Howe st
Kilgour Joseph, grocers, &c. 69 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Kilgom- James, classical teacher, 4 Caledonian place
Kilgour John, surveyor, 10a North Saint David st
Killen James, house agent, 13 St. Mary st
ICilpatrick Andrew, dairyman, 19 Balbirnie place
Kilpatrick Elizabeth, victual dealer, 173 Westport
Kilpatrick H. G. clothier (Christie & Kilpatrick), 7 Lauder road
Kilpatrick Hugh, tailor, 10 Brougham st
Kilvington Thomas (H. M. C.^, Hawthorn Villa, Ferry st
Kim John, clerk, 8 Spring Gardens, Abbeyhill
Kindersley Henry W. inspector of factories, 13 Wardie avenue
King Agnes, shirt and under-clothing maker, 118 Princes st
King Catherine, clothes broker, 33 Cowgate
King David, gardener and florist, Carstorphine road
King E. tobacconist, 7 Waterloo place
King Elizabeth, apartments, 134 South Castle st
King J. Falconer, city analyst , Loanhead, Trinity st
King James, tailor, 118 Princes st
King James, Duddiugston Corn Mill, Duddingston [81 High st
King John, agent (Townhill Coal Office), Scotland st. Station, and
King John, traveller, 14 Lauriston Gardens
King John, butcher, 2 East Montgomery place
ILins Percival, teacber of cricket, cricket and foot-
ball warehouse, Sftb tfc 54c Ziothtan st, and
billiard room keeper, 39 liotman st—See advert
King Peter, ironmonger, 16 Caledonian terrace
King T. gardener, 5 Church st
King Mrs. — , spirit dealer, 24 St. Andrew st, Leith
King WiUiam L. traveller, 50 Grove st [Bonnington
Kinghorn Hugh, builder, Bonnington Villa, Bonnington grove,
Kingborn James, foreman, 16 Albany st, Leith
Kinghorn William, clerk, 90 Ferry road, Leith
Kinlay James, joiner and cabinet" maker, 8 West Crosscauseway
Kiuloch James, dairyman, 20 Hanover st
Kinloch Mary, lodging house, 68 George st
Kinnach Charles, baker, 55 Crosscauseway
Kinnaird John, tobacconist, 13 Kirkgate, Leith
Kinnaird WiUiam, contractor, 31 Bangor road, Leith
Kinnear Alexander S. advocate, 33 Northumberland st
Kinnear Ann, ladies' nurse, 64 Bristo st
Kinnear Chas.G. arcliiteet (Peddie & Kinnear), 12 Grosvenor cresnt
Kinnear David, accomitant, 21 Elder st
Kinnear Geo. Thos. W.S. (Hamilton, Kinnear & Beatson),6Doune ter
Kinnear James, artist, 34 Hanover st
Kinnear Jessie, dressmaker, 64 Bristo st
Kinnear Robert, builder, 4 Cakdouianroad
Kmuinmont James, apartments, 10 India st
Kmninmont R. K. manager for Lawes' Chemical Manure Company,
Limited, 6 & 7 Coalhill, Leith ; house, Quarry Holes Farm, LeitU
Kinnoch Andrew, iron founder, 69 Abbey bill
Kippen Duncao, spirit merchant, 25 Richmond place

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